The Legacy of the

American Trojan Horse

Table of Contents

  1. The latest iteration of socialism, radicalism, and Marxism in the United States of America
  2. Progressives corrupted the financial system by socializing lower-income mortgages
  3. Countrywide Financial made hundreds of discount loans to buy influence with members of Congress
  4. Barack Obama framed George W. Bush’s policies as an “attack on working families” (2003)
  5. 2006 Elections: Progressive-controlled Democratic Party took majority control of the 110th Congress
  6. Congress and Federal Reserve's 'Too Big To Fail' policies corrupted our free market system
  7. 2008 Elections: Obama won the White House and Progressives took full control of the 111th Congress
  8. President Obama claimed he was "committed to restoring fiscal responsibility" (2009)
  9. Harry Reid (D-NV) and Senate Democrats violated the law by refusing to pass a budget for four years
  10. Obama in 2008: “I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely”
  11. President Obama pledged that he would focus “like a laser beam” on job creation (after Obamacare)
  12. President Obama: "all taxes for those making less than $250,000 would not go up one dime"
  13. Democrats continued and expanded upon the same policies "inherited" from George W. Bush
  14. On issue after issue, Democrats ignored public sentiment in favor of pushing a socialist agenda
  15. Obama claimed: "My policies got us out of this mess" and "the worst is behind us…" (2010)
  16. Obama & Democrats are expanding government entitlement programs to redistribute the wealth
  17. Obamacare forced upon U.S. to achieve socialist 'crown jewel' of expanded government powers
  18. Frank-Dodd Financial Reform expanded union and government control over the economy
  19. Secular leftists have learned to use religion as a propaganda tool to push for "social justice"
  20. Obama rebranded and peddled socialism to the American public as “Collective Salvation”
  21. Nancy Pelosi promised to lead "the most honest, most open, most ethical Congress in history"
  22. Obama promised a 'new era of government' and a "departure from the politics of the past"
  23. Obama dubbed "Leaker-in-chief" for repeatedly benefiting politically from national security leaks
  24. Obama swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States
  25. President Obama violated the Constitution and abused his power with illegal “recess” appointments
  26. Obama administration attacks the free press and tries to bully them if they disagree with the agenda
  27. President Obama encroached on the religious freedoms protected by the First Amendment
  28. Obama administration attempted to weaken the Second Amendment through illegal deception
  29. Democrats exploited the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting tragedy to push for greater gun control
  30. Democrats exploited the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre to push for more gun control (2012)
  31. Second Amendment: ‘The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms, Shall NOT be Infringed’
  32. Obama insisted that “Chicago is an example of what makes this coutry great” (August 2012)
  33. Obama administration does not respect the guarantee of equal protection under the law
  34. Obama had appointed more bundlers in just over two years than George W. Bush did in 8 years
  35. Critics labeled Obama as the "campaigner-in-chief" instead of focusing on fixing the economy
  36. Critics labeled President Obama as the “outsourcer-in-chief” of American Jobs
  37. Critics labeled Obama as the "vacationer-in-chief" instead of focusing on fixing the economy
  38. A 'New Era of Transparency' was promised by the Democrats and the Obama administration
  39. Obama: "I can't spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead" (2011)
  40. President Obama demanded: "Plug the damn hole!" ...and I'll figure out "whose ass to kick!"
  41. Obama administration's anti-fossil fuel policies are contributing to skyrocketing energy prices
  42. Candidate Barack H. Obama: "Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself"
  43. Obama: “One of the things you’ve got in Jon Corzine is somebody who tells it to you straight”
  44. Obama picked Elizabeth Warren to head his new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  45. Obama engages in crony capitalism and Pay-to-Play politics (commonly known as "The Chicago Way")
  46. Obama described Warren Buffett as a source for economic advice during the 2008 campaign
  47. Obama pledged to "close the revolving door between K Street and the executive branch"
  48. President Obama expanded crony socialism with risky 'green' energy venture projects doomed to fail
  49. “We thought Obama is a trained orator and skilled in the art of mass address with his continuous eye contact”
  50. Obama has consistently lied and has been willing to say anything for political expediency
  51. Pentagon report revealed suspicion that financial terrorists are sabotaging our economy (2009)
  52. Marxist Billionaire George Soros: “The main obstacle to a stable and just world is the U.S.”
  53. Soros has spent over $48 million on progressive political media and advertising organizations
  54. Soros' Open Society Institute provides funding for a vast network of Marxist front groups
  55. Big Labor in America have been plotting to "destabilize the country" and crash Wall Street
  56. Vote Early, Vote Often: Democrats undermine our election system by allowing for voter fraud
  57. Community Organizations have aligned with Unions to promote the destruction of Capitalism
  58. Democrats are pushing for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens to expand their electorate
  59. Obama described the Muslim call to prayer as "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset"
  60. Those who point out the violent origins of Islam are dismissed as being bigots and “Islamophobes”
  61. President Obama engages in outreach to Muslims, but remains silent about anti-Christian violence
  62. Radicals, socialists, communists, and Islamists have aligned to work together against Israel
  63. Democrats celebrated Osama bin Laden's death made possible by the very techniques they opposed
  64. World public opinion of the United States has dropped precipitously under President Obama
  65. President Obama further expanded the United States' involvement in the Middle East & Africa
  66. The War on Libya: "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine was used to justify the U.S. bombing of Libya
  67. Obama went to war in Libya with approval from the U.N., but not from the U.S. Congress
  68. Obama's foreign policy seems to include helping form a sixth Caliphate from Tunisia to Pakistan
  69. President Obama on Benghazi: “If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal” (September 11, 2012)
  70. President Obama’s re-election prompted regional conflict in the Middle East (November 2012)
  71. Louis Farrakhan: the 'Arab Spring' Middle East Islamic uprisings will soon come to the U.S.
  72. The New Civility: Liberal hypocrites falsely accuse others of doing things they themselves do
  73. Martin Luther King Jr's Faith, Hope, and Love has been replaced with Fear, Bigotry, and Hate
  74. Obama’s campaign claimed that he “has worked hard for the African American community”
  75. Politicians and the media used Trayvon Martin to incite racial tension between blacks and whites
  76. Most Americans say they have little or no trust in the media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly
  77. Obama to Hollywood: “You’re the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes” (2012)
  78. Americans are rejecting Obama and Democrats’ socialistic takeover and the destruction of our economy
  79. Republican and Tea Party gains from the 2010 Elections were the largest since 1946
  80. Marxists, Radicals, & Unions joined together to 'Occupy Wall Street' to be like the Tea Party
  81. 'Occupy Wall Street' organizers endorsed President Obama for re-election in 2012
  82. Democrats were "silent" in the face of violence, criminal activity, and anti-Semitism within OWS
  83. Communists and Islamists are working together to bring down capitalism and Western society
  84. Scott Walker’s recall victory in Wisconsin threatens public-sector unions across America
  85. Obama engaged in scare tactics to manufacture a phony U.S. "default" debt-ceiling crisis
  86. President Obama campaigned for another bailout of his supporters disguised as a new 'Jobs Plan'
  87. Obama’s re-election strategy is to blame Congress (and Bush) for the results of his failed policies
  88. Democratic National Convention was held at “Bank of America” stadium in Charlotte, N.C. (2012)
  89. Barack Obama was for same-sex marriage before he was against it… before he was for it again
  90. Democrats unveiled a 'War on Women' smear campaign against Republican candidates
  91. Democrats protect "gendercide," or the sex-selective abortion of an undesired female child
  92. Romney chose the smartest man in the House... Obama chose the dumbest man in the Senate
  93. Obama: ‘I don’t think anyone would suggest I’ve tried to divide the country’ (August 2012)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A List of Factual Googleable Statements
by John Doe Soetoro (Soebarkah)

The latest iteration of socialism, radicalism, and Marxism has infiltrated the United States of America
  1. Radical progressives laid the groundwork for Obama’s fundamental transformation of America
  2. Self-described “socialist” Bernie Sanders founded the Progressive (Democratic) Caucus in 1991
  3. The Progressive Caucus closely associated itself with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)
  4. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the heir to the defunct Socialists Party of America
  5. The DSA strive to achieve public ownership of private property and the means of production
  6. First reported in 1998, the DSA “helped to organize” the Congressional Progressive Caucus
  7. In the January/February 1998 issue of the Chicago DSA’s New Ground publication, avowed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Barney Frank (D-MA) were identified as leaders of the Progressive Caucus in Congress, which the Democratic Socialists of America “helped to organize”
  8. Until November 2002, the Congressional Progressive Caucus website was hosted by the DSA
  9. The website being hosted by the DSA and the list of CPC names was moved to Sander’s website
  10. Eventually the Congressional Progressive Caucus website moved to its own site
  11. The DSA scrubbed their website of communist material after first being exposed by the media
  12. The website displayed a song list that included: “The Internationale,” the worldwide anthem of communism and socialism, “Red Revolution,” and “Are You Sleeping Bourgeoisie?”
  13. The DSA outlined their plans to control the government with a Democratic Party coalition
    “Many socialists have seen the Democratic Party, since at least the New Deal, as the key political arena in which to consolidate this coalition, because the Democratic Party held the allegiance of our natural allies. Through control of the government by the Democratic Party coalition, led by anti-corporate forces, a progressive program regulating the corporations, redistributing income, fostering economic growth and expanding social programs could be realized.”
    ~DSA statement in the “Where we stand” section of its website

  14. The DSA admits they’re anti-corporate, seek to redistribute income, and expand social programs
  15. The DSA seeks to achieve public ownership of private property and the means of production
  16. The DSA also calls for a breaking down of America-style notions of nationalism and sovereignty
  17. Democratic socialists openly sought unionists, environmentalists, feminists, and “people of color”
  18. The DSA is became the largest Marxist organization in the United States of America
  19. By October 2009, the DSA newsletter reported that 70 congressional Democrats were members
  20. DSA also claimed at the time that 11 socialists sit on the House Judiciary Committee
    “Stress our Democratic Party strategy and electoral work. The Democratic Party is something the public understands, and association with it takes the edge off. Stressing our Democratic Party work will establish some distance from the radical subculture and help integrate you to the milieu of the young liberals.”
    ~Internal DSA organizing document

  21. Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) endorsed Obama for Illinois state senate in 2000
  22. John Conyers (D-MI) was present at the convention that resulted in the formation of the DSA
  23. Conyers is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, also closely tied to the DSA
  24. Conyers has spoken at numerous DSA events, including as keynote for their 2008 national dinner
  25. Conyers was one of 13 founders of the Congressional Black Caucus promoting far-left causes
  26. John Conyers was captured on tape meeting with the Democratic Socialists of America (2010)
  27. Conyers promoted “one-world” government and asked the DSA to organize in support of Obama
  28. Joel Rogers was a founder of the socialist-leaning New Party in 1992
  29. Many of the New Party’s founding members were Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) leaders and members of Committees of Correspondence, a breakaway of the Communist Party USA
  30. Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) was tied to the New Party
  31. First strategic meetings of The New Party were held in Joel Roger’s Madison, Wisconsin home
  32. ACORN and SEIU founder Wade Rathke and Gerry Hudson from DSA and SEIU attended
  33. Gerry Hudson is the SEIU Executive Vice President and an original New Party member
  34. Gerry Hudson serves on the board of the Apollo Alliance, a project of the Tides Center
  35. Apollo Alliance was organized by Joel Rogers’ group, Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS)
  36. Billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Institute funds the Tides Foundation and Apollo Alliance
  37. New Party was largely regarded as being the de facto political branch of ACORN
  38. New Party and ACORN seemed to have morphed into a single entity, having shared an office address, fax lines, and email addresses in New York, Boston, St. Paul, Little Rock, and Chicago
  39. New Party’s Washington, D.C. chapter, which called itself DC New Democracy, was run by organizer Doug Hess, whose full-time job at the time was coordinator of ACORN
  40. Ted Thomas, Illinois ACORN president, served as the Chicago New Party chairman
  41. Madeline Talbott, a key New Party builder, served as national field director of ACORN
  42. Talbott is a former colleague of Obama’s from his 1990s Project Vote Chicago Coalition
  43. Project Vote worked directly with ACORN when Talbott was ACORN’s lead Illinois organizer
  44. Talbott wrote about working with Obama as a fellow Chicago community organizer in the 1990s
    “When I ran Project Vote, the voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it.” ~Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign

  45. ACORN spearheaded a “living wage” campaign launched by the New Party (1999)
  46. New Party literature sometimes described ACORN as having “affiliated” itself with the New Party
  47. The New Party sought to infiltrate the Democratic Party and ultimately make it socialist-leaning
  48. The New Party sought to ultimately form a new political party with a socialist agenda
    New Party’s stated objectives were “full employment, a shorter work week and a guaranteed minimum income for all adults; a universal ‘social wage’ to include such basic benefits as health care, child care, vacation time and lifelong access to education and training; a systematic phase-in of comparable worth; and like programs to ensure gender equality.”
    New Party stated it also sought “the democratization of our banking and financial system – including popular election of those charged with public stewardship of our banking system, worker-owner control over their pension assets [and] community-controlled alternative financial institutions.”

  49. The New Party was established in 1992, but went defunct in 1998 after SCOTUS halted “fusion”
  50. The New Party helped elect members to public office to move the Democratic Party far leftward
  51. New Party’s members consisted mainly of individuals from ACORN, SEIU, and the DSA
  52. New Party’s 1994 newspaper listed more than 100 activists “who are building the New Party,” including Noam Chomsky, Frances Fox Piven, Wade Rathke, Cornel West, Jon Barton of SEIU, Maude Hurd of ACORN, and Margaret Shelleda of SEIU
  53. Obama spoke at the DSA’s First Townhall Meeting on Economic Insecurity in Chicago (1996)
  54. DSA said afterwards that Obama’s speech was right in line with “European social democracy”
  55. Noam Chomsky described where the New Party belonged in the political continuum, saying that it was aiming to create “some kind of social democratic version of state capitalism” (1997)
  56. Joel Rogers cited Francis Fox Piven as an early builder of the “social democratic” New Party
  57. Francis Fox Piven and her late husband, activist and fellow Columbia professor Richard Cloward, developed the Cloward-Piven strategy, which called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system
  58. Cloward-Piven’s stated goal was to create a financial crisis that would collapse the U.S. economy and replace it with a national system with “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”
  59. The New Party’s influential Chicago chapter formed in January 1995
  60. Documented evidence shows that in 1995 Obama was a member of the socialist New Party
  61. New Party’s spring 1996 newspaper boasted three primary victories in Chicago, including Obama
  62. The paper quoted Obama saying “these victories prove the small ‘d’ democracy can work”
  63. The New Party newspaper specifically listed Barack Obama as a New Party member
  64. A photo of Obama was taken at a New Party function and published in the New Party newspaper
  65. Uncovered documentation from the updated records of Illinois ACORN at the Wisconsin Historical Society “definitively establishes” that Obama was a member of the socialist New party
  66. New Party literature suggests that Obama would have paid dues in order to gain membership
    “Barack Obama, candidate for State Senate in the 13th Legislative District, gave a statement to the membership and answered questions. He signed the New Party “Candidate Contract” and requested an endorsement from the New Party. He also joined the New Party.” ~New Party meeting minutes from 1996

  67. The New Party was run by dues-paying members, who were organized into chapters (1997)
  68. New Party had “chapters in 11 states, with a dues-paying membership of approximately 10,000”
  69. New Party boasted that it was “poised to elect progressive majorities in cities across the country”
  70. Marxist activist Carl Davidson, a top member of the New Party, recalled interviews with Obama
  71. Davidson said they endorsed Obama once it was determined that their views on issues overlapped
  72. Davidson, a notorious far-left activist, was a national leader in the anti-Vietnam War movement
  73. Davidson served as national secretary for the anti-war Students of a Democratic Society (SDS)
  74. The Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization later splintered from this organization
  75. DSA’s New Ground reported that Obama attended a New Party meeting on April 11, 1996
  76. Obama encouraged New Party members to join his task forces on Voter Education & Registration
  77. Correspondent John Nichols recalled speaking with Obama at New Party events in the 1990s
  78. Nichols recalled that Obama wanted to move the Democratic Party leftward away from the center
  79. Obama desired to move the party “off the cautious center where Bill Clinton had wedged it”
  80. Obama placed blame on a “propaganda campaign against the possibility of government action”
    “…As we try to resuscitate this notion that we’re all in this thing together, leave nobody behind. We do have to be innovative and thinking how- what are the delivery systems that are actually effective and meet people where they live. And my suggestion I guess would be that the trick, and this is one of the few areas where I think there are technical issues that have to be dealt with as opposed to just political issues. I think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution, because I actually believe in redistribution.” ~Barack Obama speaking at a conference at Loyola University (October 19, 1998)

  81. On June 8, 1998, Obama was invited by the Brookings Institute to speak on a panel in Chicago
  82. Obama’s “bold” proposals included revenue tax-based sharing and lifting housing restrictions
  83. Then-State Senator Obama (D-IL) admitted that his ideas sound “radical” for corporate America and even joked that the speaker of the Illinois house described his proposals as “Soviet” (1998)
  84. Obama said that “working poor” on welfare were a political voting bloc that can be harnessed (1998)
  85. Progressive Caucus drafted their proposal for wealth redistribution and social justice in 1999
  86. Having failed to pass health care reform in 1993, Democrats set their sights on home ownership
  87. Progressives pushed for wealth redistribution through the sub-prime housing loan market

  88. Progressives corrupted the financial system by socializing lower-income mortgages

  89. Progressives used government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) to push for social justice reforms
  90. F.D.R. began with “New Deal” reform programs designed to affect the private mortgage market
  91. Fannie Mae was established by Congress back in 1938 as a private, profit-seeking company
  92. Fannie Mae was originally established to facilitate liquidity among lending institutions
  93. Freddie Mac (1970) was later established in 1970 to create competition with Fannie Mae
  94. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both GSEs that basically function as a secondary mortgage market
  95. Both operated with the implicit understanding that taxpayers would bail them out if needed
  96. Today, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac own or guarantee most of the home mortgages in the U.S.
  97. Congress was pressured to reduce discriminatory credit practices against low-income borrowers
  98. Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974 prohibited discrimination on the basis of race, sex, or other personal characteristics in the credit and housing markets
  99. Home Mortgage Disclosure Act of 1975 (HMDA) required that financial institutions publicly disclose mortgage lending and application data, creating unnecessary additional regulatory burdens
  100. Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) of 1977 was passed under President Jimmy Carter
  101. Community Reinvestment Act pushed banks to give mortgage loans to low-income buyers
  102. Federal regulatory agencies began examining banking institutions for CRA compliance
  103. The same federal regulatory agencies then took this information into consideration when approving applications for new bank branches or for mergers or acquisitions (Section 804)
  104. New housing and credit mandates were issued destabilizing the home mortgage finance market
  105. Congress passed the 1989 Financial Institutions Reform Recovery & Enforcement Act (FIRREA)
  106. FIRREA mandated the public release of lender evaluations and performance ratings
  107. Law was used to pressure the banking industry to give loans to people with poor credit
  108. Public oversight enabled community organization groups to influence bank lending practices
  109. Community organizing groups began developing direct strategies to exert more pressure on banks
  110. ACORN used tactics to shake down lenders and other financial institutions for low-income loans
  111. ACORN challenged the merger of Chicago’s Bell Federal Savings and Loan Association, which responded that they were being bullied into irresponsible “affirmative-action lending policy” (1990)
  112. Chicago Tribune described the ACORN agenda as “affirmative action lending”
  113. Increased litigation from ACORN forced private banks to lower their lending credit standards
  114. ACORN issued fact sheets bragging about relaxations of credit standards on behalf of minorities
  115. CRA allowed ACORN to collect a fee from the banks for their services in marketing the loans
  116. Senate Banking Committee estimated that $9.5 billion was funneled to organizers under the CRA
  117. Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank forced banks to lower risk assessment standards when lending
  118. Obama explained how as a community organizer he helped force banks to make high-risk loans
  119. Activists employed radical Alinsky intimidation tactics that Obama had learned and was teaching
  120. Using Saul Alinsky’s “direct action,” activists crowded bank lobbies, blocked drive-up tellers, and demonstrated at the homes of bankers to push for risky lending in poor and minority communities
  121. Anybody who resisted was accused of racism to both the media and government officials
  122. Activists complained that “mortgage loans were not being made in minority communities”
  123. Enforcement of the CRA was “sporadic,” according to the Washington Times (1992)
  124. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston conducted a flawed study confirming the activists premises
  125. Washington Times claimed that “the study had mishandled statistics on minority default rates”
    “I think we all agree that more Americans should own their own homes, for reasons that are economic and tangible and reasons that are emotional and intangible but go to the heart of what it means to harbor, to nourish, to expand the American dream… I am determined to see that you have the opportunity and together we can make that opportunity for the young families in our country. I am committed to a new and unprecedented partnership between industry leaders and community leaders and Government to recommit our Nation to the idea of homeownership and to create more homeowners than ever before.” ~President Bill Clinton (November 1994)

  126. Clinton administration announced a bold new strategy to expand homeownership in 1994
  127. Strategy included loosening of credit standards and the imposition of subprime lending quotas
  128. Sub-prime lending was pushed to the poor through legislation and using grassroots intimidation
  129. Congress began creating federal affordable-housing mandates to promoted low-income housing
  130. Federal affordable-housing mandates were then implemented by HUD and banking regulators
  131. Community Reinvestment Act was enforced by the Clinton administration starting in 1995
  132. Fannie Mae, the largest mortgage underwriter, began easing credit requirements under Clinton
  133. Fannie and Freddie had resisted purchasing risky mortgages until instructed to do so under Clinton
  134. Under President Clinton’s policies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac turned into a “feeding trough”
  135. A.G. Janet Reno warned that under the new policy “no loan is exempt” and “no bank is immune”
    “For those who thumb their nose at us, I promise vigorous enforcement...”
    ~Attorney General Janet Reno (1995)

  136. Democrats also set the stage for the derivatives market bubble during the Clinton administration
  137. Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin helped deregulate the markets during the 1990s
  138. Robert Rubin served in the White House as Assistant to the President for Economic Policy
  139. Rubin directed the National Economic Council, a newly formed group created by Clinton (1993)
  140. Clinton’s next Treasury Secretary, Larry Summers, expanded on Rubin’s banking deregulations
  141. Clinton, allied with Barney Frank (D-MA) and Sen. Kennedy (D-MA), bypassed Congress and directed HUD Sec. Andrew Cuomo to inject Fannie & Freddie into the subprime mortgage market
    “GSE presence in the subprime market could be of significant benefit to lower-income families, minorities, and families living in underserved areas…”
    ~HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo (1997)

  142. Clinton’s HUD announced a $2.1 billion settlement with AccuBanc Mortgage Corp. in April 1998
  143. AccuBanc Mortgage Corp. was accused of discrimination against minority loan applicants
  144. The funds were used to provide poor families with down payments and low interest mortgages
  145. HUD Sec. Andrew Cuomo admitted that the mandate amounted to “affirmative action” lending
  146. Cuomo also conceded that the “affirmative action” lending would result in a “higher default rate”
    “Discrimination isn’t always that obvious. Sometimes more subtle but in many ways more insidious, an institutionalized discrimination that’s hidden behind a smiling face.” ~Andrew Cuomo announcing the AccuBanc settlement (1998)

  147. Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac were mandated to buy mortgages with deviant debt-to-income ratios
  148. Banks began approving mortgages for lower-income buyers with little down-payment
  149. Lending practices were based upon concerns of discrimination regardless of the consequences
  150. L.A. Times reported that black homeownership was increasing three times as fast as that of whites
  151. L.A. Times also reported that Latino homeownership was growing five times as fast as whites
    “There is obviously a limit beyond which [we] can’t push [the banks] to produce.” ~Barry Zigas, head of Fannie Mae’s low-income efforts (L.A. Times, 1999)

  152. Clinton threatened to veto a Senate bill that would have “shortsightedly voted to retrench” CRA
  153. Fannie and Freddie helped borrowers with poor credit get loans at the urging of our government
  154. Fannie Mae resisted increased scrutiny from lawmakers and regulators fearing more loan defaults
  155. Fannie Mae eased their credit requirements on loans that they would purchase from other lenders
  156. New requirements made it easier for banks to lend to borrowers unqualified for conventional loans
  157. Clinton administration turned CRA into “a vast extortion scheme against the nation’s banks”
  158. Clinton administration committed more than $1 trillion for mortgages and development projects
  159. Lending rules were eased by private banks and other lenders in response to government overreach
  160. Independent mortgage companies competed by making twice as many risky high-priced loans
  161. S.811 American Dream Downpayment Act was passed in Congress without a single objection
  162. Wall Street benefited from increased sales of F&F and guaranteed mortgage-backed securities
  163. The housing market benefited from new capital channeled from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  164. Fannie and Freddie’s overseers in Washington benefited with political campaign contributions
    “I can tell you… that some of the most damaging behavior on Wall Street, in some of the least ethical behavior on Wall Street, wasn’t illegal. That’s exactly why we have to change the laws.” ~President Barack Obama (2011)

  165. Rapid credit rescores were used to temporarily provide good credit ratings in order to buy a house
  166. Loans that Democrats knew were toxic were bundled with other investments and then resold
  167. Robert Rubin while at Citigroup pocketed millions issuing and repackaging bad mortgage loans
  168. Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, and Larry Summers torpedoed attempts to regulate the derivatives
    “Debates about systemic risk should now include government-sponsored enterprises, which are large and growing rapidly.” ~Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers (1999)

  169. Signatures were falsified on Fannie Mae accounting transactions to shift $200 million in expenses from 1998 to later periods, thereby triggering $27.1 million in bonuses for top executives
  170. James A. Johnson received $1.932 million, Franklin D. Raines received $1.11 million, Lawrence M. Small received $1.108 million, Jamie S. Gorelick received $779,625, Timothy Howard received $493,750, and Robert J. Levin received $493,750 in bonuses
  171. Congressman Richard Baker (R-LA) proposed a bill to reform Fannie and Freddie’s oversight
  172. Barney Frank (D-MA) dismissed it, saying the concerns about Fannie & Freddie were “overblown”
  173. Congressman Barney Frank argued that there was “no federal liability there whatsoever”
  174. Treasury Undersecretary Gary Gensler testified in favor of new Fannie and Freddie regulations
  175. Fannie Mae spokesmen called the testimony “inept,” “irresponsible,” and “unprofessional”
  176. Barney Frank promoted low-income loans throughout his time on the House Banking Committee
  177. Frank served on the House Banking Committee since becoming a congressman in 1981
  178. Barney Frank became the ranking Democrat on the House Banking Committee in 2003
  179. GOP introduced legislation in 2003 for Fannie Mae oversight but it was blocked by Democrats
  180. Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) claimed Fannie Mae was solvent and blocked all reforms
  181. In 2003, Frank said that Fannie and Freddie were sound and there was no housing disaster coming
  182. Barney Frank told the N.Y. Times that Fannie and Freddie’s problems were “exaggerated” (2003)
    “I do not think we are facing any kind of a crisis. That is, in my view, the two government sponsored enterprises we are talking about here, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are not in a crisis… I do not think at this point there is a problem with a threat to the Treasury… I believe that we, as the Federal Government, have probably done too little rather than too much to push them to meet the goals of affordable housing and to set reasonable goals.”
    ~Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) in 2003
    “These two entities… are not facing any kind of financial crisis… The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.”
    ~Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) in 2003
    “I do not want the same kind of focus on safety and soundness [in the regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac] that we have in the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Office of Thrift Supervision. I want to roll the dice a little bit more in this situation towards subsidized housing.”
    ~Congressman Barney Frank’s “famous dice roll” in 2003
    “I don’t see much other than a shell game going on here, moving something from one agency to another and in the process weakening the bargaining power of poorer families and their ability to get affordable housing.”
    ~Congressman Melvin Watt (D-NC) on September 2003
    “The enormous size of the mortgage-backed securities market means that any problems at the GSEs matter for the financial system as a whole. This risk is a systemic issue also because the debt obligations of the housing GSEs are widely held by other financial institutions. The importance of GSE debt in the portfolios of other financial entities means that even a small mistake in GSE risk management could have ripple effects throughout the financial system.”
    ~Council of the Economic Advisers Chairman Greg Mankiw (November 2003)

  183. Richard Syron went on to be the CEO and chairman of Freddie Mac in 2003
  184. Syron was the head of the Boston Federal Reserve at the time their flawed study was conducted
  185. Boston Herald noted, “They were looking for mortgage discrimination and they found it”
  186. Syron later “faced increasing pressure to buy up more risky mortgages” he helped legitimize
  187. Richard Syron later falsely testified before lawmakers in April 2007 that Freddie Mac hadn’t “been heavily involved in subprime all along”
  188. Freddie Mac CEO Richard Syron pocketed $19.8 million in total compensation in 2007
    “Nice reward for presiding over unprofessional research behavior, bankrupting Freddie Mac, and crippling our financial system, all in the name of politically correct lending...” ~Wall Street Journal's Stan Liebowitz wrote regarding Richard Syron’s reported total compensation then-estimated at $18.3 million in 2007

  189. Syron was eventually sued by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) for understating by hundreds of billions of dollars the subprime loans held by the Freddie Mac (December 2011)
  190. Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO) was established in 1992 within HUD
  191. Ironically, it was established by the Federal Housing Enterprise Financial Safety & Soundness Act
  192. OFHEO was charged with ensuring the financial safety and soundness of Fannie and Freddie
  193. Democrats in Congress, lead by members of the CBC, attacked OFHEO for their oversight report
  194. Maxine Waters (D-CA) complained that Congress was “trying to fix something that wasn’t broke”
  195. Fannie Mae first invested in securities backed by subprime loans under CEO Franklin D. Raines
  196. Raines began a pilot program in 1999 to issue bank loans to those with low to moderate income
  197. Taxpayer-backed Fannie Mae disclosed a massive $1.2 billion accounting error in October 2003
  198. Fannie Mae was caught manipulating its accounting to drastically overstate its profits (2004)
    “Mr. Chairman, we do not have a crisis at Freddie Mac, and particularly at Fannie Mae, under the outstanding leadership of Mr. Frank Raines.”
    ~Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) in 2004
    “This hearing is about the political lynching of Franklin Raines.”
    ~Congresswoman Lacy Clay (D-MO) in 2004
    “Under the outstanding leadership of Mr. Frank Raines, everything in the 1992 Act has worked just fine. In fact, the GSEs have exceeded their housing goals. What we need to do today is to focus on the regulator, and this must be done in a manner so as not to impede their affordable housing mission, a mission that has seen innovation flourish from desktop underwriting to 100% loans.” ~Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) in 2004
    “I find this to be inconsistent and a rush to judgment. I get the feeling that the markets are not worried about the safety and soundness of Fannie Mae as OFHEO says that it is, but of course the markets are not political.”
    ~Congresswoman Lacy Clay (D-MO)
    “These assets are so riskless that their capital for holding them should be under two percent.” ~Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines testifying to Congress in 2004

  199. Daniel Mudd earned at least $12.2 million in base pay and bonuses as CEO of Fannie Mae
  200. Congress and the Bush administration sought strong new regulation and authority over the GSEs
  201. Fannie and Freddie responded by orchestrating a major campaign to halt the new regulations
  202. Fannie Mae ran radio and television ads depicting a Latino couple fretting about mortgage rates
  203. Deputy Treasury Secretary Samuel Bodman warned of the risk from GSEs and called for reform
  204. Daniel Mudd took over as CEO of Fannie Mae in 2004 as the successor to Franklin Raines
  205. Purchasing subprime mortgages expanded under the guidance of Daniel Mudd
  206. Fannie Mae began buying subprime loans directly and bundling them into securities in late 2004
  207. Mudd said in a 2006 interview that he planned to expand Fannie Mae’s higher-risk holdings
  208. Mudd told investors in March 2006 that anything else would be “counterproductive”
  209. In April 2007, Mudd falsely testified before lawmakers that Fannie Mae’s exposure to subprime loans “remains minimal, less than 2.5 percent of our book”
  210. Daniel Mudd was sued by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) for understating the subprime loans held by the Fannie Mae by hundreds of billions of dollars (December 2011)
    “We do not have a world-class system of supervision of the housing government-sponsored enterprises (GSE), even though the importance of the housing financial system that the GSEs serve demands the best in supervision to ensure the long-term vitality of that system. Therefore, the Administration has called for a new, first class, regulatory supervisor for the three housing GSEs: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Home Loan Banking System.” ~Deputy Secretary of Treasury Samuel Bodman (June 2004)

  211. Bush administration issued a warning on housing GSEs and called on Congress to act (2004)
  212. Bush administration officials called for a new first class, regulatory supervisor for the three housing GSEs: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Home Loan Banking System (2004)
  213. Frank opposed a Bush administration proposal for the transfer of oversight responsibilities
  214. Proposal would have transferred oversight from Congress (HUD) to the United States Treasury
  215. The Bush administration’s proposal was supported by the head of Fannie Mae, but not by Frank
  216. Using guarantees and tax breaks, the government pushed homeownership past 69% by 2004
  217. GOP introduced legislation for Fannie Mae oversight but it was blocked by Democrats (2005)
  218. Democrats opposed the bill on a party-line vote in committee and a Senate vote never happened
  219. Treasury Secretary John Snow again called for Fannie and Freddie reform in April 2005
  220. Democrats were accused of “socializing the risk while privatizing the profit” in May 2005
  221. GOP Senators Sununu and Hagel introduced an amendment to a Lobbying Reform Bill
  222. Amendment directed the GAO to study GSE lobbying and required HUD to audit GSEs annually
    After years of Democrats blocking reform legislation, Senators Chuck Hagel (R-NE), John Sununu (R-NH), Elizabeth Dole (R-NC), John McCain (R-AZ) and sixteen other U.S. Senators wrote a letter to Majority Leader William Frist and Chairman Richard Shelby demanding that GSE regulatory reform be “enacted this year” to avoid “the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the Housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a whole.” (May 2006)

    GOP letter stated that it was “…vitally important that Congress take the necessary steps to ensure that [Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac]… operate in a safe and sound manner [and]… More importantly, Congress must ensure that the American taxpayer is protected in the event that either… should fail.”

    “Mr. President, this week Fannie Mae’s regulator reported that the company’s quarterly reports of profit growth over the past few years were ‘illusions deliberately and systematically created’ by the company’s senior management… Fannie Mae used its political power to lobby Congress in an effort to interfere with the regulator’s examination of the company’s accounting problems… OFHEO’s report solidifies my view that the GSEs need to be reformed without delay. If Congress does not act, American taxpayers will continue to be exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a whole. I urge my colleagues to support swift action on this GSE reform legislation.”
    ~Senator John McCain (R-AZ) addressing the Senate in May 2006

  223. Democrats ran Fannie Mae, the government-sponsored entity (GSE) that donates to top democrats
  224. Democrats vehemently rejected regulation of Fannie Mae to protect their CRA extortion racket
  225. In 2005, Barney Frank told America on the floor of Congress that there is no housing bubble
  226. Frank vowed that he and his committee would “continue to push for more home ownership”
  227. Barney Frank’s partner, Herb Moses, worked as a chief executive at Fannie Mae for 7 years
  228. Frank served on the House Banking Committee the entire time they were romantically involved
  229. Barney Frank (D) received more than $42,350 in campaign donations from Fannie Mae since 1989
  230. Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) received $165,400 serving as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee
  231. Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) received $126,349 in contributions with only three years in the Senate
  232. Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo pocketed millions issuing and repackaging bad mortgage loans
  233. Chris Dodd (D-CT) received sweetheart loans from Countrywide’s “Friends of Mozilo” program
  234. Barney Frank and Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) led the efforts to block Fannie and Freddie reforms
  235. Senator Obama did not, nor did any other Democrat, sign the letter calling for needed reforms
  236. Disgraced former Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines became an advisor and backer of Obama
  237. In 2005, Progressives in Congress voted against proposed reforms to fix Fannie and Freddie
  238. Anti-war progressives took control of the Democrat Party following the loss of the 2004 elections
  239. wrote that grassroots contributors “bought” and “own” the Democrat Party (2004)
  240. Communist Party U.S.A. boasted that they may be able to capture the Democratic Party “entirely”
  241. In 2005, the Progressive Caucus crafted the “Progressive Promise” to fight for economic equality

  242. Countrywide Financial made hundreds of discount loans to buy influence with members of Congress

  243. Countrywide Financial, led by CEO Angelo Mozilo, was the nation’s largest mortgage lender
  244. Countrywide Financial’s subprime loans helped start the nation’s foreclosure crisis
  245. Countrywide made hundreds of discount loans to buy influence with members of Congress, top government officials, congressional staff, and executives of mortgage giant Fannie Mae
  246. Some of the discounts were ordered personally by former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo
  247. Countrywide’s discounts were aimed at gaining influence and helping Fannie Mae block reforms
  248. Fannie Mae was responsible for purchasing a large volume of Countrywide’s subprime mortgages
  249. Countrywide was taken over by Bank of America in January 2008
    “Documents and testimony obtained by the committee show the VIP loan program was a tool used by Countrywide to build goodwill with lawmakers and other individuals positioned to benefit the company. In the years that led up to the 2007 housing market decline, Countrywide’s VIPs were positioned to affect dozens of pieces of legislation that would have reformed Fannie…” ~Report from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (2012)

  250. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee report concluded that “Countrywide’s effort to build goodwill on Capitol Hill worked” until the housing market became swamped with foreclosures
  251. Countrywide became a trusted adviser in Congress and was consulted when the House Financial Services Committee and Senate Banking Committee considered reforms of Fannie and Freddie
    “If Countrywide’s lobbyists, and Mozilo himself, were more strictly prohibited from arranging preferential treatment for members of Congress and congressional staff, it is possible that efforts to reform (Fannie and Freddie) would have been met with less resistance.” ~Report from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (2012)

  252. Fannie Mae assigned as many as 70 lobbyists to the Financial Services Committee while it considered legislation to overhaul the company from 2000 to 2005
  253. Four reform bills were introduced during that time, but none made it out of the House committee
  254. Historically, the Federal Reserve was responsible for supervising Countrywide’s home loans unit
  255. Countrywide’s bank subsidiary was overseen by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  256. In March 2007, Countrywide switched oversight of both units to the Office of Thrift Supervision
  257. In 2007, the Office of Thrift Supervision was overseen by John M. Reich, a former banker
  258. John Reich was “uninterested” in oversight and was a “good friend” of CEO Angelo Mozilo
  259. Angelo Mozilo paid $22.5 million in penalties to the SEC following investigations into his role
  260. Mozilo was banned for ever again serving as an officer or director of a publicly traded company
  261. Mozilo agreed to pay $45 million to settle other violations, for a total settlement of $67.5 million
  262. Democrat-led Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission decided not to investigate Countrywide
  263. Commission chairman Phil Angelides declared that Countrywide was “off limits” for investigation
  264. Democrat-led Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission was unable to agree on causes of meltdown
  265. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were seized by the federal government on September 2008
  266. Treasury department has committed more than $183 billion to support Fannie and Freddie
  267. Auditor of the Federal Housing Finance Agency found that Fannie and Freddie lost another $3 billion tied to the illegal manipulation of the London Interbank Offered Rate (December 2012)

    Among those who received loan discounts from Countrywide were:
  268. Former Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd (D-CT)
  269. Chris Dodd referred Mary Jane Collipriest, communications director for former Senator Robert Bennett (R-UT), then a member of the Banking Committee, to Countrywide’s VIP unit
  270. Dodd, when commenting on his own loans, claimed he was unaware of the discount program
  271. Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-ND) received a discount loan
  272. Congressman Edolphus Towns (D-NY), former chairman of the House Oversight Committee
  273. Edolphus Towns was responsible for issuing the first subpoena to Bank of America for the Countrywide documents, but Bank of America left out documents related to Towns’ own discount loan
  274. Others who received “sweetheart” VIP loan discounts from Countrywide included: top staff members of the House Financial Services Committee, a staff member of Ruben Hinojosa (D-TX) – a member of the Financial Services Committee, former Congressman Tom Campbell (R-CA), Congressman Howard McKeon (R-CA) – chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Elton Gallegly (D-CA), and Former Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala
  275. Former HUD Secretaries Alphonso Jackson and Henry Cisneros each received discount loans
  276. Henry Cisneros’ loan was processed by the VIP unit after he joined Fannie’s board of directors
  277. Fannie Mae employees were the most frequent recipients of Countrywide’s VIP discount loans
  278. Fannie Mae heads James Johnson, Daniel Mudd, and Franklin Raines each received discount loans
  279. Countrywide was even willing to take a loss on Daniel Mudd’s discounted loan
  280. James Johnson received a discount after Mozilo waived problems with his credit rating
  281. In 2008, Johnson resigned as a leader of Barack Obama’s vice presidential search committee after the Wall Street Journal reported he had received $7 million in Countrywide discounted loans
  282. Those who received the discounts knew the loans were handled by a special VIP unit
    “The documents produced by the bank show that VIP borrowers received paperwork from Countrywide that clearly identified the VIP unit as the point of contact.” ~Report from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (2012)

  283. Report shows that Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) was an exception, since he told Countrywide’s VIP unit not to give him a discounted loan, and as a result he did not receive one

  284. Barack Obama framed George W. Bush’s policies as an “attack on working families” (2003)

  285. Obama called on Bush to “fix up the economy first” before anything else, such as cutting taxes
  286. Obama predicted that George W. Bush would only win re-election because of his “spin masters, who are very good on focusing the public’s attention on the war in Iraq, and they will do their best to keep the focus away from the economic disaster that is occurring in our communities” (April 2003)
  287. Obama called on the Senate to “resist” Bush’s “unprecedented $300 billion deficit” (May 2003)
  288. Obama was “stunned” at the projected deficit and Bush’s poor economic policies (August 2003)
  289. Economy was losing 103,000 jobs a month from the start of the 2001 recession until the 2003 tax cuts
  290. Bush’s lowered taxes for everyone, and the economy enjoyed 35 straight months of expansion
  291. George W. Bush with a Republican Congress set a record of 52 straight months of job creation
  292. From May 2003 until December 2007, the economy created 8.1 million jobs (145,000 per month)
  293. Ten biggest U.S. banks and brokerage firms had their best year ever in 2006 ($104 billion in profits)
  294. Bush with a Republican Congress reduced the yearly budget deficit each year from 2004-2006
  295. Republican-led Congress posted a deficit of $247.7 billion for the 2006 fiscal year, a four-year low
  296. Democrats called the 2006 deficit improvement a temporary blip and predicted rising deficits
  297. Deficit for the last budget adopted by a GOP-controlled Congress was $161 billion (fiscal year 2007)
  298. Unemployment was 4.6%, previous GDP growth was +3.5%, and the DOW was at 12,621.77
  299. Unemployment rate reached a low of 4.4% in March 2007

  300. 2006 Elections: Progressive-controlled Democrats took majority control of the 110th Congress

  301. Political allies expressed desires to socialize America in the name of social justice and equality
  302. Obama warned Bush not to be “stubborn” and ignore the message sent by the American people
  303. The progressive-controlled “do-nothing” 110th Congress obstructed efforts to reform the GSEs
  304. Progressive Democrats who took over Congress (2007) doubled the deficit by end of 2008
  305. Obama was ‘present’ for the setting of record deficits in the majority as a Senator in Congress
  306. Democrats and then-Senator Obama posted another $161.8 billion deficit for the 2007 fiscal year
  307. Democrats raised the minimum wage stunting job growth and raising uncertainty in the markets
  308. Energy Independence and Security Act was passed in 2007 which began penalizing companies millions of dollars for not incorporating a cellulosic biofuel that does not even exist commercially
  309. Progressive Democrats then nearly tripled the deficit to $454.8 billion for the 2008 fiscal year
  310. Democrat Congress and then-Senator Obama passed the failed $168 billion “stimulus” in 2008
  311. Congress had set an all-time record low in the July 2008 Gallup Poll with a 14% approval rating
  312. Chris Dodd (D-CT) ran the Senate Banking & Finance Committee for a year before the 2008 crash
  313. Barney Frank (D-MA) became the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee in 2007
  314. Three Republican senators re-introduced legislation to improve GSE oversight in April 2007
  315. New York Times wrote that “affordability loans” and the “democratization of credit” is “turning the American dream of homeownership into a nightmare for many borrowers” (April 8, 2007)
  316. The “newfangled mortgage loans,” called “affordability loans,” “represent 60% of foreclosures”
  317. GOP again introduced legislation in 2007 for GSE oversight but was again blocked by Democrats
    “These institutions provide liquidity in the mortgage market that benefits millions of homeowners, and it is vital they operate safely and operate soundly. So I’ve called on Congress to pass legislation that strengthens independent regulation of the GSEs… the United States Senate needs to pass this legislation soon.”
    ~President George W. Bush (September 2007)

  318. Democrats ignored 17 warnings from George W. Bush to reform the system in 2008 alone
  319. Barney Frank made jokes about Bush warning of “systemic risk to our financial system”
  320. Credit requirements for home ownership eased as Fannie Mae backed even more subprime loans
  321. Fannie and Freddie had made sub-prime lending nearly a quarter of their portfolios by 2007
  322. Wholesale credit unions broke federal rules by investing in subprime mortgaged-backed securities
  323. Housing prices started crumbling in 2007, panicking financial markets leading to a recession
  324. With Democrats in control, Frank guided through the Federal Housing Reform Act in 2007
  325. Frank also guided through the Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act of 2007
  326. Frank said reforms could have been done “quicker if the [Bush] administration had cooperated”
  327. Frank: “In 2004, it was Bush who started pushing Fannie and Freddie into subprime mortgages…”
  328. Frank also blamed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (repealed part of the Glass-Steagall Act)
  329. Clinton rightfully placed blame on Democrats for planting the seeds of today’s economic crisis
    “Like a lot of my Democratic colleagues I was too slow to appreciate the recklessness of Fannie and Freddie. I defended their efforts to encourage affordable homeownership when in retrospect I should have heeded the concerns raised by their regulator in 2004. Frankly, I wish my Democratic colleagues would admit when it comes to Fannie and Freddie, we were wrong.”
    ~Congressman Artur Davis (D-AL) (September 2008)

  330. Congress and Federal Reserve’s ‘Too Big To Fail’ policies corrupted our free market system

  331. Federal Reserve was created as an extra-constitutional institution by an act of Congress in 1913
  332. Federal Reserve manipulates and impacts the economy by exerting control over interest rates
  333. During a more historically stable period of growth, short-term rates tend to be around 2-3%
  334. At the first sign of economic slowdown, the Feds can begin a series of interest rate cuts
  335. Federal Funds Rate is the rate that banks charge each other for overnight deposits
  336. Discount Rate is the rate that the Feds charges banks for overnight borrowing from the Fed itself
  337. Lowering the Federal Funds Rate and Discount Rate sets a new benchmark for short-term rates
  338. Treasury bonds and corporate and individual borrowing fall in unison with the new benchmark
  339. Lower rates stimulate borrowing by putting more cash to work in the economy
  340. More money in the economy stimulates growth, further investment, and increases employment
  341. As the financial crisis of 2008 developed, the Feds cut the short-term rates to practically zero
  342. Feds also introduced quantitative easing (QE) to further influence economic stimulus
  343. QE1 occurred in the fall of 2008 and targeted mortgage-backed securities held by banks
  344. Fed’s QE1 added $1.4 trillion to the banking system in the form of “electronic money” deposits
  345. Banks did not increase lending fearing risk and due to lack of demand by consumers and business
  346. Federal Reserve responded with QE2 after the midterm elections in November 2010
  347. Under QE2, Treasury securities were purchased from the banks in exchange for Fed deposits
  348. QE2 added another $600 billion in excess reserves at the banks
  349. Federal Reserve encouraged banks to raise capital by earning the interest on Fed deposits
  350. Fed’s low 0.25% rate was still risk free income for the banks and therefore discouraged lending
  351. Sub-prime market grew from 5% of the market to over 30% before crashing in late 2008
  352. Widespread home foreclosures began as sub-prime loans defaulted dragging down the markets
  353. Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke at the Fed turned a blind eye to the growing housing bubble
  354. The $8 trillion housing bubble orchestrated by Democrats began collapsing beginning in 2008
  355. There weren’t prosecutions for any of the top figures responsible for the 2008 financial crisis
  356. Former top-officials in the SEC and Treasury were never punished for failure of proper oversight
  357. Congress passed the Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP) to prop up banks holding bad mortgages
  358. Some in Congress engaged in insider trading during the TARP debate and economic downturn
  359. While at the N.Y. Fed, Tim Geithner worked with the Treasury Department to bail out AIG
  360. Merrill Lynch understated its risky mortgage holdings by hundreds of billions of dollars
  361. Countrywide Financial praised its own mortgage practices despite private emails stating otherwise
  362. Lehman Brothers assured investors in 2008 that the company’s financial position was sound
  363. Bear Stearns was the first major Wall Street company to collapse as executives pocketed revenue
  364. Progressive-controlled federal government seized mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  365. Fannie and Freddie were made wards of the Treasury right before Lehman Brothers failed in 2008
  366. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had become “the poster children for corporate welfare”
  367. For years, companies like UBS and Goldman Sachs auctioned securities as safe investments
  368. Goldman Sachs paid $550 million to resolve SEC charges alleging fraud in mortgage securities
  369. Records of contributions from Fannie and Freddie to congressional candidates and lobbyists, estimated to be approximately $200 million, are sealed from public view and FOIA oversight
  370. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were seized by regulators in September 2008 during the crash
  371. SEC sued former Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac CEOs, Richard Syron and Daniel Mudd, for understating by hundreds of billions of dollars the subprime loans they held (December 2011)
  372. Syron, Mudd and others understated the lenders’ exposure to subprime mortgage loans
  373. From 2007 to 2008, top Freddie Mac executives claimed their exposure to subprime mortgage loans was between $2 billion and $6 billion when it was actually as high as $244 billion
  374. Patricia Cook, Freddie Mac’s former executive vice president, was included in the SEC lawsuit
  375. Donald Bisenius, ex-senior vice president at Freddie Mac, was included in the SEC lawsuit
  376. According to the SEC, Freddie Mac had “agreed to accept responsibility” for their conduct (2011)
  377. From 2006 to 2008, top Fannie Mae executives claimed their exposure to subprime mortgage loans was only about $4.8 billion when it was nearly 10 times greater
  378. Enrico Dallavecchia, chief risk officer for Fannie Mae, was included in the SEC lawsuit
  379. Thomas Lund, former executive vice president of Fannie Mae, was included in the SEC lawsuit
    “Under the agreement, without admitting or denying liability, Fannie Mae has offered to accept responsibility for its conduct and to not dispute, contest or contradict a set of factual statements regarding the disclosures.”
    ~Statement from Fannie Mae in a securities filing (December 2011)

  380. Federal judge rejected a SEC settlement with Bank of America over claims it misled investors
  381. Bank of America misled investors about bonuses paired to Merrill Lynch, which it had taken over
  382. Federal judge argued that the deal suggested “a rather cynical relationship between the parties”
  383. Judge Jed Rakoff later approved a revised settlement Bank of America in February 2010
  384. Bank of America agreed to pay $150 million to resolve allegations about misleading investors
  385. Citigroup misled clients in investments related to sub-prime residential mortgages
  386. As a result, Citigroup’s clients lost about $700 million, while Citigroup made $160 million
  387. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused Citigroup of betting against their customers
  388. Citigroup traders discussed buying financial instruments to bet on the failure of mortgage assets
  389. SEC issued a $285 million settlement with Citigroup, but it was rejected by a federal judge (2011)
  390. New York judge argued that the deal obscured an “overriding public interest in knowing the truth”
  391. Citigroup made $160 million in profit betting against a complex mortgage investment in 2007
  392. Settlement would have imposed penalties on Citigroup without them having to admit wrongdoing
  393. Democrat Jon Corzine became Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs in 1994
  394. Prior to 1994, private-partnership Goldman Sachs contributed evenly to both political parties
  395. After 1994, Goldman Sachs increased and shifted their political donations to help elect Democrats
  396. CEO Jon Corzine knew that private partners could only legally leverage stocks by 100%
  397. Corzine also knew that U.S. government bonds could be leveraged by as much as 5,000%
  398. Corzine led an effort to convince the Clinton and Congress to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act
  399. The Great Depression was blamed on massive leveraged speculation by banks in stocks and bonds
  400. Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 banned commercial banks that receive insurance from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) from engaging in speculation and trading in securities
  401. Efforts to repeal Glass-Steagall accelerated when former senior partner of Goldman Sachs, Robert Rubin, was named Secretary of the Treasury in the Clinton Administration in January of 1995
  402. Congress and Clinton signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, repealing Glass-Steagall (1999)
  403. Repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act allowed for rampant growth of the speculation markets
  404. Normal banks doubled as investment banks and gambled with money they loaned to themselves
  405. Goldman Sachs dramatically ramped up risk taking in derivatives using the public’s money
  406. Corzine earned an estimated $400 million on the 1999 initial public offering for Goldman Sachs
  407. Ben Bernanke was CEO of Goldman Sachs prior to becoming the U.S. Treasury Secretary
  408. Robert Rubin went on to serve on the Board of Citicorp, receiving more than $126 million in cash
  409. Greece gained entry into the European Union in 2001, and by 2011 had nearly destroyed the euro
  410. Greece violated its EU entry agreement by exceeding the euro member debt restrictions (2002)
  411. Goldman Sachs engineered a $10 billion Greek derivatives trade based on fictional exchange rates
  412. Goldman Sachs then secretly arranged an additional $1 billion in loans for Greece
  413. Goldman Sachs leveraged 25 times its “$32 billion of equity to support $799 billion of assets”
  414. As a result, Goldman Sachs was very profitable prior to the 2008 economic “Credit Crisis”
  415. Former Goldman Sachs Chairman Henry Paulson became Secretary of the Treasury in 2008
  416. Sec. Paulson gave Goldman Sachs $10 billion from the Trouble Asset Recovery Program (TARP)
  417. Paulson’s bailout of AIG also allowed Goldman Sachs to collect $12.9 billion in unsecured debt
  418. Paulson testified to the Senate that federal intervention in Fannie & Freddie was near “impossible”
  419. Treasury Secretary Paulson met with several hedge fund managers a week later in July 2008
  420. Paulson warned them that a government takeover of Fannie & Freddie was a real possibility
  421. Federal Reserve secretly created a program that provided crisis funding to more than 700 banks
  422. Federal Reserve handed free money to the banks at 0% interest to loan out to make a profit
  423. Banks simply invested the money in the stock market, instead of risking loaning it to the people
  424. By the end of 2008, the Fed bank established or expanded 11 lending facilities catering to banks
  425. Federal Reserve potentially gave out $7.77 trillion in secrecy to rescue the financial system
  426. Federal Reserve potentially lent out a total of $6.8 trillion “if all eligible program applicants
    request assistance at once to the maximum permitted under the program guidelines” (2007-2009)
  427. Supreme Court ruled that the Federal Reserve had to release names of banks that received bailouts
  428. Foreign banks benefited the most from the U.S. Federal Reserve ‘Discount’ Loan program
  429. Fed released over 29,346 documents covering emergency-lending programs between 2007 & 2010
  430. According to Bloomberg, the combined bank debt peaked at $1.2 trillion on December 5, 2008
  431. Peak was more than 25 times the Fed’s pre-crisis lending peak of $46 billion on Sept. 12, 2001
  432. Federal Reserve’s own numbers actually show a higher peak lending of $1.5 trillion
  433. According to the Fed’s website, their numbers included the foreign-currency liquidity swaps
  434. In addition to the six biggest banks in the U.S. receiving $160 billion in TARP funds, the Federal Reserve gave another combined $460 billion to the same banks: JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., and Morgan Stanley
  435. Morgan Stanley was the largest Federal Reserve recipient getting as much as $107.3 billion
  436. Citigroup took $99.5 billion and Bank of America took $91.4 billion
  437. Bank of America and Wachovia Corp. each received $15 billion at the discount TAF interest rate
  438. Bank of America’s CEO Kenneth D. Lewis wrote to shareholders that Bank of America was “one of the strongest and most stable major banks in the world,” despite receiving $86 billion from the Fed
  439. Foreclosures from Bank of America increased well over 200% month-to-month in August 2011
  440. JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon misled shareholders about their own TAF borrowings
  441. JP Morgan Chase’s TAF borrowings were almost twice its cash holdings
  442. JP Morgan Chase’s peak borrowing of $48 billion occurred on February 26, 2009
  443. Federal Reserve reportedly made $113.3 billion through its Term Auction Facility (TAF) rate
  444. CEO Jamie Dimon disclosed a nearly $3 billion loss citing “sloppy” and “stupid” trading mistakes
  445. Losses on JP Morgan’s bungled trade were later to be found to total as much as $9 billion
  446. President Obama said “JP Morgan is one of the best-managed banks there is” (2012)
  447. Obama described JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon as being “one of the smartest bankers we got”
  448. Financial disclosure records show that Obama has up to $1 million invested in JP Morgan Chase
  449. CEO Jamie Morgan wore cuff links Obama gave him to his hearing before Congress (2012)
  450. Barney Frank accused Jamie Dimon of downplaying his bank’s losses before Congress (2012)
  451. JP Morgan Chase employees gave $808,799 to Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008
  452. JP Morgan Chase provides $15.2 billion in home mortgages to the AFL-CIO and SEIU
  453. JP Morgan Chase received $25 billion in TARP bailouts in 2008, the largest given to any bank
  454. Federal Reserve gave most of the U.S. money to foreign banks during the 2008 financial crisis
  455. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke kept it secret until forced to disclose the information
  456. Nearly half of the Federal Reserve’s top 30 borrowers were European-based firms
  457. Edinburgh-based Royal Bank of Scotland borrowed $84.5 billion from U.S. taxpayers
  458. Zurich-based UBS AG (UBSN) received $77.2 billion in taxpayer funds from the Federal Reserve
  459. Germany’s Hypo Real Estate AG took $28.7 billion ($21 million for each of its 1,366 employees)
  460. Other borrowers included Belgium’s Dexia SA (DEXB) and Paris-based Societe Generale SA
  461. London-based Barclays (BARC) borrowed $64.9 billion through the secretive program
  462. Frankfurt-based Deutsche Bank AG (DBK) borrowed $66 billion from the U.S. Federal Reserve
  463. Libya-owned Arab Banking Corp. received 73 loans (over $5 billion) from the Federal Reserve
  464. U.S. exempted the Arab Banking Corp. from sanctions despite being partly owned by Qadhafi
  465. The longest serving Fed bank president, Thomas Hoenig, said big banks are government-backed
  466. Hoenig recommended reclassifying these banks as restricted ‘government-sponsored entities’
  467. Hoenig described big banks like Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup Inc. as “public utilities”
  468. In December 2011, spreadsheets were released showing daily borrowing totals for 407 banks that tapped the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending programs during the 2007 to 2009 financial crisis
  469. Federal Reserve only released the names of the central banks involved in the foreign-currency liquidity swaps transactions, but not the local banks receiving the funds
  470. Federal Reserve again bailed out the European banks secretly with taxpayer funds (2011)
  471. U.S. and European regulators began forcing banks to buy up their own government’s debt (2012)
  472. Banks in the United States have bought over $700 billion of American debt since 2008

  473. 2008 Elections: Obama won the White House and Democrats took full control of the 111th Congress

  474. Marxist revolutionaries hijacked the Democrat party using the tactics of Saul Alinsky
  475. Saul Alinksy was a Chicago Marxist organizer who used tactics of confrontation and infiltration
  476. Radicals have employed an Alinsky strategy of working within the system to accumulate power
  477. Saul Alinsky was convinced that large-scale socialist transformation would require an alliance between a struggling middle class and the poor
  478. Saul Alinsky believed that they must turn the wrath of the middle class against large corporations
  479. John L. McKnight, a student of Alinsky tactics, wrote Obama’s Harvard Law recommendation
  480. Obama praised McKnight’s teachings as “best education” received, even better than Harvard
  481. Alinsky’s son wrote a letter to the Boston Globe praising Obama for stirring up the masses
  482. Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals #13: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it
  483. George W. Bush and Wall Street were blamed after the progressive social justice policies failed
  484. Obama united the Democratic factions around Bush hatred and the power of his own biography
  485. Obama sealed his records, misrepresented his past, and directed his attacks on George W. Bush
  486. George W. Bush couldn’t run for re-election and therefore didn’t defend against political attacks
  487. Obama ran on the theme of ‘Hope and Change’ and telling everybody what they wanted to hear
  488. Obama used Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals’ theme of how the world “is” and how “it should be”
  489. Radical change comes by working within a system instead of attacking a system from the outside
  490. Alinsky taught that it was fine to lie, steal, and cheat to accomplish what is “good for mankind”
  491. Obama: Alinsky’s teachings were “seared into my brain” providing “the best education I ever had”
  492. Obama ran on ideas like hope and change, greater transparency, and improved leadership (2008)
  493. Obama falsely placed free-market capitalism at the root of the mortgage industry debacle
  494. Obama completely ignored the real history of government interference in the housing market
  495. Obama presented “straw man” arguments to knock down to fit his campaign’s political narrative
  496. Bush destroyed the economy, not Democrat-run mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  497. Insurance companies and doctors are the bad guys, not trial lawyers that force defensive medicine
  498. Banks and Wall Street are the problem, not Democrat’s radical-socialist agenda scaring investors
  499. Investor fears and mounting uncertainty caused the economic downturn to accelerate in late 2008
  500. Obama voted ‘Most Liberal Senator’ for 2007 while another Senator was an admitted socialist
  501. Obama voted “present” 129 times while serving as a senator in order to dodge tough issues
  502. Obama chose to run for president and now claims to have “inherited” a problem he helped create
  503. Obama was portrayed as a messiah by the socialist-left and children were taught to sing his praises
    “Mm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama

    He said that all must lend a hand; To make this country strong again;
    Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama

    He said we must be fair today; Equal work means equal pay;
    Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama

    He said that we must take a stand; To make sure everyone gets a chance;
    Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama

    He said red, yellow, black or white; All are equal in his sight;
    Mmm, mmm, mm! Barack Hussein Obama

    Yes! Mmm, mmm, mm; Barack Hussein Obama”

    ~Song taught to a class at a New Jersey elementary school (2009)

    “Hello, Mr. President we honor you today!
    For all your great accomplishments, we all doth say “hooray!”

    Hooray, Mr. President! You’re number one!
    The first black American to lead this great nation!

    Hooray, Mr. President we honor your great plans
    To make this country’s economy number one again!

    Hooray Mr. President, we’re really proud of you!
    And we stand for all Americans under the great Red, White, and Blue!

    So continue – Mr. President we know you’ll do the trick
    So here’s a hearty hip-hooray –

    Hip, hip hooray!
    Hip, hip hooray!
    Hip, hip hooray!”

    ~Song taught to a class at a New Jersey elementary school (2009)

    “The world is as cold as the white snow, the birds have been wondering if it’s safe to return; We’ve all been hibernating for too long; but now we’ve got the power – we’re no longer cowards; We’ll have a brand new song.”

    “Now we’re ready to shed our old skin; We’re ready for a brand new day; Ready for peace – ready for spring; Ready for freedom – let freedom ring; Welcome Barack Obama, he’ll save the day – hip hip horray!”

    “Barack Obama, hip hip horray, Barack Obama, hip hip horray, Barack Obama, hip hip horray. Barack Obama!”
    ~Song “Inauguration,” supposedly written by third-grade elementary school kids with the help of left-wing Kid Pan Alley facilitators

  504. Obama’s only executive experience was running a Senate office and campaigning for office(s)
  505. Obama had never held a real private job where he is required to budget and produce results
  506. Obama’s resume didn’t qualify for entry-level management, let alone leading over 300 million
    “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.” ~Barack Obama wrote in The Audacity of Hope (2006)

  507. Progressives expanded their majorities in the 111th Congress, including a filibuster-proof Senate
  508. Progressive Democrats led with an 81-vote edge in the House and a 10-vote edge in the Senate
  509. As Senator, then as President, Obama has backed a radical agenda that alarms the private sector
  510. President Obama had signed 329 bills passed by Progressives in the 111th Congress (2008-2010)
  511. Obama began engaging in a strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis
  512. Obama encouraged and engineered Keynesian deficit spending at a level never seen before
  513. Obama exacerbated the recession by pushing an expensive job-killing progressive agenda
  514. Obama used fear and manufactured crisis (part of Cloward-Piven) in order to build public support
  515. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel stated, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste”
  516. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterated that philosophy saying, “Never waste a good crisis”
  517. Every issue for Obama is either considered a “top priority” or described as “unprecedented”
  518. Obama began experimenting with the merging of all historically failed leftist government models
  519. Fascist business model where large corporate interests are merged with the government
  520. Socialist business model where government snatches up industries and redistributes the wealth
  521. Marxist business model where economic equality, social justice, and fairness decide outcomes
  522. Obama is presiding over a corrupt regime that assaults the very pillars of American capitalism
  523. America is being intentionally diminished in every conceivable way to advance a new global order
  524. Agenda parallels the Cloward-Piven strategy to push society into crisis and economic collapse
  525. Goals undermine capitalism by overloading the federal bureaucracy with impossible demands

  526. President Obama claimed he was “committed to restoring fiscal responsibility” (2009)

  527. In 2006, Senator Obama voted against raising the federal debt ceiling and blamed past leadership
  528. Every Democrat Senator at the time voted against raising the debt ceiling (March 16, 2006)
  529. Obama in 2006: “Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally”
  530. Obama criticized George W. Bush by arguing that we are “shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren”
  531. As Senator in 2007, Obama did not bother to vote as Democrats raised the ceiling by $850 billion
  532. As Senator in 2008, Obama again refused to vote as Democrats raised the ceiling by $800 billion
  533. In 2008, Senator Obama voted for TARP which raised the debt ceiling by another $700 billion
  534. Obama and the Democrats raised the federal debt ceiling to $12.4 trillion on December 24, 2009
  535. Democrats again voted to further raise the debt ceiling to $14.294 trillion on January 28, 2010
  536. Democrats had multiplied the 2006 Republican-led deficit by a factor of eight in just three years
    “They have driven up the national debt to 8 trillion dollars. Ladies and gentlemen, who are these guys? Where do they come from? What do they… what possible right do they have to say to anybody, particularly to us, that they know how to manage our money and manage the economy?” ~Joe Biden in Maumee, Ohio (September 2008)

  537. Obama proposed “a net spending cut” throughout the 2008 campaign which did not materialize
    “There is no doubt that we’ve been living beyond our means and we’re going to have to make some adjustments. Now, what I’ve done throughout this campaign is to propose a net spending cut.” ~Obama speaking during the third presidential debate (October 15, 2008)

  538. Obama pledged he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term as president
    “Today I’m pledging to cut the deficit we inherited in half by the end of my first term in office.” ~President Obama speaking at the opening of Fiscal Responsibility Summit (February 23, 2009)

  539. Obama and Congress tripled the budget deficit from $455 billion in 2008 to $1.416 trillion in 2009
  540. Federal debt rose by $2.4 trillion in the first 500 days of Obama’s presidency and is accelerating
  541. Federal debt increased by over $3.7 trillion during the first 821 days of Obama’s presidency
  542. President Obama set a new record by adding $4.247 trillion in debt in just 945 days
  543. National debt under President Obama is increasing by $3 million with each passing minute
  544. Obama said that Bush was “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic” because he ran up the debt (2008)
    “The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents – #43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back – $30,000 for every man, woman and child. That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic.”
    ~Candidate Barack Obama on July 3, 2008

  545. President Obama piled up more debt in three years than George W. Bush did in eight years
  546. Obama’s federal debt is increasing $4.1 billion per day, compared to $1.6 billion per day under Bush
  547. U.S. is adding on average over $139.5 billion to the debt every month during Obama’s presidency
  548. President Barack Obama holds the record for the four largest deficits in U.S. history (2009-2012)
  549. Democrats and President Obama posted a $1.416 trillion deficit for the 2009 fiscal year
  550. They quadrupled the record yearly deficit left by the previous Democrat-led Congress in one year
  551. Democrats and President Obama then posted a $1.294 trillion deficit for the 2010 fiscal year
  552. President Obama and his administration ran a $1.300 trillion deficit for the 2011 fiscal year
  553. Obama ran a $1.089 trillion deficit for the 2012 fiscal year, the fourth straight year over $1 trillion
  554. Annual deficit spending under President Obama will average a record 8.4% of GDP, nearly doubling the average annual deficit under any other post-War president
  555. Socialist entitlement agenda leading to trillion dollar deficits projected for the next decade
  556. In 2010, Congress passed the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control (PAYGO)
  557. Democrats in Congress enacted PAYGO, but then opted-out of the law to pass new spending
  558. Federal debt is increasing at a rate of $1,148 per month per household (as of April 2011)
  559. CBO predicting a total projected debt of $20.2 trillion ($170,000 per household) by 2020
  560. The streak is three times the previous streak (Treasury Department began keeping records in 1980)
  561. Total public debt when Obama took office was $6.3 trillion ($56,000 per household)
  562. United States public debt topped $10 trillion for the first time ever in August 2011
  563. Obama has added more than $5.4 trillion to the federal debt since January 20, 2009
  564. The gross debt of our federal government surpassed $16 trillion (September 2012)
  565. In four years under President Obama, the debt increased by more than in the previous 17 years
  566. Under President Obama’s proposed budget, the debt will surge to $25.4 trillion by 2022
  567. Obama’s proposed budget will add another $66,000 in debt for every American household
  568. Americans have more government debt per person than Portugal, Italy, Spain, or Greece (2012)
  569. U.S. debt is now $136,249 per household, up 50% under President Obama (September 2012)
  570. More than $6.1 trillion of the public debt is owned by foreign interests and the Federal Reserve
  571. Federal Reserve’s holdings of U.S. government debt hit a record $1.696691 trillion (January 2013)
  572. Federal Reserve’s holdings increased $1.221369 trillion during President Obama’s first term
  573. Federal Reserve’s holdings of government debt is up more than 257% under Obama (January 2013)
  574. When Obama was inaugurated in 2009, the Fed owned $475.322 billion in U.S. government debt
  575. The publicly held portion of the debt increased by more than $5.264 trillion under Obama

  576. Harry Reid (D-NV) and Senate Democrats violated the law by refusing to pass a budget for four years

  577. Democrats refused to even try to pass a budget fearing political backlash from the American public
  578. Senate Democrats haven’t passed a budget in over 1,200 days and still counting
    “It would be foolish for us to do a budget at this stage.”
    ~Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) in May 2011
    “To put other budgets out there is not the point.”
    ~Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in May 2011

  579. The 1974 Budget Act requires that a budget be completed by Congress for each fiscal year
  580. Senate Democrats will have gone four years without passing a budget going into 2013
  581. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) admitted there was “no excuse” for Democrats not producing a budget
    “… Democratic leaders have defiantly refused to lay out their own vision for how to deal with federal debt and spending… centrists in the 53-member Democratic conference expressed frustration with their party’s budget inaction.” ~POLITICO reporting from May 15, 2012

  582. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) falsely claimed that the Senate passed a budget in August 2011
  583. Harry Reid: “We do what we can to protect the president of the United States” (July 2012)
  584. Obama exploded the national debt at a rate far exceeding any previous president in history
  585. The total federal debt has grown well over $5 trillion since Obama took office in January 2009
  586. Obama increased the national debt more in 4 days than Truman and Eisenhower did in 10 years
  587. It took just 7 months for the federal debt to rise from $13 trillion (6/1/10) to $14 trillion (12/31/10)
  588. $14 trillion in debt equates to $45,300 owed by each and everyone in the United States of America
  589. President Obama created more debt in 3 years and 2 months than Bush did in eight years (2012)
  590. President Obama has missed more legally required budget deadlines than any president since the 1920s
  591. House passed a ‘No Budget, No Pay’ plan to force Senate Democrats to craft a budget (2013)
  592. Senate Budget Committee chairwoman Patty Murray relented and said, “we are ready to get to work” and promised to draft a budget in the Democrat-controlled Senate for the first time in 4 years (2013)
  593. Patty Murray falsely claimed that Republicans ‘have time and again pulled budget negotiations out of the Budget Committees,’ when Democrats alone control whether committee meetings occur
    “To compel Senate action I have introduced legislation, blocked recess, and encouraged the use of the debt ceiling as leverage. Now, with their pay threatened, and long-simmering public anger growing, Senate Democrats have suddenly seen the light. Even just a few days ago, they were not willing to commit to doing a budget. The sooner the majority allows the budget process to move forward, the sooner meaningful debate can occur and the sooner the Senate can at last meet its legal and moral obligations. Secret meetings are an affront to popular democracy.”
    ~Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) (January 2013)

  594. caught Harry Reid (D-NV) making false claims about spending cuts (February 2013)
  595. Senator Harry Reid lied twice that Congress had made significant non-defense spending cuts

  596. Obama in 2008: “I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely”

  597. Obama and Democrats passed an $821 billion “stimulus” to prop up their special interests
  598. Vice President Joe Biden told Americans that we needed to “spend our way out of debt”
  599. Mike Honda (D-CA) on crafting the 2009 stimulus, “We didn’t know what the hell was going on”
    “The stimulus bill, which was under the other administration, was put together because we didn’t know what the hell was going on and you know, and we were trying to do things that we thought might help stimulate the economy. We set aside quite a bit of money for what we call ‘shovel ready projects’ which we thought would create jobs right away but it didn’t.”
    ~Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA) looking back in hindsight from December 2011

  600. CBO numbers show Obama’s “stimulus” program cost 15% more than the Iraq War under Bush
  601. Obama’s own government officials repeatedly warn of looming debt crisis on the horizon
  602. CBO “can’t conceive of any way” that the economy can continue past 2037 with current trajectory
    Note: Estimates for the actual cost of the “stimulus” started at $787 billion, rose to $862 billion, fell back to $814 billion, then rose up again to a cost of $821 billion...

  603. Obama promised, “we are going to ban all earmarks,” before signing thousands of them into law
    “We are going to ban all earmarks.”
    ~Obama speaking at a press conference on January 6, 2009

  604. Obama pledged that would allow all Americans to see where taxpayer money is going
    “We will launch a sweeping effort to root out waste, inefficiency, and unnecessary spending in our government, and every American will be able to see how and where we spend taxpayer dollars by going to a new website called” ~President Obama in a speech on January 28, 2009

  605. Obama signed a $410 billion omnibus 2009 budget with more than 9,000 wasteful ‘earmarks’
  606. GAO study: over $24 billion in taxpayer money went to companies that did not pay their taxes
  607. At least 3,700 companies receiving “stimulus” money were tax cheats owing over $757 million
  608. GAO investigators found that one out of every six contract/grant dollars went to a known tax cheat
  609. IRS: Federal workers and military personnel owed $3.42 billion in delinquent taxes in 2010
  610. 2010 Census cost taxpayers around $13 billion, more than double the cost of 2000’s count
  611. HHS announced a $500 million initiative to help kids who “can’t sit still” in kindergarten (2011)
  612. Obama signed off on $42 million in bonuses for the top 12 Fannie and Freddie executives in 2010
  613. Top 10 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives received another $12.79 million in 2011
  614. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents showed that Freddie Mac’s CEO Ed Halderman received a base salary of $900,000 plus another $2.3 million in bonus pay for 2010
  615. Fannie Mae CEO Michael Williams received $2.37 million in performance bonuses in 2010
  616. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have received over $170 billion in federal taxpayer bailouts
  617. Inspector General for the Federal Housing Finance Agency found that nearly 2,000 senior managers at government-controlled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac exceeded $200,000 in median pay (2011)
  618. Obama wanted another $50 billion (before 2010 elections) for more road and railway upgrades
  619. Obama voted ‘yes’ on TARP bank bailouts and then used them as a slush-fund as president
  620. Billions of dollars of TARP funds wound up in big banks in France, Germany, and other nations
  621. 2010 Defense Spending Bill was $636 billion with over 1,800 wasteful pork spending projects
  622. Spending budget for 2010 was a record $3.6 trillion and 2011 budget was projected at $3.8 trillion
  623. Obama proposed another “stimulus” costing $140 billion to prevent a double-dip recession
  624. National Science Foundation (NSF) mismanaged more than $3 billion & funds ridiculous projects
  625. NSF spent millions on porn, studying shrimp on treadmills and Jell-O wrestling in Antarctica
  626. Taxpayer “stimulus” dollars went to fund gator wrestling by teenage kids in an Indian village
  627. Nearly $1.5 million in “stimulus” grants were distributed to the University of San Francisco to study erectile dysfunction of overweight middle aged men and asking people about their sexual behavior
  628. Nearly $19 billion in unemployment benefits were errantly given out from 2008-2010
  629. Vice President Joe Biden was tasked with leading the Campaign to Cut Waste (2011)
    “Unemployment checks are going to people in prison. Unemployment checks are going to graveyards.” ~Vice President Joe Biden (September 2011)

  630. Another estimated $14 billion in unemployment benefits were errantly distributed in 2011
  631. State Department spent more than $70,000 taxpayer dollars on books authored by Obama
  632. Feds opened more than 1,900 investigations into waste and fraud of taxpayer stimulus dollars
  633. The 7-Eleven Presidency: Under Obama, for every $7 we’ve had, we’ve spent nearly $11
  634. Democrats proposed a $1.1 trillion spending bill during the lame-duck session of Congress
  635. Spending bill was filled with 6,488 earmarks at a cost of $575 million per page (1,924 pages)
  636. Obama’s $858 billion compromise bill extended the Bush-era tax rates plus more deficit spending
  637. Obama presented a budget for 2012 that allocated a total of $3.73 trillion into federal programs
  638. Obama’s 2012 budget was proposed in February 2011 with at least (19) senators showing support
  639. Obama’s 2012 budget proposal was voted down unanimously (0-97) in the Senate (May 25, 2011)
  640. Obama’s budget prediction for spending in 2011 represented a 40% increase over fiscal year 2007
  641. Obama predicted that spending in fiscal year 2011 will total $3.819 billion, an all-time high record
  642. U.S. ended December 2011 with a record $15.22 trillion in debt and a 100.3% debt-to-GDP ratio
  643. Obama: “We must confront the fact that our gov’t spends more than it takes in... not sustainable”
  644. Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner called the obligations in Obama’s budget “unsustainable”
  645. AMTRAK station named after stimulus “sheriff” Joe Biden was $5.7 million over budget in 2011
  646. AMTRAK lost $84.5 million in food and beverage services in 2011, and $833.8 million over 10 years
  647. Federal lawmakers gave large taxpayer-funded bonuses to their staff during the budget crisis
  648. United States Postal Service (USPS) posted an $8.5 billion loss to taxpayers in 2010
  649. USPS warned it could default after losing $3.1 billion from April to June 2011
  650. USPS posted an additional $5.1 billion loss to taxpayers for the 2011 fiscal year
  651. United States Postal Service lost another $3.2 billion for just the first three months of 2012
  652. Labor costs represent 80% of the USPS’ expenses (compared to UPS’ 53% and FedEx’s 32%)
  653. USPS enjoys extremely generous benefits with “no layoff” clauses in their union contracts
  654. USPS overpaid an estimated $60 billion into its employee pension plans
  655. Despite mandates to avoid deficits, the post office loses billions of dollars every year (2012)
  656. USPS reported a $5.2 billion third quarter loss and said it was nearly out of cash (August 2012)
  657. USPS defaulted on a $5.5 billion obligation to pre-fund retiree health benefits (August 2012)
  658. It was the first time the USPS has ever defaulted on a payment to the Treasury Department
  659. USPS defaulted again on a $5.6 billion obligation one month later (September 2012)
  660. Election junk mail barely spared the United States Postal Service from insolvency (October 2012)
  661. U.S. Postal Service hit its $15 billion borrowing limit for the first time in its history (October 2012)
    “[S]eniors love to get junk mail. It’s sometimes their only way of communicating or feeling like they’re part of the real world.”
    ~Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) arguing against cuts to the USPS

  662. Postal Service Board of Governors met following a staggering $15.9 billion loss in fiscal year 2012
  663. Despite losing $15.9 billion in fiscal 2012, the USPS increased executive compensation (2012)
  664. Postal Service is mandated to pre-fund retiree health care benefits, which according to postal officials accounted for about 70 percent of the Postal Service’s net loss for fiscal year 2012
  665. The cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service has eliminated more than 168,000 jobs since 2006
  666. African-Americans represent 13.1% of the U.S. population and 11.6% of the labor force (2013)
  667. Nearly one-in-five black workers hold government jobs (i.e. mail clerks, firefighters, teachers, etc.)
  668. Blacks make up about 20% of the U.S. Postal Service workers and are even the majority in larger cities
  669. U.S. Postal Service is the largest employer of veterans in the nation behind the Department of Defense
  670. Loss of more Postal Service jobs would be devastating to both the black community and our veterans
  671. USPS, a booster of minority prospects since the Civil War, is unraveling under the first black president
  672. Postal Service is losing $25 million a day and without action could run out of money by October 2013
  673. Federal Reserve has expanded its balance sheet past $2.5 trillion through “quantitative easing”
  674. Federal Reserve is robbing current and future Americans with each “quantitative easing” (QE)
  675. Big companies and banks were given free money and the stock market increased with each QE
  676. Federal Reserve gave banks $80 billion of taxpayer money in secretive loans at 0.01% interest rate
  677. Federal Reserve Governor and Bernanke advisor Kevin Warsh resigned after questioning QE2
  678. Ben Bernanke argued that Federal Reserve pumping is ‘good for the global economy’ (2012)
  679. Greenspan: Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing did little to loosen credit & boost the economy
  680. $2 trillion stimulus program had little impact on the U.S. economy besides weakening the dollar
  681. Gold prices have skyrocketed as the dollar continues to be devalued by Federal Reserve policies
  682. The U.S. dollar has lost 21.4 percent of its value during the last 8 years (as of April 2011)
  683. U.S. dollar slumped to a new record low against the yen in October 2011 due to Fed policies
  684. Federal Reserve modified their quantitative easing with the addition of ‘Operation Twist’ (2011)
  685. ‘Operation Twist’ converts short maturities to longer maturities to drive long-term rates lower
  686. Federal Reserve already converted $400 billion, but seeks to convert another $267 billion (2012)
  687. Progressive-led government posted biggest monthly deficit ever of $223 billion in February 2011
  688. U.S. government spent more than eight times its monthly revenue for the month of March 2011
  689. CBO numbers show that the federal government ran a $189 billion deficit in March 2011
  690. Forty-five states and D.C. projected budget shortfalls totaling $125 billion for fiscal year 2012
  691. Local governments facing aggregate revenue shortfalls from 2010-2012 totaling $56-$83 billion
  692. Minority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said the federal budget may not be balanced for 20 years
  693. Minority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said “we’ve dug such a deep hole...” over the years
  694. Harry Reid (D) worried that cuts would eliminate the annual “cowboy poetry festival” in Nevada
  695. Pelosi warned that House Democrats won’t support Obama on proposed debt-limit entitlement cuts
  696. Freshman Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) declared that Obama has “failed to lead” on budget cuts
  697. Senator Manchin warned, “we cannot ignore the fiscal Titanic of our national debt and deficit”
  698. Radical group founded by Obama called for another $382 billion in ‘stimulus’ spending in 2011
  699. Democrats were only willing to cut $20 billion for fiscal year 2011 from a $3.6 trillion budget
  700. Obama ignored all recommendations from the deficit commission he created to study the problem
  701. Democrats demagogued the 2012 GOP budget proposal cutting more than $5.8 trillion in spending
  702. Democrats have resorted to using lies and propaganda to defend their anti-spending cut position
  703. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) caught telling senators to describe GOP spending cuts as “extreme”
  704. Schumer said, “I always use the word ‘extreme.’ That is what the caucus instructed me to do”
  705. Democrats described those seeking spending cuts as “extreme” and a “small minority”
  706. Senate Rules Committee blocked a Tea Party Debt Commission from presenting a budget proposal
  707. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) even evicted the debt commission from the Russell Building (2011)
  708. Sen. Harry Reid (D) suggested we return to the “type of fiscal discipline” under the Democrats
  709. Harry Reid predicted the Tea Party “will pass… will lose a number of seats next year” in 2012
  710. Obama administration suggested that GOP 2011 budget cuts would kill 70,000 kids worldwide
  711. Democrats killed millions by banning DDT in African countries as a condition for U.S. aid
  712. The Left protected funding for Planned Parenthood, which aborts 332,278 boys and girls each year
  713. Socialist Bernie Sanders said the rich “have not contributed one nickel to deficit reduction” (2011)
  714. Democrats raised campaign money off the threat of a government shutdown in April 2011
  715. W.H. said their proposed cut of $6.5 billion met the GOP’s $60 billion cut ‘more than halfway’
  716. W.H. and OMB called a 1-week budget extension and U.S. troop pay through 2011 ‘a distraction’
  717. Jim Moran (D-VA) described a troop funding question as “caustic” yelling, “sit down or leave!”
  718. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said Obama ‘needs to lead, instead of sitting on sidelines’
  719. Eric Cantor: “We’ve had to bring this president kicking & screaming to the table to cut spending”
  720. Despite playing cheerleader, Obama took credit for the “biggest annual spending cut in history”
  721. As Washington celebrated, the U.S. budget deficit grew 15.7 percent in the first half of 2011
  722. Treasury reported a deficit of $829 billion for the October-March period of fiscal year 2011
  723. U.S. debt jumped $54 billion in the week preceding a deal to cut $38 billion from the 2011 budget
  724. There was no signing ceremony when Obama signed the $38 billion cuts into law
  725. Due to Democrat budgetary gimmicks, the actual cuts in spending amounted to just $353 million
  726. Budget deal: 2011 fiscal year budget deal left federal spending $773 billion above 2008 levels
  727. CBO: Spending bill produces less than 1% of claimed savings by end of the 2011 fiscal year
  728. Maxine Waters (D-CA) called for another $1 trillion or more in federal “stimulus” (2011)
  729. Senate Democrats voted in favor of raising the debt ceiling by $500 billion in September 2011
  730. Bill Clinton described President Obama’s approach to the deficit as “a little confusing”
  731. Economic Development Administration (EDA) was created to “increase society’s wealth”
  732. EDA was set up as part of the Great Society agenda under President Lyndon Johnson (D)
  733. EDA adds to the deficit, picks winners and losers, and purports to create jobs in the economy
  734. Taxpayers are on the hook for a monument being built to honor Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) (2011)
  735. Freshman Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KA) introduced the EDA Elimination Act of 2011 in the House
  736. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) also proposed legislation in the Senate that would eliminate the EDA
  737. Obama looked for ways to spend more money “without additional Congressional authorization”
  738. President Obama’s 2013 budget proposal increases the national debt by another $2 trillion
  739. Obama’s deficit spending equates to $17,000 per person, or about $70,000 for a family of four
  740. Obama’s Budget Director Jeffrey Zients claimed that Obama’s budget was a “balanced budget”
  741. U.S. per capita government debt is worse than Greece, Ireland, Italy, France, Portugal, and Spain
  742. Federal government ran the worst monthly deficit ($229 billion) in history in February 2012
  743. U.S. borrowed 42 cents of every dollar it spent during the first five months of 2012 fiscal year
  744. U.S. recorded its record 42nd straight month of running deficits (ending March 2012)
  745. The previous longest streak of our government running deficits was just 11 months
  746. Obama’s 2012 budget proposal was voted down 414-0 in the U.S. House of Representatives
  747. Obama’s 2013 budget proposal was voted down unanimously (0-99) in the Senate (May 16, 2012)
  748. Under Obama’s budget, interest payments on the debt will exceed defense budget in 2019
  749. More than $5 trillion later, David Axelrod warned that it is the GOP ‘bankrupting our country’
  750. President Obama claimed he was cleaning up after “wild debts” caused by Republicans (2012)
  751. Comparing federal spending as a percentage of GDP, Obama has outspent the last five presidents
  752. Federal spending under President Obama is currently at 24% of GDP (as of June 2012)
  753. Federal spending in 2012 is higher than any year since 1949, following World War II
  754. Federal debt has increased more in last 15 months than first 97 Congresses combined (June 2012)
  755. Federal Reserve’s holdings of U.S. debt soared by over 452% under President Obama
  756. Federal Reserve owned $302 billion in U.S. Treasury securities on January 28, 2009
  757. Federal Reserve owned $1.668 trillion in U.S. Treasury securities on April 25, 2012
  758. At the end up January 2009, China owned $739.6 billion and Japan owned $634.8 billion
  759. By the end of March 2012, China owned $1.1699 trillion and Japan owned $1.083 trillion
  760. Federal Reserve, China, and Japan increased their holdings by $2.2445 trillion under Obama
  761. Forbes magazine described President Obama as ‘the biggest government spender in world history’
  762. Obama claimed that it was Bush and Republicans who “baked” the deficits “into the cake” (2012)
  763. For fiscal year 2009, President Bush had proposed a budget with just a 3% spending increase
  764. The budget approved and implemented by Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), then-Senator Obama (D-IL), and the rest of the Congressional Democrat majorities provided for a 17.9% increase in spending for the fiscal year 2009, which ran from October 1, 2008 until September 30, 2009
  765. In 2008, the Democrat-led Congress, confident that Obama was going to win in 2008, passed only three of fiscal 2009’s twelve appropriations bills, those related to veterans and national defense
  766. Democrat majorities in Congress passed the rest of them in 2009 once Obama became president
  767. Obama signed the bills and played a very direct role in the runaway fiscal 2009 spending explosion
  768. Obama then worked with Pelosi’s Democratic Congress to pass an additional $410 billion supplemental spending bill for fiscal year 2009, which had been rejected by President Bush in 2008
  769. Obama and Democrats then passed a $40 billion expansion in the SCHIP entitlement program
  770. Obama and Democrats then passed Obamacare, the biggest single spending bill in world history
  771. Budget deficits for President Obama’s four years were reported in Obama’s own 2013 budget as $1.413 trillion for 2009, $1.293 trillion for 2010, $1.3 trillion for 2011, and $1.327 trillion for 2012
  772. Federal debt held by the public will double during Obama’s four years as president
  773. By 2013, Obama will have increased the national debt by as much as all prior presidents combined
  774. Obama complained that the Republicans left him a check for a steak dinner (June 2012)
    “It’s like somebody goes to a restaurant, orders a big steak dinner, a martini and all that stuff, then just as you’re sitting down they leave and accuse you of running up the tab.” ~President Obama blaming Bush for the trillion dollar deficits engineered by Democrats (June 13, 2012)

  775. Obama literally stuck someone else with the tab after eating pork ribs at Kenny’s BBQ a day later
  776. Federal budget deficit in May 2012 was $125 billion, more than double the deficit in May 2011
    “I don’t know how they’ve been bamboozling folks into thinking that they are the responsible, fiscally-disciplined party. They run up these wild debts and then when we take over we have to clean it up. And then they point and say, ‘Look how irresponsible they are.’ Look at facts, look at the numbers. And now I want to finish the job.” ~President Obama speaking at a campaign fundraiser in Denver, Colorado (May 24, 2012)

  777. Obama couldn’t recall how much the national debt was when asked by David Letterman (2012)
  778. Former Biden aide Jeff Connaughton described both Obama and Biden as “financially illiterate”
  779. The United States federal budget deficit was $120 billion in just October 2012 alone
  780. Chinese yuan hit a new record high against the United States dollar (November 2012)
  781. Charlie Rangel (D-NY): ‘Spending cuts doesn’t necessarily mean you’re saving money’ (January 2013)
  782. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) argued that Washington’s spending problem only exists “on Fox News” (2013)

                   “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.”
                   ~George Washington

  783. Obama pledged repeatedly that he would focus “like a laser beam” on job creation (after Obamacare)

  784. President-elect Obama unveiled a vague plan that will create or “save” 2.5 million jobs (2008)
  785. Obama’s “stimulus” plan promised to create or “save” 3.5 million jobs by the end of 2010
  786. Obama then claimed that the stimulus package would create 4 million jobs by the end of 2010
  787. Obama in 2009: If economy isn’t fixed in three years there will be a “one-term proposition”
  788. Senior economic advisers to Obama turned down a supersized fiscal stimulus because they doubted its practicality and feared spooking the bond markets, according to a December 2008 internal memo
    “Every month we do not have an economic recovery package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs.” ~Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) falsely claiming while arguing for passage of the $821 billion “stimulus” package (2009)

  789. Obama passed the $821 billion “stimulus” pledging that unemployment would stay below 8%
  790. Unemployment remained above 8% for the 43 consecutive months (ending August 2012)
  791. In the previous 60 years, the unemployment rate topped 8% in a total of 39 months
  792. More than 2 million net jobs have been lost since Obama signed the so-called “stimulus” bill
  793. We are roughly 6 million jobs off from the stated Obama goal for job growth during campaign
  794. Over 14 million are unemployed, up from 6.3 million when Democrats took over Congress
  795. Obama invented a non-provable economic metric of “jobs saved” to justify the failing “stimuli”
  796. White House press secretary Jay Carney claimed that the stimulus “goals have been met” (2011)
  797. Number of people with jobs is still nearly 5 million below the pre-recession peak
  798. National Employment Law Project study found that 58% of the jobs recovered are low-wage jobs
  799. CBO downgraded its estimate of the benefits of Obama’s 2009 “stimulus” package (2011)
  800. CBO said that the Recovery Act temporarily sustained as few as 700,000 jobs at its peak in 2010
  801. Government “stimulus” spending “crowds out” private investment and reduces overall output
  802. CBO said that over the long run the “stimulus” will actually be a net drag on the economy (2011)
  803. Committee on Ways & Means officially declared Democrats’ 2009 stimulus a “huge failure”
  804. Obama joked about the ‘stimulus’ failure: “Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected”
  805. Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) said “we have nothing to show” for the $821 billion “stimulus”
  806. DNC Chairwoman: “Republicans who think the Recovery Act didn’t work are simply wrong”
  807. Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats dropped the word “stimulus” from their vocabulary (2011)
  808. Stimulus website showed jobs “saved” or “created” in zip codes and districts that did not exist
  809. Whistleblowers revealed how they were fired and rehired in order to appear to “create” jobs
  810. “Stimulus” created 450,000 government jobs at the cost of over 1 million private-sector jobs
  811. Stimulus bailouts for the state governments were mostly directed to regions that vote Democrat
  812. Obama described government jobs as the most important jobs that can be created in a society
  813. Federal government bureaucrats intentionally inflated stimulus’ projected-job-creation estimates
  814. President Obama tried to sell his new jobs plan with yet a new metric, jobs “supported” (2011)
  815. Obama administration also created the metric “added or preserved” to justify GM union bailouts
  816. Washington D.C. took $885 million in “stimulus,” but still can’t say how many jobs were created
  817. Democrats pursued healthcare and financial reforms first over jobs and the economy
  818. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said health reform would create 400,000 jobs “almost immediately” (2010)
  819. Nancy Pelosi insisted “it’s about jobs,” saying that passing Obamacare “will create 4 million jobs”
  820. The $821 billion stimulus and new multitrillion-dollar Obamacare entitlements hurt job growth
  821. CBO Director claimed Obamacare will cost 800,000 jobs if fully implemented
  822. Due to Obamacare, a Las Vegas business owner fired 22 employees after Obama was re-elected
  823. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) insisted that giving unemployment checks is the fastest way to create jobs
  824. Obama urged Congress to extend unemployment benefits to “create jobs right now” (August 2011)
  825. W.H. Press Secretary said that unemployment benefits could create up to 1 million jobs (2011)
  826. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) told ABC that he had “nothing to do with these unemployment figures”
  827. Pelosi: Extending the unemployment benefits would add “600,000 jobs to our economy” (2011)
  828. Nancy Pelosi claimed that Bush left Democrats an economy in the “depths of hell” (2012)
  829. Obama administration pushed for more extensions to unemployment benefits past 99 weeks
  830. Leslie Macko lost her job a month after being found guilty of prescription drug fraud
  831. Obama then used Leslie Macko as a prop and an example of the need to extend jobless benefits
  832. Roughly 93% of Obama’s original administration had never held or created a private sector job
  833. Many corporations represented on Obama’s jobs council are increasingly shifting jobs overseas
  834. Policies increase unemployment and drive down wages by flooding the U.S. with foreign workers
  835. Obama’s anti-energy policies are having a cascading destructive effect on jobs across the country
  836. Obama proposed major tax increases for those who create wealth and jobs in the U.S. (April 2011)
  837. Obama sat on trade-agreements that would have generated much-needed jobs in America
  838. Obama signed into law the Democrat’s Small Business Jobs Bill on September 16, 2010
  839. House Democrats pledged that the $30 billion bank handout could create 500,000 new jobs
  840. One year later, there was no evidence that a single job had been created from the program
  841. White House Transcript: “…we’ve created over 2.1 million private sector jobs. (Laughter)”
  842. Timothy Geithner: Obama administration believes that taxes on small business must increase so that the administration does not have to “shrink the overall size of government programs”
  843. Renee Ellmers (R-NC): 64% of jobs created in the United States are from small business
  844. More than two years ago: ‘Obama puts renewed focus on job creation…’ (December 2009)
  845. More than 4 million jobs were lost in 2009, more than any other year since World War II
  846. ‘Obama to focus hard on economy’ again after a major Senatorial election defeat in Massachusetts
  847. Following 2010 election “shellacking,” Obama pledged an economic focus during the next 2 years
  848. Obama said the economy will be his “singular focus” during the remaining two years of his term
  849. Day 729 as president: Obama orders a government-wide review of regulations that hurt job growth
  850. Obama administration added new job-killing regulations during the debt-ceiling debate (July 2011)
  851. Obama dismissed a farmer concerned about regulations: “Don’t always believe what you hear”
  852. Business community predicted there would be a “tsunami of regulations” if Obama won reelection
  853. Obama administration withheld the more controversial environmental and healthcare regulations before the 2012 elections, but still posted 68 new regulations a day for 3 straight months prior to the elections
  854. Obama administration issued $236.7 billion in new rules and regulations in 2012
  855. Obama has issued more than $518 billion in regulations since he took office (January 2013)
  856. American businesses must waste 87 million man-hours to fill out the new regulatory paperwork
  857. In 2011, Obama released a plan claiming he would cut regulations and reduce the burden on businesses
  858. Cass Sunstein: Obama’s plan would “eliminate unjustified regulatory costs and to reduce burdens”
  859. Sunstein said that Obama had done more to cut government tape than any president in recent history
  860. Obama delayed multiple domestic energy projects that would have created thousands of jobs
  861. Democrat(s) criticized Obama for “4,200 pages” of new pending job-killing regulations (2011)
  862. Study showed that new regulations under Obama are costing consumers, businesses, and the economy an additional $46 billion annually during the first 3 years of his presidency (2012)
  863. Obama administration actually tried to eliminate private-sector jobs via rules and regulations
  864. Obama’s NLRB tried to charge a company to create jobs by blocking a Boeing plant in S.C.
  865. G3 unemployment was 4.5% back in February 2007 when progressives took control of Congress
  866. Democrat orchestrated banking & housing recession wiped out more than 8 million jobs
  867. G3 unemployment rate increased to over 10% under the weight of a democratic job-killing agenda
  868. G6 underemployment rate (includes those who can’t get full-time work) increased to over 20%
  869. By comparison, G6 underemployment was 8.1% in February 2007 and 15.0% in February 2009
  870. Number of Americans jobless for at least six months hit a record 6.1 million people in 2010
  871. More than 8.5 million part-time workers seek full-time work that is not available (2011)
  872. In January 2011, more than 8.6 million Americans were collecting unemployment benefits
  873. The average time needed to find a job rose to a record 40.4 weeks in July of 2011
  874. Gallup’s unemployment polling showed U6 underemployment at 19.0% for December 2010
  875. U.S. population has grown 30 million since 2000, but total U.S. jobs are lower now than in 2000
  876. There are more idle men and women today than at any time since the Great Depression (2011)
  877. Nearly seven people in the labor pool compete for each and every job opening (June 2011)
  878. One fifth of all men of prime working age are not getting up and going to work (2011)
  879. Number of Americans jobless for at least six months increased to over 6.2 million people in 2011
  880. Percentage of people currently working in the United States is at the lowest level since 1983
  881. Paychecks from private businesses shrank to smallest share of personal income in U.S. history
  882. Obama administration is reducing the number of jobs that exist to lower the unemployment rate
  883. If today’s workforce size was the same as in 2009, the U3 unemployment would be 11.4% (9/11)
  884. More than 40% of the unemployed have been out of work for more than six months
  885. Obama’s extended 99-week unemployment benefits plan caused lingering joblessness
  886. Millions of Americans have been dropped out of the labor force skewing government estimates
  887. The employment-population ratio is at the lowest level in decades (as of September 2011)
  888. Just 58% of work-age Americans have jobs (as of August 2011), the lowest level since July 1983
  889. Labor Department estimated that jobs were created in newly formed companies that may not exist
  890. BLS data assumes that hundreds of thousands of jobs are being created using historical models
  891. There have been no net increase in full-time jobs under Obama, contrary to all previous recessions
  892. Economy lost 8.8 million jobs from when employment peaked (January 2008) until it hit bottom (February 2010), of which only 4 million jobs have been recovered (as of September 2012)
  893. Never since WWII has the economy been so slow to recover all the jobs lost in a downturn
  894. President Obama added 11,327 pages of regulations in three years
  895. Labor Department lowered the unemployment rate to 7.8% once month before the 2012 election
  896. CNBC described the new employment numbers as “contradictory” (October 2012)
  897. According to the household survey 873,000 people claimed to have found work in September 2012
  898. The number of unemployed people dropped by 456,000 when only 114,000 jobs were created
  899. Roughly 324,000 people dropped out off the unemployment rolls, lowering the rate below 8%
  900. BLS reported a large 7.5% increase in part-time jobs, adding 600,000 jobs to the total (October 2012)
  901. Obama administration’s revisions showed that employers added 146,000 jobs per month from July through September, up from the 67,000 reported in the previous three months
  902. Obama’s cooked numbers resulted in the biggest one-time drop in the unemployment rate in 29 years
  903. Interestingly, the U6 underemployment and unemployment number remained fixed at 14.7%
  904. Hilda Solis falsely claimed that 86,000 more private sector jobs were created, when in fact private sector revisions were down 5,000 and public-sector employment rose 91,000
  905. At least two economists at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) contributed to Obama’s campaign
  906. Harley Frazis contributed at least $2,000 to Obama and $9,000 to the Democratic National Convention
  907. Stephen Phillips, an economist at BLS since June 2009, also contributed money to President Obama
  908. Intel CEO Paul Otellini, a member of Obama’s Jobs Council, endorsed Romney for president (2012)
  909. In 2010, Otellini was critical of Obama’s failure to generate more robust job growth and of the stimulus
    “Now, my administration has a job to do, as well, and that job is to get this economy back on its feet. That’s my job. And it’s a job I gladly accept. I love these folks who helped get us in this mess and then suddenly say, ‘Well, this is Obama’s economy.’ That’s fine. Give it to me. My job is to solve problems, not to stand on the sidelines and carp and gripe.” ~President Obama on July 14, 2009
    Then after his policies failed and the Democrats lost the House of Representatives, President Obama looked to share the blame...
    “Both parties share power in Washington and both parties need to take responsibility for improving this economy. It’s not a Democratic responsibility or a Republican responsibility. It is our collective responsibilities as Americans.” ~President Obama on August 5, 2011

  910. Obama created the White House Office of Manufacturing Policy to keep jobs in the U.S. (2011)
  911. Obama chose John Bryson and Gene Sperling to head the new Manufacturing Policy office
  912. John Bryson is a globalist activist and co-chairman of the globalist organization PCIP
  913. Economic advisor Gene Sperling blamed Bush an unemployment rate of 9.1% in September 2011
  914. Sperling touted 11 million jobs that were supposedly “saved” due to Obama’s spending policies
  915. Official government unemployment numbers are being massaged to lower the unemployment rate
  916. BLS lowered the unemployment rate by saying that more people “drop out” of the labor pool
  917. The difference between the reported and implied unemployment rate is the largest since 1980
  918. A record 1.2 million people “dropped out” of the labor force in just one month (January 2012)
  919. Number of people not in the labor force rose to a record 87.897 million (March 2012)
  920. Another 522,000 people reportedly “dropped out” of the labor force in April 2012
  921. Number of people not in the labor force rose to a new record 88.419 million (April 2012)
  922. Labor force participation rate (64.3%) under President Obama fell to its lowest level since 1981
  923. BLS data shows that 29.7 million people are not working or are underemployed (April 2012)
  924. Unemployment rate was lowered again from 8.3% to 8.1%, despite only creating 96,000 jobs, by saying that 581,000 more workers dropped out of the labor force (August 2012)
  925. President Obama told members of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness that his administration has made “substantial progress” in embracing ideas on how to solidify the economic recovery (2012)
  926. Obama said extending jobless benefits will create more jobs than the Keystone XL pipeline (2012)
  927. Obama told a woman that her husband shouldn’t be unemployed since he was an engineer (2012)
  928. Obama found it “interesting” that her husband couldn’t find a job and asked to see his resume
  929. CBO estimated that Obama’s “stimulus” may have cost as much as $4.1 million a job (2012)
  930. Obama administration spent $10 billion to create just 355 renewable energy jobs per year
  931. Obama’s latest jobs program was to help illegals compete with Americans for scarce jobs (2012)
  932. Obama granted young illegal immigrants the right to work, resulting in fewer jobs for U.S. citizens
    “How can the administration justify allowing illegal immigrants to work in the U.S. when millions of Americans are unemployed? President Obama and his administration once again have put partisan politics and illegal immigrants ahead of the rule of law and the American people.” ~Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (June 15, 2012)

  933. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) told a panel made up of progressive researchers and politicians that he didn’t know a “single small business” that would be effected by tax rates (2012)
  934. President Obama called 80,000 new jobs (one-third of them temporary) compared to 85,000 more people signing up for federal disability insurance in June 2012 as a “step in the right direction”
  935. In May 2004, the economy added 310,000 jobs and the unemployment rate was 5.6%, Obama used the Democrats’ radio address to attack the Bush administration for citing good economic numbers
  936. Obama’s economic adviser, Austan Goolsbee, said he was “okay” with 8.2% unemployment
  937. ABC News reported that Obama’s tax increases that would affect 900,000 small businesses (2012)
  938. Harry Reid compared America’s job creators to Paris Hilton, claiming they “do nothing” (2012)
  939. Reid sidelined Obama’s proposal to raise taxes for those making over $250,000 (July 2012)
  940. President Obama’s Jobs Council didn’t meet publicly in more than 6 months in 2012
  941. Obama spent 412 hours in economic meetings, compared to 600 hours on the golf course (2012)
  942. Survey found that 55% of small-business owners would not start a company today under Obama
  943. Obamacare requires employers to provide health insurance to anyone working over 30 hours a week
  944. Obama’s Small Business Administration chief, Karen Mills, told MSNBC that she had not heard of one case of Obamacare hurting small business (2012)
  945. Wendy’s franchisee owner blamed Obamacare for having to cut employee’s hours (January 2013)
  946. Many colleges and universities began slashing teachers’ work hours to evade Obamacare (2013)
  947. Windber Medical Center in Pennsylvania stopped delivering babies due to Obamacare (2013)
  948. Obama’s 26-member Jobs Council went an entire year without meeting (January 17, 2012-2013)
  949. Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness only met four times since it was created in early 2011
  950. Jay Carney claimed that President Obama was simply too busy to meet his Jobs Council
  951. Jobs Council is the successor to the Economic Recovery Advisory Board, which was used during the first two years of Obama’s first term
  952. Obama disbanded his Jobs Council with more than 12 million Americans still out of work (January 2013)
  953. President Obama again said he would “focus” on “job creation” during his second term (February 2013)

  954. President Obama: “all taxes for those making less than $250,000 would not go up one dime”
    “Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase – not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes.” ~Obama speaking at a town-hall meeting (September 2008)

  955. Passed an increase in cigarette taxes despite Obama campaign pledge against raising taxes
  956. Obama passed a discriminatory 10% tanning tax, despite campaign pledges against raising taxes, that also “fundamentally changes the relationship between the federal government and the citizen”
  957. Obama pledged to eliminate income taxation for seniors making less than $50,000 per year
    “[I] will eliminate all income taxation of seniors making less than $50,000 per year. This will eliminate taxes for 7 million seniors – saving them an average of $1,400 a year – and will also mean that 27 million seniors will not need to file an income tax return at all.” ~Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign fact sheet

  958. Democrats masked Obamacare’s true cost and deceived America into believing it wasn’t a tax
  959. Obamacare’s cost estimates collected taxes for 10 years, but only providing benefits for 6 years
  960. Obamacare includes over twenty new or higher taxes which started on January 1, 2011
  961. Obamacare, also dubbed “Obamatax,” is one of the largest tax increases in American history
  962. Seven of the tax hikes hit all citizens and families making less than $250,000 per year
  963. Thirteen other taxes apply to businesses and to high income (over $250,000 per year) households
  964. Beginning in 2014, the Employer Mandate Tax will impose an annual non-deductible tax on employers with more than 50 employees who do not provide health insurance for their employees
  965. Employers will elect to pay the penalty and drop insurance for an estimated 20 million Americans
  966. Employers will lay off employees, or not hire additional employees, because of Obamacare
  967. Tax increases on businesses are passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices
  968. Individual Mandate Excise Tax for anyone not buying “qualifying” health insurance in 2014
  969. By 2016, individuals will see a base tax of $695 and for families a base tax of $2,085 per year
  970. Couples will have to either pay a base tax of $1,360 per year, or 2.5% of adjusted gross income
  971. Exemptions were granted for religious objectors, illegal aliens, prisoners, native Americans, and the poor
  972. Job-killing employer mandate tax and fines for employers that do not offer health coverage
  973. Higher tax rates on savers and investors through higher capital gains tax and dividend tax
  974. In 2011, the “Medicine Cabinet Tax” began prohibiting reimbursement of expenses for over-the-counter medicine (with the lone exception of insulin) from an employee’s pre-tax dollar funded Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
  975. Health Savings Account (HSA) non-medical early withdrawal tax doubles to 20% in 2013
  976. The “Special Needs Kids Tax” caps FSA spending at $2,500 affecting special needs education
  977. New 2.3% excise tax on medical device manufacturers starting in 2013 (passed on to consumers)
  978. Threshold for medical itemized tax deductions raised from 7.5% to 10% of adjusted gross income
  979. Surtax on Investment Income for households earning $250,000 or more will raise the Capital Gains Tax from 15% to 23.8% on investment income and raises Taxes on Dividends from 15% to 43.4%
  980. Tax rate on Other Investment Income earned by Subchapter S Corporation rises from 35% to 43.4%, placing additional pressure on small businesses resulting in more layoffs and less hiring
  981. Elimination of the tax deduction for employer-provided retirement Rx drug coverage in 2013
  982. Blue Cross/Blue Shield tax hike if 85% of premium revenues aren’t spent on clinical services
  983. Excise tax on charitable hospitals that fail to meet new rules set by Health & Human Services
  984. New tax on innovator drug companies based relative to the share of sales made that year
  985. Tax on health insurers relative to health insurance premiums collected that year starting in 2014
  986. $500,000 annual executive compensation limit for health insurance executives starting in 2013
  987. Employer reporting of insurance on W-2’s as a preamble to taxing individual health benefits
  988. Codification of the “economic substance doctrine” allows IRS to disallow legal tax deductions
  989. Tax hike of $23.6 billion on “black liquor,” a type of bio-fuel, to help offset the cost of Obamacare
  990. Increase in Medicare payroll tax (not including the 2010 GOP tax-rate deal cutting it for one year)
  991. By 2018, the new Excise Tax on Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans will impose a 40% excise tax on the employer-paid premium for those taxpayers with plans deemed to be “Cadillac” plans
  992. The “Cadillac” Health Insurance Plan Tax was delayed to benefit most unionized workers
  993. Obama and Progressive Democrats are using the tax system to redistribute wealth as they see fit
  994. Democrats continued robbing future generations to avoid large tax increases while in control
  995. If they are unable to create or raise taxes, they will continue passing the bill onto our children
  996. “Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes”
  997. Democrats proposed a new European-style value added tax (VAT) on top of the state sales tax
  998. Democrats also proposed monthly cell phone and Internet taxes to bailout the failing newspapers
  999. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recommended taxing drivers based on vehicle mileage
  1000. Obama administration floated a bill to study and implement a tax on drivers based on miles driven
  1001. Obama responded to a question about high gas prices: “I remember what it was like to pump gas”
  1002. Obama when asked about rising fuel prices: “You might want to think about a trade-in”
  1003. The average American household spent 9 percent of their total income on gas in April 2011
  1004. New regulations forced utilities to pass on hundreds of millions of dollars to their consumers
  1005. Democrats introduced a transaction tax for financial firms modeled on Europe’s latest tax (2011)
  1006. Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) said during an interview, “I bet nobody would even feel it”
  1007. During lame-duck tax debate, Obama compared GOP to hostage-takers willing to harm Americans
  1008. Obama’s compromise to continue Bush-era tax rates has the death tax raising from 0% up to 30%
  1009. 2011 House Committee on Ways & Means claimed Obama’s 2012 budget hiked taxes $1.9 trillion
  1010. Obama increases taxes via higher top brackets, tax hikes in Obamacare, and fewer tax deductions
  1011. Obama’s plan would trigger automatic tax increases when Washington D.C. politicians overspend
  1012. As of 2008, the top 1 percent of taxpayers in the U.S. paid 38 percent of all income taxes
  1013. Millionaire Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) said that “we got to eliminate the rich” (2011)
  1014. Democrats yearn to raise taxes “on the rich,” but didn’t do it when they controlled everything
  1015. Study found that nearly half (49.5%) of Americans households did not pay income taxes in 2009
  1016. Forty-five percent of all U.S. households paid no federal income tax for 2010
  1017. Gallup: Forty-three percent of Americans say that the tax level ‘about right’ (April 2011)
  1018. Obama said in August 2009 that raising taxes in a recession was “the last thing you want to do…”
  1019. Obama refers to tax increases as cutting “spending in the tax code” and also as “revenue”
  1020. In April 2011, Obama again described his tax proposals as “spending reductions in the tax code”
  1021. Obama demanded more than $1 trillion in tax increases as part of a deal to raise the debt-ceiling
  1022. Obama lectured others on raising the debt ceiling: “Pull off the band-aid” and “eat our peas”
  1023. Obama warned that a credit downgrade would be a tax increase while threatening default
    “The last thing you want to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession because that would just suck up – take more demand out of the economy and put business further in a hole.” ~President Obama speaking in Elkhart, Indiana (August 2009)
    “By putting more money in people’s pockets, and helping companies grow, we’re going to see people being able to spend a little more, we’re going to spur hiring – we’re going to strengthen our entire economy.”
    ~President Obama’s Weekly Address on December 11, 2010
    “I am absolutely convinced that this tax cut plan, while not perfect, will help grow our economy and create jobs in the private sector… I urge members of Congress to pass these tax cuts as swiftly as possible. Getting that done is an essential ingredient in spurring economic growth over the short run.”
    ~President Obama’s remarks on extending the Bush tax-cuts on December 15, 2010
    “By a wide bipartisan margin, both houses of Congress have now passed a package of tax relief that will protect the middle class, that will grow our economy and will create jobs for the American people.”
    ~President Obama’s remarks on December 17, 2010

  1024. President Obama called for a year-long extension on the payroll tax cut, but then only signed onto a two-month extension while using the tax cut as a political weapon against the GOP House (2011)
  1025. After raising income taxes by 67%, Illinois was still $8.5 billion in debt and following the largest tax hike in state history, Illinois added more unemployment than any other state in 2011
  1026. Obama’s budget director claimed that the Obamacare mandate was not a tax (2012)
  1027. Volume of expatriation since Obama took office increased by over 700% compared to 2008
  1028. Democrats proposed a new tax for those who relinquish their citizenship and leave the U.S.
  1029. Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin renounced his U.S. citizenship just before the IPO (2012)
  1030. Denise Rich renounced her U.S. citizenship to avoid paying significant taxes on her estate
  1031. Denise Rich has made more than $1.3 million in political contributions to Democrats since 1993
  1032. Denise Rich is the wife of Marc Rich, who was pardoned by President Bill Clinton in 2001
  1033. Denise Rich gave $70,000 to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign and $450,000 to the Bill Clinton presidential library in Arkansas
  1034. Obama’s 2013 budget proposed raising federal taxes by nearly $2 trillion over the next 10 years
  1035. U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare’s individual mandate was constitutional only as a “tax”
  1036. As a result, 21 overall tax increases in Obamacare will cost $675 billion over the next 10 years
  1037. Seven of the tax hikes will affect middle-class families earning less than $250,000 per year
  1038. Obama tried to redefine “middle-class” as not being about money, but a state of mind
  1039. Joe Biden thinks that he is middle-class, despite making over $300,000 each year
  1040. Democrats threatened to go over the “fiscal cliff” if the GOP fails to raise taxes (July 2012)
  1041. FCC wants to tax broadband Internet services, a cost that would be passed on to consumers (2012)
  1042. Senate candidate Tim Kaine (D-VA) said he’s open to having a “minimum tax level for everyone”
  1043. Romney described the decline in household income under Obama as the “economy tax” (2012)
  1044. After being re-elected, David Axelrod said that Obama has a mandate to raise taxes (November 2012)
  1045. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) claimed that Obama has a clear mandate to raise taxes (November 2012)
  1046. Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA): We need “revenue” “fairly distributed” so “wealthy pay their fair share”
  1047. “Fiscal cliff” budget deal passed by the Senate raised taxes on 77.1% of households by allowing for an expiration of the payroll tax cut, resulting in an average increase of $1,635 per year (January 2013)
  1048. Under the “Fiscal cliff” deal passed by Congress and signed by Obama, the tax burden increased more for someone making $30,000 a year (1.7%) than for someone earning $500,000 a year (1.3%)
  1049. President Obama said there is “no doubt” that the government needs new “revenue” (i.e. taxes) (2013)

  1050. Democrats continued and expanded upon the same policies “inherited” from George W. Bush

  1051. Obama engaged in an unfunded and unlawful war in Libya without the approval of Congress
  1052. Renewed Patriot Act and use of warrantless wiretaps by the National Security Agency (NSA)
  1053. Obama administration wants to pass new legislation extending wiretapping to the Internet
  1054. Guantanamo remains open past the one year self-imposed deadline and lofty campaign promises
    “As president, I will close Guantanamo, reject the Military Commissions Act, and adhere to the Geneva Conventions.” ~Candidate Barack Obama in 2007

  1055. Obama continues the indefinite detention of those individuals perceived as threats to America
  1056. Obama failed to restore habeas corpus rights to alleged terrorists as promised during the campaign
  1057. Obama in June of 2008: “we are less safe because of the way George Bush has handled this issue”
    “The detention facilities at Guantanamo for individuals covered by this order shall be closed as soon as practicable, and no later than one year from the date of this order.” ~Obama’s presidential executive order on January 22, 2009

  1058. Obama proceeded with the Guantanamo Bay military commission against a USS Cole bomber
  1059. National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 included the use of indefinite military detention
  1060. White House lawyers who drafted the secret Awlaki kill memo were critics of Bush’s war powers
  1061. Obama expanded rendition to include assassination of U.S. citizens abroad if they pose a threat
  1062. Out of control runaway government spending and a continuation of wasteful earmark spending
  1063. Obama continued Bush’s expansionary fiscal policies in an attempt to deliver even faster growth
  1064. Obama and Democrats extended all of the Bush tax rates despite campaign promises otherwise
  1065. President Obama hires lobbyists and those with serious conflicts of interest into his administration
  1066. Obama campaigned against lobbyists in 2008 pledging, “They will not work in my White House”
  1067. Obama rephrased it to, “We’ve excluded lobbyists from policymaking jobs,” after hiring lobbyists
  1068. President Obama broke his promise to voters that “lobbyists won’t find a job in my White House”
  1069. Obama signed an executive order on his first day codifying this pledge, but allowed for “waivers”
  1070. Obama used the waivers in order for former lobbyists to serve in the administration
  1071. Obama administration hired former lobbyists without a waiver and without disclosing it publicly
  1072. Washington Examiner reported in 2010 that more than 40 ex-lobbyists worked for Obama
  1073. Many of these ex-lobbyists included a number of senior White House officials
  1074. President Obama’s 2008 Transition Team included more than a dozen registered lobbyists
  1075. Obama’s inaugural sponsors for his re-election spent $160 million lobbying the government
    “We don’t take a dime from D.C. lobbyists or special-interest PACs – never have and never will.” ~President Obama’s e-mail fundraiser (December 28, 2011)

  1076. Ron Klein (D) was a registered lobbyist and bundled more than $200,000 in donations for Obama
  1077. Klein denied being a lobbyist and said his registration was an accident caused by a “clerical error”
  1078. Klein became a registered federal lobbyist after losing to Allen West (R-FL) in the 2010 elections
  1079. Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign embraced third-party anonymous donor Super PACs
  1080. President Obama had previously described super PACs as “a threat to our democracy”
  1081. Democrats criticized George W. Bush for breaking all records for presidential fundraising
  1082. President Obama shattered the record for fundraising appearances for his own re-election
  1083. Americans remain at risk as borders remain open to terrorists, criminals, and illegal trespassers
  1084. Obama ditched the “operational control” yardstick that was developed under the Bush administration
  1085. That yardstick showed that just a fraction of the U.S.-Mexico border was effectively sealed
  1086. Obama administration went more than 3 years without a measure of border enforcement effectiveness
  1087. Border Patrol is only intercepting about 61% of would-be illegal immigrants along the border (2013)
  1088. GAO report estimated that 208,813 illegal immigrants escaped capture along the border in 2012
  1089. Obama engaged in unfunded wars and expanded overseas military operations in the Middle East
  1090. Timeline set by George W. Bush and his generals to leave Iraq by the end of 2011 was preserved
  1091. Obama’s Defense Secretary told troops in Iraq: “The reason you guys are here is because of 9/11”
  1092. Obama escalated the Afghanistan War having previously been against a smaller surge in Iraq
  1093. Civilian casualties have increased due to the high number of predator drone attacks in Pakistan
  1094. Obama approved and expanded the use of armed predator drone aircraft in the Libyan War
  1095. United States launched predator drone attacks in Yemen in 2011, the first in nearly 10 years
  1096. Obama approved the use of drone military aircraft to conduct lethal attacks in Somalia in 2011
  1097. Obama expanded the use of predator drones to attack targets in both Afghanistan and Iraq
  1098. President Obama expanded United States military intervention into Africa
  1099. Obama characterized U.S. soldiers as “fighting on my behalf,” rather than for the country (2012)
  1100. Obama is protecting and extending executive privilege powers and exerting control over Congress
  1101. Obama abused war powers attacking Libya without imminent threat or approval from Congress
    “Some of you may know that recently I’ve been taking a series of executive actions that don’t require congressional approval…”
    ~President Obama (November 23, 2011)

  1102. Obama used “signing statements as a way of doing an end-run around Congress” to keep his czars
  1103. No-bid contracts worth $568 million were given to logistical company Halliburton-KBR Inc.
  1104. “No blood for oil” Democrats were against Bush, but cheered the death of Libya’s Qadhafi
  1105. Obama awarded a $433 million no-bid contract for a questionable drug to a top donor (2011)
  1106. Other no-bid contracts were awarded, including to Jeff Nussbaum for teleprompter coaching
  1107. Unable to convince regimes in Iran or North Korea to give up their pursuit for nuclear bombs
  1108. Unable to make progress relating to Middle-east peace between Israel and the Palestinians
  1109. Obama handed out lab coats to fake doctors for an Obamacare Rose Garden press conference
  1110. Obama includes his political advisors during Situation Room strategy meetings
  1111. Obama uses recess appointments to bypass the Senate when unable to get nominee confirmed
  1112. Obama attended almost four times more fundraisers during his first year than George W. Bush
  1113. President Obama vacations and plays golf more often in three years than Bush did in eight years
  1114. Obama used more “exemptions to block the release of information” than George W. Bush
  1115. There was a “50-percent jump” in exemptions in Obama’s first year compared to Bush’s last year
  1116. Obama has kept in place or expanded 14 ‘intelligence orders’ issued by George W. Bush
  1117. These ‘intelligence orders’ provide the legal basis for the CIA’s worldwide covert operations
  1118. CIA created, controls and pays for a clandestine 3,000-man paramilitary army of local Afghans
  1119. Obama preserved Bush’s decisions to use military commissions to try Guantanamo detainees
  1120. Continued the hunt for Osama culminating in the May 2, 2011 raid on his hideout in Pakistan
  1121. To get bin Laden, Obama used Bush’s policies that he opposed as a candidate and as president
  1122. Obama expanded Bush’s policy of bypassing the media to “filter and speak directly to the people”
  1123. A record number of civilians were killed in Afghanistan in 2010, up 15 percent from 2009
  1124. More U.S. soldiers were killed in Obama’s first term than in George W. Bush’s two terms
  1125. A rogue Stryker “kill team” was caught posing for Abu Ghraib-style photos of murdered civilians
  1126. American soldiers under Obama’s command desecrated the dead bodies of three Afghans (2011)
  1127. Democrats recruited for a Texas Senate seat a 3-star general that resigned because of Abu Ghraib
  1128. U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan were caught posing with the bodies of Taliban suicide bombers
  1129. Obama keeps raising the debt ceiling despite ripping Bush as a failed leader for doing the same
  1130. Obama called Bush “unpatriotic” for spending less than half of what Obama has as president
  1131. Obama literally dined and dashed a day after accusing George W. Bush of a fiscal dine and dash
  1132. Obama, speaking of Bush, said that “people don’t have a lot of confidence in the president” (2008)
  1133. Obama administration spent lavishly on portraits for Cabinet secretaries and top appointees (2012)
  1134. Ralph Nader described Obama as a “war criminal” and worse than Bush (September 2012)
  1135. Nader said that Obama’s foreign policy is “more aggressive, more illegal worldwide”
  1136. Obama’s “fiscal cliff” deal confirmed 82% of the tax cuts passed under Bush (January 2013)

  1137. Democrats ignore public sentiment in favor of pushing a Progressive/Marxist/Socialist/Statist agenda

  1138. “Social justice” takeover of the mortgage industry through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  1139. Fannie & Freddie own or guarantee half of all U.S. mortgages (31 million homes worth $5 trillion)
  1140. Unending taxpayer bailouts were given to Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac without any reforms
  1141. 111th Congress did not reform Fannie & Freddie when Democrats controlled both chambers
  1142. Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac’s rescue and bailouts have already cost taxpayers over $170 billion
  1143. The estimated future cost to fix Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac ranges up to $1 trillion
  1144. CEOs of bailed-out Fannie & Freddie were given millions in executive compensation (2009-2011)
  1145. Federal government has backed nearly 90% of all new mortgages over the past year (2011)
  1146. Democrats pursued healthcare taxes and financial controls first over jobs and the economy
  1147. Designed a plan to takeover the health care industry and place it under government control
  1148. V.P. Joe Biden said “we’re going to control the insurance companies” during an ABC interview
  1149. Settled for a partial takeover of the health insurance industry under the unpopular Obamacare law
  1150. Attempted establishing a medical bureaucratic board, or “death panel(s),” in the “stimulus” bill
  1151. Obamacare legislation included a socialist government takeover of the student loan industry
  1152. Bailout to subprime loaners and borrowers through a $75 billion foreclosure prevention program
  1153. Socialist government takeover of portions of the banking and financial services industries
  1154. Obama pushed another bank bailout bill under the guise of another “small business jobs bill”
  1155. Bailout and socialist takeover of the wholesale credit union system by federal regulators in 2010
  1156. Socialist takeover of large portions of America’s automobile manufacturing and banking industry
  1157. Three taxpayer bailouts made Detroit’s Ally Bank (GMAC) one of five largest wards of state
  1158. Government holds a 74% stake in Ally Bank, with taxpayer losses projected at $17.2 billion
  1159. When government subsidizes something producers react by raising prices to soak up the subsidy
  1160. Cash for Clunkers was a bailout for foreign auto companies by removing U.S. cars from the road
  1161. Subsidy program for the construction industry (Cash for Caulkers) was filled with lobbying deals
  1162. Government-inflated college loan bubble expanded to over $1 trillion in student loan debt
  1163. Student loan debt now exceeds Americans’ total credit card indebtedness (2011)
  1164. Like the real-estate bubble, a higher education bubble is being fed by cheap government money
  1165. Since 1999, student loan debt has increased by over 511%, yet disposable income is up only 73%
  1166. Obama faced a bipartisan revolt over a proposed plan to crackdown on for-profit colleges
  1167. For-profit colleges educate a high number of minority and low income people in the U.S.
  1168. Multiple bailouts were given to unions that help protect bad teachers and waste taxpayer dollars
  1169. Socialist government expansion into the agricultural industry under the guise of a food safety bill
  1170. Obama administration pushing food marketing restrictions to control human food consumption
  1171. Democrats designed plans to take control of all energy in the U.S. through a Cap & Trade system
  1172. Cap & Trade taxes were proposed to increase control over energy and manufacturing industries
  1173. Cap & Trade ultimately expands control of human activity since we emit CO2 as we breathe
  1174. Maxine Waters (D-CA) revealed views that she wants to socialize the energy industries
  1175. Advisor Robert Reich and other supporters suggested having government take control of BP
  1176. Federal government has been buying up substantial amounts of resource-rich lands out West
  1177. Takeover of the Internet began as the Obama FCC approved the first ever regulations on access
  1178. FCC repeatedly gives failing grades to private internet providers to justify government intrusion
  1179. In 1988, fewer than 100,000 people used the Internet prior to entering the free market
  1180. Shortly after it was privatized in 1995, the number of users jumped up to 16 million users
  1181. By 2011, more than 2 billion use the Internet, with another 500,000 users joining every day
  1182. “Net neutrality” group Save the Internet wants to give government control of the Internet
  1183. Save the Internet advocates includes the ACLU, MoveOn.Org, SEIU, CREDO, and ACORN
  1184. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is seeking authority to regulate Internet content
  1185. Democrats offered a bill that would grant Homeland Security emergency cyber powers
  1186. Democrat’s plan would give Homeland Security far-reaching “oversight” over the Internet
  1187. Federal government seized the airways of all cable, broadcast, radio, and television for the first time in the history of America in order to perform a test to see if it could be done (November 2011)
  1188. Obama’s new executive order seeks ‘control’ over communications during a ‘crisis’ (July 2012)
  1189. DHS emergency powers were extended to include control of private telecom systems (2012)
    “Over the long term, Obama’s plans are designed to ensnare the country in a new socialism, a stealth socialism that masquerades as a traditional sense of fair play, a soft but pernicious socialism similar to that currently strangling the economies of Europe.” ~Stanley Kurtz, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center

  1190. Bailouts for failing socialist countries including Greece ($157 billion) and Ireland ($122 billion)
  1191. U.S. taxpayers are also on the hook for a $116 billion bailout to Portugal through the IMF
  1192. IMF reportedly drafted an $800 billion bailout plan for Italy, Spain and the euro currency (2011)
  1193. Washington-based IMF asked for another $500 billion to protect the Eurozone (2012)
  1194. GOP Congressman: Obama wants us to “hold hands and jump off the cliff” with Europe (2011)
    “This man represents the Treasury department. He’s brought hundreds of millions of dollars.” ~Joe Biden in Athens, Greece (December 5, 2011)

  1195. Democrats want to pass the Smith-Leahy Patent Reform Act of 2011 that was defeated in 1997
  1196. Patent Reform Act would destroy the U.S. patent system and America’s engine of prosperity
  1197. Gov. Deval Patrick (D-Mass.) commenting on Beck’s rally: “It’s a free country. I wish it weren’t”
  1198. Jim McDermott (D-WA) said he was tired of reading the Constitution, and “silly things” like that
  1199. New York Times wrote that the U.S. Constitution “loses appeal with people around the world” because it is “terse and old” and doesn’t protect “entitlement to food, education and health care” (2012)
  1200. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg advised others not to use our Constitution as a model
    “I would not look to the United States Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012…” ~Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who instead recommended the South African Constitution, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the European Convention on Human Rights

  1201. NYT article quoted Obama saying, “it would be so much easier to be the President of China”
  1202. Communist China’s debt situation is three times worse than that of the United States
  1203. China’s national income per capita is $4,260, compared to $47,140 per capita in the U.S. (2011)
  1204. China’s taxes on Chinese businesses are 70% of earnings, while individual rates are 81.6%
  1205. China’s official interest rate of 6.2% is fabricated compared to actual real inflation of 16%
  1206. Similarly, the United States 3% inflation rate is well below the actual annual inflation of 10-13%
  1207. China’s GDP growth of 9% is fabricated by building excess infrastructure, including ghost cities
    “We all agree that there must be limits to the state’s power to control our behavior even if it’s for our own good. Not many Americans would feel comfortable with the government monitoring what we eat, no matter how many deaths and how much of our medical spending may be due to rising rates of obesity.” ~Barack Obama wrote on page 36 of Audacity of Hope (2006)

  1208. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a ban on sugary drinks over 16 ounces
  1209. Bloomberg’s argument defense was, ‘We’re simply forcing the consumer to understand’
  1210. First Lady Michelle Obama applauded Bloomberg’s New York City soda ban (June 2012)
  1211. Food police rejected the homemade lunch of a preschooler and gave her ‘cafeteria nuggets’ instead
  1212. Michelle Obama scolded Olympic hero Gabby Douglas for eating an Egg McMuffin (2012)
  1213. Michelle Obama said that being fat is ‘absolutely’ the greatest threat to our national security (2012)
  1214. Plan B became Plan A in the Bloomberg administration’s stealth war on teen pregnancy (2013)
  1215. New York City schools handed out 12,721 ‘morning-after pills’ from 2011-2012
  1216. New York City schools handed out 10,720 ‘morning-after pills’ from 2010-2011
  1217. New York City schools handed out 5,039 ‘morning-after pills’ from 2009-2010
    “I’m in shock. What gives the mayor the right to decide, without adequate notice, to give our children drugs that will impact their bodies and their psyches? He has purposely kept the public and parents in the dark with his agenda.” ~Mona Davids, president of the NYC Parents Union (February 2013)

  1218. Most of Mayor Bloomberg’s school-based health centers are located in poor neighborhoods
  1219. School-based clinics also dispensed prescriptions for birth-control pills, intrauterine devices (IUDs), hormone-delivering injections, the Patch, and NuvaRing (93,569 monthly cycles thru June 2012)
    “This was population control on blacks and Latinos without our knowledge.”
    ~Mona Davids, president of the NYC Parents Union (February 2013)

  1220. Pete Stark (D-CA) said that “the federal government can do most anything in this country” (2010)
    “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” ~Samuel Adams

  1221. Allen West (R-FL) claimed that there were ‘80 Communists in the House of Representatives’
    “When you go back and you read the documents, the Declaration of Independence, the full declaration, the full Constitution, you’ll understand limited government, you’ll understand fiscal responsibility, you’ll understand individual sovereignty, free markets… strong national defense.

    But there are people on the other side, and you can call them whatever you wish, you can call it Communism, Progressivism, Socialism, Marxism, or Statism… They believe in creating and expanding an entitlement of welfare state.”

    ~Allen West (R-FL) (July 2012)

  1222. Obama tries to socialize private-sector risk and profit in order to justify his wealth redistribution
  1223. Obama wants to go “forward towards a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared”
  1224. Obama bragged about the “success” of the auto bailouts and wants to repeat it “in every industry”
  1225. Taxpayer losses on the auto bailout were revised upward to $25 billion (August 2012)
  1226. Treasury Department expects to lose more than $25 billion of the $85 billion bailout
  1227. Obama misleadingly claimed that the government got back “every dime” of bailouts
  1228. CBO report found that taxpayers have lost between $24 billion and $63 billion on the bailouts
  1229. Obama slipped by saying that he wants to make sure “everybody’s getting a fair share” (2012)
  1230. Maxine Waters: Obama won in a landslide and it’s time for the rich to “ante up” (November 2012)
  1231. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said that the 2016 presidential candidate on the Democratic side will have a “very powerful” database that has “information about everything on every individual”
    “The President has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life. That’s going to be very, very powerful. That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it’s never been done before and whoever runs for President on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that. They’re going to go down with that database and the concerns of those people because they can’t get around it. And he’s been very smart. It’s very powerful what he’s leaving in place.” ~Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) speaking to Roland Martin (February 2013)

  1232. Obama claimed: “My policies got us out of this mess” and “the worst is behind us…” (2010)

  1233. Obama defended his record saying, “Take a tally. Look at what I promised during the campaign…”
    “Take a tally. Look at what I promised during the campaign. There’s not a single thing that I’ve said that I would do that I have not either done or tried to do. And if I haven’t gotten it done yet, I’m still trying to do it.” ~President Obama firing back at those who accused him of selling out by breaking so many of his campaign promises (2010)

  1234. Obama and Democrats had full control of Congress with a supermajority for nearly two years
  1235. Obama arrogantly told Eric Cantor (R) that “elections have consequences… and Eric, I won”
  1236. Obama reminded Congress that he “won” and that he wasn’t interested in typical GOP ideas
  1237. Democrat leaders in the 111th Congress consistently refused to grant floor time for GOP ideas
  1238. Obama and Democrats passed multi-thousand page bills without reading what was in them
  1239. Democrats squandered the stimulus money by giving it to political allies and special interests
  1240. Unemployment, home foreclosures, and bankruptcies have increased since the “stimulus” passed
  1241. Obama: Most people “would acknowledge that I’ve tried real hard” to be bipartisan (July 2012)
  1242. National debt has ballooned to over $16.2 trillion, up more than 40% since January 2009
  1243. IMF admitted in 2010 that America faces one of the biggest budget crunches in the world
  1244. Obama claimed that he and his administration “didn’t understand at that point how bad it was going to get” when defending his pledge to cut the annual federal budget deficit in half (2012)
  1245. As of February 2012, the White House website still touted Obama’s pledge to halve the deficit
  1246. 2010: Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said America’s financial future is “unusually uncertain”
    “Two years after the worst recession most of us have ever known, the stock market has come roaring back. Corporate profits are up. The economy is growing again.” ~President Obama’s State of the Union address on January 25, 2011

  1247. World Bank: It’s ‘far from clear that leaders are ready for the impending catastrophe’ (2012)
  1248. Foreign holdings of U.S. debt hit a new record high of $5.16 trillion in April 2012
  1249. For every $1 added to the economy, President Obama has added more than $3 to the debt (2012)
  1250. U.S. federal government borrowed 46 cents of every dollar it spent (December 2012)
  1251. Joe Biden: “We’re moving in the right direction” and predicted a “recovery summer” in 2010
  1252. Biden declared: “We’re going to be creating between 250,000 and 500,000 jobs a month…”
  1253. Economic growth slumped during what Joe Biden promised would be a “recovery summer”
  1254. United States trade deficit in June 2011 was the highest since 2008 due to declining exports
  1255. Investors lost faith in the stock market in 2011 and removed billions of dollars from equity funds
  1256. IMF predicted in April 2011 that the Chinese economy will surpass America’s economy in 2016
  1257. By March 2012, the U.S. trade deficit widened to the biggest gap since October 2008
  1258. Consumer confidence (54.9) fell to its lowest level in three decades since Jimmy Carter (D)
  1259. Bad economic times were expected by 75% of all consumers in early August 2011
  1260. Bad economic expectations hit an all-time peak of 82% in 1980 during the Carter administration
  1261. United States economy grew by only 1.7% in 2011, slower than the 3.0% growth rate in 2010
  1262. United States fell to fifth place on the list of the world’s most competitive economies (2011)
  1263. World Economic Forum cited our huge deficits and declining public faith in government
  1264. U.S. slipped further down the ranks of global competitiveness from 5th to 7th (September 2012)
  1265. America’s global competitiveness ranking has declined for four straight years under Obama
  1266. U.S. was ranked in first place in 2008 and fell to fourth in 2010 under President Obama’s watch
  1267. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke described a bleak outlook for the U.S. economy (2011)
  1268. New orders for U.S. factory goods posted their biggest decline in three years in March 2012
  1269. Poll showed that people trusted Bill Clinton on the economy over Obama by 2 to 1 margin (2012)
  1270. Bill Clinton admitted, “it’s true” that President Obama has not fixed the economy (October 2012)
  1271. Survey found that 40% of Americans have $500 or less in savings (October 2012)
  1272. In 2012, average GDP growth was less than half of what Obama predicted for the first three quarters of 2012, and less than a third of what was projected when he took office (October 2012)
  1273. Dow Jones suffered its second biggest one-day drop following a presidential election (2012)
  1274. Annual Wall Street survey found that all of the top-5 best run states had Republican governors and Republican-controlled legislatures, while Democrats dominated the worst-run states (2012)
  1275. U.S. consumer confidence fell sharply in January 2013, erasing all the gains made through 2012
  1276. United States economy contracted in the fourth quarter of 2012 as GDP fell by 0.1%
  1277. Joe Biden had boasted that “stimulus” spending would add half-million jobs a month
  1278. Since 2007, the Democrat-controlled Congress oversaw the destruction of over 8.0 million jobs
  1279. The 2009 “Romer-Bernstein Report” claimed that with ‘stimulus’ U3 would be 7% by end of 2010
  1280. W.H. Council of Economic Advisors estimated that the ‘stimulus’ cost taxpayers $278,000 per job
  1281. Claim “stimulus” added or saved almost 2.4 million jobs at a cost of $666 billion (as of July 2011)
  1282. BLS showed an unemployment rate of 7.3 percent when Obama’s “stimulus” was being debated
  1283. Annual World Bank study: U.S. does not rank in the top ten for new start-up businesses (2011)
  1284. “New Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone” due to economic uncertainty
  1285. CEOs in the Business Roundtable described President Obama as “anti-business”
  1286. Layoffs in September 2011 were at the highest level in two years
  1287. CBO: U.S. enduring the longest period of high unemployment since the Great Depression (2012)
  1288. Gallup polling showed unemployment in the United States rising to 9% in February 2012
  1289. Over 5 million people have been jobless for 27 weeks or more, nearly twice the high set in 1983
  1290. A record number of young people are unemployed and unable to obtain work after college
  1291. Applications for unemployment benefits have topped 400,000 each week for nearly all of 2011
  1292. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz denied that unemployment has gone up under President Obama (2011)
  1293. During the first three months of 2012, about 3.9 million have been out of work for a year or more
  1294. President Obama said at a press conference that “the private sector is doing fine” (June 8, 2012)
  1295. Obama argued that the ‘weaknesses in our economy’ are due to cuts in state and local governments
  1296. Obama said we should give state and local government more money to hire public-sector workers
  1297. White House advisers told voters they shouldn’t “read too much into” the unemployment figures, using those exact words, at least 32 times over the last three years
  1298. Despite manipulation of the numbers, President Obama has the worst job record since World War II
  1299. Companies announced plans for major layoffs as Obamacare becomes reality (November 2012)
  1300. BLS: 73% of the jobs created from June to November prior to the election were government jobs
  1301. Long-term unemployment under Obama is at the highest level since at least World War II (2013)
  1302. Since 2008, Congress has voted to extend unemployment benefits 10 times costing over $500 billion
  1303. Number of Americans “not in the labor force” increased by 8,332,000 during Obama’s first term
  1304. Center for College Affordability and Productivity study found that nearly half of working Americans with college degrees are in jobs for which they’re overqualified (January 2013)
  1305. Labor Department data from 2010 shows that the number of college graduates in the workforce (41.7 million) in 2010 was larger than the number of jobs requiring a college degree (28.6 million)
  1306. Food prices rose 3.9 percent in February 2010, the steepest increase since November 1974
  1307. Obama’s inflationary economic policies caused food prices to skyrocket in 2011
  1308. After a big jump in food prices in June, world food prices rose another 10% in July 2012
  1309. The number of Americans relying on food stamps has increased rapidly under President Obama
  1310. A record 40.8 million Americans were using food stamps according to data from May 2010
  1311. Enrollment in the food stamp program jumped by 11.6% from February 2010 to February 2011
  1312. During the 1970s, just one out of every 50 Americans relied on food stamps
  1313. Food stamp spending has doubled (now up to $78 billion) since 2008, when it was $38 billion
  1314. Food stamp spending has more than quadrupled since 2001, when it was just $18 billion
  1315. By May 2011, a new record of 44.2 million Americans (1 in 7) relied on food stamps
  1316. Food stamp usage rose to a new record of 45.8 million participants (15%) as of May 2011
  1317. Food stamp participation has increased by more than 45% since President Obama took office
  1318. CBO said that 45 million people in 2011 received food stamps, a 70% increase from 2007
  1319. Using numbers from the Congressional Budget Office, most (57%) of the growth of food stamp participation is attributed to factors not directly associated with the 2008 recession
  1320. Food stamp usage again rose to a new-record 46.7 million Americans in June 2012
  1321. U.S. government spent a record $80.4 billion on food stamps during the fiscal year 2012
  1322. Poverty line is $22,314 pre-tax income for a family of four, not including non-cash benefits
  1323. Census Bureau found that the poverty rate has grown by 2.6% since Democrats took over in 2007
  1324. Nearly one in six Americans are living in poverty, the worst since statistics began being kept
  1325. Census Bureau reported that the U.S. poverty rate rose to 15.1%, the highest level since 1983
  1326. Number of Americans living in poverty line rose to a record 46.2 million Americans in 2010
  1327. Census Bureau: More than a fifth (22%) of American children lived in poverty in 2010
  1328. Labor Department’s cost of living (CPI) for Americans hit a record high in February 2011
  1329. Wholesale prices jumped 1.6 percent in February 2011, the most in nearly two years
  1330. Census shows that U.S. poverty (15.1%) is on track to rise to the highest level since the 1960s
  1331. The U.S. spent over $60,000 to support welfare program per each household in poverty (2011)
    “According to the Census’s American Community Survey, the number of households with incomes below the poverty line in 2011 was 16,807,795. If you divide total federal and state spending by the number of households with incomes below the poverty line, the average spending per household in poverty was $61,194 in 2011.” ~Senate Budget Committee, with calculations based on data from the Census, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Congressional Research Services

  1332. Poverty rate among Latinos in the United States climbed to 28% under Obama (November 2012)
  1333. If distributed directly, welfare spending could have paid every poor American $20,000 in 2011
  1334. Senate Budget Committee: Welfare spending will rise another 80% in the next decade (2013)
  1335. Spending on welfare from FY2013-FY2022 represents a total cost of $11 trillion paid by taxpayers
  1336. Currently, 95% of spending on means-tested poverty assistance falls into four categories: cash assistance, health assistance, housing assistance, and social and family services
  1337. U.S. workers earned an average of $40,790 as average hourly earnings fell by 1% in 2010
  1338. Census Bureau: Median household income was $49,445 in 2010, down 2.3 percent from 2009
  1339. United States incomes have fallen for the past three years down to 1996 household income levels
  1340. Income rose 3.7% in right-to-work Texas, compared to a 7.3% decline in forced-unionism Illinois
  1341. June 2009 to September 2012: Right-to-work states were responsible for 72% of job creation
  1342. CNBC rated Texas as America’s top state for doing business (based on 51 metrics) in 2012
  1343. The unemployment rate in the progressive stronghold of Illinois exceeds 10% (November 2011)
  1344. Obama had campaigned to stem the middle-class slide while blaming Bush for the problem
  1345. President Obama’s policies have exacerbated wage losses being suffered by the middle class
  1346. Biden admitted that the middle class has been “buried” during the four years under Obama (2012)
  1347. Candidate Obama cited census figures to show that medial income for working-age households dropped more than $2,000 after inflation during the first seven years of Bush’s time in office
  1348. Real median household incomes are down $4,300 since Obama took office in January 2009
  1349. Personal incomes fell during the recession, which officially ended in June of 2009, by 3.2%
  1350. During the recovery (since July 2009), personal incomes have fallen an additional 6.7% by 2012
  1351. Median net worth of families plunged by 39% after Democrats took over Congress (2007-2010)
  1352. Federal Reserve reported that median incomes fell nearly 8 percent, to $45,800, in 2010
  1353. The median value of stock-market-based retirement accounts declined 7%, to $44,000
  1354. Survey showed that 23% of small business owners have gone more than a year without pay (2012)
  1355. GfK Media found that millions of homes can no longer afford cable services under Obama (2012)
  1356. BLS: Average weekly wages dropped in 2011 for only the 5th time in the last 33 years
  1357. Weekly wages dropped by over 1.7% from $971 down to $955 during the fourth quarter of 2011
  1358. CBO: Incomes of the top 1% fell 18 times more than incomes for the middle class (2007-2009)
  1359. Median household income fell 4.8% (adjusted for inflation) since the recession ended in June 2009
  1360. American incomes dropped more during the Obama “recovery” than during the recession (2012)
  1361. Census Bureau: Median household income fell to $50,054 in 2011, the lowest level since 1995
  1362. Pay gap between federal employees and private-sector workers widened from 26% to 34% (2012)
  1363. American households hit a 43-year low in net worth (November 2012)
  1364. U.S. government spent an estimated $22 billion from 2008 to 2010 to prop up the housing market
  1365. Obama’s failed mortgage rescue efforts negatively impacted an already bad housing market
    “[My plan] will not help speculators who took risky bets on a rising market and bought homes not to live in but to sell.” ~President Obama (February 18, 2009)

  1366. President Obama and Democrats created the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)
  1367. Obama and the Democrats also created the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)
  1368. Fannie Mae used Obama’s HAMP loan modification program to bilk struggling homeowners
  1369. The expiration of the homebuyers’ tax credit led to a 30% fall in home sales in May 2010
  1370. Commerce Department reported that new home sales sank to the lowest pace on record (2010)
  1371. Mortgage insurers across the country are failing resulting in bigger losses to the U.S. taxpayers
  1372. Obama considering renting out government-owned foreclosed homes to boost home prices
  1373. Personal bankruptcies rose to 1.53 million in 2010, up 9% from 2009 levels
  1374. Banks repossessed over one million homes in 2010, and expected to jump another 20% in 2011
  1375. Banks hold 875,000 foreclosed homes as selloffs expected to further depress prices (May 2011)
  1376. U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke predicted high level of foreclosure starts in 2011
  1377. Ben Bernanke benefited from low interest rates to refinance his home mortgage (2011)
  1378. Existing-home sales plunged in February 2011 to the lowest level in nine years
  1379. Housing starts posted their biggest decline in 27 years in 2011, the biggest drop since 1984
  1380. Home values continue to decline, 1.8% during the first quarter of 2011, following the recession
  1381. Homeowners are abandoning their homes that are worth less than they owed on their mortgages
  1382. Percentage of homeowners in negative-equity positions increased to a new high of 28.4% (2011)
  1383. As of May 2011, home prices were falling at their fastest rate since the Lehman collapse in 2008
  1384. Nearly 75% of all homes lost value from the first quarter of 2010 to the first quarter of 2011
  1385. Foreclosure re-sales hit a new high, representing 23.7% of the market in May 2011
  1386. Sales of bank-owned foreclosed homes accounted for 28% of all first-quarter 2011 sales
  1387. 2 million homes are in the foreclosure process, and another 1.5 million seriously delinquent (2011)
  1388. New-home sales in 2011 were the worst on record dating back to 1963
  1389. Jobless claims and food prices surged in 2011 as home building was stuck near 50-year lows
  1390. Census Bureau numbers showed that the housing bust was the worst since the Great Depression
  1391. The homeownership rate fell to 65.1%, or 76 million occupied homes, the worst drop since 1940
  1392. Gap between white and black homeownership is at its widest level since 1960
  1393. Progressive democrats have wiped out more than 40 years of gains for black homeownership
  1394. Obama again pushed banks to offer sub-prime mortgages to disadvantaged neighborhoods
  1395. Some lenders are being cited for failing to operate in minority and low-income areas (2011)
  1396. Federal Housing Agency sued 17 banks over risky mortgages on behalf of Fannie & Freddie
  1397. Federal Housing Agency accused the banks of misrepresenting the quality of mortgage securities
  1398. Banks being sued include Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank
  1399. FHA ended September 2012 with a $16.3 billion in projected losses
  1400. FHA had been self-funded through mortgage insurance premiums since the Great Depression
  1401. FHA is overseen by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  1402. FHA does not lend money, but guarantees loans made by banks in exchange for insurance premiums
  1403. FHA’s role expanded following the subprime mortgage crash, now insuring $1.1 trillion in losses
  1404. President Obama’s failed mortgage rescue efforts caused home prices to fall even further
  1405. Shadow inventory: more than 6 million foreclosed homes have yet to reenter the market (2011)
  1406. Child homelessness in the U.S. is up 33% (1.6 million children) over the last three years (2011)
  1407. Housing & Urban Development (HUD) reported a 28% increase in homeless families (2007-2010)
  1408. Unemployed young adults are much more likely to live with mom and dad in the Obama economy
  1409. Justice Department announced a $25 billion foreclosure abuse settlement (February 2012)
  1410. Many of the states diverted their portion of the $25 billion to plugging budget gaps instead
  1411. Median value of Americans’ stake in their homes fell by 42%, to $55,000, under a Democrat-led Congress (2007-2010) as they manipulated the housing market in the name of ‘social justice’
  1412. Housing market hit a 15-year low despite record low 30-year mortgage rates of 3.7% (June 2012)
  1413. Obama administration declared that all Americans must have “healthy housing” (February 2013)
  1414. HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan said the federal government must do “everything we can to ensure that individuals and families have a healthy place to call home” (February 2013)
  1415. Obama administration failed to lead and define a sensible energy policy during an energy crisis
  1416. Obama’s push for biofuels is sending food prices soaring as Americans burn food to drive vehicles
  1417. Gas prices were $1.60 a gallon when Obama took office and had skyrocketed past $4.00 a gallon
  1418. Gas prices have gone up more under President Obama than under Jimmy Carter (2012)
  1419. Obama has downgraded the expectations of the United States public school system
  1420. Value of the U.S. dollar is approaching an all-time low measured against other national currencies
  1421. Dollar’s decline mostly attributed to our huge debt and the Federal Reserve’s easy-money policies
  1422. The value of the U.S. dollar hit a three-year low against other major currencies in May 2011
  1423. Two-year Treasury yield dropped to a record low in August 2011 after the debt ceiling was raised
  1424. In 2012, Fed chairman Ben Bernanke pledged to keep interest rates low through at least 2014
  1425. Bernanke also said he was considering additional asset purchases to boost growth and employment
  1426. Two Federal Reserve officials warned that the U.S. could be heading for a “fiscal cliff” (2012)
  1427. Charles Evans of the Chicago Fed called the cliff a “big uncertainty”
  1428. Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart warned of “financial shock” if our leadership doesn’t act
  1429. Dollar fell to a 14-month low against the euro as Federal Reserve devalued the dollar with QE3 (2013)
  1430. Federal Reserve used the 2008 housing crisis to eliminate the competition of the larger banks
  1431. Strategy helped maximize the profits of the big banks while easing the ability to regulate them
  1432. Small bank closures consolidated power into the hands of government-sponsored mega-banks
  1433. Government-sponsored mega-banks were those that caused the financial crisis in the first place
  1434. Largest banks in the U.S. are even larger now than they were when President Obama took office
  1435. Federal data shows banks nearing the profits they were making before the financial crisis of 2008
  1436. Only 3 banks were closed in 2007, while 25 banks failed in 2008 as the financial crisis accelerated
  1437. Another 140 banks were seized in 2009 costing the FDIC insurance fund and taxpayers $36 billion
  1438. The 157 bank closures in 2010 were the most since the Savings and Loan scandal of the 1990’s
  1439. The failures in 2010 cost the FDIC only around $21 billion since smaller banks were involved
  1440. Bank failures cost the FDIC fund approximately $76.8 billion from 2008 through 2010
  1441. The growing number of bank failures sapped billions of dollars out of the deposit insurance fund
  1442. Banks at risk of failing made up 12% of all federally insured banks, the highest in 18 years
  1443. Gallup Polling: Obama’s approval rating of 40% tied his record low in August 2011
  1444. Reuters/Ipsos: 73% believe the U.S. is on the wrong track, the highest since Obama took office
  1445. Just 17% of likely U.S. voters think that the country is headed in the right direction (2011)
  1446. Gallup Polling: Americans’ satisfaction with the way things are going fell to 11% in August 2011
  1447. Americans are struggling with rising inflation and high unemployment creating widespread misery
  1448. The ‘Misery Index’ under Obama is up 62% and is the highest in 28 years (as of June 2011)
  1449. Every policy tried under Obama has only benefited Obama’s friends – it is “The Chicago Way”
  1450. Obama votes ‘present’ on many major issues that may upset some of his leftist supporters
  1451. Black Chamber of Commerce CEO described the administration as “Marxist” and “fanatical”
  1452. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL): Every aspect of life in America is worse since Obama took over
  1453. Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ): ‘After three years of Obama, we are hopeless and changeless’ (2011)
  1454. Obama admitted that the American people are not better off than they were four years ago (2011)
  1455. DNC’s Debbie Wasserman-Schultz insisted that “anyone” can see that the economy is improving
  1456. Democrat-led recovery has been the worst since records began following the Great Depression
  1457. Employment growth, unemployment levels, bank lending, economic output, income growth, home prices, and household expectations for financial well-being are all below previous recovery statistics
  1458. “When I said ‘change we can believe in’ I didn’t say ‘change we can believe in TOMORROW’”
  1459. Obama blamed blizzards, floods, earthquakes, EU debt, and the Arab Spring for our problems
  1460. Obama: “There is nothing wrong with our country. There is something wrong with our politics”
  1461. President Obama said that America has “gotten a little soft” over the last two decades (2011)
  1462. President Obama claimed that Americans are “better off” under his economic policies (2011)
  1463. After 3 years, the United States’ role in the world is considerably weaker due to Obama’s policies
  1464. Obama: “We didn’t get into this mess overnight, and it’s going to take time to get out of it” (2011)
  1465. Obama: “I didn’t overpromise” and “I don’t control the weather” in regards to the economy (2011)
    “I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs for the jobless. This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal…”
    ~Candidate Barack H. Obama

  1466. Homeland Security began monitoring Twitter for signs of social unrest in America (2011)
  1467. Polling shows a majority of voters (56%) believe that Obama has changed the country for the worse, compared to just 35% who believe that the country has been changed for the better (2012)
  1468. “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno: “Even Obama is doing worse under President Obama” (2012)
  1469. Obama’s “encouraging more Americans to give up looking for work” to bring down unemployment
    “The Democrats are saying something like this: ‘We found a big hole that we did not dig. We didn’t get it filled in 21 months, but at least we quit digging. Give us two more years. If it doesn’t work, vote us out.’”
    ~Former President Bill Clinton (2010)

  1470. Gallup found that Obama’s job approval dropped to 43%, but he was reelected (September 2012)
  1471. In 2013, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said that “America is one big pothole right now”
    “America is one big pothole right now.”
    ~Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (February 2013)

  1472. Quinnipiac polling: Obama’s approval rating collapsed to 46% after his re-election (February 2013)

  1473. Democrats are expanding government entitlement programs to redistribute the wealth

  1474. Obama and Democrats are replacing our merit-based society with a welfare entitlement society
  1475. Obama argues that government should play an increasing role to ensure a society that is fairer
  1476. President Obama describes it as “shared responsibility” with ultimate “collective salvation”
  1477. Currently, 47% pay no income tax leaving half of society to pay all of the bills for the other half
  1478. The phrase “the American Dream” was originally coined by a progressive to push social justice
  1479. Obama said the Constitution he swore to uphold and protect is a “flawed” document (2001)
  1480. U.S. Supreme Court erred by not interpreting the Constitution to allow redistribution of wealth
  1481. Admitted to ‘Joe the Plumber’ off-prompter that the policy goals were redistribution of wealth
  1482. Public-sector unions are being used to launder taxpayer money to the Democrat Party
  1483. Obama reversed the welfare reforms of the 1990s as part of the so-called “stimulus” package
  1484. Max Baucus (D-MT) said Obama is engineering the biggest “redistribution of income” in history
  1485. Obama passed the home-buyer’s credit as one of many other tools to redistribute the wealth
  1486. Reverend Al Sharpton claims social justice is everyone having the same stuff in their homes
  1487. Medicare Czar Donald Berwick said the health care system must redistribute the wealth (2008)
  1488. Census was used to redistribute the wealth by more than doubling the cost to complete for 2010
  1489. Obama administration promoted taxpayer-funded entitlement programs to redistribute the wealth
  1490. Obama’s USDA gave Oregon a $5 million “performance bonus” for adding food stamps recipients
  1491. Oregon has seen a 60% increase in the number of food-stamp recipients (1 in 5) since 2008
  1492. Obama gave Oregon a two-year grant to improve their “client eligibility review process”
  1493. Co-chair of Obama’s debt panel said “social security is a ‘milk cow with 310 million t*ts!”
  1494. Federal government’s total revenue of $544.8 billion from Social Security taxes in 2010 was not enough to cover Social Security’s total benefit payments of $577.4 billion
  1495. Social Security board of trustees reported that there were 53.398 million beneficiaries in 2010
  1496. There were only 1.75 full-time private-sector workers for each Social Security recipient in 2010
  1497. Since 1984, all federal workers have been part of the system and pay Social Security taxes
  1498. Government workers pay their payroll taxes out of wages that the government pays them with tax dollars or with money that has been borrowed by government and taxpayers must eventually repay
  1499. Social Security board of trustees: there were 41.9 “covered workers” per beneficiary in 1945
  1500. “Covered workers” includes anyone who worked part-time for a month and paid taxes
  1501. Social Security board of trustees: there were 2.9 “covered workers” per beneficiary in 2010
  1502. Social Security ran a deficit of $49 billion in 2010 for the first time since 1983
  1503. Obama is calling for a pay increase for federal workers as part of his 2013 budget proposal (2012)
  1504. Democrats passed multi-thousand page bills, a kickback to the lawyers required to decipher them
  1505. USDA handed out more than $3 billion in discrimination settlements as wealth redistribution
  1506. USDA admitted guilt of discrimination, but no one at USDA has ever been identified or fired
    “When I was sworn in as secretary of Agriculture two years ago, President Obama and I made a commitment to mend the USDA’s troubled civil rights record. Since then, we have taken comprehensive action to turn the page on past discrimination. Last year we entered into a settlement with black farmers in Pigford II to address pending claims, and finalize a historic settlement agreement with Native American farmers under Keepseagle that faced discrimination by USDA.”
    ~Statement from Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack (2011)

  1507. Pigford v. Glickman was a 1990s black farmer lawsuit that charged racism from 1983 to 1997
  1508. Timothy Pigford sued along and 400 southern black farmers, which then grew to 94,000 claims
  1509. U.S. Census Bureau never counted more than 33,000 black farmers in America during that period
  1510. USDA settlement for the original Pigford lawsuit cost taxpayers roughly $1 billion
  1511. A second round of litigation, Pigford II, followed the first payout after some people were shut out
  1512. The Pigford II settlement was full of corruption and fraud and served as pseudo-reparations
  1513. Original Pigford claimant called it one of the ‘biggest conspiracies against the U.S. Treasury ever’
  1514. Sanford Bishop (D-GA) helped cover up Pigford fraud warning that “they’ll shut this thing down”
  1515. An attorney for Pigford publicly revealed the conspiracy to defraud the federal government (2011)
  1516. Plaintiffs and the USDA announced a settlement of $1.25 billion to resolve discrimination claims
  1517. President Obama signed the bill authorizing the payment of the settlement on December 9, 2010
    “Here’s an example: you had two farmers – one white, one black – go into a Farm Service Agency in state ‘X.’ The white farmer applied for an operating loan, had it processed rapidly, had it approved and had the resources available so he could put a crop in. The black farmer was either denied the operating loan without due diligence to determine if he could repay the loan or he was strung out for such a long time that he didn’t get the operating loan in a timely (manner). That compromised (the black farmer’s) capacity to put a crop in the ground and therefore made it more difficult to make payments and keep their farm operation. The result was either people got deeply in debt, or in some cases, they lost the farm.” ~Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack (D) during the press conference when asked for the “most egregious example” of racial bias at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

  1518. Obama refused to even address out-of-control entitlement spending in his 2012 budget proposal
  1519. Federal agencies are refinancing mortgages and then shifting the losses to the U.S. taxpayers
  1520. Frank: “It was a great mistake to push lower-income people into housing they couldn’t afford”
  1521. Barney Frank admitted in 2011 that, “I had been too sanguine about Fannie and Freddie”
  1522. Barney Frank in 2011: “I hope by next year we’ll have abolished Fannie and Freddie”
  1523. CBO estimates that the $170 billion bailout for Fannie & Freddie could rise to $400 billion
  1524. Tim Geithner, speaking about the future of housing finance, said that the system needs changed
  1525. “We will not support a return to the system where private gains are subsidized by taxpayer losses”
  1526. Fannie & Freddie borrowed $1.5 billion to pay the $1.8 billion dividend on the Treasury stock
  1527. Social welfare benefits increased by $514 billion during Obama’s first two years in office (‘09-‘10)
  1528. Government-provided benefits rose to a new record high during the first three months of 2010
  1529. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner admitted that, “we write 80 million checks a month…”
  1530. Government handouts now make up a record 35 percent of total wages and salaries in the U.S.
  1531. 64 million rely on the government for daily necessities such as food, housing, and health care
  1532. Social welfare benefits were 21 percent of wages and salaries in 2000, and 10 percent in 1960
  1533. In 2010, household entitlement spending surpassed the household tax revenue needed to support it
  1534. Liberal college students wouldn’t apply wealth redistribution theory to their own earned grades
  1535. Cash for clunkers, cash for caulkers, and cash for keys were all used to redistribute the wealth
  1536. Obama claimed America would not be a “great country” today without government entitlements
  1537. Sen. Coburn: Obama’s “intent is to create a dependency because it worked so well for him” (2011)
  1538. Power Shift 2011 was hosted by the Energy Action Coalition, with Van Jones as a leading partner
  1539. The Energy Action Coalition is a group of “50 youth-led environmental and social justice groups”
  1540. EPA's administrator hailed Obama’s environmental policies as “social justice wrapped in green”
  1541. Obama administration honored “green” schools that teach “environmental literacy” (2011)
  1542. GAO study showed that millions of taxpayer dollars were used to support the “Big Green” agenda
  1543. “Green” groups are given taxpayer money to file lawsuits directed at putting taxpayers out of work
  1544. GAO: Justice Department had spent $43 million to defend the EPA in court from 1998 to 2010
  1545. GAO study showed that 82 percent of court judgment claims were paid out to environment groups
  1546. The three primary beneficiaries from the period of 1998 to 2010 went to the Sierra Club, Earthjustice, and the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC)
  1547. Obama’s executive order created the White House Rural Council to redistribute wealth (2011)
  1548. Omaha schools spent $130,000 in “stimulus” money to buy 8,000 ‘social justice’ diversity manuals
  1549. Obama’s Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack described food stamps as an “economic stimulus”
  1550. Brad Sherman (D) admitted that the estate tax was designed for generational wealth redistribution
  1551. Government offered a $5,000 prize for the best YouTube video promoting federal benefits (2011)
  1552. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn) introduced legislation seeking federal funding for diapers
  1553. President Lyndon B. Johnson advocated for social justice by calling for a war on poverty
  1554. Cornel West called for a second war on poverty and more new entitlements for the poor (2011)
  1555. Cornel West said that the push for more entitlements “is going to be fought in the streets” (2011)
  1556. “Sesame Street” Muppet Lily touted entitlements saying, “I get a free breakfast and lunch…” (2011)
  1557. Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash engaged in an underage relationship with a 16-year-old-boy (2012)
  1558. Clash resigned from his role as Elmo after a second sex accuser filed a lawsuit (November 2012)
  1559. Dependence on the federal government shot up 23% in just two years under Obama (2012)
  1560. Heritage Foundation study found that 67 million now rely on some type of federal program (2012)
  1561. Under Obama, dependency on the federal government saw the biggest two-year jump since Carter
  1562. Dependency on the federal government shot up 8% in 2010, a year when the economy grew by 3%
  1563. Extending unemployment benefits keeps unemployment higher than it otherwise would have been
    “Government assistance programs contribute to long-term unemployment… by providing an incentive, and the means, not to work.” ~President Obama’s former economic adviser Larry Summers (1999 Concise Encyclopedia of Economics)

  1564. Spending on “dependence programs” accounts for more than 70% of the bloated federal budget
  1565. Federal program run by the FCC spent $1.6 billion on free cell phones for the poor in 2011
  1566. Obama administration forced insurance companies to provide free contraceptives (2012)
  1567. Direct payments from the federal government to individuals has grown steadily for decades under the welfare state, but has spiked up 32% (almost $600 billion) in just three years under President Obama
  1568. President Obama’s own budget calls for these payments to climb another $500 billion by 2016
  1569. By 2016, direct payments would then account for two-thirds of all federal spending
  1570. Obama boosted the benefit amount for food stamps as part of his so-called “stimulus” plan
  1571. Food stamp usage is 45% higher (up to a record 46 million) under President Obama (2012)
  1572. Obama administration offered $75,000 grants to those who come up with effective strategies to get more people enrolled on food stamps, including overcoming the stigma associated with such benefits
  1573. Number of people on Social Security disability was up 10% during Obama’s first two years
  1574. Mental illness and Social Security disability claims surged under President Obama (2012)
  1575. A record 5.4 million workers signed up for federal disability checks under President Obama (2012)
  1576. More than 10.8 million people are now collecting federal disability payments (2012)
  1577. More workers joined the federal government’s disability program than got new jobs (June 2012)
  1578. Since June 2009, 2.6 million people found jobs, but 3.1 million workers signed up for disability
  1579. Number of new disability enrollees has climbed 19% faster than the new jobs created
  1580. Number of people collecting federal disability exceeds the population of New York City (2012)
  1581. Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) warned that the nation is turning into “people sitting on a couch waiting for their next government check” (April 2012)
  1582. Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA) said that Obama will get votes because he’ll protect the government assistance programs, such as unemployment benefits and food stamps
  1583. Obama’s re-election campaign created a fictionalized woman named ‘Julia’ to illustrate how President Obama’s proposed policies would help female voters in a ‘government-centered society’
  1584. Karen Bass (D-CA) described food stamp expansion as “small business” investments (2012)
  1585. In Q1 of 2011, 49.1% of the U.S. population lives in a household receiving government benefits
  1586. The number of millionaire households in America dropped by 129,000 in 2012
  1587. Food stamp program spending grew from $35 billion in 2008 to $75 billion in 2011
  1588. Free government phones through Lifeline is costing taxpayers another $2.1 billion per year
  1589. Lifeline provides free taxpayer-funded cell phones and free monthly minutes to anyone on food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, Head Start, and several other government programs
  1590. Massive fraud and waste was discovered in the Lifeline phone program (November 2012)
  1591. FCC audit uncovered 400,000 instances of multiple phones distributed to individual people (2011)
    The food stamp program (SNAP), a U.S. government run program, announced it was pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of food stamps ever. Meanwhile, the National Park Service, also part of the U.S. government, asks us to “please do not feed the animals” because the animals may grow dependent and not learn to take care of themselves.

  1592. Under Obama, federal welfare spending has increased by 41% (more than $193 billion per year)
  1593. Federal welfare spending in fiscal year 2011 totaled $668 billion, spread out over 126 programs
  1594. Poverty remains at 15.1%, roughly where it was in 1965 when LBJ declared the War on Poverty
  1595. In 1966, the national poverty rate was 14.7%, according to Census Bureau figures
  1596. Income limits for welfare eligibility have risen twice as fast as inflation since 2007
  1597. Income limits for welfare eligibility have risen roughly 10% since President Obama took office
  1598. According to the administration’s own projections, federal welfare spending is unlikely to decline even after the economy recovers, evidence that not all the increase in spending is recession-related
  1599. Vast majority of current welfare programs are designed to make poverty more comfortable, rather than giving people the tools that will help them escape poverty
  1600. Obama administration puts out guides on how to encourage people to apply for food stamps
  1601. Obama administration suggests hosting parties as a way to hook seniors on food stamps (2012)
    “Throw a Great Party. Host social events where people mix and mingle. Make it fun by having activities, games, food, and entertainment, and provide information about SNAP. Putting SNAP information in a game format like BINGO, crossword puzzles, or even a “true/false” quiz is fun and helps get your message across in a memorable way.” ~Guide released jointly by the USDA and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

  1602. Massachusetts’ governor vetoed a bill banning the purchase of porn and tattoos with food stamps
  1603. The daughter of Senator Elizabeth Warren, Amelia Tyagi, is the chairwoman of the Board of Demos
  1604. Demos filed a lawsuit against Massachusetts because the Department of Transitional Assistance was not giving welfare recipients the opportunity to register to vote
  1605. Former Senator Scott Brown (R-MA), who was later defeated by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), argued that the mass mailing was actually a plan to push more democratic voters to the polls
  1606. Massachusetts could not locate roughly 19,000 missing welfare recipients in the state (January 2013)
  1607. USDA proposed Spanish-language soap operas to push food stamps, including to non-citizens
  1608. U.S. Department of Agriculture pushed for increased use of food stamps at farmer’s markets (2012)
  1609. Obama administration illegally waived the welfare program’s work-requirement reform (2012)
  1610. Roughly 117,000 Americans double-dipped by cashing unemployment and Social Security checks
  1611. Social Security and disability payments totaled a record $591.492 billion for fiscal year 2011
  1612. Social Security and disability payments surpassed $594.643 billion with a month left in FY 2012
  1613. A record 8,767,941 American workers collected federal disability payments in August 2012
  1614. A record 45,505,287 people in the U.S. received Social Security benefits in August 2012
  1615. Americans on disability hit a new record for the 192nd straight month (as of January 2013)
  1616. Americans collecting federal disability increased to a new record of 8,830,026 (January 2013)
  1617. In January 2013, there are only 13 Americans working full-time for each person collecting disability
  1618. In January 1997, there were about 24 Americans working full-time for each person on disability
  1619. In December 1968, there were about 51 Americans working full-time for each person on disability
  1620. Romney warned that Obama’s supporters have been made to be “dependent upon government”
  1621. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said that it was “shocking” that Romney would “go behind closed doors” to describe nearly half of the electorate in such terms
  1622. In 2008, candidate Obama criticized voters who, bitter over their economic circumstances, “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them” as a way to explain their frustrations
  1623. Tax Policy Center found that 46.4% of households paid no federal income tax in 2011
  1624. Gallup poll found that 67% of Democrats think the government should be doing even more (2012)
    “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples’ money.” ~Margaret Thatcher

  1625. Lifeline was established in 1984 to subsidize landline phone service for low income Americans
  1626. Lifeline was expanded to support cell phones, quickly escalating the cost of the program (2008)
  1627. In 2008, the “Obama phones” program cost $772 million, but by 2011 it cost $1.6 billion
  1628. Obama supporter openly bragged about having a free “Obama phone” on video (September 2012)

    [Reporter] “You got an Obama phone?”

    [Obamaphone Lady] “Yes! Everybody in Cleveland, low minorities, got Obama phone. Keep Obama in president, you know? He gave us a phone!”

    [Reporter] “He gave you a phone?”

    [Obamaphone Lady] “He gonna do more!”

    [Reporter] “How did he give you a phone?”

    [Obamaphone Lady] “You sign up. If you’re… If you on food stamps, you on Social Security, you got low income, you disability…”

    [Reporter] “Okay, what’s wrong with Romney again?”

    [Obamaphone Lady] “Romney, he sucks! Bad!”

  1629. In their first debate, Romney described Obama’s approach as “trickle-down government” (2012)
  1630. Welfare spending jumped 32% during Obama presidency over the last four years (October 2012)
  1631. Enrollment in food stamps, Medicaid, and disability far outpaced job growth over the last 4 years
  1632. A record 70.4 million Americans (1 out of every 5) are enrolled in Medicaid (November 2012)
  1633. There are nearly 80 means-tested federal welfare programs, according to the Census Bureau
  1634. Federal and state spending on these welfare programs topped $1.03 trillion for the first time in 2011
  1635. Census Bureau found that nearly 110 million people in the U.S. receive some form of means-tested welfare in 2011, which does not include Medicare and Social Security to which people contribute
  1636. Cory Booker said that the food stamp program is “not a government handout” (December 2012)
  1637. Charlie Daniels warned that the nanny state policies of Obama will result in “chaos and bloodshed”

  1638. Obamacare forced upon the United States to achieve socialist ‘crown jewel’ of expanded government powers

  1639. Obama: “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits, either now or in the future”
  1640. During a 2008 Clinton debate, Obama expressed his personal view against universal mandates
    “We’ve got a philosophical difference, which we’ve debated repeatedly, and that is that Senator Clinton believes the only way to achieve universal health care is to force everybody to purchase it.” ~Candidate Barack Obama speaking during the February 21, 2008 Democratic Party presidential debate
    “Hillary Clinton’s attacking, but what’s she not telling you about her health care plan? It forces everyone to buy insurance, even if you can’t afford it, and you pay a penalty if you don’t.” ~Candidate Obama’s April 2008 campaign ad attacking Hillary Clinton’s health care mandate
    “During the campaign I was opposed to this idea because my general attitude was the reason people don’t have health insurance is not because they don’t want it, it’s because they can’t afford it. And if you make it affordable, then they’ll come. I am now in favor of some sort of individual mandate as long as there’s a hardship exemption.” ~President Obama speaking to CBS in July 2009

  1641. Obama lied eight times in promises to televise the health care discussions openly on C-SPAN
    “These negotiations will be on C-SPAN, and so the public will be part of the conversation and will see the decisions that are being made.”
    ~Obama speaking on January 20, 2008 (and seven other times)

  1642. Obamacare was masked by populist rhetoric, pushed along, and partially crafted by extremists
  1643. Obamacare was dubbed as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)
  1644. President Obama and Democrats claimed that Obamacare would “bend the cost curve down”
  1645. Obama administration said that slowing healthcare spending was the “single most important thing” we could do to improve our nation’s finances
  1646. The $2.8 trillion U.S. healthcare system costs nearly $9,000 for every man, woman, and child (2012)
  1647. CMS report warned that national health care expenditures would increase due to Obamacare
  1648. Nancy Pelosi said “we have to pass the (Obamacare) bill so that you can find out what is in it”
  1649. Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) admitted to not having read the Obamacare bill he supposedly authored
  1650. Democrats falsely claim that $500 billion will be cut from Medicare to fund Obamacare
  1651. Kathleen Sebelius admitted to double counting the Medicare “savings” to pay for Obamacare
  1652. Sebelius and HHS reportedly awarded Quality Software Services, Inc. (QSSI) a “large contract to build a federal data services hub to help run the complex federal health insurance exchange”
  1653. Obamacare established the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO)
  1654. Quality Software Services, Inc. was awarded the contract while Steve Larsen was CCIIO’s director
  1655. Steve Larsen had been the insurance commissioner for Maryland and was close friends with Sebelius
  1656. Larsen left the CCIIO and took a position with Optum, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group
  1657. UnitedHealth Group then bought QSSI after they were awarded the valuable contract (2012)
  1658. UnitedHealth Group, through QSSI, could police the same field in which it would be a competitor
  1659. HHS was unwilling to void the contract due to delays in setting up the exchanges by 2014
  1660. HHS created a firewall designed to block UnitedHealth Group from gaining access to QSSI’s data
  1661. HHS told UnitedHealth Group not to alert the SEC of the purchase of QSSI, as UnitedHealth Group was legally required to do within 4 days of the transaction, until after the election
  1662. Obama administration illegally misused public funds to spread “Obamacare” propaganda
  1663. FOIA requests show that HHS launched a taxpayer-funded campaign to track Internet searches
  1664. HHS also used online search engines such as Google and Yahoo to drive traffic to a government website promoting Obama’s healthcare overhaul, specifically targeting the term “Obamacare”
  1665. Obama administration spent $1,435,009 (almost $300,000 per month) on online advertisements, including advertising campaigns with Google and Yahoo, from October 2010 through February 2011
  1666. Documents addressed the need to target Obamacare propaganda to Hispanics, blacks, and women
  1667. Democrats Bart Stupak (D-MI), Kathy Dahlkemper, and a handful of other Democrats held back on voting for final passage of Obamacare due to concerns with the Senate’s language regarding abortion
    “A review of the Senate language indicates a dramatic shift in federal policy that would allow the federal government to subsidize insurance policies with abortion coverage. Further, the segregation of funds to pay for abortion is another departure from current policy prohibiting federal subsidy of abortion coverage.”
    ~Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) (December 2009)

  1668. Six pro-life Democrats united in their opposition to the bill and its violation of the Hyde Amendment
  1669. Hyde Amendment prevented public funding of abortion and protected the conscience clause
  1670. President Obama signed an executive order (#15535) saying that Obamacare would not fund abortions
  1671. Executive order signed by Obama did nothing to prevent the subsidized health care exchanges from covering elective abortions
  1672. HHS later mandated for taxpayer-funded contraception, including abortion-inducing drugs
  1673. Bart Stupak (D-MI) said that the HHS mandate violated his Obamacare compromise (2012)
    “I am perplexed and disappointed that, having negotiated the Executive Order with the President, not only does the HHS mandate violate the Executive Order but it also violates statutory law.” ~Bart Stupak (D-MI) (September 2012)

  1674. Obama made special backroom deals with the drug industry to curry support for Obamacare
  1675. Top drug lobbyist Billy Tauzin cut a deal with Rahm Emanuel in the summer of 2009
  1676. Deal pledged PhRMA’s support if the W.H. promised to protect and subsidize drug companies
  1677. Memos show that drug makers, led by Pfizer, vowed to campaign in support of Obamacare
  1678. Obama praised Congress for “standing up to the special interests” after Obamacare passed
  1679. Emails suggest that the White House pushed business to Axelrod’s former firm to sell Obamacare
  1680. Axelrod’s former firm, AKPD Message and Media, still owes him money and employs his son
  1681. Axelrod started AKPD in 1985 and earned millions helping run Obama’s 2008 campaign
  1682. Axelrod moved to the White House in 2009 and had AKPD buy him out for $2 million
  1683. AKPD chose to pay Axelrod in annual installments, even as he worked in the West Wing
  1684. Healthy Economy Now (HEN) formed at an April 15, 2009 meeting arranged by then-White House aide Jim Messina and a chief of staff working for Senator Max Baucus (D-MT)
  1685. Jim Messina and Senator Max Baucus’ chief of staff met at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and invited representatives of business and labor, including SEIU
  1686. Nick Baldick started HEN, but it was the job of PhRMA and others to fund it
  1687. Baldick was a Democratic consultant who had worked on the Obama campaign and for the DSCC
  1688. David Axelrod’s old firm, AKPD, was hired to run the ads promoting Obamacare
  1689. Emails from HEN contributors referred to four men as the “White House” team running healthcare
  1690. “White House” team included John Del Cecato, Larry Grisolano, Andy Grossman, and Erik Smith
  1691. John Del Cecato and Larry Grisolano are both partners at AKPD Message and Media
  1692. Andy Grossman previously ran the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)
  1693. Erik Smith was previously a paid adviser to the Obama presidential campaign
  1694. PhRMA consultant Steve McMahon referred to these four men as the “WH-designated folks”
  1695. In emails, PhRMA consultant Steve McMahon explained to colleagues that these men “are very close to Axelrod” and that “they have been put in charge of the campaign to pass health reform”
  1696. White House visitor logs showed 28 appointments for Erik Smith between May and August 2009
  1697. Andy Grossman appeared in the White House visitor logs at least19 times
  1698. John Del Cecato and Larry Grisolano of AKPD visited at least twice in the spring and summer
  1699. PhRMA memo also makes clear that AKPD had been chosen before PhRMA joined HEN (2009)
  1700. Emails showed that even the contributors to HEN did not like the conflict of interest at the time
  1701. Nick Baldick advised media to “just say, AKPD is not working for PhRMA” (July 2009)
  1702. Axelrod, the White House, and a partner for AKPD refused to respond to requests for comment
  1703. Claimed Obamacare reform would cover everyone, increase quality, cut costs, and reduce deficits
  1704. Obamacare comes with a monstrous price tag of $940 billion required for implementation
  1705. CBO projected massive cost overruns on Obamacare after being “Rahmed” through Congress
  1706. Obamacare creates 68 grant programs, 47 bureaucratic entities, along with 29 pilot programs
  1707. Obamacare also creates 6 regulatory systems, 6 compliance standards, and 2 more entitlements
  1708. Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) created to end “unnecessary spending”
  1709. IPAB is comprised of 15 members all appointed by Obama without Congressional approval
  1710. IPAB decides if coverage is granted and how much will be paid (i.e. rationing and death panel)
  1711. Obamacare-funded health centers for ‘migrants’ won’t check immigration status
  1712. Democrats gave special deals to members of Congress in exchange for votes on Obamacare
  1713. Obamacare imposes huge regulatory costs on American businesses at the expense of jobs
  1714. Attempted to trample on Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution with the “Slaughter Solution”
  1715. Pushed through $2 trillion health insurance reform bill (with mandates) through reconciliation
    “We’ll go through the gate; if the gate’s closed, we’ll go over the fence; if the fence is too high, we’ll pole vault in; if that doesn’t work, we’ll parachute in…”
    ~Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on the passage of Obamacare legislation

  1716. Extremists admit aims were to achieve corporate socialist goals and increase government powers
  1717. John Dingell (D-MI) admitted that healthcare insurance reform is about control of the people
  1718. John Conyers (D-MI) described Obamacare as a “platform” for creating a single-payer system
    “I love these members, they get up and say, ‘Read the bill’… What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out when it means after you read the bill?”
    ~Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) in July 2009

  1719. Pelosi said they would have passed Obamacare even if everyone was happy with their coverage
  1720. Democrats manipulated the CBO to misrepresent legislation that increases the deficit and debt
  1721. Obama claimed AARP supported his specific healthcare plan despite AARP denying the claim
  1722. AARP, representing senior citizens, lobbied for $500 billion in cuts for Medicare in Obamacare
  1723. Congress later found that AARP will reap an extra billion in profit per decade for their support
  1724. Fifteen of the last sixteen people on AARP’s magazine cover were left-wing celebrity activists
  1725. Medicare doctor-fix legislation separated from bill to avoid the CBO impact on projected costs
  1726. Obamacare makes small businesses pay unknown costs of forced health insurance hurting jobs
  1727. Obamacare was passed through reconciliation despite widespread opposition from Americans
  1728. Majority of Americans support repealing Obamacare, a number that has increased since passage
  1729. CBO: Repealing Obamacare would save about $540 billion in costs and $770 billion in taxes
  1730. Phil Hare (D) responded “I don’t worry about the Constitution” when questioned by voters
  1731. Mandates for everyone to buy insurance from private companies or else face “penalties”
  1732. Democrats denied that they were creating a new tax with the health insurance mandate
  1733. Congress anticipated a constitutional challenge to Obamacare by including 10 detailed findings
  1734. All 10 findings dealt with the interstate Commerce Clause, none cite taxing power for authority
  1735. Obama “rejected the notion” that the Obamacare mandate fit the dictionary definition of a tax
  1736. In court, the Obama administration is defending the mandate under the power to “collect taxes”
  1737. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has begun rationing late-stage cancer drugs to save money
  1738. Changes in pre-existing conditions and lifetime maximums have caused insurance premiums to rise
  1739. Obamacare’s implementation violates equal protection under the law by selectively giving waivers
  1740. Obama’s HHS gave waivers to more than 1,800 select unions, companies, and organizations
  1741. Union members account for just 12% of all employees, yet received 50.3% of Obamacare waivers
  1742. HHS tightened their application rules in 2011 to allow a maximum waiver of two-and-a-half years
  1743. Waivers were granted to at least 1,200 unions, companies, and organizations under the new rules
  1744. Labor unions representing 543,812 workers received most of the waivers from Obamacare
  1745. Only private employers with a total of 69,813 employees were granted Obamacare waivers
  1746. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) defended the Obamacare waivers by restating, “They’re small companies”
  1747. Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is now the largest healthcare union in the U.S.
  1748. SEIU forced parents of special needs children to join and pay dues from their Medicare checks
  1749. Three of SEIU Local Unions received Obamacare waivers, including Obama’s hometown Local
  1750. Nearly 20% of Obamacare waivers went to restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels in Pelosi’s district
  1751. The entire state of Nevada, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s state, was given a special waiver
  1752. Maine was granted a unique waiver from an Obamacare provision regulating insurance premiums
  1753. HHS promised transparency in the waiver process, but won’t list which waivers had been denied
  1754. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), a proclaimed Obamacare author, sought a waiver for New York City
  1755. Two-thirds of doctors fear worse care for patients due to Obamacare rules and regulations
  1756. H.H.S. turned (6) pages of the Obamacare law into 429 pages of new rules and regulations (2011)
  1757. Chuck Schumer (D-NY): “We have 3 branches of government -- a House, a Senate, a President”
  1758. When asked about the Constitutionality of Obamacare, Pelosi twice responded, “Are you serious?”
  1759. A Virginia state judge later ruled that the individual mandate was unconstitutional
  1760. A Florida federal judge also ruled that the entire 2,700 page health care law was unconstitutional
  1761. Obama appealed the Florida federal court ruling striking down Obamacare, his signature law
  1762. Most states have joined the Federal lawsuit against Obamacare challenging its Constitutionality
  1763. Missouri’s attorney general, a Democrat, joined the state’s lawsuit to strike down Obamacare
  1764. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled (2-1) that the Obamacare mandate was unconstitutional
  1765. Judge Frank Hull, appointed by Clinton, voted that the individual mandate was unconstitutional
    “We have not found any generally applicable, judicially enforceable limiting principle that would permit us to uphold the mandate without obliterating the boundaries inherent in the system of enumerated congressional powers…”
    ~Chief Judge Joel Dubina and Judge Frank Hull in their expansive 200-page ruling

  1766. Federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled that Obamacare mandate was unconstitutional (2011)
  1767. Obama believes that Obamacare “should be upheld without a problem” in the Supreme Court
  1768. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said that America’s health “really is an issue of national security” and that she’s optimistic the Supreme Court would uphold Obamacare
  1769. Obama nominated Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court seven weeks after Obamacare’s passage
    “President Obama chose to nominate a member of his administration to the Supreme Court knowing it was likely that, if confirmed, she would be in a position to rule on his signature domestic policy achievement.” ~Four leading U.S. Senators wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder while requesting more information on Elena Kagan’s previous work as solicitor general

  1770. Elena Kagan served as Obama’s solicitor general overseeing expected lawsuits over Obamacare
  1771. Harvard Law Prof. Laurence Tribe served in the Justice Department during the health-care vote
  1772. Elena Kagan email to Laurence Tribe: “I hear they have the votes, Larry!! Simply amazing”
  1773. Federal law clearly states that a Supreme Court Justice must recuse themselves from any proceeding in which his/her “impartiality might reasonably be questioned”
    Section 455 of Title 28 of the U.S.C. - federal law prohibits a Supreme Court Justice from participating in a case where impartiality might be reasonably questioned or where an opinion was expressed on the matter while serving in government office.

  1774. Kagan was responsible for defending the Obama administration’s positions in court disputes
  1775. FOIA emails show Kagan personally assigned her top deputy Neal Katyal to handle the lawsuits
  1776. Katyal told the Associate Attorney General that Kagan “definitely” wanted her office involved
  1777. Brian Hauck, senior counsel to Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli, emailed Neal Katyal to inform him that Perrelli wanted “to put together a group to get thinking about how to defend against the inevitable challenges to the health care proposals that are pending”
  1778. Neal Katyal: “Absolutely right on. Let’s crush them. I’ll speak to Elena and designate someone”
  1779. 49 lawmakers called for investigations of Kagan’s contradictory Senate confirmation testimony
  1780. House Judiciary Committee launched a probe of Kagan’s involvement in Obamacare in 2011
  1781. Kagan did not recuse herself, though clearly her “impartiality might reasonably be questioned”
  1782. Justice Department stonewalled on Kagan’s Obamacare recusal controversy (July 2012)
  1783. Eric Holder refused to answer questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee on the matter
  1784. Former ABC News reporter Linda Douglass joined the Obama White House’s efforts
  1785. Douglass became Director of Communications for the White House Office of Health Reform
  1786. Obama’s “Health Care Town Hall” was then hosted by ABC News as unchallenged propaganda
  1787. ABC News staffer then warned GOP against Obamacare repeal following 2010 election results
  1788. Obama installed Donald Berwick as the Medicare/Medicaid administrator during a Senate recess
  1789. “Medicare Czar” Donald Berwick told a British audience that he opposes free markets (2008)
  1790. Donald Berwick described the socialist British National Health Service as a “global treasure”
  1791. Donald Berwick has been described as an “expert on healthcare rationing” by his opponents
  1792. Donald Berwick departed from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services in late 2011
  1793. President Obama nominated Henry J. Aaron to head the Social Security Advisory Board (2011)
  1794. Henry Aaron has praised the IPAB, a panel of 15 unelected members that would ration care
  1795. Aaron advocated for a British-style system where you ration some types of costly medical care
  1796. Patients in England wait months for routine surgeries due to cost-cutting and healthcare rationing
  1797. Half of patients with chronic kidney failure in Britain are left untreated and die as a result
  1798. British doctors often have to define “what is best” in terms of “what is available”
  1799. Two patients died while waiting for an ambulance outside of a ‘full’ British hospital (May 2011)
  1800. Surgeons have described the delays faced by patients as “devastating and cruel”
  1801. More than 90,000 terminally ill patients in the UK do not get proper end-of-life palliative care
  1802. British health chiefs refused to fund a lifesaving gastric surgery for Rudi Hargreaves, 22 (2011)
  1803. British NHS began rationing treatments for “non-urgent” conditions to save money (2011)
  1804. Doctors in the U.K. have been ordered to ration life-saving cancer scans to save money (2011)
  1805. Rationed tests include ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRIs commonly used to spot tumors
  1806. Britain has one of the lowest cancer survival rates in Europe due to factors including late diagnosis
  1807. NHS reportedly kills off 130,000 elderly patients each year through their ‘death pathway’ (2012)
  1808. Studies show that Obamacare will create longer waits for healthcare and along with higher costs
  1809. Michael Moore: “If you are a Patriotic American” you will wait longer for healthcare (2011)
  1810. Insurance premiums for family health benefits in 2011 jumped 9% from 2010 up to $15,073
  1811. Spending on health care outpaced inflation by increasing 3.8% in 2010 and another 3.9% in 2011
  1812. Medical device makers moved jobs overseas to avoid the Obamacare tax increases and regulations
  1813. Democrats designed targeted bailouts to hide and minimize the negative effects of Obamacare
  1814. Obamacare provision provided money for early retirees that are not yet eligible for Medicare
  1815. Taxpayers gave unions and corporations $5 billion to subsidize early retiree coverage
  1816. United Auto Workers was given more money than New York, California, and Texas combined
  1817. Companies benefiting are closely tied to Obama and Democrats (GM, GE, AT&T, Verizon, etc.)
  1818. U.S. Post Office proposed pulling out of Obamacare in order to reign in health benefit costs
  1819. AP: Public support for Obamacare fell to 35% in April 2011, the lowest since passage in 2010
  1820. Poll: Obamacare’s popularity fell to 34% in October 2011 as Democrats soured on the law
  1821. Number of uninsured has increased under President Obama and since Obamacare was enacted
  1822. Census Bureau: Americans without health coverage rose to 49.9 million people (2011)
  1823. Fewer people received insurance coverage through their employer in 2010 than in 2009
  1824. Employment-based health insurance coverage dropped by 1.5 million people in 2010
  1825. Number of people covered through taxpayer-funded insurance programs continued to rise in 2010
  1826. Those covered by government programs rose by 1.8 million people, or 31% of the population
  1827. 4.5 million Americans lost their employer-sponsored insurance in just 18 months after passage
  1828. CBO falsely predicted that 6 million more would have employer-sponsored insurance by 2011
  1829. Obama used Alinsky’s tactics to systematically lie in the short term to achieve long-term goals
    “First of all, if you’ve got health insurance, you like your doctors, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.” ~President Obama (July 2009)
    “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”
    ~President Obama during the health care debate (2009)

  1830. Obamacare destroys marriage and families by creating a financial incentive to stay single
  1831. Obama administration attempted to circumvent Congress to fix an ‘Obamacare glitch’ (2011)
  1832. Obamacare authorizes premium assistance in state-run exchanges, but not federal ones
  1833. Obama administration proposed a new IRS rule to offer premium assistance in all exchanges
  1834. Ohio voters approved a constitutional amendment opting out of a health care mandate (2011)
  1835. Issue won with 66% of the vote, including gaining a majority vote in all 88 counties in Ohio
  1836. Issue bars Ohio from instituting a state-mandated health insurance program like in Massachusetts
  1837. United States Supreme Court agreed to hear the case against Obamacare on November 14, 2011
  1838. AP-GfK Poll: Support for Obama’s signature accomplishment fell to 29% in December 2011
  1839. In an election year maneuver, HHS eased Obamacare’s state implementation requirements (2011)
  1840. Nancy Pelosi claimed that repealing Obamacare would “destroy more than 300,000 jobs” (2012)
  1841. Congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper (D-PA) regretted her own vote in favor of Obamacare in 2010
    “I would have never voted for the final version of the bill if I expected the Obama Administration to force Catholic hospitals and Catholic Colleges and Universities to pay for contraception…”
    ~Congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper (D-PA) in February 2012

  1842. President Obama: “The plan I’m proposing will cost around $900 billion over 10 years…” (2009)
  1843. President Obama: “The plan will not add to our deficit” (September 9, 2009)
  1844. Kathleen Sebelius testified that she has “no idea” if Obamacare adds to the deficit (2012)
  1845. CBO nearly doubled their Obamacare cost estimate to $1.76 trillion over 10 years (2012)
  1846. Longtime Democrat strategist James Carville argued that overturning Obamacare would be the ‘best thing that ever happened to the Democratic Party’ (2012)
  1847. Obama placed a figurative bounty on the “unelected” U.S. Supreme Court prior to their ruling
  1848. Obama charged that if the Supreme Court overturned Obamacare it would be “unprecedented”
  1849. Obama attacked judicial review, a power federal courts have exercised for over 200 years
  1850. U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the DOJ to “answer by Thursday whether the Obama administration believes that the courts have the right to strike down a federal law”
  1851. Obama administration diverted $500 million to the IRS for Obamacare (April 2012)
  1852. Barney Frank lamented that President Obama made a ‘mistake’ pushing so hard for Obamacare
  1853. Obama is spending $8.3 billion in taxpayer funds to mask the effect of Obamacare on seniors
  1854. Obamacare guts the popular Medicare Advantage program relied on by 12 million seniors
  1855. Medicare Advantage is a more market-oriented alternative to traditional Medicare without the aggravating gaps in coverage
  1856. Open Enrollment for these seniors would have begun prior to the election on October 15, 2012
  1857. HHS will spend $8.3 billion to temporarily restore Medicare Advantage until after the elections
  1858. Money originated from funds that the HHS is allowed to use for “demonstration projects”
  1859. To make the transfer legal, HHS has to pretend that it’s doing an “experiment” to study the effect of this money on the insurance market
  1860. Under a 1967 statute, the HHS secretary can spend money without specific approval by Congress on “experiments” directly aimed at “increasing the efficiency and economy of health services”
  1861. GAO released a report that no experiment was being conducted, just money being spent (2012)
  1862. GAO recommended that Health and Human Services (HHS) should cancel the project
  1863. Dr. David Scheiner, Obama’s longtime physician, blasted the health care reform law (2012)
  1864. Dr. Scheiner said that Obama has an “academic detachment” that he could never break through
  1865. Scheiner: Obama “lacks passion and feeling” and lacks the “sense of humanity that I expected”
  1866. Scheiner, a liberal, blasted Obama for being uncaring, and perhaps worse, incompetent
  1867. Obama privately told his donors that he may have to revisit health-care in a second term (2012)
  1868. Governor John Lynch (D-NH) signed into law legislation blocking Obamacare (June 2012)
  1869. Obama administration boosted Obamacare spending after SCOTUS’s oral arguments (2012)
  1870. CNN described the Supreme Court oral arguments as a “train wreck”
  1871. Obama and his media allies immediately began attacking the court following oral arguments
  1872. Chief Justice John Roberts, steward of the court, may have been pressured to change his decision
  1873. Supreme Court’s dissent, authored by Justice Kennedy, refers to another opinion as “the dissent” and uses the pronoun “we,” as if speaking for the Court, as majority opinions typically do
  1874. The dissent also focused on the government’s arguments, rather than tackling the majority head-on
  1875. Chief Justice John Roberts relied on flimsy reasoning to uphold Obamacare as a tax
  1876. Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt claimed that the Obama administration never referred to the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate as a “tax” when it argued the bill’s constitutionality
  1877. Solicitor General Don Verrilli argued before the Supreme Court they could treat the mandate as a tax, therefore making it constitutional
  1878. President Obama previously argued to George Stephanopolus that the mandate was not a tax
  1879. President Obama said, “I absolutely object to the notion” that the Obamacare mandate is a tax
    “My critics say everything is a Tax increase.”
    ~President Obama

  1880. When asked if the mandate was a tax, W.H. Budget Director Jeffrey Zients responded “No”
  1881. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius stated that, “[The individual mandate] is not per-say a tax”
  1882. Obama in 2009 promised no Obamacare tax and said the middle class would not pay for it
    Obamacare will “not have an impact on middle-class Americans. They’re not going to be forced to pay for this.”
    ~Obama speaking on CBS “Face the Nation” (September 20, 2009)
    “It is absolutely NOT a tax increase…”
    ~President Obama

  1883. Supreme Court upheld (5-4) Obamacare and the individual mandate as a tax (June 28, 2012)
    “[D]ecisions are entrusted to our nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them, it is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.” ~Chief Justice John Roberts’ reasoning that Obama’s dishonesty does not invalidate Obamacare

  1884. Supreme Court outright rejected the Obama administration’s commerce-clause argument
    “The Framers knew the difference between doing something and doing nothing. They gave Congress the power to regulate commerce, not to compel it. Ignoring that distinction would undermine the principle that the Federal Government is a government of limited and enumerated powers. The individual mandate thus cannot be sustained under Congress’s power to “regulate Commerce.” ~Chief Justice John Roberts’ Opinion that Obamacare is “not commerce”

  1885. Obamacare: It’s not just a big f---ing deal… It’s a big f---ing tax on middle-class Americans
  1886. Obama: “By the way, if you’ve got health insurance, you’re not getting hit by a tax” (July 2012)
  1887. Supreme Court should have rejected the constitutionality of any bill that raises revenue and does not originate in the House of Representatives
  1888. Obamatax originated in the Senate, in direct violation of Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution
  1889. Legal scholars said that the Supreme Court rewrote Obamacare from the bench to make it a tax
  1890. Chief Justice John Roberts failed to mention what type of tax Obamacare is classified as, which would have to be enumerated as a limitation of the Constitution
  1891. Since it was is a tax, Obamacare can be repealed with just 50 votes in the Senate via reconciliation
  1892. DNC executive director Patrick Gaspard tweeted, “It’s constitutional. Bitches” (June 2012)
  1893. DNC’s Greg Greene gloated over Obamacare decision, tweeting “Take that Motherf---kers!!”
  1894. Michael Moore gleefully predicted, “We’re on path toward universal healthcare” (June 2012)
  1895. Most think that Obamacare will increase their health care costs, their premiums, and the deficit
  1896. WSJ Sr. Economist: 75% of Obamacare costs will fall on those making less than $120,000 a year
  1897. As a result of the decision, Democrats through their duplicity have imposed the biggest, broadest, and most regressive tax-hikes in history during a deep recession by passing Obamacare
  1898. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the courts four liberal justices – Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen G. Breyer, and Elena Kagan – in voting to uphold the mandate as a “tax”
  1899. The Supreme Court also upheld the federal government’s ability to expand Medicaid coverage
  1900. Public approval of the Supreme Court fell to the lowest level on record after the decision (2012)
  1901. Some critics charge that Justice John Robert’s epilepsy medication affected his cognition
  1902. Mitt Romney raked in at least $4.3 million within the first 24-hours after the health care ruling
  1903. Obama’s campaign surrogate Deval Patrick (D-MA) still insisted that the mandate was not a tax
  1904. Chief Justice John Roberts joked about taking a trip to an “impregnable fortress” after his decision
  1905. Democrats began embracing the ‘Obamacare’ label that they once said was slanderous
  1906. President Obama threatened to veto a defense appropriations bill in part because it did not include higher health care fees for members of the military (June 2012)
  1907. Obama’s 2013 budget proposal included billions of dollars in higher fees for members of Tricare, the military health care system, as part of the plan to cut $500 billion from the Pentagon’s budget
  1908. Obama wanted to add a 400% increase to military member’s tricare fees in order to make Obamacare a more appealing option, thereby moving military families off of their Tricare membership
  1909. After the decision, Democrats immediately began moving to unionize Obamacare doctors (2012)
  1910. IRS hired 16,500 new agents tasked with determining whether your insurance policy merits a fine
  1911. Donald Trump: Chief Justice John Roberts “wanted to be loved by the Washington establishment”
  1912. Allen West (R-FL): “Every American should be mandated to buy a glock 9mm” (July 2, 2012)
    “What will be next? If you don’t buy a certain type of green car, they will tax you. If you don’t buy a certain type of food, they will tax you. Well, I got a great idea: I believe for personal security, every American should have to go out and buy a Glock 9mm. And if you don’t do it, we’ll tax you. Now, I wonder how the liberals will feel about that one.” ~Congressman Allen West (R-FL) speaking at a campaign rally in Florida (July 2, 2012)

  1913. Doctor Patient Medical Association Foundation conducted a 2012 survey and found that 83% of doctors have considered quitting the profession
  1914. Survey also found that 90% of doctors thought the medical field was on the wrong path
  1915. Doctors virtually all agreed that government is at fault for medicine being on the wrong track
  1916. Many doctors are concerned that corporate medicine is trying to destroy private medicine
  1917. Most (61%) of surveyed doctors feel that their Hippocratic oaths are being compromised
  1918. Majority (85%) of surveyed doctors felt that the patient-physician relationship is declining
  1919. Survey found that 37% of doctors said they were just squeaking by
  1920. Survey also found that 39% said things would get worse over the next five years
    “You can keep your doctor if you want to.”
    ~Barack Obama

  1921. The highest number of physicians ever are opting out of seeing Medicare and Medicaid patients
  1922. Doctors feel that the best way to attack the current problems is to restore autonomy, eliminate government involvement, increase patient responsibility and implement free market reforms
    “I have been in practice for 28 years and medicine is now the worst for doctors it has ever been and I don’t see it getting any better. We needed insurance reform not health care reform, we got neither.”
    ~Orthopedist from Texas
    “Less government will mean better and less expensive medical care. Government is the problem. Are there any long term Government run programs that aren’t riddled with inefficiency and corruption?”
    ~General surgeon from Illinois
    “Obamacare will be the ultimate [end] of the solo practitioner and small practices.” ~Dermatologist from Missouri

  1923. Polling shows that Obama did not receive a bounce following the Obamacare ruling (July 2012)
  1924. As just a start, lawyers had already drafted 13,000 pages of new ObamaTax law by July 5, 2012
  1925. President Obama lined up his domestic army of IRS agents to dole out punishment and fear
  1926. Governor Paul LePage (R-ME) described the IRS as the “new Gestapo” (July 2012)
    “We the people have been told there is no choice. You must buy health insurance or pay the new Gestapo – the IRS… Even more disheartening is that reviving the American dream just became nearly impossible to do. We are now a nation which supports dependency rather than independence. Instead of encouraging self-reliance, we are encouraging people to rely on the government.” ~Governor Paul LePage (R-ME) (July 2012)

  1927. Estimated cost of Obamacare rose to $2.6 trillion, $1.7 trillion more than Obama promised
  1928. House Republicans and five Democrats voted to repeal Obamacare (244-185) (July 2012)
  1929. Obamacare was sold to America based on three broken promises: That it’s a tax on middle income taxpayers; Obama said that health care premiums would go down (they went up about $2,500); and Obama said that if you like the plan you have, you could keep it
  1930. States began limiting the number of drug prescriptions for Medicaid patients (August 2012)
  1931. It required 18-pages just to define a “full-time employee” for Obamacare
  1932. CBO said that nearly 6 million Americans will face a “tax penalty” in 2014 under Obamacare
  1933. CBO’s estimate was 2 million more than their estimate in 2010
  1934. Most of the 6 million Americans that will potentially pay the Obamatax are in the middle class
  1935. CBO found that “80% of those who’ll face the penalty would be making up to or less than five times the federal poverty level ($55,850 or less for an individual / $115,250 or less for a family of four)
  1936. CBO estimated the Obamatax will raise $6.9 billion in 2016 and the average tax would be $1,600
  1937. Premiums for employer-provided family coverage rose $3,065 (by 24%) from 2008 to 2012
    “[T]he only thing we’re going to try to do is lower costs so that cost savings are passed onto you. And we estimate we can cut the average family’s premium by about $2,500 per year.”
    ~Obama in a debate with Senator John McCain (2008)
    “We are going to work with you to lower your premiums by $2,500. We will not wait 20 years from now to do it, or 10 years from now to do it. We will do it by the end of my first term as president.”
    ~Obama at a campaign stop in Columbus, Ohio (February 2008)

  1938. New Obamacare tax form mandates that Americans report personal health ID info to the IRS (2012)
  1939. Health costs for employers increased $1.79 per hour for each full-time employee (November 2012)
  1940. Supreme Court ordered the appeals court to hear a health care lawsuit over mandated contraceptives
  1941. More than a dozen Democratic senators who voted for Obamacare, lobbied against its “job-killing tax” regarding medical devices
  1942. Some policyholder’s insurance premiums went up by double-digit percentages in 2013
  1943. Anthem Blue Cross (CA) proposed raising its rates by 26%, and other private insurers are onboard
  1944. IRS assumed that the cheapest Obamacare plan (bronze) will cost about $20,000 per family by 2016
  1945. CBO: Obamacare will cost 7 million workers their job-based health insurance coverage (February 2013)
  1946. CBO estimated that the new health provisions will cost $1.165 trillion over the next decade (2013)

  1947. Frank-Dodd Financial Reform expanded union and government control over the economy

  1948. The Dodd-Frank financial regulation law was named after the two responsible for the recession
  1949. Democrats controlled the Senate with a super majority in the House of Representatives
  1950. Barney Frank (D-MA) and Chris Dodd (D-CT) led the efforts despite their roles in the recession
  1951. Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) stated, “no one will know until this is actually in place how it works”
  1952. The Democrat financial reform bill institutionalized the cause of the 2008 mortgage meltdown
  1953. The 2,319 page financial reform bill is full of provisions catering to unions and special interests
  1954. Democrats ignored the government-run mortgage-finance giants Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac
  1955. Legislation gives government new powers to break up companies that ‘threaten’ the economy
  1956. Obama specifically stated that the bill would “increase transparency in financial dealings”
  1957. Securities and Exchange Commission was exempted from disclosing virtually any information
  1958. Unions and activist organizations can infiltrate the board of directors of every U.S. corporation
  1959. Law favors Democrat constituencies by requiring banks and federal agencies to discriminate
  1960. Creates more than 20 “offices of minority and women inclusion” within the federal bureaucracy
  1961. Federal agencies must apply “fair employment tests” to banks and other financial institutions
  1962. Law places costly new burdens on many airlines, utilities, and other non-financial businesses
  1963. Provides the ability for just one person to try to create social justice in the financial system
  1964. Reform bill potentially affects everything from debit cards to ability to invest in hedge funds
  1965. After passage, 10 regulatory agencies were given discretion to write hundreds of new finance rules
  1966. Goldman Sachs emerged “practically unscathed” from the Democrat's Wall Street reform bill
  1967. Frank-Dodd Act created a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
  1968. The new agency is an “independent entity” housed under the United States Federal Reserve
  1969. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s power is concentrated in a single director
  1970. New rules on credit cards, mortgages and other financial products do not require Senate approval
  1971. CFPB began supervising the 30 largest firms that make up 94% of the credit rating industry (2012)
  1972. Marks the first time that a single government agency took an active role in policing credit bureaus
  1973. Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970 required them to keep accurate information about consumers
  1974. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was responsible for enforcing the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  1975. Obama picked Elizabeth Warren to launch the law’s new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  1976. Elizabeth Warren basically argued that everyone owes everything to the government (2011)
  1977. Frank-Dodd Act created a 10-member U.S. Financial Stability Oversight Council led by Geithner
  1978. Banks warn that new standards on liquidity starting in 2015 will sharply curtail private lending
  1979. Chris Dodd (D-CT) retired prior to the 2010 elections after spending 30 years in the Senate
  1980. Barney Frank (D-MA) retired following 32 years in the House of Representatives (2012)
  1981. Barney Frank argued, “I don’t want [America] to be the indispensable nation” (January 2013)

  1982. Secular leftists have learned to use religion as a propaganda tool to push for “social justice”

  1983. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi used Christmas as leverage to try to pass a health care bill
    “I’m confident… I’m hopeful that we will have a (health care) bill as a Christmas present for the American people.”
    ~Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (November 2009)

  1984. Nancy Pelosi said the GOP budget cuts will force seniors into starvation, and then quoted scripture
  1985. NBC News’ Rev. Sharpton: Republicans can’t “use Christianity” then vote against welfare (2011)
  1986. Sharpton misinterpreted the use of a Bible verse, “If anyone will not work, neither shall they eat,” to mean “if you don’t have work, you should starve,” and then added, “Republicans aren’t the answer”
  1987. Gallup polling shows that majority of Democrats seldom or never even go to church (2011)
  1988. Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-MI) said that “silence of clergy is almost frightening” after all of the “biblical work” Democrats have done on entitlements and the economy (2011)
  1989. Nancy Pelosi bashed Catholics because “they have this conscience thing” to worry about (2011)
  1990. Pelosi was upset that bishops wouldn’t approve forcing insurance to cover drugs for abortion
    “Let’s honor the conscience of those who disagree with abortion, and draft a sensible conscience clause, and make sure that all of our health care policies are grounded in clear ethics.” ~President Obama speaking at Notre Dame (2009)

  1991. Robert Creamer, the political architect of Obamacare, argued that Catholic institutions should agree to provide birth control as a “moral imperative” to stop population growth
  1992. Pelosi said it was “sad” that people used the religious freedom “excuse” for their opposition
  1993. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) said that the GOP “take away the highest essence of all religious faith”
  1994. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) suggested that Americans don’t actually follow the Christian faith (2012)
    “There is a few, in the... some in the Catholic church and maybe some other Evangelical churches, I don’t know, that think it’s wrong, but NONE of the American people follow that.” ~Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)

  1995. Christians on the left issued advice and praise for Occupy Wall Street to push for redistribution of wealth
  1996. Audience at an Obama speech booed a man who shouted, “Jesus Christ is the true and living God”
  1997. Current TV’s Cenk Uygur slammed Fox News, “Is that what Jesus Christ would have done?”
  1998. Jennifer Granholm tweeted that God had ways to shut down the GOP convention (August 2012)
  1999. Current TV’s David Shuster joked about God smiting the GOP convention (August 2012)
  2000. Samuel L. Jackson was upset that God “spared” the GOP convention from Hurricane Isaac (2012)
  2001. Democrats handed out calendars at the DNC that used John 3:16 in reference to Obama
  2002. Democrats dropped “God” from their official 2012 party platform (September 2012)
  2003. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) opened up an anti-gun press conference with a prayer (2013)
  2004. Dean of the National Cathedral Reverend Canon Gary Hall said he could no longer justify a society that allowed ordinary citizens to keep and bear “assault weapons” (January 2013)
    “Everyone in this city seems to live in terror of the gun lobby. But I believe that the gun lobby is no match for the cross lobby.” ~Dean of the National Cathedral Reverend Canon Gary Hall (January 2013)

  2005. MSNBC’s Al Sharpton dropped “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance (February 2013)
    “We must have a renewed fight for many of the things we fought for because voting rights, and women’s rights, and the rights of people against discrimination, whether they’re African-American, Latino, lesbian and gay must be protected, until we have a nation that is really living up to the creed of one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Not all of one kind, but all.”
    ~Al Sharpton commercial for MSNBC (2013)

  2006. Obama rebranded and peddled socialism to the American public as “Collective Salvation”

  2007. Saul Alinsky Rule #4: make opponents live up to their own book of rules (what would Jesus do?)
  2008. Reverend Jeremiah Wright preached that racism, capitalism, and militarism are the enemy
  2009. Obama replaced Rev. Jeremiah Wright with self-described activist preacher Rev. Jim Wallis
  2010. Jim Wallis joined the anti-Vietnam War movement & Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
  2011. In 1979,Time magazine hailed Jim Wallis as one of the “50 Faces for America’s Future”
  2012. Rev. Jim Wallis has connections to Hamas, Marxism, and billionaire activist George Soros
  2013. Jim Wallis is an activist preacher and editor of the leftwing Christian magazine Sojourners
  2014. Sojourner editorials exculpated Cambodia’s communist Khmer Rouge of charges of genocide
  2015. Jim Wallis apologized for communist atrocities in Cambodia and Vietnam
  2016. Rev. Jim Wallis denied ties to George Soros until investigations later forced him to do so
  2017. George Soros provided Rev. Jim Wallis’ Sojourners with a $200,000 grant in 2004
  2018. Sojourners received at least two more grants from Soros organizations since then
  2019. George Soros’ Open Society Foundation gave another $150,000 to Sojourners in 2011
  2020. Wallis is a registered Democrat, a Democratic Party operative, and a dedicated foe of capitalism
  2021. Jim Wallis founded an anti-capitalism magazine called ‘The Post American’ in 1971
  2022. Wallis said wealth redistribution and government-managed economies are keys to “social justice”
  2023. Jim Wallis contends that Biblical scripture calls for large central government to aid the poor
    “…To articulate the biblical call to social justice, inspiring hope and building a movement to transform individuals, communities, the church, and the world.” ~Segment of the founding mission of The Post American (later renamed Sojourners)

  2024. In 1995, Jim Wallis founded Call to Renewal, a coalition of leftwing religious groups
  2025. Call to Renewal advocated for leftist economic agendas to promote “social justice”
  2026. Jim Wallis hoped that “more Christians will come to view the world through Marxist eyes”
  2027. Jim Wallis openly supported the Soviet Union during the Cold War
  2028. Wallis tried to undercut public support for stopping the spread of Communism in Central America
  2029. Jim Wallis, as Obama’s spiritual advisor, engaged in a “hunger fast” to help stop GOP budget cuts
  2030. Fliers were placed on cars in church parking lots urging Christians to oppose budget cuts
  2031. Reverend Jim Wallis said that OWS protester’s stances showed that “they stand with Jesus”
  2032. Jim Wallis and Richard Land joined 140 Christian leaders for a mass push for immigration reform
  2033. Jim Wallis, liberal faith leaders, and leftist Christians partied with ‘beers and hymns,’ praised the ‘Occupy’ movement, and touted ‘social justice’ during the Wild Goose Festival (2012)
  2034. President Obama told his audience that “God wants to see us” pass his jobs bill (2011)
  2035. Spokesman Jay Carney made up a bible quote: “The Lord helps those who help themselves”
  2036. Obama used the National Prayer Breakfast to explain to religious leaders that his understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ led him to believe taxes need to be raised on rich people (2012)
  2037. President Obama tied his social justice political agenda to a commandment from God (2012)
  2038. Gallup polling showed that 44% still couldn’t name President Obama’s religion (June 2012)
  2039. Michelle compared Barack to biblical figures at AME Church conference in Nashville (June 2012)
  2040. Obama told a Buddhist monk, “we’re going to need a lot of prayer” to reach a budget deal (2012)
  2041. GOP candidate Mitt Romney gave roughly 16% of his income to charity from 2010 to 2011
  2042. By comparison, Barack and Michelle Obama gave less than 1% to charity from 2000 to 2004
  2043. Between 2005 and 2006, Barack and Michelle Obama donated 5.7% of their income to charity
  2044. Joe Biden and his wife gave just $369 a year (0.3%) in charity over the course of a decade
  2045. In 2010, Vice President Joe Biden and his wife donated just $5,350, or about 1.4% of their income
  2046. In 2011, the Joe Biden and his wife donated just 1.5% of their income to charity, including: $1,000 to the U.N. World Food Program; $1,080 to the Northern Virginia Community College Alumni Scholarship Fund; $1,000 to the Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware; $360 to a breast health initiative launched by Dr. Jill Biden; and $50 to the Wounded Warrior Project
  2047. In 1997, Vice President Al Gore and his then wife Tipper gave $353 in charitable contributions
  2048. Romney donated $4,020,772 (13.45%) to charity in 2011, nearly doubling Obama’s rate of giving
  2049. IRS audits of tax-exempt charities have increased 79% under President Obama (2009-2011)
  2050. A portrait, painted by Michael D’Antuono and titled “Truth,” depicted Obama as a crucified Jesus
  2051. The portrait was displayed at Bunker Hill Community College, a public college (November 2012)
  2052. Newsweek labeled President Obama as “The Second Coming” on their online publication (January 2013)
  2053. Obama’s new pastor, Ronald Braxton, led a “Forward!” chant at the pre-inauguration church service
  2054. Ronald Braxton compared Obama to the founder of Judaism and the prophet of the Bible, Moses
  2055. Ronald Braxton added that Obama’s political opponents were like the Biblical enemies of Moses
  2056. Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA) warned of “mob scenes” without “equity in society” (2013)

  2057. Nancy Pelosi promised to lead “the most honest, most open, most ethical Congress in history”

  2058. Federal debt under Obama and Progressive Liberal Democrats ballooned to over $15 trillion
  2059. Our debt has increased $5 trillion since Speaker Pelosi vowed, “No new deficit spending…”
  2060. $5.343 trillion added to the debt during Pelosi’s 4-year Speakership, equaling $3.66 billion per day
  2061. Nancy Pelosi, the 52nd Speaker of the House, amassed more debt than the first 49 combined
  2062. Nancy Pelosi’s net worth increased by 62% up to $35.2 million in 2010 while serving taxpayers
  2063. Pelosi failed to disclose a conflict of interest of a business deal and the selection of an ambassador
  2064. House rules do not require members to disclose the underlying assets of Subchapter S corporations
  2065. Pelosi’s husband, Paul F. Pelosi, is a longtime business associate of Angelo Tsakopoulos
  2066. Washington Times questioned business dealings between Pelosi’s husband and a land deal (2010)
  2067. Mrs. Pelosi first listed the asset on her federal financial-disclosure form a month later in May 2010
  2068. Paul F. Pelosi had invested in land in California now worth between $5 and $25 million
  2069. Paul F. Pelosi made the undisclosed land deal with Angelo Tsakopoulos in the late 1990s
  2070. Washington Times reported that Pelosi had received between $1 million and $9 million from four other real estate investments with Angelo Tsakopoulos and his company, AKT Development Corp.
  2071. Speaker Nancy Pelosi then helped Angelo Tsakopoulos’ daughter become ambassador to Hungary
  2072. Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis was president of AKT Development from 1997 until 2009
  2073. Pelosi praised Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis at her Senate confirmation hearing (November 2009)
  2074. Eleni also had the support of Hillary Clinton (D), Dianne Feinstein (D), and Barbara Boxer (D)
  2075. Eleni was sworn in by Mrs. Clinton in January 2010 with her father and Mrs. Pelosi by her side
  2076. As speaker, Pelosi facilitated financial reform despite being involved with credit card companies
  2077. Pelosi blocked credit card reform while investing millions in an exclusive Visa stock offering
  2078. Pelosi bought up to $5 million of Visa stock and then watched her investment skyrocket 203%
  2079. Pelosi received her Visa IPO two weeks after the Credit Card Fair Fee Act was introduced (2008)
  2080. Despite broad support for the bill, Pelosi made sure the bill never made it to the House floor
  2081. Pelosi also blocked the Credit Card Interchange Fee Act of 2008 due to the interchange fees
  2082. Nancy Pelosi’s “expert” for economic growth was a family friend and business partner
  2083. William Hambrecht has worked with Nancy and Paul Pelosi as far back as the early 1970s
  2084. Bill Hambrecht is an investment partner with the Pelosi’s and was also their son’s former boss
  2085. Hambrecht appeared with Pelosi three times at economic policy forums as an “economic expert”
  2086. Pelosi failed to disclose their financial relationship prior to his appearances as a so-called expert
  2087. Bill Hambrecht has invested at least $2 million in Democratic Party campaigns and causes
  2088. Bill Hambrecht gave Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi at least $38,000 in campaign contributions
  2089. Nancy and Paul Pelosi have made numerous investments in Hambrecht-related companies over the years, including a failed $12 million investment in Hambrecht’s United Football League
  2090. Pelosi invested millions into Hambrecht-related Matthews International Capital Management
  2091. The investment produced between $100,000 to $1 million of income for the Pelosis just in 2010
    Nancy Pelosi had previously given a speech from the floor of the United States House of Representatives “acknowledging his contributions and on-going dedication to social justice and the advancement of the Bay Area’s well-being. I applaud his commitment to his community and cherish his friendship.”
    ~Nancy Pelosi honoring William Hambrecht on July 19, 2001

  2092. Many consider William Hambrecht a pioneer in the field of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  2093. In 2010, Hambrecht appeared before the House Finance Committee, chaired by Barney Frank
  2094. Hambrecht pushed for an exemption change in the registration process for stock IPOs (2010)
  2095. William Hambrecht “wanted the exemption raised to $30 million, which would greatly benefit his business, making IPOs easier, quicker, and far less expensive” (2010)
  2096. Barney Frank was quoted as saying that Nancy Pelosi had been the inspiration for the hearing
  2097. Pelosi threatened to abuse the House ethics process in order to harm Newt Gingrich (2011)
  2098. In the late 1990s, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) served on the ethics committee that investigated then-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) for tax cheating and campaign finance violations
    “One of these days we’ll have a conversation about Newt Gingrich. When the time is right…. I know a lot about him. I served on the investigative committee that investigated him, four of us locked in a room in an undisclosed location for a year. A thousand pages of his stuff.” ~House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
    (December 2011)

  2099. Nancy Pelosi: “There is something I know” that will never allow Gingrich to be president (2012)
  2100. Pelosi criticized the GOP for trying to get answers on ‘Fast and Furious’ for Brian Terry’s family
    “It’s just the irresponsibility of the Republicans. We want jobs. Why are they spending this time doing this?” ~Nancy Pelosi criticizing a looming contempt vote against Eric Holder

  2101. Pelosi claimed she could have arrested Karl Rove based on “any number” of charges (2012)
    “I could have arrested Karl Rove on any given day. I’m not kidding. There’s a prison here in the Capitol. If we had spotted him in the Capitol, we could have arrested him.” ~House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), as reported by the Huffington Post (2012)

  2102. Karl Rove was a senior policy adviser, not the top law enforcement official in the United States
  2103. Pelosi skirted ethics rules by soliciting campaign contributions in a federal office building (2012)
  2104. Pelosi “swears” that the spirit of Susan B. Anthony and others spoke to her in the White House
  2105. Pelosi displayed a frightening lack of knowledge about the U.S. Constitution (November 2012)
    “I’m with the 11th amendment… is it the 11th amendment that… uh…? 14th? Whatever it is… I’m with the constitution of the United States.” ~House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (November 2012)

  2106. Study found that 16 members of Congress funneled millions to their relatives’ employers (2012)
  2107. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) secured $5.3 million in taxpayer funding for the University of Houston
  2108. Sheila Jackson Lee’s husband had been employed at the University of Houston since 1978
  2109. Sheila Jackson Lee sought another $16.5 million more for the University of Houston
  2110. Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) secured $4 million for a Pentagon program connected to his wife
  2111. Ed Pastor (D-AZ) earmarked $4 million for an education program directed by his daughter
  2112. Congressman Robert E. Andrews (D-NJ) earmarked $3.4 million for a scholarship program at Rutgers School of Law, where his wife Camille Spinello Andrews is an associate dean of the law school
  2113. Dan Lipinski (D-IL) secured $2.5 million for his dad’s lobbying client, Chicago Transit Authority
  2114. Corrine Brown (D-FL) earmarked $21.9 million for clients of a firm where her daughter works
  2115. Local media outlets targeted Ben Cardin (D-MD) for questionable congressional insider trading
  2116. Congress called for hearings on Congressional insider trading following media investigations
  2117. Congress scrambled to pass new insider trading laws that apply to members of Congress
  2118. Congress proposed the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act in 2011
  2119. Law professors claim Pelosi could be prosecuted under existing insider trading laws (2011)
  2120. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) proposed a bill that would legalize Congressional insider trading
  2121. Obama called for a law banning congressional insider trading during the 2012 SOTU Address
  2122. When Obama signed the STOCK Act into law, he compared it to Occupy Wall Street’s agenda
  2123. Democrats made time in Congress for Colbert’s comedy, but not for extending the tax cuts
  2124. Democrats received more money from foreign-connected PACs for the 2010 election cycle
  2125. Democrats tried to pass their agenda items after the 2010 elections to avoid a greater backlash
  2126. Lame-duck session of Congress was used to push through controversial last-minute items
  2127. Democrats pursued amnesty through the DREAM Act and repealing DADT during the lame-duck
  2128. Obama and Democrats also rushed through a nuclear arms treaty during the lame-duck session
  2129. Democrats advancing the ‘North American Union’ agenda to quietly erase American sovereignty
  2130. Democrats in the CBC proposed gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) of power
  2131. Edwards and Maffei amendments show Democrats using the legislative process for political gains
  2132. Liberal Melvin Watt (D-N.C.) held a fundraiser and then withdrew a proposal for regulations
  2133. Eleanor Holmes (D-DC) left a voicemail asking for lobbyist cash for previous work provided
  2134. Jim Moran (D-VA) made 90 stock trades one day after a private Congressional economics meeting
  2135. Democrats raised $1.4 million a day before a scheduled vote on new campaign fundraising rules
  2136. General Electric’s (GE) massive tax department is led by former Treasury official John Samuels
  2137. John Samuels met with Charlie Rangel (D-MI) and begged him to renew a lucrative tax break
  2138. Democrats on the Ways & Means Committee testified that Rangel changed his mind that same day
  2139. Rangel stood with GE’s Jeffrey Immelt as he announced a $30 million donation to NYC schools
  2140. Various schools within Charlie Rangel’s (D-MI) district received $11 million of the donation
  2141. Charlie Rangel was convicted of 11 ethics violations in 2010, including failure to pay some taxes and using congressional resources to raise money for an academic center bearing his name
  2142. Congress censured Rangel in 2010 for soliciting donations from corporations and executives
  2143. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) was investigated for possible ethics violations and sexual harassment
  2144. Hastings was previously impeached from his Federal Judgeship for taking bribes
  2145. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) resigned after lying about posting lewd photos of himself on Facebook
  2146. House Ethics Committee investigated Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) for violating federal laws
  2147. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) lobbied Gov. Blagojevich in an attempt to buy Obama’s old Senate seat
  2148. Jackson Jr. used congressional staff to mount a “public campaign” to secure a Senate appointment
  2149. Fundraisers Raghuveer Nayak and Rajinder Bedi declined to cooperate with the investigation
  2150. Federal investigators launched numerous probes of Jackson’s finances for suspicious activity
  2151. Jackson entered into the Mayo Clinic to treat a bipolar disorder during his re-election year (2012)
  2152. Jackson wife, Sandi Jackson, steadfastly supported her husband despite reports of his infidelity
  2153. Sandi Jackson described reporters as “jackals” at a campaign fundraiser in Chicago (2012)
  2154. Despite not sending out campaign mailers or speaking on video or in public in months, records show that Jesse Jackson Jr. spent about the same amount of money that other candidates had spent
  2155. Jackson’s expenditures include fees paid to a political consulting business owned by his wife Sandi
  2156. Jesse Jackson Jr. reportedly was willing to resign if he was given disability pay when he stepped down
  2157. Federal investigators took an independent look at Sandi Jackson, a former alderman for the 7th Ward
  2158. Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) was chosen as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee (2007)
  2159. NYT expose alleged conflicts of interest and wrongdoing by retired military analysts (April 2008)
  2160. Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) and 40 House Democrats promptly demanded an investigation (2008)
  2161. New York Times was subsequently awarded the Pulitzer Prize for their work on the article
  2162. Investigations by the Pentagon I.G., the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the General Accounting Office (GAO) all found that there was no wrongdoing or misconduct (2008)
  2163. After Obama was elected president, Levin pressed the Pentagon I.G. for a reinvestigation (2009)
  2164. The inspector general reported that its three-year investigation was complete in September 2011
  2165. Once again, the Pentagon’s inspector general concluded that there was no wrongdoing (2011)
  2166. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee began examining Levin’s meddling (2011)
  2167. Carl Levin intervened in an investigation in order to influence the wording of the final IG report
  2168. House ethics committee investigated Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) in 2006
  2169. Conyers violated House rules by using his staff to work on several local and state campaigns
  2170. Conyers used aides as baby sitters, personal servants, and had them pay restaurant and motel bills
  2171. John Conyers’ aides were actually supposed to be working in his Detroit, Michigan offices
  2172. Conyers “accepted responsibility” for possibly violating House rules due to a “lack of clarity”
  2173. Conyers promised to hold impeachment hearings for George Bush and Dick Cheney, but didn’t
  2174. Conyers’ wife Monica (D-MI) was indicted on corruption charges involving contracts in Detroit
  2175. Monica Conyers pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit bribery in June 2009
  2176. Monica Conyers was sentenced to 37 months in prison followed by two-years probation (2010)
  2177. Monica Conyers arranged to get aide Sam Riddle a contract with Dimitrios (Jim) Papas (2007)
  2178. Riddle was hired for crisis consulting and political advising, but was never asked to do any work
  2179. Monica Conyers demanded half of the $20,000 contract from Sam Riddle as a “finder’s fee”
  2180. John Conyers sent a letter to the EPA in support of a controversial hazardous waste injection well
  2181. The well, located in Romulus, happened to be one that Papas’ companies was seeking to operate
  2182. FBI arrested and charged Kinde Durkee, a prominent Democratic campaign treasurer, for mail fraud
  2183. Durkee was the treasurer for Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Loretta Sanchez (D-CA), and others
  2184. Durkee was sentenced to eight years in prison and ordered to pay $10.5 million in restitution (2012)
    “Yes, I am aware that there is fraud in the program, that’s why anti-fraud provisions were written into the settlement… It’s not my job to monitor fraud in the program.”~Congressman Sanford Bishop (D-GA) (January 20, 2011)

  2185. Sanford Bishop (D-GA) helped cover up Pigford fraud warning that “they’ll shut this thing down”
  2186. Congressman Sanford Bishop’s wife, Vivian Bishop, was accused by a co-worker of a check fraud scheme (2012) against her office and the Black Congressional Caucus Foundation Scholarship Fund
  2187. Sanford Bishop gave “privately-funded scholarships to his stepdaughter and his wife’s niece”
  2188. Vivian Bishop’s co-worker witnessed her depositing at least one of the checks in her own account
  2189. Scholarship checks were issued to people who weren’t legitimately in school or going to school
  2190. Democrats perpetrated a phony contraceptive controversy in order to raise money (2012)
  2191. Sen. John Kerry housed his yacht in Rhode Island in order to avoid paying a sales tax on it (2010)
  2192. Sen. Ben Nelson (D-FL) investigated tax loopholes and claimed he was against them (2011)
  2193. Ben Nelson used a tax loophole to avoid paying $43,000 in property taxes in Florida
  2194. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been under investigation by the House Ethics Committee since 2010
  2195. House Ethics Committee accused Maxine Waters of improperly trying to facilitate federal bailout financing and doing special favors for a Boston-based bank, OneUnited
  2196. Maxine Waters’ husband had stock in OneUnited worth about $200,000 at the time
  2197. House Committee said that it would continue its investigation into the allegations (June 2012)
  2198. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) consistently demands that Americans pay their “fair share”
  2199. Sherrod Brown was delinquent on his own District of Columbia property taxes (2012)
  2200. Ex-CIA chief said that Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) lied about her waterboarding knowledge (2012)
  2201. House Ethics Committee unanimously voted to investigate Shelley Berkley (D-NV) (2012)
  2202. Shelley Berkley’s husband runs the Kidney Specialists of Southern Nevada
  2203. Shelley Berkely allegedly attempted to direct cash towards the kidney health care industry
  2204. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) sought a “green vehicle” earmark for a for-profit school, Delaware Valley High School, where his adult son, Chaka “Chip” Fattah Jr., worked as director of business development
  2205. Justice Department investigated Chaka Fattah Jr. and the FBI searched his home and office
  2206. Chaka “Chip” Fattah Jr.’s company, 259 Strategies, has a $450,000 contract with the school
  2207. Philadelphia reportedly pays Delaware Valley High School more than $4 million per year (2012)
  2208. Chaka Fattah Sr. received a $375,000 solicitation for federal funds from the school and then advocated that the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee earmark money for the project in 2009
  2209. The 2009 transportation bill never got off the ground, but the solicitation was investigated anyways
  2210. Chaka Fattah Sr. oversees DOJ’s budget as the top Democrat on the appropriations subcommittee
  2211. House Ethics Committee strongly condemned Congresswoman Laura Richardson (D-CA) after finding her guilty of improperly pressuring her official staff to campaign for her, destroying evidence, and tampering with witness testimony
  2212. Laura Richardson claimed that the committee was racist and investigated her because she is black
  2213. After having delayed her interview with the House Ethics committee, Laura Richardson agreed to an interview, but then cut it short so that she could participate in a congressional softball game (2012)
  2214. Laura Richardson previously raised suspicion after defaulting on three different home loans while at the same time having donated over $77,000 to her campaign and dodged taxes and utility bills
  2215. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) helped a Chinese solar firm represented by his son, Rory Reid (2012)
  2216. Rory Reid works as an attorney for the Chinese renewable energy company, ENN Mojave Energy
  2217. Harry Reid pressured NV Energy to purchase more renewable energy, despite the cost to consumers
  2218. ENN was sold public land in Nevada for $4.5 million, despite being appraised for $38.6 million
  2219. Reid denied involvement in a Utah businessman’s scheme to make a FTC investigation disappear
  2220. Jeremy Johnson told the Salt Lake Tribune that he believed that Reid would intervene in a FTC investigation into his business after allegedly paying $600,000 to someone connected to Reid
  2221. Illinois state workers were unethically and illegally forced to attend an event featuring Nancy Pelosi, Jesse Jackson Sr., and Jesse Jackson Jr. on the taxpayers’ dime (March 2012)
  2222. According to a whistleblower, Jesse Jackson Sr. encouraged the government employees to load first-generation and low-income college students with student loan debt
  2223. Jesse Jackson Sr. allegedly promised that Democrats in Congress would eventually pass laws to forgive the debt later and “those people will continue to vote Democratic”
  2224. Businesses affiliated with the husband of Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Joseph Shepard, received about $39 million of taxpayer money for low-income housing developments during her first five years in office
  2225. Shepard earned between $400,000 and $2.6 million from those businesses in the years in which they received government payments from the DOA’s Rural Housing Service or from HUD (2007-2011)
  2226. Claire McCaskill defended her votes and claimed that they represented no conflicts of interest
  2227. McCaskill said that most of the housing subsidy contracts were initiated before she became senator
  2228. Although, Shepard invested in some after she was elected and renewed others during her term in office
  2229. Shepard used the Senate dining room to cut business deals selling tax credits tied to “stimulus” money
  2230. Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (D-LA) was indicted on corruption charges (January 2013
  2231. Corruption charges filed against Ray Nagin includes money laundering, bribery, and fraud
  2232. Emails show FBI investigating Bob Menendez (D-NJ) for sleeping with underage Dominican prostitutes
  2233. Two Dominican Republic prostitutes alleged that they were under-paid to have sex with Menendez
  2234. NRSC: Bob Menendez may have broken Senate ethics rules and federal campaign finance laws
  2235. FBI raided the offices of a Menendez donor linked to the alleged prostitution scandal (January 2013)
  2236. Menendez admitted to flying to the Dominican Republic on his donor’s private plane (January 2013)
  2237. Bob Menendez’ donor, Dr. Salomon Melgen, has financed several other high-ranking politicians
  2238. Salomon Melgen and his wife have donated to former President Bill Clinton (D), Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Hillary’s brother Hugh Rodham, former Vice President Al Gore (D), Kendrick Meek (D-FL), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Chris Dodd (D-CT), Bob Graham, Tom Harkin, Bill Nelson, Dick Gephardt, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)
  2239. Melgen also gave $250 to Mark Foley (R-FL), who resigned in disgrace in September 2006
  2240. Melgen and his wife Flor hosted fundraisers and grew close to the Clinton family in the 1990s
  2241. Long before the FBI raid, Menendez tried to help Melgen’s Dominican Republic business
  2242. As more prostitutes came forward, one said that Menenedez “likes the newest and youngest girls”
  2243. IRS filed a federal tax lien against Melgen for about $1.3 million for unpaid taxes dating back to 1999
  2244. Melgen’s political contributions exploded after the IRS filed a tax lien against him (November 2002)
  2245. From 1993 until 2006, the Melgens gave $88,360, almost entirely to Democrat politicians
  2246. From 2006 to 2012, the Melgens nearly quadrupled their contributions ($324,600) to politicians
  2247. Salomon Melgen’s original 2002 IRS tax lien was later wiped away for unknown reasons
  2248. Melgen began hosting sex parties replete with “sex, hookers and drinking,” which Menendez attended
  2249. In 2008, Melgen was hit with a second tax lien for $6.2 million, which was also lifted in August 2011
  2250. In 2011, Melgen expanded and increased and his political profile as a donor by giving to two prominent Hispanic Republicans, Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL)
  2251. In May 2011, Melgen was hit with a third tax lien of $11.1 million for unpaid taxes dating back to 2006
  2252. Melgen and Emilio Sanchez founded the Hispanic media company VOXXI, with Sanchez as CEO
  2253. Melgen’s name is listed as the managing member of La Vox LLC, which owns VOXXI
  2254. Salomon Melgen and Emilio Sanchez threw a party to celebrate VOXXI’s launch and invited Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL)
  2255. A tipster alerted the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) to investigate
  2256. CREW alerted ABC News reporter Rhonda Schwartz and the FBI about the prostitution scandal
  2257. FBI Special Agent Regino Chavez launched an inquiry into Melgen and Menendez (August 2012)
  2258. ABC News reporter Rhonda Schwartz investigated the prostitution scandal but never ran the story
  2259. Julissa Bonfante, a spokesman for VOXXI, said that leadership decided to ignore covering the story
    “There is no relationship between VOXXI and the Dr. Salomon Melgen-Senator Robert Menendez story. We don’t have to make a statement.”
    ~Emilion Sanchez when asked for a statement

  2260. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) defended Menendez and expressed “confidence he did nothing wrong”
  2261. Harry Reid (D-NV) described Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) as “an outstanding senator” (2013)
    “Senator Menendez has traveled on Dr. Melgen’s plane on three occasions, all of which have been paid for and reported appropriately.”
    ~Senator Bob Menendez’s (D-NJ) staff

  2262. Flight records suggested there was an undisclosed fourth Easter flight to the Dominican Republic
  2263. Menendez was defiant and claimed that the prostitute allegations were “nameless, faceless” “smears”
  2264. Menendez claimed that he was simply too busy to pay back the money for the flights (February 2013)
  2265. Menendez said that reimbursement for the Dominican Republic flights “fell through the cracks”
  2266. Menendez hired crisis-expert Matt Miller to assist with his communications strategy (February 2013)
  2267. Matt Miller was a spokesman for the DOJ and is very close to Attorney General Eric Holder
  2268. Melgen donated $700,000 to a SuperPAC that campaigned for Menendez’s reelection in 2012
  2269. Menendez pressed a State Department official at a hearing to intervene in a contract dispute
  2270. The contract dispute would potentially reap an enormous profit for Dr. Salomon Melgen (July 2012)
  2271. Senator Menendez also tried to intervene in a dispute over whether Melgen over-billed Medicare
  2272. GOP: Menendez spending 87% of his wealth to pay for flights raises questions (February 2013)
  2273. Menendez argued that Secret Service men should’ve been fired in their prostitution scandal (April 2012)
  2274. Dr. Salomon Melgen is also linked to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
  2275. In 2012, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa met with Dr. Salomon Melgen and Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) at the National Association of Latino Electoral and Appointed Officials

  2276. Obama promised a ‘new era of government’ and a “departure from the politics of the past”

  2277. Obama promised to end the partisan and ideological bickering and build a new governing majority
  2278. Obama promised that he would launch “the most sweeping ethics reform in history” (2008)
  2279. Obama pledged to America that he would “clean up both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue” (2008)
  2280. Obama administration promised “to have the toughest ethic laws of any administration in history”
  2281. Obama uses federal agencies to bypass Congress and implement items on the socialist agenda
  2282. EPA bypassed Congress in order to regulate carbon dioxide emissions under the Clean Air Act
  2283. Obama issued a major “green energy” executive order bypassing Congress (September 2012)
  2284. Obama issued executive orders that bypassed Congress and pushed for gun control (January 2013)
  2285. Obama bypassed Congress to allow women to assume combat roles in the military (January 2013)
  2286. National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) was used to create art that helped sell the Obama agenda
  2287. Obama administration casually disregards laws against illegal immigration and political bribery
  2288. White House Chief of staff Rahm Emanuel followed Obama from the “pay-to-play” Chicago
  2289. Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) allegedly tried to sell Obama’s Senate seat and was impeached
  2290. Rahm Emanuel spoke to Blagojevich about the type of person who should replace Obama
  2291. Emanuel confronted Eric Massa (D) naked in the men’s shower to “ask for” a critical vote
  2292. Obama administration violates civil liberties and excessively uses the executive secrecy privilege
  2293. According to laws, offering a specific position or reward in exchange for a specific act is illegal
  2294. White House officials illegally attempted to use appointment powers to achieve political goals
  2295. Obama subverted the democratic process, rule of law, and our system of checks and balances
  2296. Obama is criminalizing and prosecuting whistleblowers to punish then for uncovering scandals
  2297. President Obama has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all previous administrations combined
  2298. An Army intelligence analyst who publicly leaked the “Collateral Murder” video was arrested
  2299. Former senior official Thomas Drake was indicted for revealing the failures of the NSA
  2300. U.S attorney Dennis Burke leaked a sensitive document to punish a Fast & Furious whistleblower
  2301. Obama’s DOJ shared the memo with reporters to in order to smear Special Agent John Dodson
  2302. John Kiriakou, a former CIA officer and a Senate Democratic staffer was arrested for leaking classified information and disclosing the identities of CIA operatives to al-Qaeda inmates at Gitmo
  2303. Kiriakou was among the first to blow the whistle on waterboarding and harsh interrogation
  2304. Critics warn that Obama’s crackdown will erode the ability of the media to expose government abuses
  2305. ‘Fast & Furious’ whistleblower was fired by senior ATF officials at a Denny’s parking lot (2012)
  2306. Evidence shows patterns of the Obama administration routinely violating laws for political gain
  2307. Obama fired an inspector general to stop a fraud investigation and help a crony in Sacramento
  2308. Obama injected himself into State affairs to halt Governor Patterson’s run for re-election in N.Y.
  2309. 18-USC-211, 18-USC-600, and 18-USC-595 were potentially violated through quid pro quo deals
  2310. Obama exchanged a judgeship to Jim Matheson’s (D-UT) brother for an undecided Obamacare vote
  2311. Doug Elmendorf was selected to be the Director of the CBO during the 111th Congress (2009)
  2312. Obama invited Elmendorf to the W.H. just before favorable CBO numbers were released (2009)
  2313. Doug Elmendorf later appeared before a Senate Budget Committee hearing in November 2011
  2314. Elmendorf admitted that the “stimulus” would actually shrink the economy over 10 years (2011)
  2315. $17 million of the “stimulus” went to Coach Craig Robinson, the brother of Michelle Obama
  2316. John McCain (R-AZ) questioned the specter of opaque and “unsavory” deal-making in the Senate
  2317. Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) inserted AIG bonuses into the stimulus bill to pay back his supporters
  2318. Using inaccurate CBO numbers, Senate Democrats passed Obamacare via budget reconciliation
  2319. Senate Democrats handed in special deals in exchange for crucial votes on Obamacare
  2320. Louisiana Purchase: $300 million Katrina kickback to entice the vote of Mary Landrieu (D-LA)
  2321. Cornhusker Kickback: backdoor $100 million deal to entice the vote of Ben Nelson (D-NE)
  2322. Gatorade: special deal to Floridians to exempt from national Medicare cuts for Bill Nelson (D)
  2323. Public hospital in Connecticut given $100 million to entice the vote of Chris Dodd (D-CT)
  2324. Conrad Carveout: bank exempted from takeover of student lending for Kent Conrad (D-ND)
  2325. Rocky Top Vote Swap: extra money provided in exchange for the vote of Bart Gordon (D-TN)
  2326. Labor unions given special exemptions from the new tax on high-end health care plans
  2327. The Frontier States: Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and Utah received special deals
  2328. Five-term GOP incumbent Arlen Specter defected from the GOP to the Democratic Party (2009)
  2329. Arlen Specter (D-PA) casted the critical vote to pass Obama’s $821 billion “stimulus” program
  2330. Democratic leaders later tried to bribe Joe Sestak (D-PA) to drop out of his Senate race for Specter
  2331. According to Sestak, Democrats had offered him future assistance finding a job, but he declined
  2332. Sestak’s admission caused a media firestorm about the White House trying to sell a Senate seat
  2333. Obama had Bill Clinton offer Sestak a “high-ranking unpaid volunteer job” to end his Senate run
  2334. Joe Sestak (D-PA) went on to win the Democrat primary over Obama-backed Arlen Specter (2010)
  2335. Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Eric Holder demanding a probe into illegal activity
  2336. Obama declined to comment on the Sestak deal during his first Q&A press conference in 308 days
  2337. President Obama’s previous Q&A press conference: “the Cambridge police acted stupidly!”
  2338. Longest stretch where George W. Bush didn’t have a full-blown news conference was 204 days
  2339. Obama had lunch with Bill Clinton and then released his first statement regarding the Senate bribe
  2340. Rahm Emanuel enlisted Bill Clinton as a front-man to bribe Sestak (D-PA) to drop out of race
  2341. Bill Clinton changed his story months later: “I didn’t try to get him (Sestak) out of the race”
  2342. Recall President Bill Clinton: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinski”
  2343. Obama “dangled” a job for Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff (D-CO) to drop his Senate run
  2344. White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina reportedly offered Romanoff a job at U.S. AID
  2345. Jobs were offered in attempt to bribe Romanoff to help Obama-backed Senator Michael Bennet
  2346. Arlen Specter (D-PA) opposed Elena Kagan nomination for Solicitor General back in 2009
  2347. Specter shopped his Senate vote of Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination in exchange for a job
  2348. Arlen Specter (D-PA) told the White House he would like a “public service” job after his term
  2349. Candidate Obama vowed in 2008 to respect state laws on the issue of medical marijuana
  2350. Under Obama, the federal government has moved towards more restrictive marijuana policies
  2351. Obama’s DOJ changed its legal interpretation to effectively legalized Internet gambling (2011)
  2352. Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 bans banks from processing payments to online casinos and the Wire Act of 1961 bars betting across state lines using telecommunication devices
  2353. Signing statements allow presidents to raise constitutional objections that circumvent Congress
  2354. In 2007, then-Senator Obama told the Boston Globe: “I will not use signing statements to nullify or undermine congressional instructions as enacted into law”
  2355. Obama: I won’t “use signing statements as a way of doing an end-run around Congress” (2008)
  2356. Obama used a signing statement to question the constitutionality of preventing pay for “czars”
  2357. Obama used a signing statement to object to the block on transferring terrorists to the U.S.
  2358. President Obama issued a signing statement when he signed the $662 billion defense bill (2011)
  2359. White House spokesman Jay Carney insisted Obama was never against signing statements (2011)
    “When I go and stand up in front of the podium, in front of the White House press corps, I never lie. I never say something that I know is not true.”
    ~White House Spokesman Jay Carney speaking with student journalists on April 27, 2012

  2360. Obama’s budget gutted our manned-space program that took America decades to build up
  2361. Obama tasked NASA with “foremost” mission to “improve relations with the Muslim world”
  2362. Obama’s policies left “our American astronauts with no alternative but to hitchhike into space”
  2363. Russia grounded their own Soyuz rockets following an unmanned launch accident (August 2011)
  2364. NASA announced it may have to temporarily abandon the space station in (November 2011)
  2365. NASA also warned that the calculated ‘risk of losing’ the space station was rising as a result
  2366. When asked for advice, former astronaut Dr. Anna Fisher told a boy to “study Russian”
  2367. Russian rocket carrying a U.S. satellite plunged into the Pacific Ocean 40 seconds after launch (2013)
  2368. In 2011, for the first time ever China launched more rockets into orbit than the United States
  2369. Feds approved the first ever takeover of a U.S. bank by a state-controlled Chinese company (2012)
  2370. Lawmakers remained silent over the Chinese takeover of U.S. bank branches (May 2012)
  2371. Obama administration approved of a low-level Air Force One photography flight over NYC
  2372. Obama made controversial decision to move the 2010 Census operations into the White House
  2373. Citizen journalist uncovered video evidence of waste, fraud and corruption with Census operations
  2374. Obama used his campaign resources to push his agenda through unlawful propaganda initiatives
  2375. Obama administration has engaged in an unprecedented amount of propaganda and lobbying
  2376. Violations of law includes 18-USC-1913, 5-USC-3107, and 5-USC-7321-26 (the “Hatch Act”)
  2377. Hatch Act limits political activity on federal property and by government officials
  2378. The standard penalty for violating the Hatch Act is termination with total loss of pay
  2379. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius violated the Hatch Act by making “extemporaneous partisan remarks” during a speech in her official capacity (2012)
    “[I]t’s hugely important to make sure that we re-elect the president and elect a Democratic governor here in North Carolina… [O]ne of the imperatives is to make sure that we not only come here in Charlotte to present the nomination to the president, but we make sure that in November he continues to be president for another four years because this effort has just begun.” ~HHS Kathleen Sebelius violating the Hatch Act while speaking to the Human Rights Campaign (February 2012)

  2380. White House spokesman Jay Carney described Sebelius’ law breaking as an “inadvertent error”
  2381. Office of Special Council determined that Sebelius had violated the Hatch Act (September 2012)
  2382. Sebelius returned the campaign trail in “her personal capacity” on behalf of Obama for America
  2383. DNC-sponsored meetings were held in the Obama White House with donors and fundraisers
  2384. Obama administration aides refused to disclose which aides accompanied Obama to the meetings
  2385. Obama held at least three meetings in the White House with groups of DNC and OfA operatives
  2386. Video of Obama filmed in the White House and sent out in fundraiser emails violated federal law
  2387. The video was filmed in the Map Room, an area of the White House only used for official duties
    According to federal law (Title 18, subsection 607 U.S.C.), “It shall be unlawful for an individual who is an officer or employee of the Federal Government, including the President, Vice President, and Members of Congress, to solicit or receive a donation of money or other thing of value in connection with a Federal, State, or local election, while in any room or building occupied in the discharge of official duties.”

  2388. Obama’s IRS tried to place foreign tax law above the U.S. tax law against the will of Congress
  2389. Homeland Security official was targeted in a criminal probe over a phony college degree
  2390. Number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) workers who claimed that they faced retaliation from superiors more than doubled since Janet Napolitano took over Homeland Security
  2391. Top Homeland Security official was placed on leave after being charged with lewd conduct (2012)
  2392. Senior law-enforcement official James Hayes sued Homeland Security (August 2012)
  2393. James Hayes claimed that he faced a “hostile work environment” in which males were discriminated against under Napolitano, who oversees ICE as head of Homeland Security (2012)
  2394. National Intelligence Director was asked to resign after a critical panel report was given to Obama
  2395. Democrats tried to circumvent the Constitution in order to craft new spending bills in the Senate
  2396. Obama blackmailed Congress by threatening to go public with lawmakers’ pork spending requests
  2397. Obama waited three days to publicly address the first credit-rating downgrade in U.S. history
  2398. Obama’s campaign announced plans to assassinate Romney’s character rather than defend policies
  2399. Obama’s labor secretary Hilda Solis purchased a new SUV to promote American jobs (2011)
  2400. Hilda Solis: “What better example could I set if I encouraged my staff to go and purchase and seek how we could acquire a vehicle that would for me would send a signal that we’re for supporting our American workers, American-made products, fuel efficient as well”
  2401. Hilda Solis’ new SUV was built and assembled in Canada with parts also made in Canada
  2402. Federal government executed its second major raid on Gibson Guitars in just two years (2011)
  2403. Gibson Guitars was raided by the Feds for alleged importation and use of illegal wood
  2404. Feds said Gibson violated the U.S. Lacey Act by importing unfinished wood from India
  2405. Obama’s DOJ claimed that the wood was illegal based on their interpretation of a law in India
  2406. Justice Department’s action was taken without the support and consent of the government in India
  2407. Gibson’s CEO was told the problems “would go away” if the company used Madagascar labor
  2408. Gibson Guitar’s CEO, Henry E. Juszkiewicz, had donated money to the Republican Party
  2409. Gibson’s competitor C.F. Martin & Company uses the exact same wood but was never raided
  2410. According to C.F. Martin’s catalog, several of their guitars also contain “East Indian Rosewood”
  2411. C.F. Martin’s CEO, Chris Martin IV, is a long-time Democratic supporter and big-money donor
  2412. Chris Martin had recently given $35,400 in contributions to Democratic candidates and the DNC
  2413. C.F. Martin & Company also manufactures their guitars in Pennsylvania, a forced-union state
  2414. Obama’s Secretary of Education sent out emails urging their workers to attend an Al Sharpton rally
  2415. Al Sharpton’s Atlanta headquarters admitted to handing out suspect stimulus check forms
  2416. Senior citizens filled out forms promising a $500 check from the ‘stimulus’ program
  2417. Sensitive information was exchanged with the promise of getting a Visa Check card in return
  2418. Fulton County government warned the public that it might be an identity theft scam
  2419. The program was run out of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network headquarters in Atlanta
  2420. Obama appointed SEIU lawyer John Sullivan to the Federal Election Commission (FEC)
  2421. Obama’s chief of staff William Daley owned $7.7 million worth of JPMorgan Chase & Co. stocks
  2422. William Daley is the brother of Obama’s mentor Richard M. Daley, the former mayor of Chicago
  2423. After just 9 months on the job, Daley announced he would leave his job after the 2012 election
  2424. Two weeks later, Chief of Staff William Daley was relieved of core management responsibilities
  2425. Day-to-day management of the West Wing was turned over to Obama’s veteran aide Pete Rouse
  2426. Historically, it is highly unusual for a White House chief of staff to relinquish part of their job
  2427. Obama may have become worried about having a former Wall Street banker as chief of staff
  2428. William Daley resigned on January 9, 2012 and was replaced by Budget Director Jacob Lew
  2429. Jacob Lew was chief operating officer of Citibank’s alternative investments division (2006-2008)
  2430. Under Jacob Lew’s leadership, Citibank’s alternative investments division made billions of dollars betting that “U.S. homeowners would not be able to make their mortgage payments”
  2431. Lew made millions at Citibank, including a bonus of $950,000 in 2009 just a few months after Citibank received billions of dollars in a taxpayer rescue
  2432. Citibank is still partly owned by U.S. taxpayers
  2433. Jacob Lew twice lied that Republicans were preventing a vote on Obama’s 2013 budget proposal
  2434. Obama and the “mainstream media” orchestrated coordinated attacks on John Boehner (R-OH)
  2435. Democrats anticipated that John Boehner (R-OH) would be the next Speaker of the House in 2011
  2436. The political Obama White House immediately attacked the House GOP’s ‘Pledge to America’
  2437. GAO: Obama’s White House violated federal law during bilateral talks with the Chinese (2011)
  2438. NSA refused to reveal the number of Americans spied upon by citing privacy protection (2012)
  2439. Veterans Administration sent out an email to their employees touting President Obama (July 2012)
  2440. President Obama skipped more than half of his daily intelligence briefings
  2441. Under public pressure, President Obama gave up his iPad for live intelligence briefings (2012)
  2442. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) managers violated the Hatch Act by urging workers in Seattle to vote for Democrats in 2012, which workers at the meeting said felt like a threat (May 2012)
  2443. Democrats have been using the DOJ and IRS to target and audit various political opponents
  2444. Obama collected hundreds of millions in campaign contributions whose origins were never traced
  2445. Bill Clinton pushed Kendrick Meek (D-FL) to quit the 2010 Senate race to help Charlie Crist (R)
  2446. Charlie Crist lost his bid for Senate in 2010, but later endorsed Obama for re-election in 2012
  2447. Charlie Crist spoke in support of Obama at the Democratic National Convention (September 2012)
  2448. Charlie Crist had described Sarah Palin as being more qualified to be president than Obama (2008)
  2449. The CEO of the company selling the TSA body scanners accompanied Obama during trip to India
  2450. European countries banned the use of the ‘naked’ body scanners due to cancer concerns (2011)
  2451. TSA postponed our own safety study of the body scanners used to screen passengers (2011)
  2452. Rapiscan, a maker of airport body scanners, was suspected of falsifying software tests (2012)
  2453. Congressional report released in 2011 slammed TSA as being bloated and ineffective
  2454. TSA employs 65,000 workers, allowed 25,000 security breaches, and buys inadequate technology
  2455. Oversight committee chairman: “The agency as a whole has been a colossal disappointment”
  2456. Obama used spying, threats, and promises of aid to get support for the 2009 Copenhagen accord
  2457. 111th Congress passed the most laws since 1960s, ended with a record-low 13% approval rating
  2458. Valerie Jarrett told Vanity Fair that Obama “has been bored to death his whole life” (2011)
  2459. Valerie Jarrett contends that President Obama had “never really been challenged intellectually”
  2460. Valerie Jarrett said that President Obama “is just too talented to do what ordinary people do”
  2461. Obama blamed election losses on not communicating his policies with the American people
  2462. Jarrett said Obama’s “biggest regret” was spending “almost every waking hour in Washington”
  2463. In actuality, Obama spent 339 of his first 712 days (48%) outside of Washington D.C. (1/2/2011)
  2464. Obama gave 392 speeches, statements, and remarks in 2009 and another 491 in 2010 (883 total)
  2465. Obama held 42 news conferences and press availabilities in 2009 and another 27 in 2010 (69 total)
  2466. Obama held 40 town hall meetings and 7 backyard chats during his first two years as president
  2467. Obama took 46 domestic trips spanning 72 days in 2009 and another 65 trips in 104 days in 2010
  2468. President Obama told Barbara Walters that his worst quality is “laziness” (December 2011)
  2469. N.Y.T. reported that the White House set the Libya speech time to avoid ‘Dancing With the Stars’
  2470. Obama didn’t invite the governor of Arizona to the W.H. for a meeting about immigration reform
  2471. Obama decides which states to help during a ‘state of emergency’ based on political considerations
  2472. Obama administration denied Texas federal disaster aid for wildfires raging over millions of acres
  2473. Obama administration previously sent assistance to Mexico to help with their wildfires in 2011
  2474. President Obama held seven campaign rallies before visiting Louisiana after Hurricane Isaac (2012)
  2475. Obama’s NLRB tried to tell a Boeing where it could and couldn’t build a plant within the U.S.
  2476. NLRB tried to tell Boeing that they couldn’t open a whole new plant in South Carolina (2011)
  2477. Goal of the NLRB was to prevent direct competition of right-to-work with forced-union states
  2478. NLRB dropped their Boeing lawsuit once it was realized that they did not have that power (2011)
  2479. NLRB documents (FOIA requests) show NLRB staff joking and attacking the U.S. and Congress
  2480. President Obama reportedly complained about taking pictures with troops during a trip to Baghdad
  2481. White House announced they would end the staging of speeches for photographs in May 2011
  2482. Obama’s Secret Service interrogated a 7th grade student without his parents knowledge (2011)
  2483. Obama White House added a new position to deal with unfavorable online media coverage (2011)
  2484. Obama called his new “press” office the Progressive Media & Online Response Department
  2485. Obama’s new “truth minister,” Jesse Lee, is the husband of Nita Chaudhary of
  2486. Nita Chaudhary was responsible for the 2007 “General Betray Us” newspaper ad
  2487. is one of the most anti-American, anti-military, left-wing activist groups in America
  2488. Political donor to Joe Biden was sent to prison for his role in a campaign-finance scheme (2012)
  2489. Christopher Tigani pled guilty to illegally channeling contributions through his family liquor business to numerous federal and state political campaigns, including to Joe Biden in 2007
  2490. Carlos and Alberto Cardona are brothers of a Mexican fugitive wanted on federal drug charges
  2491. Carlos and Alberto Cardona had given $200,000 to President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign
  2492. Abake Assongba and her husband contributed more than $50,000 to the Obama Victory Fund
  2493. President Obama was photographed standing with the couple at a May 2010 fundraiser
  2494. Abake Assongba and her husband gave another $15,000 to Democrats running for Congress
  2495. Assongba was accused of defrauding a businessman and impersonating a bank official (2012)
  2496. Assongba allegedly stole more than $650,000 to help build a multi-million-dollar home
  2497. General Services Administration (GSA) manages real estate for the federal government
  2498. General Services Administration (GSA) held a lavish conference in Las Vegas (2010)
  2499. Inspector General released a report on the $822,000 training conference held for 300 employees
  2500. The conference was held at the opulent M Resort and Casino hotel just south of Las Vegas
  2501. The taxpayer-funded conference included a clown, a mind reader, and a $31,208 reception
  2502. GSA regional administrator Ruth F. Cox attempted to hide the report from public view
  2503. GSA nixed their “GreenUP 2012 Training Conference and Vendor Showcase” in Las Vegas
  2504. GSA’s chief Martha N. Johnson resigned following reports of excessive spending
  2505. Two top deputies were fired and four managers were placed on leave following the scandal
  2506. GSA chief Martha N. Johnson was also set to visit Solyndra the week of the conference
  2507. The Solyndra visit would have coincided with the October 2010 GSA conference
  2508. Jeffrey Neely was tasked with organizing the $822,000 conference in Las Vegas
  2509. Event planners reportedly violated federal limits on conference spending
  2510. GSA official Jeffrey Neely invoked the Fifth Amendment to avoid answering questions
  2511. David Axelrod on the GSA scandal: “We’re saving taxpayers money all the time” (2012)
  2512. Obama’s official Twitter account was caught following the account @sideboob
  2513. Obama praised himself as a “twoosh master” for writing a 140-character Tweet (by cheating)
  2514. Reports show that 70% of Obama’s 18.8 million Twitter followers are “fake” or “inactive”
  2515. Secret Service agents partied like rock stars on Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard vacation (2011)
  2516. Secret Service was caught with prostitutes prior to Obama’s arrival at the Summit of the Americas
  2517. Prostitution scandal in Cartagena, Colombia ensnared thirteen Secret Service agents
  2518. Secret Service’s 229-page log revealed agent’s porn, wiretap, embezzlement, drunken misdeeds, etc.
  2519. S.S. Director Mark Sullivan was suspected of lying to Congress about the prostitution scandal
  2520. Inspector General report contradicts the Secret Service regarding the prostitution scandal (2012)
  2521. Scandal led to the resignation or retirement of nine of the 12 implicated Secret Service employees
  2522. Pentagon also launched an investigation of a dozen military members in connection with the scandal
  2523. Three DEA special agents also admitted to the Department of Justice that they had paid for sexual services from a prostitute, and “used their DEA Blackberry devices to arrange such activities”
  2524. Two of the DEA special agents helped line up a prostitute for a Secret Service agent in Columbia
  2525. Joe Biden’s Secret Service detail engaged in a bloody, booze-fueled brawl in Nantucket (2011)
  2526. Sec. Leon Panetta said he regretted his weekly $32,000 round trips to his California home
  2527. Obama violated campaign finance law when he appeared on Fallon’s show to “slow-jam the news”
  2528. Obama violated the equal time rule, which states that if a licensee permits a person “who is a legally qualified candidate for any public office to use a broadcasting station, he shall afford equal opportunities to all other such candidates for that office in the use of such broadcasting station”
  2529. Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor, to Dolores Huerta
  2530. Dolores Huerta is an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)
  2531. Dolores Huerta, a socialist, claimed in April 2006 that “Republicans hate Latinos”
  2532. DOJ wasted taxpayer money by repeatedly prosecuting and failing to convict in high-profile cases
  2533. First attempt to try Roger Clemens ended in a mistrial due to prosecutorial misconduct (2011)
  2534. Roger Clemens was found “not guilty” on all six charges that he obstructed and lied to Congress
  2535. Barry Bonds was found guilty of just obstruction of justice after a seven-year investigation
  2536. Two-year investigation into cyclist Lance Armstrong were closed with no charges brought
  2537. Corruption trial of former presidential candidate John Edwards ended with a failure to convict
  2538. Eric Holder and David Axelrod reportedly shoved each other over a DOJ staffing disagreement
  2539. Experts: Obama campaign’s data mining “reaches far beyond anything politics has ever seen”
  2540. Obama shrunk the aerial firefighting fleet prior to Colorado’s ‘epic firestorm’ (2012)
  2541. Obama’s defense budget cuts sixty-five C-130s from the fleet over the next four years
  2542. Obama administration said they felt it would be inappropriate to use the presidential seal for “strictly political” campaign events, but then did it anyway in Pittsburgh on Friday, July 6, 2012
  2543. Obama used the presidential seal again at a designated campaign event in Las Vegas (August 2012)
  2544. By holding a campaign event at the Congregation Keneseth Israel, Obama’s campaign violated IRS rules prohibiting nonprofit organizations, including religious institutions, from “directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office” (July 2012)
  2545. U.S. military officials accused Lieutenant General William Caldwell of covering up a horrifying scandal at a taxpayer-funded hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan to help Obama prior to the 2010 elections
  2546. The Dawood National Military Hospital was described as having “Auschwitz-like conditions”
  2547. U.S. taxpayers reportedly spent more than $150 million on the hospital in just 18 months
  2548. Defense Department issued a memo announcing the concealment and destruction of evidence
  2549. Obama’s Labor Department told defense contractors to ignore a law that Obama himself supported
  2550. Labor Department told contractors to delay announcing layoffs due to the sequestration cuts
  2551. Obama supported the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act as a senator
    “For too long, employers have failed to notify workers that they’re about to lose their jobs due to mass layoffs or plant closings even though notice is required by the WARN Act. The least employers can do when they’re anticipating layoffs is to let workers know they’re going to be out of a job and a pay check with enough time to plan for the future.” ~Press release from Barack Obama (2007)
    “We must act at the federal level to close the loophole that allows employers to disregard the WARN Act without penalty.” ~Obama writing in a Toledo Blade column (2007)

  2552. Law requires that companies give their employees 60 days notice before layoffs take place
  2553. Department of Labor deemed that following the rule of law was “inappropriate” in this case
  2554. Lockheed Martin and other defense contractors threatened to lay off their workers before the election so that voters could see the impact of Obama’s $500 billion cuts to defense spending (2012)
  2555. Obama administration was worried about creating more bad economic headlines before election day
  2556. Obama’s White House promised to pay any fines and/or penalties, using taxpayer money, that might be leveled against a defense contractor for violating federal law (September 2012)
  2557. Boeing waited until after Obama was re-elected to announce lay-offs (November 2012)
  2558. Department of Labor inadvertently released initial jobless claims numbers a day early (2012)
  2559. President Obama failed to submit his annual regulation plan as required by law (September 2012)
  2560. Obama campaign violated the U.S. Flag Code by selling “Our Stripes: Flag Print” merchandise
  2561. Obama administration released incomplete weekly jobless claims to favor Obama (October 2012)
  2562. Number of federal employees in government is nearly equal to the entire U.S. population back in 1776
  2563. Obama administration gave ACORN at least $540,905 in 2011 in defiance of Public Law 111-117
  2564. Obama allowed health care companies to shape policy in exchange for big campaign donations
  2565. Obama appointed Judith Faulkner, CEO of Epic Systems Corporation, to the Health & Human Services Health Information Technology Policy Committee created from the “stimulus” bill
  2566. Faulkner and Epic employees are major liberal donors, giving $300,000 to Democrats since 2006
  2567. Faulkner is the sole representative for the health IT industry on the president’s committee
  2568. The committee has the power to set industry standards and represents a clear conflict of interest
  2569. Obama “summoned” a co-equal branch of government to the White House during debt debates
  2570. Obama refused a bipartisan short-term debt ceiling framework due to the upcoming 2012 elections
  2571. Obama compared his handling of the debt issue with how President Lincoln dealt with slavery
  2572. Obama compared himself to Lincoln and how he worked to shape public opinion (January 2013)
  2573. House Democratic leader urged Obama to raise the debt ceiling without Congressional approval
  2574. Joe Biden charged the Secret Service $2,200 a month rent for a cottage used to protect his life
  2575. Biden’s 2011 tax filings showed that he earned $20,900 in rent from the Secret Service in 2011
  2576. Obama offered $50 million on World AIDS Day, compared to Bush’s $15 billion AIDS initiative
  2577. Kevin McNulty was quietly nominated by Obama to a U.S. District Court judgeship in New Jersey
  2578. Kevin McNulty is the brother-in-law of Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
  2579. Some in the judicial-nomination process in New Jersey believed that the surprise nomination was a naked political maneuver by Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) to stay in Chuck Schumer’s good graces
  2580. Lautenberg and his aides gave no public explanation for the decision to go with McNulty (2011)
  2581. McNulty’s name wasn’t even publicly touted as a contender for the job prior to the surprise pick
  2582. The U.S. District Court judgeship in New Jersey carries life tenure and a $174,000-a-year salary
  2583. Obama bemoaned the “corrosive influence of money in politics” during the SOTU speech (2012)
  2584. Obama allowed cabinet members and top advisers to speak at big money events for super PACs
  2585. These super PACs are unaccountable outside groups that are raising money for his re-election
  2586. Herbert M. Allison Jr., a veteran Wall Street executive, performed an independent review that exonerated the Obama administration’s program of loans to energy companies before Congress (2012)
  2587. Allison was the former head of the government’s mass purchase of toxic Wall Street assets
  2588. In congressional testimony, Herbert M. Allison Jr. minimized concerns that the DOE was at high risk in more than $23 billion in federal loans awarded to “green energy” companies (March 2012)
  2589. Campaign records show that Herbert Allison Jr. contributed $52,500 to Obama and the DNC (2012)
  2590. Allison previously gave Obama $2,300 prior to being picked for assistant treasury secretary (2008)

  2591. Obama dubbed ‘Leaker-in-chief’ for repeatedly benefiting politically from national security leaks

  2592. Obama administration rejected the idea of probing recent national security intelligence leaks
  2593. President Obama opposed the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the leaks
  2594. The intelligence leaks apparently originated from the “highest levels” of the administration
  2595. Obama said the notion that “my White House” would leak documents is “offensive” and “wrong”
    “The notion that my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive. It’s wrong.”
    ~President Obama at a June 8, 2012 press conference

  2596. The political purpose of the leaks appeared to be boosting Obama’s image as commander-in-chief
  2597. New York Times articles sourced current and former officials within the Obama administration
  2598. Justice Department began investigating the White House’s handling of classified information
  2599. Attorney General Eric Holder appointed two prosecutors to investigate the source of the leaks
  2600. Eric Holder picked Ronald C. Machen Jr. of D.C. and Rod Rosenstein of Maryland (June 2012)
  2601. Machen was nominated by Obama to serve as the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia
  2602. Machen also previously donated $4,350 to Obama’s campaigns
  2603. Classified leaks included details about President Obama’s “kill list”
  2604. New York Times cited “three dozen” of Obama’s “current and former advisers” to detail how he directs U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen based on a classified “kill list” of terror suspects
  2605. Obama is provided with the identities of those put on the “kill list” and signs off on every strike
  2606. Sensitive details about the Stuxnet virus and Flame worm were leaked to the New York Times
  2607. Leaks showed that the U.S. and Israel developed the Flame virus to slow Iranian nuclear efforts
  2608. Parts of the Obama administration’s cyber campaign to disrupt and spy on Iran’s nuclear weapons program was leaked to the New York Times
  2609. Israeli officials disputed Obama’s claim that Stuxnet was jointly developed by Israel and the U.S.
  2610. Obama administration gave moviemakers and the press details about the Osama bin Laden raid
  2611. A Pakistani doctor was sentenced to 33-years in a Pakistani prison for helping the United States
  2612. Doctor Shakil Afridi had provided the blood (DNA) sample used to confirm Osama’s whereabouts
  2613. McCain accused the administration of sanctioning leaks by senior officials for political purposes
    “Why else would they want to do this, except to enhance the image of the president six months before the election? Why else reveal the name of this Pakistani doctor? You can only draw one conclusion. The purpose of all these leaks is to tell a story about a brave, lonely warrior with all this awesome responsibility.” ~Senator John McCain (R-AZ) in June 2012

  2614. Obama administration ratted out a mole who had infiltrated al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
  2615. Pentagon officials “fumed” when John Brennan gave away “operational secrets”
  2616. Robert Gates offered a “new strategic communications approach,” which was to “Shut the f--- up”
  2617. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) warned the White House about leaking classified information (July 2012)
  2618. Congressman Dan Burton said that there’s “no question” that the White House leaks are by design
  2619. Admiral William McRaven, Commander of Special Operations, warned that “sooner or later” the White House leaks will “cost people their lives” (July 2012)

  2620. Obama swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States
    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
    ~Oath taken (twice) by President Barack Obama (January 2009)

  2621. Obama administration routinely fails to defend America to uphold and execute the rule of law
  2622. Obama routinely dismisses precedent and skirts the rule of law to reward his pals and punish his foes
  2623. Obama drafted an executive order to bypass Congress when favored legislation fails to pass
  2624. One draft order requires federal contractors to disclose donations to 3rd-party political groups
  2625. Obama’s draft executive order exempts unions from the same political disclosure obligations
  2626. Carney: Obama recognizes “there are things he can do without Congress and he will do them”
  2627. President Obama went to war in Libya without the authority required from Congress
  2628. President Obama made plans to bypass Congress in order to regulate greenhouse gases
  2629. President Obama used signing statements to spend money without the authority of Congress
  2630. Obama ordered his advisers to push new spending projects without ‘Congressional authorization’
  2631. Jesse Jackson Jr.: Obama should bypass ‘rebellious’ Congress and hire unemployed at $40K/year
  2632. Obama administration made plans to roll out “a jobs plan that doesn’t need Congress”
  2633. Obama bypassed Congress to create a new “We Can’t Wait” summer jobs program (2012)
  2634. Obama announced changes that allow tourists to obtain visas easier as part of “We Can’t Wait”
    “The fact of the matter is there are laws on the books that I have to enforce. And I think there’s been a great disservice done to the cause of getting the DREAM Act passed and getting comprehensive immigration passed by perpetrating the notion that somehow, by myself, I can go and do these things. It’s just not true.” ~President Obama speaking in 2011

  2635. Obama bypassed Congress to rewrite the nation’s immigration laws through executive fiat
  2636. Obama stopped deporting as many as 800,000 illegal immigrants and gave them the right to work
  2637. Obama’s policy change accomplishes portions of the DREAM Act that Congress refused to pass
  2638. Obama scolded a reporter, ‘I didn’t ask for an argument…’ when asked about the effect on jobs
  2639. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that President Obama’s action could be illegal (June 2012)
    “President Obama’s attempt to go around Congress and the American people is at best unwise and possibly illegal.” ~Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC)
    “This type of policy proposal, regardless of the motivation, will entice people to break our laws.” ~Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC)

  2640. President Obama assassinated American citizens without due process afforded by the Constitution
  2641. Obama ran for president denouncing the expansive use of executive power in the war on terrorism
  2642. Secret panel of senior government officials can place American citizens on a “kill list”
  2643. The secret “kill list” panel is a subset of the Obama White House’s National Security Council
  2644. There is no law establishing its existence or setting out the rules by which it’s suppose to operate
  2645. DOJ wrote a secret memorandum authorizing the lethal targeting of U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki
  2646. Anwar al-Awlaki was the first American citizen added to Obama’s “capture or kill” list
  2647. Al-Awlaki was described as “chief of external operations for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)
  2648. Al-Awlaki was born in the U.S. and presumably should have been afforded constitutional protections
  2649. Anwar al-Awlaki had never been indicted by the U.S. government nor charged with any crimes
  2650. Officials refused to disclose how they considered any Fifth Amendment right to due process
  2651. Office of Legal Counsel in the Department of Justice reportedly determined that the targeting and killing of U.S. citizens overseas was legal under domestic and international laws
  2652. Anwar al-Awlaki’s son, 16-year-old Abdulrahman, was killed by Obama’s drones (October 2011)
  2653. Abdulrahman was born in Denver, Colorado and had no known ties to any terrorist organizations
  2654. CIA also killed U.S. citizen Samir Khan, a driving force behind “Inspire,” an al-Qaeda magazine
    “Every American has the right to know when their government believes that it is allowed to kill them.” ~Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), member of the Senate Intelligence Committee (February 2013)

  2655. Obama administration uses secret legal justifications and undisclosed intelligence assessments
  2656. Obama insisted on publishing Bush-era legal memos justifying the use of interrogation techniques
  2657. Obama administration refused to make public its rationale for killing a citizen without due process
  2658. W.H. Spokesman Jay Carney on secret kill list: “Not going to engage in conversation about that”
  2659. Obama’s lawyers declared that U.S. citizens are legitimate targets in the war on terrorism (2011)
  2660. Pentagon counsel Jeh Johnson said only the executive branch, not the courts, are equipped to make decisions about who qualifies as an enemy and therefore become legitimate targets of the military
  2661. Obama demanded the power to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens without Constitutional protections
    “The language which precluded the application of Section 1031 to American citizens was in the bill that we originally approved… and the administration asked us to remove the language which says that U.S. citizens and lawful residents would not be subject to this section.” ~Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), Chairman of the Armed Services Committee (December 2011)

  2662. Obama’s signing statement on DNAA 2012: I have the power to detain Americans… but I won’t
  2663. Obama will be known as the president who enshrined indefinite detention without trial into law
  2664. Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) questioned Obama’s use of an autopen to ‘sign’ the 2011 Patriot Act
  2665. Obama again used the autopen to approve a stopgap spending bill passed by Congress (2011)
  2666. Article 1 Section 7 of the Constitution says that a president must sign a bill to approve it into law

  2667. President Obama violated the Constitution and abused his power with illegal “recess” appointments

  2668. President Obama tried to dictate to the U.S. Senate when it was and was not in session (2012)
  2669. Liberals wanted Richard Cordray to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
  2670. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created by the Dodd-Frank financial reform law
  2671. The CFPB couldn’t fully realize its new executive branch powers without a director in place
  2672. Powers of the CFPB director includes issuing new rules and regulations for many financial firms
  2673. The legal text of the Dodd-Frank law states that the new executive-branch powers will not take effect until the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) director “is confirmed by the Senate”
  2674. Liberals urged Obama to break the precedent on recess appointments to appoint Cordray (2012)
    Article 1, Section 5, Clause 4 of the U.S. Constitution provides that “Neither House, during the Session of Congress, shall, without the Consent of the other, adjourn for more than three days…”

  2675. Republican-controlled House refused to consent to Senate adjournment in January 2012
  2676. As a result, the Democrat-led Senate scheduled pro-forma sessions every third day as required
  2677. After two days, Obama installed Richard via “recess” appointment, but the Senate wasn’t in recess
  2678. Obama also appointed three new members to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
  2679. Two members of the NLRB, Sharon Block (D) and Richard Griffin (D), were rushed appointments by President Obama and had not even been considered by the Democrat-led Senate
  2680. Griffin was a lawyer for the AFL-CIO, the International Union of Operating Engineers, etc.
  2681. Block was deputy assistant secretary for congressional affairs inside Obama’s Department of Labor
  2682. Sharon Block also had previously worked for Massachusetts Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy
  2683. Sharon Block and Richard Griffin hadn’t even passed basic criminal and civil background checks
  2684. Checks are used to ensure nominees have paid their income taxes and have no conflicts of interest
    “It’s hard to argue that the Senate was obstructing these Democratic nominees when they don’t even appear on the administration’s own list of nominations and appointments.” ~U.S. Chamber of Commerce labor policy specialist Glenn Spencer
    “I refuse to take ‘No’ for an answer. I’ve said before that I will continue to look for every opportunity to work with Congress to move this country forward. But when Congress refuses to act in a way that hurts our economy and puts people at risk, I have an obligation as president to do what I can without them.”
    ~President Obama introducing Richard Cordray in Ohio (January 4, 2012)

  2685. John Boehner called the appointments an “extraordinary and entirely unprecedented power grab”
  2686. No recess appointment by a president in the last 20 years has occurred in less than 10 days
  2687. In 1993, Clinton’s Justice Department issued their finding that a recess must be longer than 3 days
  2688. Obama’s solicitor general, Neal Katyal, cited the finding during Supreme Court arguments (2011)
    “The recess appointment power can work in a recess. I think our office has opined the recess has to be longer than 3 days.” ~Deputy Solicitor General Neal Katyal during arguments to the United States Supreme Court (2010)

  2689. Three-day rule was also the precedent Obama and Senate Democrats followed in 2007 and 2008 to block President George W. Bush from appointing nominees using recess appointments
  2690. Pro forma sessions occur when the Senate is gaveled into business but conducts no real work
  2691. Senate Democrats used the strategy to block Bush’s appointments during his second term
    “I am keeping the Senate in pro forma to prevent recess appointments until we get this process back on track.” ~Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) on November 16, 2007

  2692. Obama took a ‘victory lap’ by visiting the CFPB two days after defying the U.S. Constitution (2012)
  2693. Federal appeals court ruled that Obama abused his power with his illegal recess appointments (2013)
  2694. The judges ruled that the appointments Obama made were illegal and unconstitutional (January 2013)
  2695. As a result, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) no longer had a quorum to operate (2013)
  2696. The NLRB and the Justice Department refused requests for comments on the ruling (January 2013)
  2697. Obama administration ignored the Federal Appeals Court’s ruling and insisted that it would have “no impact on the ongoing operations of the National Labor Relations Board” (January 2013)
  2698. After the court ruled against the illegal NLRB recess appointments, Louie Gohmert (R-TX) called on Obama’s former constitutional law students to file a class-action lawsuit to get their money back (January 2013)

  2699. Obama administration attacks the free press and tries to bully them if they disagree with the agenda

  2700. White House encroached on First Amendment rights by manipulating interviews with networks
  2701. Obama administration lied about its attempt to exclude Fox News from interviewing its ‘pay czar’
  2702. Obama’s Treasury Department official claimed: “There was no plot to exclude Fox News…”
  2703. FOIA documents revealed proof of an entrenched anti-Fox bias within the Obama administration
  2704. Obama’s White House: “We’ve demonstrated our willingness and ability to exclude Fox News”
  2705. Obama ridiculed a Fox News reporter, “I didn’t know you were the spokesman for Mitt Romney” (2011)
  2706. FCC cracked down on religious broadcasters by removing exemptions for closed captioning
  2707. Valerie Jarrett blamed “one particular network” for the class warfare rhetoric (July 2012)
  2708. Obama suggested to a patron at Ziggy’s bar in Amherst, Ohio to turn off Fox News (July 2012)
  2709. Obama tried to threaten Fox News and Rush Limbaugh to compromise with him (January 2013)
  2710. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) began monitoring U.S. citizens on what they say (2012)
  2711. Department of Homeland Security’s National Operations Center (NOC) Media Monitoring Initiative included surveillance of journalists, politicians, private sector employees, and “persons known to have been involved in major crimes of Homeland Security interest”
  2712. Department of Homeland Security characterizes Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists (2012)
  2713. Obama White House has editorial control over what is said at NBC and other mainstream outlets
  2714. NBC/MSNBC is partially owned (49%) by General Electric (GE), which is run by CEO Jeffrey Immelt
  2715. Jeffrey Immelt was an Obama White House appointee and GE received $24.9 million in stimulus funds
  2716. NBC President Steve Capus claimed to be the “arbiter of issues involving ethics” at NBC News
  2717. Steve Capus fostered an environment where it is okay to maliciously edit facts in order to falsely smear private citizens and the political opponents of President Obama as being racists
  2718. Steve Capus refused to name the NBC “senior” producer fired for portraying a citizen as a racist
  2719. NBC’s Contessa Brewer used deceptively edited video so that MSNBC viewers wouldn’t know that a man carrying firearms to a Tea Party rally was a black man (August 2009)
  2720. Contessa Brewer used the video to slander the Tea Party as being racist towards President Obama
  2721. NBC edited another video to make it appear as if the father of a Sandy Hook victim was being heckled
  2722. Steve Capus resigned as president of NBC News after signing a long-term deal in 2012 (February 2013)
  2723. Comcast’s executive vice president, David L. Cohen, hosted fundraiser(s) for Obama in 2011
  2724. Cohen, a Democratic operative, worked on the regulatory review of the Comcast-NBC merger
  2725. Comcast, which owns NBC Universal, was involved with Joe Biden’s gun violence task force
  2726. Cohen met with Vice President Joe Biden to discuss ways to reduce gun violence in America (2013)
  2727. Comcast reportedly spent $28.1 million lobbying members of the 112th Congress
  2728. NBC Sports Network, a subsidiary of Comcast, sponsored the largest gun trade show in the U.S. (2013)
  2729. NBC Sports was listed as one of the primary sponsors of the 2013 SHOT show in Las Vegas
  2730. The SHOT show bills itself as “the world’s premier exposition of combined firearms”
  2731. Google executive Marissa Mayer hosted a Democratic fundraiser featuring Obama in October 2011
  2732. FOIA documents show that Obama’s White House attacked and excluded Fox News channel
  2733. Obama thinks that Fox News is “destructive,” but that MSNBC “provides an invaluable service”
  2734. Recent polling shows that 47% trust Fox News (most of any network), only 12% trust MSNBC
  2735. MSNBC’s president Phil Griffin admitted that the network caters to the so-called ‘progressive left’
  2736. CNN’s cable news ratings fell to a 21-year low (June 2012 )
  2737. After humiliating ratings, CNN president Jim Walton resigned after thirty years with the network
  2738. Jeff Zucker was hired from NBC to shake up CNN after suffering its worst rating slump in 21 years
  2739. CNN president Jeff Zucker hired and fired six big names in his first two days on the job (2013)
  2740. CNN cut ties with veteran political analyst James Carville and his wife Mary Matalin (January 2013)
  2741. CNN’s managing editor Mark Whitaker resigned, citing Zucker’s “forceful ideas” (January 2013)
  2742. CNN chief national correspondent John King was pushed out in favor of Jake Tapper
  2743. Jake Tapper was poached from ABC to become CNN’s new chief Washington correspondent
  2744. The voice of James Earl Jones will once again speak the “This is CNN” greeting
  2745. President Obama criticized cable news during the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington (2013)

  2746. President Obama encroached on the religious freedoms protected by the First Amendment

  2747. Obama spoke disrespectfully of Christians, saying they “cling to guns or religion” (April 2008)
  2748. Obama presented a plan in February 2009 to revoke conscience protection for health care workers who refuse to participate in medical activities that go against their beliefs (implemented February 2011)
  2749. When speaking to Georgetown University, President Obama ordered that a monogram symbolizing Jesus’ name be covered while he was making his speech (April 2009)
  2750. Obama declined to host services for the National Prayer Day at the White House (May 2009)
  2751. President Obama nominated three pro-abortion ambassadors to the Vatican (April 2009)
  2752. On October 19, 2010, Obama began omitting the phrase about “the Creator” when quoting the Declaration of Independence – an omission he has repeated at least seven times as president
  2753. President Obama misquoted the National motto, saying it is “E pluribus Unum” rather than “In God We Trust” as established by federal law (November 2010)
  2754. Obama refused to allow the World War I memorial to be transferred to private hands as required by law after a judge ruled that the cross in the memorial could continue to stand (January 2011)
  2755. Obama waited more than two years to fill the post of religious freedom ambassador, an official in the State Department that works against religious persecution across the world (February 2011)
  2756. For the first time in American history, Obama urged passage of a non-discrimination law that did not contain hiring protections for religious groups, forcing religious organizations to hire according to federal mandates without regard to the dictates of their own faith (April 2011)
  2757. Obama administration released new healthcare rules that override religious conscience protections for medical workers in the areas of abortion and contraception (August 2011)
  2758. Obama ignored religious freedom by trying to force Catholic employers to pay for contraception
  2759. Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Obama needs to stop “intruding into the internal life of a church”
  2760. Military chaplains were barred from reading a letter thereby violating their exercise of free speech
  2761. Obama compromised by instead mandating insurance companies to provide the free services
  2762. Sebelius: “The reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for the cost of contraception”
  2763. Obama administration never sought a legal opinion about the mandate from the DOJ
  2764. The Archdiocese of New York, the Archdiocese of Washington D.C., the University of Notre Dame, and 40 other Catholic dioceses and organizations sued the Obama administration for violating the religious freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution (2012)
  2765. Catholic bishops described the pro-abortion Obamacare mandate as “immoral”
  2766. President Obama opposed inclusion of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous D-Day Prayer in the World War II Memorial (November 2011)
  2767. Obama avoided any religious references in his Thanksgiving speech (November 2011)
  2768. Obama administration denigrated other countries’ religious beliefs as an obstacle to radical homosexual rights (December 2011)
  2769. Obama administration argued that the First Amendment provides no protection for churches and synagogues in hiring their pastors and rabbis (January 2012)
  2770. Obama administration, which forgives student loans in exchange for public service, announced it will no longer forgive student loans if the public service is related to religion (February 2012)
  2771. Department of Veterans Affairs forbids references to God and Jesus during burial ceremonies at Houston National Cemetery (June 2011)
  2772. Air Force stopped teaching Just War Theory to officers in California because the course is taught by chaplains and is based on a philosophy introduced by St. Augustine (August 2011)
  2773. Air Force Chief of Staff prohibited commanders from notifying airmen of programs and services available to them from chaplains (September 2011)
  2774. Army issued guidelines for Walter Reed Medical Center stipulating that “No religious items (such as Bibles, etc.) are allowed to be given away or used during a visit” (September 2011)
  2775. Air Force Academy rescinded their support for Operation Christmas Child, for impoverished children across the world, because the program is run by a Christian charity (November 2011)
  2776. Air Force Academy spent $80,000 to add a Stonehenge-like worship center for pagans, druids, witches, and Wiccans (November 2011)
  2777. U.S. Military Academy at West Point disinvited Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, a decorated war hero, from speaking at an event because he is an outspoken Christian (February 2012)
  2778. Air Force removed the word “God” from the patch of Rapid Capabilities Office (February 2012)
  2779. Checklist for Air Force Inns no longer include ensuring that a Bible is available in rooms for those who want to use them (April 2012)
  2780. Obama administration opposed legislation to protect the rights of conscience for military chaplains who do not wish to perform same-sex marriages in violation of their religious beliefs (May 2012)
  2781. Obama lifted restrictions on U.S. government funding for groups that provide abortion services or counseling abroad, forcing taxpayers to fund pro-abortion groups that either promote or perform abortions in other nations (January 2009)
  2782. President Obama’s nominee for deputy secretary of state asserted that American taxpayers are required to pay for abortions and limits on abortion funding are unconstitutional (January 2009)
  2783. Obama administration shut out pro-life groups from attending a White House-sponsored health care summit (March 2009)
  2784. Obama ordered taxpayer funding for embryonic stem cell research (March 2009)
  2785. Obama gave $50 million for the UNFPA, the UN population agency that promotes abortion and works closely with Chinese population control officials who use forced abortions and involuntary sterilizations
  2786. Obama’s budget eliminated all funding for abstinence-only education and replaced it with “comprehensive” sexual education, thereby increasing teen pregnancies and abortions (May 2009)
  2787. Obama officials assembled a terrorism dictionary calling pro-life advocates violent and charging that they use racism in their “criminal” activities (May 2009)
  2788. Obama administration illegally extended federal benefits to same-sex partners of Foreign Service and Executive Branch employees, in direct violation of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (July 2009)
  2789. Obama administration appointed as EEOC Commissioner Chai Feldblum, who asserts that society should “not tolerate” any “private beliefs,” including religious beliefs, if they may negatively affect homosexual “equality” (September 16, 2009)
  2790. Obama administration used federal funds in violation of federal law to get Kenya to change its constitution to include abortion (July 2010)
  2791. Obama administration cut funding for 176 abstinence education programs (August 2010)
  2792. Obama administration told researchers to ignore a judge’s decision striking down federal funding for embryonic stem cell research (September 2010)
  2793. Obama directed the DOJ to stop defending the federal Defense of Marriage Act (February 2011)
  2794. U.S. condemned “those who abuse universal right of free speech to hurt religious beliefs of others”

  2795. Obama administration attempted to weaken the Second Amendment through illegal deception

  2796. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) ran a series of “gunwalking” sting operations, under the umbrella of ‘Project Gunrunner,’ along the border of Mexico (2006-2011)
  2797. ‘Project Gunrunner’ began under the Bush administration’s Department of Justice (2006)
  2798. ‘Project Gunrunner’ was a plan to sell guns to “straw purchasers” with suspected drug-cartel ties
  2799. Long-standing DOJ and ATF policies required arms shipments to be intercepted
  2800. In February 2006, a suspicious gun purchase was reported to the ATF in Tucson, Arizona
  2801. ‘Project Wide Receiver’ began in early 2006 and ran into late 2007 to monitor future sales
  2802. ATF approved the illegal purchases, while assuring the licensed dealer in Arizona “that Mexican officials would be conducting surveillance or interdictions when guns got to the other side of the border”
  2803. Hundreds of guns were sold during ‘Project Wide Receiver,’ a vast majority of which were lost, such as when Mexican officials failed to intercept the suspects as they crossed the border
  2804. ‘Operation Wide Receiver’ was shut down on October 6, 2007 by ATF’s assistant director
  2805. Obama administration infused cash into ‘Project Gunrunner,’ making it to a full-time project
  2806. Democrats provided $21 million to ‘Project Gunrunner’ in 2009 and another $37 million in 2010
  2807. President Obama’s “stimulus” bill provided $10 million to the ATF to expand ‘Project Gunrunner’
  2808. Obama administration requested $12 million more for ‘Project Gunrunner’ by the end of 2011
  2809. Eric Holder bragged of overseeing the implementation of ‘Project Gunrunner’ back in 2009
  2810. Holder gave a speech in Cuernavaca, Mexico in April 2009 boasting about ‘Project Gunrunner’
    “Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs of the cartels. My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner, DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile enforcement teams, and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing on kidnapping and extortion. DHS is making similar commitments, as Secretary Napolitano will detail.” ~Attorney General Eric Holder in April 2009

  2811. ATF’s strategy was to target high-level individuals within the illegal gun trafficking networks
  2812. Operation ‘Fast and Furious’ let illicit guns “walk” in hopes of tracking them to bigger traffickers
  2813. ATF’s plan was to allow illegal weapons, purchased buy straw buyers in the United States, to be smuggled across the border into Mexico into the hands of drug cartel members ‘in order to trace them’
  2814. Strategy was to allow agents to track criminal networks by finding the guns at crime scenes
  2815. ATF forced gun shops in Arizona to sell guns to the straw purchasers in the drug cartels
  2816. Shop owners did not want to sell these weapons, but the ATF told them they were being tracked
  2817. ATF allowed the sale of at least 2,020 handguns and assault weapons to suspected cartel members
  2818. “Gunwalking,” rather than interdicting and arresting the buyers, led to controversy within the ATF
  2819. Standard ‘Project Gunrunner’ training for agents was to follow the straw purchasers to the hand-off location, identify the drug cartel buyers, then arrest both parties and seize the guns
  2820. ATF prevented their agents from intervening as gun were purchased and stashed on a daily basis
  2821. Only about 700 firearms from ‘Fast and Furious’ were recovered as of October 20, 2011
  2822. ATF officials also allowed thousands of grenades parts to be smuggled illegally into Mexico
  2823. Grenades are the weapon of choice for the Mexican drug cartels when terrorizing the population
  2824. There have been allegations of “gunwalking” in at least ten cities in five states within the U.S.
  2825. Operation ‘Fast and Furious’ was the plan to follow those guns across the border into Mexico
  2826. These same guns were recovered from at least 12 crime scenes in the United States of America
  2827. ‘Fast and Furious’ weapons were also found at more than 170 violent crime scenes in Mexico
  2828. More than 300 Mexican citizens have reportedly been murdered with ‘Fast and Furious’ weapons
  2829. U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by weapons used in ‘Fast and Furious’
  2830. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered south of Tucson, Arizona on December 14, 2010
  2831. DOJ revealed that Agent Brian Terry was shooting bean bags at the men who killed him (2012)
  2832. Two Arizona police officers were assaulted in 2010 with ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ weapons
  2833. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata was killed on February 15, 2011
  2834. The gun used to kill Zapata was purchased by Otilio Osorio, known by ATF as a straw purchaser
  2835. Holder feigned ignorance of ‘Operation Fast and Furious,’ the offshoot of ‘Project Gunrunner’
  2836. Holder lied to Congress that he had heard of ‘Fast and Furious’ just a “few weeks” earlier
    “When did you first know about the program officially I believe called Fast and Furious? To the best of your knowledge, what date?”
    ~Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA)

    “I’m not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.”
    ~Attorney General Eric Holder testimony before Congress (May 3, 2011)

  2837. Emails surfaced showing that Holder received regular updates from July 2010 through May 2011
  2838. Eric Holder responded that he “misunderstood that question from Congress” on May 3rd, 2011
  2839. Holder revised his story that he knew of Fast and Furious, but “just not the details” (2011)
  2840. Holder maintained that he had no knowledge of guns walking into Mexico via Fast and Furious
    “It’s not going to be a big surprise that a bunch of U.S. guns are being used in [Mexico], so I’m not sure how much grief we get for guns walking.”
    ~Memo sent to Eric Holder from his Deputy Attorney General (October 22, 2010)

  2841. Eric Holder later defended himself by saying that lying “has to do with your state of mind” (2011)
  2842. Obama also claimed he did not know about the federal operation smuggling guns into Mexico
  2843. White House national security officials received emails about the ‘Fast and Furious’ operation
    “DOJ’s bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is increasing its efforts by adding 37 new employees and three new offices, using $10 million in Recovery Act funds and redeploying 100 personnel to the southwest border in the next 45 days to fortify its Project Gunrunner, which is aimed at disrupting arms trafficking between the United States and Mexico.”
    ~Deputy Attorney General David Ogden talking on video about Barack Obama’s orders to “fight” the Mexican drug cartels on March 24, 2009

  2844. Obama forcefully rejected calls for Holder to resign over ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ (2011)
  2845. Video from March 24, 2009 (26 months earlier) showed Deputy Attorney General David Ogden talking about Barack Obama’s orders to “fight” the Mexican drug cartels, using ‘Project Gunrunner’
  2846. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano bragged about a weapons tracing program in 2009
  2847. Napolitano announced the initiative to help with crime on the southern border (March 2009)
  2848. Napolitano outlined a plan at a press conference which sounded just like ‘Fast and Furious’
  2849. Obama’s ATF director Kenneth Melson failed to respond to an official Congressional subpoena
  2850. Melson claimed that DOJ officials sought to limit and control his communications with Congress
  2851. Melson said that those who ran the controversial ATF project were reassigned without explanation
  2852. Two top ATF supervisors were quietly demoted and reassigned by Justice Department officials
  2853. Attorney General Eric Holder refused to apologize to the murdered U.S. border agent’s family
    “It’s not fair to assume that the mistakes that occurred in Fast & Furious directly lead to the death of Agent Terry.”
    ~Attorney General Eric Holder (November 2011)

  2854. Eric Holder did not apologize to the Brian Terry’s family until shamed into doing so by Congress
  2855. Holder sent the ‘Fast and Furious’ apology letter to the media before Agent Brian Terry’s family
  2856. Holder told both the Senate and House Judiciary Committees that the operation was “flawed”
  2857. Holder said that Fast & Furious weapons will show up at crime scenes “for years to come”
    “It is an unfortunate reality that we will continue to feel the effects of this flawed operation for years to come. Guns lost during this operation will continue to show up at crime scenes on both sides of the border.”
    ~Eric Holder testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on December 8, 2011

  2858. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) also was found to have
    laundered hundreds of millions of dollars for the Mexican drug cartels (2011)
  2859. DEA agents needed to seek approval from the Justice Department to launder over $10 million
  2860. Officials admitted that the $10 million cap was more of a guideline and was waived many times
  2861. Many suspect the gun operation was a ruse to convince Americans that we need more gun control
  2862. Left blamed loose gun laws, yet the ATF forced gun shops to break the laws and sell the weapons
  2863. In 1995, then-U.S. Attorney Eric Holder announced a public campaign to “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way,” especially for “young people”
  2864. Holder sought to make his anti-gun message a part of “every day, every school, and every level”
  2865. Obama admitted that he was working to advance his gun control agenda “under the radar” (2011)
  2866. ATF released bogus stats claiming that 90% of firearms recovered in Mexico came from the U.S.
  2867. GAO Office used ATF’s 90% statistic in an official report to Congress about American firearms
  2868. Media ran a flurry of reports saying that majority of illicit firearms in Mexico originate in the U.S.
  2869. Eric Holder’s Justice Department even used the bogus 90% data in several of its programs
  2870. Obama publicly stated that “more than 90% of guns recovered in Mexico come from the U.S.”
  2871. ATF admitted in November 2010 that its 90% figure cited to Congress “could be misleading”
  2872. The statistics only applied to the small portion of guns verified through its eTrace system
  2873. ATF’s eTrace system is an Internet-based firearm database used for Operation “Gunrunner”
  2874. ATF admitted the stats were skewed based on guns it traced, all of which originated in the U.S.
  2875. Operation “Castaway” was another ATF project selling 1,000 weapons to gangs in Honduras
  2876. Obama’s executive order placed new restrictions on the sale of certain weapons in border states
  2877. Obama’s gun control executive order increases the penalties for violating certain firearms laws
  2878. Three of the senior ‘Fast and Furious’ supervisors were promoted following their “mistakes”
  2879. At least 11 more ‘Fast and Furious’ weapons were found at crime scenes within the United States
  2880. ATF chief Kenneth Melson stepped down in August 2011 following the gun-running scandal
  2881. Melson remained on the payroll and was reassigned to the Office of Legal Policy (August 2011)
  2882. Dennis Burke, the U.S. Attorney in Arizona who oversaw prosecutions, also stepped down
  2883. CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson said that the W.H. screamed and swore at her for covering the story
  2884. Guns illegally purchased under ‘Fast & Furious’ were found in a Mexican drug cartel home (2011)
  2885. The home belonged to Torres Marrufo, an enforcer for Sinaloa cartel chieftain Joaquin Guzman
  2886. Sinaloa cartel is considered the most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world
  2887. Six other ‘Fast & Furious’ guns destined for El Paso were recovered in Columbus, New Mexico
  2888. Holder revealed a busted terror plot on the same day he was to be subpoenaed for ‘Fast & Furious’
  2889. Holder ended the press conference after the media began questioning him on ‘Fast & Furious’
  2890. President Obama spoke about Fast & Furious before Eric Holder claimed he knew about it
    “I heard on the news about this story that -- Fast and Furious, where allegedly guns were being run into Mexico, and ATF knew about it, but didn’t apprehend those who had sent it.” ~President Obama speaking to CNN Espanol in March 2011 about Fast & Furious (well before the period that Eric Holder claimed he first heard of it)

  2891. On February 4, 2011, the Department of Justice sent a letter to Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) which claimed that no gunwalking took place in Operation ‘Fast and Furious,’ which was later retracted
  2892. Justice Department officials admitted to Congress that department officials gave inaccurate information to a U.S. senator regarding Fast & Furious (document dump on December 2, 2011)
  2893. Justice Department falsely told Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) that the ATF had not sanctioned the sale of assault weapons to a straw purchaser and that the agency makes every effort to intercept weapons that have been purchased illegally (Friday document dump on December 2, 2011)
  2894. Then-U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke supplied incorrect information to the Justice Department
  2895. For example, Dennis Burke falsely said that the guns found at the Brian Terry murder scene were purchased at a Phoenix gun shop before Operation ‘Fast and Furious’ began
  2896. In fact, the operation was under way at the time and the guns found at the Terry murder scene were part of Operation Fast and Furious
  2897. Draft letters show the DOJ officials scaling back their denial from “categorically false” to “false”
  2898. U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke complained about the draft in one email: “Every version gets weaker. We will be apologizing” to Grassley “by tomorrow afternoon”
  2899. As of October 20, 2011 nearly 700 of the more than 2,000 ‘Fast and Furious’ weapons had been recovered – 276 inside Mexico and 389 in the United States
  2900. Hank Johnson (D-GA) argued that ‘Fast and Furious’ wasn’t that big of a scandal because “white supremacists,” among others he described, were able to buy guns at “gun shows” (2011)
  2901. Johnson claimed that the Tea Party and NRA manufactured the scandal to attack President Obama
  2902. Hank Johnson (D-GA) expressed concern during a House Armed Services Committee hearing that Guam may “tip over and capsize” if 8,000 more military personnel are sent there (March 2010)
  2903. Attorney General Eric Holder blamed racism for criticism of both him and President Obama (2011)
  2904. Holder pointed to the “more extreme segment” of his critics without clarifying what group that is
    “This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him. Both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.” ~Attorney General Eric Holder (December 2011)

  2905. Allen West (R-FL): Holder invoking race is a ‘slap in the face as a professional African American’
    “I’m disgusted. I find it absolutely reprehensible because this is not about skin color. This is about your character. This is about your competence. This is about your ability to lead. And this is about potentially you having misled Congress and the American people on this operation Fast and Furious… It is a slap in my face as a professional African American member of Congress and a career military officer that this gentleman who is the head of the Department of Justice is going to resort to that very nefarious theme of the race card.” ~Congressman Allen West (R-FL) speaking about Attorney General Eric Holder (December 22, 2011)

  2906. Ninety Congressmen said they had “no confidence” in Holder and wanted him to resign (December 2011)
  2907. Americans bought a record number of guns for Christmas in December 2011
  2908. Patrick Cunningham is the chief of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona
  2909. Cunningham refused to testify before Congress regarding Operation Fast and Furious (2012)
  2910. Cunningham was subpoenaed to appear before the House Oversight Committee (January 2012)
  2911. Cunningham’s lawyer notified Congress that his client would plead the Fifth Amendment
  2912. Holder failed to provide subpoenaed documents and other information to Congress (2012)
  2913. Documents that were produced were almost always released on the eve of congressional hearings
  2914. Mexican lawmakers called for U.S. officials who approved the operation to be tried in Mexico
  2915. Mexico began conducting their own investigation into the ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal
    “Mexico was never apprised how the operation would be designed and implemented. Regardless of whether this was or was not the intent or the design of Fast and Furious. The thinking that you can let guns walk across the border and maintain operational control of those weapons is really an outstanding lack of understanding of how these criminal organizations are operating on both sides of our common borders.” ~Mexico ambassador Arturo Sarukhan (May 2012)

  2916. Attorney General Eric Holder lied when he claimed during congressional testimony that emails using the phrase “Fast and Furious” don’t refer to Operation ‘Fast and Furious’
  2917. Holder warned of an “impending Constitutional crisis” if charged with contempt (June 2012)
  2918. Holder went back on his word and didn’t provide the ‘Fast and Furious’ documents to Congress
  2919. Holder retracted the claim that the Bush administration knew about Fast and Furious (June 2012)
  2920. Eric Holder falsely told the Senate Judiciary Committee that President Bush’s Attorney General, Michael Mukasey knew of the gunwalking tactics used in ‘Fast and Furious’ (June 2012)
    “An attorney general who I suppose you would hold in higher regard was briefed on these kinds of tactics in an operation called Wide Receiver and did nothing to stop them – nothing. Three hundred guns, at least, walked in that instance.” ~Attorney General Eric Holder falsely shifting blame to the former Attorney General Michael Mukasey (Eric Holder was forced to retract this claim after not being able to support the accusation with actual evidence)

  2921. Attorney General Eric Holder refused to apologize to Michael Mukasey following his retraction
  2922. Congress sought documents to show why the DOJ decided to withdraw, as inaccurate, a February 2011 letter sent to Congress that said top officials had only recently learned about ‘Fast and Furious’
  2923. Obama administration refused to turn over 1,300 pages of documents related to ‘Fast and Furious’
  2924. President Obama granted Holder executive privilege on documents pertaining to ‘Fast and Furious’
    “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.” ~Barack Obama

  2925. Executive privilege is usually invoked from the beginning, not 18 months into an investigation
  2926. In 2007, Obama told CNN that executive privilege was not a good reason to withhold information
  2927. Katie Couric previously slammed Executive Privilege as “people in power” being “above the law”
  2928. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) criticized President Bush for using Executive Privilege (July 2007)
    “It’s hard for me to comprehend how logically, politically, realistically, constitutionally, the president can do this. It’s like saying I’m king. That isn’t the country we live in. He’s not King George. He’s President George.” ~Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) when asked about President Bush’s use of Executive Privilege (July 20, 2007)

  2929. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted Holder in contempt (June 20, 2012)
  2930. Spokesman Jay Carney forgot the name of slain border patrol agent Brian Terry (June 2012)
  2931. Carney claimed that invoking executive privilege is “entirely about principle” (reporters laughed)
  2932. Murdered border agent Brian Terry’s parents accused Obama officials of “hiding something”
  2933. Brian Terry’s mother and father demanded to Eric Holder that they ‘deserve to know the truth’
  2934. Voters disapproved (56% to 29%) of Obama blocking the release of ‘Fast and Furious’ documents
  2935. Democrats broke ranks and voted Eric Holder in contempt of Congress (June 28, 2012)
  2936. House of Representatives voted Eric Holder in both criminal and civil contempt of Congress
  2937. Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) walked out of the contempt vote against Eric Holder
  2938. Democrats tried to blame “evil” Republicans and the NRA for the ‘Fast and Furious’ fallout
    “The gun lobby is directly responsible for the gap in federal law that allowed purchases of guns here that were sold in Mexico and ultimately for the tragic death of a border agent. Yet our committee spent no time on the root cause of the tragedy because of a political mandate from the gun lobby.” ~Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) falsely trying to pin blame on the NRA

  2939. James Clyburn (D-SC) claimed, “there’s something evil about using the procedures of the House… to further political aims” (June 2012)
  2940. Brian Terry’s brother, Kent Terry, blasted Democrats for walking out of the contempt vote
    “Very sad that our childish Government walks out. What kind of respect? Does that tell you they’re for getting justice for Brian and [Jaime] Zapata and any law enforcement that dies in the line of duty? This is the respect they get.” ~Email from Kent Terry reacting to Democrats walking out of the contempt votes against Eric Holder (June 2012)

  2941. Darrell Issa (R-CA) submitted a secret wiretap application into the Congressional Record
  2942. Secret wiretap application contained a startling amount of detail about ‘Fast and Furious’
  2943. Attorney General Eric Holder and Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) had both maintained that the wiretap applications did not contain details such as about what tactics were being used
  2944. Wiretap applications were signed by senior DOJ officials in the department’s criminal division
  2945. Justice Department announced they would not prosecute Holder for contempt of Congress
  2946. Eric Holder denied executive privilege for Texas concerning their new voter ID law (2012)
  2947. Polling showed that a majority (53%) approved of Congress’s contempt vote against Eric Holder
  2948. Polling also found that 69% of Americans want President Obama to answer all of the questions surrounding the Fast and Furious “gunwalking” scandal (July 2012)
  2949. ‘Wide Receiver’ did not result in any confirmed deaths (unlike ‘Fast and Furious’)
  2950. ‘Wide Receiver’ was a gun-tracing program, not a gun-walking program like ‘Fast and Furious
  2951. ‘Wide Receiver’ guns had implanted RFID chips and were actively tracked electronically
  2952. ‘Wide Receiver’ also incorporated aerial surveillance and attempted to follow the weapons
  2953. Over time, cartels and straw purchasers learned how to shake the tracking maneuvers
  2954. Two of the ‘Fast and Furious’ rifles were recovered in Colombia (August 2012)
  2955. Justice Department inspector general released a report faulting a range of federal agencies for the failed anti-gunrunning program and accused officials in charge of a “disregard” for public safety
  2956. The inspector general report marked deputy assistant attorney general Jason Weinstein as the highest-ranking DOJ employee in a position to stop the ‘Fast and Furious’ program
  2957. Jason Weinstein resigned, but he disputed the findings within the report (September 2012)
  2958. Former ATF acting director Kenneth Melson immediately retired after the report was released
  2959. Investigators reviewed 100,000 documents and interviewed 130 people
  2960. Obama’s White House did not produce any internal White House communications for the inspector general investigation, saying it was “beyond the purview” of the inspector general (2012)
  2961. White House National Security aide refused the inspector general request for an interview
  2962. The report slammed the Phoenix office of the ATF and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for not acting
  2963. Gun sales in the United States soared following President Obama’s re-election (November 2012)
    “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” ~Thomas Jefferson (D)

  2964. Two more “Fast and Furious” guns were found at a Mexican drug cartel shootout (November 2012)
  2965. Mexican beauty queen Susana Flores Maria Gamez and four others were killed during the gun battle
  2966. One gun found at the Mexican drug cartel shootout was trafficked by Uriel Patino, a suspect in the case
  2967. The other weapon, a FN Herstal pistol, was originally purchased by ATF manager George Gillett
  2968. The Herstal pistol is nicknamed “cop-killer” as a “weapon of choice” for Mexican drug cartels
  2969. The pistol was originally purchased by ATF manager George Gillett, who was faulted by the Inspector General during the investigation into the botched “Fast and Furious” gunrunning operation
  2970. Gillett was the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of ATF Phoenix when “Fast and Furious” began
    Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request seeking all documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious and “specifically [a]ll records subject to the claim of executive privilege invoked by President Barack Obama on or about June 20, 2012.”

  2971. Obama administration failed to comply with Judicial Watch’s FOIA request prompting a lawsuit (2012)
  2972. Holder begged a federal court to stop the release of documents on “Fast and Furious” (January 2013)
  2973. ATF storefront sting operation in Milwaukee ended in a string of mistakes and failures (January 2013)
  2974. ATF agents bought guns and drugs under the guise of a company named Fearless Distributing
  2975. ATF agents arrested and charged the wrong person at least three times during the sting operation
  2976. One man, Adrienne Jones, was charged with selling drugs to agents when the man was in already in jail
  2977. Three ATF guns were stolen after an agent parked his Ford Explorer nearby (September 2012)
  2978. ATF operation was ripped off after burglars robbed the building housing the sting operation
  2979. ATF refused to compensate the owner for damage to the store used for the sting following the robbery
    “If you continue to contact the Agents after being so advised your contacts may be construed as harassment under the law. Threats or harassment of a Federal Agent is of grave concern. Utilizing the telephone or a computer to perpetrate threats or harassment is also a serious matter.” ~ATF attorney Patricia Cangemi threatening property owner David Salkin in an email

  2980. Local residents felt betrayed by the ATF operation that brought drug dealers and gun sellers to their area
  2981. According to a report from the Office of the Inspector General with the Department of Justice, the ATF has had its weapons stolen or loses them more frequently that the general public might think (2008)
  2982. From 2002-2007, report showed that 76 ATF weapons were stolen, were lost or had gone missing
  2983. Rate for the ATF is nearly double that of the FBI and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

  2984. Democrats exploited the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting tragedy to push for gun control (2012)
    “You know, my daughters go to the movies. What if Malia and Sasha had been at the theater?” ~President Obama reacting to the Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre (2012)

  2985. ABC News’ Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos falsely reported that a gunman who went on a killing spree at an Aurora, Colorado viewing of The Dark Knight Rises was connected to the Tea Party
  2986. Stephanopoulos before smearing the Tea Party: “We’re learning a lot more about the shooter now”
  2987. ABC later apologized, blaming “social media” and “the public” for their Tea Party smear
  2988. Warner Brothers showed a preview featuring a scene of a gangster shooting up a theater
  2989. After Obama led a prayer and moment of silence, his supporters chanted “four more years”
  2990. CNN’s Piers Morgan exploited the Aurora, Colorado cinema massacre to call for more gun control
  2991. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg called for gun control in the wake of the massacre
  2992. Michael Bloomberg asked of Obama and Romney, what are you going to do about those guns?
  2993. Salman Rushdie tweeted, “The ‘right to bear arms’ is the real Bane of America” (July 2012)
    “Individual right to bear arms survived by a 5-4 vote in the Supreme Court (DC v Heller, 2008), powerful dissents. This argument isn’t over.” ~Tweet by author Salman Rushdie (July 2012)

  2994. Roger Ebert falsely asserted that the gun-free theater proves that concealed carry doesn’t work
  2995. The Cinemark Century Theater chain has maintained a “gun-free zone” policy for several years
  2996. Michael Moore argued that the guns today are “not really” what was meant by “right to bear arms”
  2997. Actor John Leguizamo exploited the tragedy to “get guns removed in this country” (July 2012)
  2998. Comedian D.L. Hughley tweeted for gun control following the Aurora theater massacre
  2999. White House Spokesman Jay Carney said that Obama supported a ban on assault weapons
  3000. While addressing the National Urban League, Obama called for gun control measures (July 2012)
  3001. Obama ignorantly said that “AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals”
  3002. AK-47 was developed in the Soviet Union and was later adopted by many other communist states
  3003. Obama administration flip-flopped, deciding to instead focus on enforcing current gun control laws
  3004. AP reported that “public opinion has shifted away from tighter gun control” over the last 20 years
  3005. Democratic Senators offered a gun control amendment to a cyber-security bill pending in Congress
  3006. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), a sponsor of the amendment, defended “reasonable” gun control measures
  3007. Amendment was sponsored by Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Jack Reed (D-RI), and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)
  3008. Gun-control amendment was identical to a separate bill sponsored by Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ)
  3009. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was the sponsor of the assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004
  3010. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) vows to go after more than just “assault weapons” (January 2013)
  3011. Feinstein’s legislation seeks to “ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited” (2013)
  3012. Kansas City Chiefs football player murdered his girlfriend and then killed himself with a handgun (2012)
  3013. Bob Costas went on a 90-second anti-gun rant during halftime of an NBC Sunday Night football game
  3014. Bob Costas claimed that young men simply can’t own guns “without something bad happening”
  3015. Costas argued that it was “entirely appropriate” to exploit the Javon Belcher tragedy to push for gun control, suggesting that sports could be used to change attitudes and marginalize guns (January 2013)
  3016. During an interview with CNN, Costas compared guns to Big Macs, cigarettes, and racist remarks
  3017. Costas argued that violence in the NFL is rampant because “guns are glorified” in the “hip hop culture”

  3018. Democrats exploited the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre to push for more gun control (2012)

  3019. Twenty children and six women were killed by a gunman, Adam Lanza, who shot himself at the scene
  3020. Democrats exploited the Sandy Hook elementary massacre to push for more gun control (2012)
  3021. CNN’s Don Lemon ranted, “We need to get guns and bullets and automatic weapons off streets”
  3022. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz called for the government to “confiscate” guns and nullify the Second Amendment
  3023. State officials saw a massive influx of gun applications after the Sandy Hook shootings (December 2012)
  3024. Discovery cancelled the third season of “American Guns” in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre
  3025. Harvey Weinstein curtailed the Quentin Tarantino-directed “Django Unchained” premiere in Hollywood
  3026. Quentin Tarantino argued that the blame for violence should remain squarely with the perpetrators
    “Don’t ask me a question like that – I’m not biting… Because I refused your question. I’m not your slave and you’re not my master. You can’t make me dance to your tune. I’m not a monkey.” ~Quentin Tarantino refusing to repeat his position on violence in movies during an interview (2013)

  3027. Premiere for Tom Cruise’s new film, “Jack Reacher,” was cancelled because it featured a sniper attack
  3028. Joe Biden was picked to lead a White House task force to examine more gun control legislation (2012)
  3029. President Obama made clear, “This is not some Washington commission” (December 2012)
  3030. Joe Biden warned back in 2008 that if Obama “tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem”
    “I guarantee you Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey. Don’t buy that malarkey. They’re going to start peddling that to you.” ~Joe Biden at a campaign stop in Castlewood, Virginia (September 20, 2008)

  3031. Joe Biden advised, “So you want to keep people away in an earthquake? Buy some shotgun shells”
  3032. In 2010, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) admitted, “I carried a gun every place I went”
  3033. CNN’s Piers Morgan tweeted that he was gleeful that the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred
  3034. Piers Morgan declared that the U.S. Constitution and the Bible are “inherently flawed” and need amended
  3035. In 2004, Piers Morgan described his hatred for home-invasion burglars, who he wants tortured and killed
    “I want them erased from life, all of them. Preferably after a decent period of cattle-prodding, testicle electrode treatment, and slow gentle skewering over hot coals.” ~Piers Morgan (2004)

  3036. In 2006, Morgan gave an interview to the Daily Mail where he imagined having a chance to gun down his three top professional critics by asking, “[I]f I had a gun with just two bullets, who would I shoot?”
  3037. Piers Morgan imagined killing one critic outright and then using a ricochet shot to kill the other two
  3038. Media ignored the psychiatric medications used by Adam Lanza prior to the Sandy Hook massacre
  3039. Media ignored factors such as violent movies, video games, and the “failure of our mental-health system”
  3040. Media and Democrats also ignored the unintended consequences of making schools into “gun-free zones”
  3041. In 1999, Obama voted “present” on a post-Columbine bill to prosecute school shooters as adults
  3042. Michael Moore predicted that the NRA was “doomed” after the Sandy Hook massacre (January 2013)
  3043. Democrats in Congress proposed an assault weapons ban, tighter rules for gun procurement, and the outlawing of clips that spring bullets into guns
  3044. Number of gun prosecutions dropped by 40% under Obama’s presidency (2012)
  3045. Gallup found that more Americans favor arming school officials than having a weapons ban (2012)
  3046. Members of the black community in New Haven were upset that urban gun violence is being ignored
  3047. New Haven residents complained that a similar incident in an urban would not receive the same attention
    “We share in the grief with the families of the lives lost last week and we know all too well about gun violence, because African American families go through this all the time. When doing an interfaith vigil we should never eliminate the black church, because our clergy can share their stories and experiences with others in these difficult times.” ~Carroll E. Brown, president of the West Haven Black Coalition (December 2012)

  3048. Urban gun violence is ignored because the Democrats and media don’t see a political opportunity in it
    “Where is the moral outrage and large media coverage when there are hundreds of murders of young black men in cities like Chicago? No one really cares about black kids as much as they care about white kids or white life. Where are our black clergy when we have these murders in New Haven? We have makeshift vigils all the time on our city streets.” ~Gregory Webb, a resident of New Haven, Connecticut (December 2012)

  3049. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel blasted NRA spokesman Wayne LaPierre for proposing having armed officers in schools across the country in response to the Sandy Hook massacre
    “It’s outrageous and unsettling that the NRA would choose to address gun violence not by taking assault weapons off our streets, but by adding more guns to our schools… That is not the right answer for our society, our schools and most importantly our children.” ~Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (December 2012)

  3050. Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s kid’s school in Chicago is protected by an armed on-duty police officer
  3051. Mayor of Philadelphia declared that the NRA’s armed school guards plan was a “dumbass idea” (2012)
  3052. Polling found that a majority of Virginia residents want armed guards in their schools (2013)
  3053. Sidwell Friends, the school where Barack and Michelle Obama’s kids go to school, has 11 armed guards
  3054. NBC’s David Gregory’s children also attend the private Sidwell Friends school in Washington, D.C.
  3055. David Gregory illegally held up a 30-round magazine on Meet the Press while pushing for gun control
  3056. Washington, D.C. police investigated David Gregory for brandishing the illegal magazine (2012)
  3057. Police had reportedly refused permission for David Gregory to display the high capacity magazine
  3058. Obama joked that he really ran for re-election so that he could have “men with guns” around Malia, 14
    “One of the main incentives of running was continued Secret Service protection so we can have men with guns around at all times.” ~Obama speaking with ABC’s Barbara Walters (December 2012)

  3059. President Obama granted himself lifetime Secret Service protection with armed guards (January 2013)
  3060. In 1996, Barack Obama answered “yes” to a survey question asking whether he would support state legislation to “ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns”
  3061. During the 2008 presidential race, Obama’s campaign claimed that the form had been filled out by an aide who mischaracterized Obama’s position, even though his handwriting was found on the survey
  3062. In 2004, Obama opposed a bill allowing a person to use a gun to save their own life in their own home
  3063. In Atlanta, an off-duty armed resource officer disarmed a teen after he shot a classmate (January 2013)
  3064. Metal detectors installed in the Atlanta, Georgia middle school failed to detect the gun beforehand
  3065. Newtown, Connecticut agreed with the NRA as educators voted to put armed guards in schools (2013)

  3066. Second Amendment: ‘The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms, Shall NOT be Infringed’

  3067. In 2008, Senator Obama argued that government can “constrain” the individual right to bear arms
    “I believe that the Constitution confers an individual right to bear arms. But just because you have an individual right does not mean that the state or local government can’t constrain the exercise of that right.”
    ~Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) (2008)

  3068. Illinois Democrats advanced gun control bills that included banning handguns and pump shotguns (2013)
  3069. FBI announced that gun purchases set a new record for December (2012)
  3070. White House told the Huffington Post that Obama would go for gun control “quickly” (January 2013)
  3071. FBI crime statistics show that more people are killed with hammers and clubs each year than with rifles
  3072. FBI statistics also show that more people are killed by hands and fists each year than by rifles
  3073. Hunters account for only about 16% of the estimated 70-80 million gun owners in the United States
  3074. FBI: There were 310 million firearms in America in 2011, compared with 192 million in 1992
  3075. During the same period (1992-2011), violent crime rates have dropped 49 percent
  3076. L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck falsely claimed that rocket launchers, or as he described as “weapons of war,” were turned in during two separate gun buyback programs in L.A. (May and December 2012)
  3077. More than one million AR-15 magazines were on backorder as buyers feared new gun control laws
  3078. In Seattle, a police gun buyback program turned into a gun show for gun collectors (January 2013)
  3079. Amendment found within the 2800-page Obamacare law forbids gun and ammo registration
  3080. Senate amendment 3276, Sec. 2716, part (c) says that the government cannot use doctors to collect “any information relating to the lawful ownership or possession of a firearm or ammunition”
  3081. CNN referred to the amendment as “a gift to the nation’s powerful gun lobby,” referring to the NRA
  3082. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said that he added the provision keep the National Rifle Association (NRA) from getting involved in the legislative fight over Obamacare
    “The president is going to act. There are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet, but we’re compiling it all.”
    ~Vice President Joe Biden (January 2013)

  3083. Eric Holder met with Vice President Joe Biden and gun-control advocates in the White House (2013)
  3084. In 1995, Attorney General Eric Holder said that gun owners should “cower” in shame like smokers
  3085. Holder insisted that we need to “really brainwash people to think about guns in a vastly different way”
  3086. In 2008, Holder signed a amicus brief that supported Washington, D.C.’s ban on handguns as it was being considered by the Supreme Court
  3087. Joe Biden compared gun control to air bags in automobiles, arguing that they save lives (January 2013)
  3088. Department of Justice (DOJ) study found that youth gun violence was down 95% from 1994 to 2010
  3089. The Journal News published a map of gun permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties
  3090. A blogger retaliated by publishing the names and addresses of employees of the Journal News
  3091. The Journal News’ map was later used by burglars to target a gun safe in a home in White Plains (2013)
  3092. Two handguns and permits were stolen from a second home listed on the Journal News map (2013)
    “The Journal News has placed the lives of these folks at risk by creating a virtual shopping list for criminals and nut jobs. If the connection is proven, this is further proof that these maps are not only an invasion of privacy but that they present a clear and present danger to law-abiding, private citizens. Former convicts have already testified to the usefulness of the asinine Journal News ‘gun maps’ yet the reckless editors are evidently willing to roll the dice, gambling with the lives of innocent local homeowners.” ~Senator Greg Ball (R-NY) (January 2013)

  3093. Journal News removed the names and addresses from their online gun map (January 2013)
  3094. Washington Post columnist Erik Wemple criticized the Journal News for their “cowardice”
  3095. New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that handguns are the main problem (January 2013)
  3096. Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (D-MD) sought to fingerprint most new gun buyers (January 2013)
  3097. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo also sought aggressive new gun-control legislation (January 2013)
  3098. New York passed the nation’s toughest gun control law claiming it “protects the 2nd Amendment”
  3099. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) asked gun retailers to stop sales as Congress debated new gun control laws
  3100. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) traveled to Washington, D.C. to push for gun control
  3101. Chicago proposed requiring gun owners to report private gun sales or go to jail (January 2013)
  3102. In 2012, more people were killed on the streets of Chicago than all allied deaths in Afghanistan combined
  3103. In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Chicago’s 28-year-old handgun ban as unconstitutional
  3104. A federal judge ruled part of Chicago’s latest gun law, rushed into place in 2010, as unconstitutional
  3105. Chicago law originally denied a man a gun permit because of a prior misdemeanor conviction
  3106. Jesse Jackson Sr. described the assault weapons as a threat to national security of the United States
  3107. Jesse Jackson Sr. said that gun manufacturers should be held responsible for those killed with guns
  3108. Obama’s own Justice Department has recommended putting armed guards in schools (2010)
  3109. There has never been a U.S. school shooting where an armed-uniformed police officer was on duty
  3110. School districts across the country started hiring armed guards to protect their children (January 2013)
  3111. Russell Simmons called for unarmed mediators to be hired in our schools across the country (2013)
  3112. Obama argued that if his proposals save just one child, “we should take that step” (January 2013)
  3113. Obama announced twenty-three “executive actions” on gun control while surrounded by children (2013)
  3114. Throughout history, tyrants and dictators have used children as props to push their agenda
  3115. White House released letters from little kids, but only those pleading for gun control (January 2013)
  3116. Obama tweeted a photo of an 8-year-old’s gun control plea in order to rally support for gun control
  3117. White House posted a video of kids begging for gun control, “No gun, no gun!” (January 2013)
  3118. President Obama used the issue of gun control to further advance his health care law, Obamacare
  3119. Obama’s executive actions press doctors to ask patients about guns in their homes
  3120. Obama proposed that ‘health care providers’ offer gun safety tips to their patients
  3121. Obama’s “executive action” proposals call for at least $4.5 billion in additional new spending
  3122. Obama ignored the role of violent movies and video games in creating a culture of violence in America
  3123. Obama proposed banning “assault rifles” and high-capacity magazines holding more than ten rounds
  3124. Secretary Janet Napolitano said she would “expand and formalize coordination” on gun control efforts
  3125. Department of Homeland Security video recommended using scissors to confront mass murderers
  3126. Obama: Second Amendment defenders were ginning up “higher ratings or revenue for themselves”
  3127. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL): President Obama is abusing his executive powers (January 2013)
    “President Obama is targeting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens instead of seriously addressing the real underlying causes of such violence.” ~Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) (January 2013)

  3128. Rubio said that Obama “doesn’t have the guts to admit” that he’s against the Second Amendment (2013)
    “I don’t believe people should be able to own guns.”
    ~Barack Obama (1996)

  3129. Mitt Romney had correctly warned the NRA against an “unrestrained” second-term Obama (2012)
  3130. Steve Stockman (R-TX) suggested impeaching Obama over his executive actions on gun control
  3131. Trey Radel (R-FL) also suggested that impeachment should be an option against President Obama
  3132. Governor Rick Perry (R-TX): Using the massacre of children to advance an agenda “disgusts me”
    “[T]he piling on by the political left, and their cohorts in the media, to use the massacre of little children to advance a pre-existing political agenda that would not have saved those children, disgusts me, personally. The second amendment to the Constitution is a basic right of free people and cannot be nor will it be abridged by the executive power of this or any other president.”
    ~Governor Rick Perry (January 2013)

  3133. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) prepped a bill to “nullify” Obama’s executive orders on gun control (2013)
  3134. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) claimed that Senator Rand Paul was using a “code word” on gun control
  3135. NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that the NRA is more popular than the entertainment industry
  3136. NRA membership grew by a 250,000 in just one month following the Sandy Hook school massacre
  3137. NRA ran an ad that called Obama an “elitist hypocrite” for having armed guards for his daughters
  3138. Study found that 60% of high school and college students in American plan to buy firearms (2012)
  3139. New York Times admitted that Obama’s gun control proposals would not have prevented Sandy Hook
  3140. “Assault weapons” were tied to less than 0.012% of overall deaths in America in 2011
  3141. Project Veritas sting showed how employees of the Journal News and top gun control activists were unwilling to post a “gun-free” sign in front of their home to show support for gun control (January 2013)
  3142. Project Veritas went door-to-door in New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. to see which outspoken champions for gun control would be willing to declare their own home as a “gun free zone”
    “I agree with you and I am on your side on this, but I’m just wondering if that’s not an invitation to somebody with a gun.” ~Newark Star Ledger Bob Braun’s response when confronted by the undercover Project Veritas team posing as members of a gun-control group (January 2013)

  3143. James O’Keefe and Project Veritas wanted to see how some of America’s most fervent gun-control advocates “felt when placed in the same position as our nation’s children – within a Gun Free Zone”
    “It’s amazing to see members of our media equivocate and contradict their spoken and written words when faced with the dilemma to declare their own homes as gun free. Surprisingly, we found that the homes of the very New York paper that was willing to put the lives and fortunes of gun owners at risk by publishing their names and addresses, were also the most heavily armed and protected. The hypocrisy of New York’s Journal News is beyond words… FBI police confronted our reporters within minutes of their knocking on the attorney general’s home. Eric Holder is safe and sound under armed protection, unlike the nation’s children.” ~James O’Keefe (January 2013)

  3144. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) misquoted the congressional oath of office to push for gun control (January 2013)
    “I, (name of Member), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” ~Congressional Oath of Office

  3145. Pelosi claimed that the oath required members of Congress to “protect and defend” the American people
  3146. Pelosi supported all 23 of Obama’s “executive actions,” including his desire for an “assault weapons” ban
  3147. President Obama proposed new gun control laws that wouldn’t have stopped the Sandy Hook massacre
  3148. Hollywood received a pass in President Obama’s new gun control proposals (January 2013)
  3149. Polling found that 65% of American adults see gun rights as protection against tyranny (January 2013)
  3150. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) described the NRA as a “very extreme” “fringe group” (January 2013)
  3151. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) would not bring Obama’s gun control measures to a vote
  3152. NBC/Wall Street Journal polling found that absentee parents and Hollywood are to blame for gun crime
  3153. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) argued that “some of the southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome”
  3154. Sheriff Terry Box in Texas said that he would not enforce gun laws that he considered unconstitutional
  3155. Missouri Sheriff Charles M. Heiss pledged to not enforce Obama’s unconstitutional gun control laws
    “It appears to me and many Americans that there is a genuine desire on the part of your administration to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law abiding American citizens in the interest of curbing gun violence in our nation. Any attempt to restrict these Second Amendment rights through executive order is unconstitutional and tantamount to an all-out assault on the United States Constitution.” ~Sheriff Charles M. Heiss (R-Johnson County) writing in a letter to the Obama administration, which was also signed by other sheriffs in Missouri (January 2013)
    “On the same day the President is taking his oath to uphold the Constitution, he continues to attack our Second Amendment rights. As Osage County Sheriff, I also took an Oath to the Constitution; but unlike Obama, I intend to uphold mine… The President comes from Chicago, the city with the strictest gun laws and worst gun violence in the country. It has been proven time and time again that taking guns from law abiding citizens only emboldens thugs, thieves, and rapists, not stop them from committing crimes.” ~Sheriff Michael Dixon (R-Osage County), one of about a dozen sheriffs in Missouri to have signed and sent Sheriff Charles M. Heiss’ letter

  3156. Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that they would monitor their violent video games (January 2013)
  3157. Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced a gun control bill that exempts government officials (January 2013)
  3158. Dianne Feinstein’s “Assault Weapons Ban of 2013” also bans numerous handguns and shotguns
  3159. Feinstein argued, “The purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time” (January 2013)
  3160. Feinstein also argued against self-defense, saying you don’t “need more than 10 rounds” for self-defense
  3161. Feinstein’s proposals lacked enough Democratic votes to pass the Democratic-controlled Senate (2013)
  3162. Joe Biden claimed that he had heard the gunshots from the Nickel Mines shooting while golfing in 2006
  3163. The nearest golf course, Moccasin Run, had no record of him playing there and is about 6 miles away
  3164. Biden said that he views efforts to reduce firearm violence as gun safety – not gun control (2013)
  3165. Communist Party USA cheered on Obama’s gun grab in their official publication, People’s World (2013)
  3166. Rick Nagin is a member of the Newspaper Guild and the Communications Workers of America
  3167. Nagin, a writer for the Communist Party USA, has written for communist publications since the 1970s
  3168. Rick Nagin also serves as a political coordinator for the AFL-CIO in Ohio
  3169. In 2012, Rick Nagin was the Democratic Leader in Cleveland Ward 14 and served on the County Democratic Party Executive Committee
    “The Second Amendment is obsolete and now had been twisted to threaten the basic safety and security of all Americans.” ~Communist Party USA (CPUSA) writer Rick Nagin
    “[T]he ability to live free from the fear or threat of gun violence is a fundamental democratic right – one that far supercedes any so-called personal gun rights allegedly contained in the Second Amendment.” ~Communist Party USA’s (CPUSA) labor and politics reporter Rick Nagin writing in an article entitled, “Fight to end gun violence is key to defending democracy,” in their official publication, People’s World (January 2013)

  3170. Communist regimes, like all dictatorships, seek the prohibition of private gun ownership, thereby creating a monopoly of force in the hands of the State
  3171. Daily Kos writer “Sporks” outlined a long-term strategy to ban all civilian gun ownership that begins with registration and ends with confiscation by the federal government (January 2013)
  3172. Report by The Washington Times found that stricter gun laws fail to drive down the rates of gun crimes
  3173. Obama’s Organizing for Action used the Sandy Hook massacre of children to raise money (2013)
  3174. President Obama claimed that he goes skeet shooting “all the time” at Camp David (January 2013)
  3175. CNN White House correspondent Jessica Yellin was skeptical and asked why we haven’t seen photos
  3176. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) challenged President Obama to a skeet shooting contest (January 2013)
  3177. White House released a photo of Obama shooting a gun and even mocked so-called “skeeters” (2013)
  3178. White House released a warning to the public not to photoshop the image of Obama with a gun
  3179. President Obama’s own gun-control allies fretted that he was trying to portray himself as a friend of sportsmen and hunters, or worse yet that he was glorifying the use of guns (February 2013)
  3180. Spokesman Jay Carney tried to walk back Obama’s boasting about skeet shooting (February 2013)
  3181. Fox News survey found that two-thirds of Americans would “defy” a federal gun ban (January 2013)
  3182. DHS sought to acquire 7,000 AR-15 “assault rifles” for “personal defense” (January 2013)
  3183. Department of Homeland Security purchased another 21.6 million rounds of ammunition (February 2013)
  3184. DHS purchased over 1.6 billion bullets in a period of just 10 months (March 2012-February 2013)
  3185. Washington Post: Bloomberg is “America’s most prominent and deep-pocketed advocate for gun control”
  3186. When questioned by senior Talk Radio Network investigative reporter Jason Mattera, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg refused to give up his own armed security guards (January 2013)
  3187. Justifiable homicide: About 260 private citizens lawfully killed someone committing a felony in 2011
  3188. Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. warned, ‘Don’t wait for the police; arm yourselves’
  3189. Sheriff Clark said gun control advocates were “sheep” and called for “an armed tactical trained officer or security officer in every school and public place [theaters, malls, etc.] in America” (December 2012)
  3190. San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne thinks we can disarm Americans within “a generation”
  3191. Lansdowne has been slamming the NRA in interviews and declared, “We broke the NRA” (2013)
  3192. Arizona considered a bill that would make a federal ban on semi-automatic weapons “unenforceable”
  3193. Wyoming House approved a bill exempting the state from federal gun-control measures (January 2013)
  3194. Democrats invited Gabrielle Giffords and former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly to testify before the Senate
  3195. Media coverage of Giffords’ testimony exploited her victimhood in order to push for gun control
  3196. Media fawned over Gabrielle Giffords’ “handwritten” notes written by a speech therapist (January 2013)
  3197. Harry Reid (D-NV) said that he hadn’t even read Dianne Feinstein’s legislation yet (February 2013)
  3198. Former SEAL, ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle was killed at a Texas gun range by an Iraqi war vet (2013)
  3199. Obama took his gun control campaign to Minnesota and argued, “Now is the time!” (February 2013)
  3200. President Obama described guns with magazines that held over ten bullets as “weapons of war”
  3201. Court ruled that a New York Times’ request for a list of city gun owners violated the law (2013)
  3202. House Democrats put forth 14 gun control measures with the usual “crisis” urgency (February 7, 2013)
  3203. None of the measures presented would have stopped the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
  3204. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) argued that Democrats must push for gun control while we have the chance
  3205. Eric Holder: Obama decides who’s “entitled” to their Second Amendment rights (February 2013)
  3206. Democratic Party allies in the media did not report on the political motives of a leftwing mass murderer
  3207. Chris Dorner is a former-police officer who went on a murder rampage in Los Angeles (February 2013)
  3208. Chris Dorner left behind a manifesto that endorsed Hillary, Obama, gun control, and the elite media
  3209. Chris Dorner endorsed Hillary for president in 2016 and vigorously defended President Obama
  3210. Chris Dorner endorsed Piers Morgan’s gun control views, but worried that he was hurting the cause
  3211. Piers Morgan tweeted that the Los Angeles murder spree had “nothing to do with politics”

  3212. Obama insisted that “Chicago is an example of what makes this country great” (August 2012)

  3213. Chicago, under complete Democratic control, is the most heavily gun-regulated area in the country
  3214. As violent crime decreased in large cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, the murder rate in Chicago skyrocketed 38% during the first six months of 2012
  3215. High murder rate has made large swathes of Chicago more lethal than the war zone of Afghanistan
  3216. Valerie Jarrett traveled to Chicago to speak at the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention and touted the Obama administration’s “action” on Chicago youth violence (April 2012)
  3217. Valerie Jarrett dated President Obama’s action-taking on youth violence to September 2009
  3218. When he became mayor, Rahm Emanuel disbanded Chicago’s tactical units and combined precincts
  3219. As a campaign promise, Emanuel disbanded the Targeted Response Unit and the Mobile Strike Force
  3220. Prior to Rahm Emanuel, these tactical teams were used to break up gang activity whenever it picked up
  3221. In 2010, there were 68 murder victims in Chicago between the ages of 13 and 18
  3222. Nearly 700 kids were hit by gunfire as Chicago suffered an 11% rise in youth murders
  3223. Since 2008, at least 530 people under the ago 21 have been murdered in the city of Chicago
  3224. More than 100 police officers were sent to guard the wedding of Valerie Jarrett’s daughter (2012)
  3225. Shootings in Chicago skyrocketed over that weekend, leaving at least seven dead and 35 injured
  3226. A 7-year-old girl was gunned down while selling lemonade outside of her home in Chicago
  3227. Five Chicago teenagers were among 8 wounded in 8 separate drive-by shootings in one night
  3228. Three teens in Chicago were charged with beating a disabled grandfather to death (July 2012)
    “All the black brothers just want to get rich, but we got no jobs and no hope. We want the violence to stop but you ain’t safe if you ain’t got your pistol with you. Too many friends, too many men are being killed. We don’t even cry at funerals no more. Nobody expects to live past 21 here.” ~Young Chicago man nicknamed “Killer” (July 2012)

  3229. Thirteen people in Chicago were shot within just a 30-minute period (August 2012)
  3230. Six young black men abducted and raped a 14-year-old girl on her way to school (November 2012)
  3231. Innocent people are repeatedly being shot while driving their cars and SUVs within Chicago
  3232. Media ignored the skyrocketing murder rate in Chicago due to a lack of political upside in the stories
  3233. Media is unable to blame the shootings on Republicans, conservative ideas, or a lack of left-wing ideas
  3234. Media is unable to blame a lack of gun control, since Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the country
  3235. Murder rate in Chicago increased in 2012 compared to 2011, with 41 murders per month
  3236. According to 2010 U.S. Census information, Chicago has a population of 2,695,598 people
  3237. Chicago’s population is 33% black, 32% white (non-Hispanic), and 30% Hispanic or Latino in origin
  3238. From 2003-2011, whites were nearly 6% of the victims and accused of carrying out 4% of the murders
  3239. From 2003-2011, Hispanics were 19% of the victims and accused of carrying out 20% of the murders
  3240. From 2003-2011, blacks were 75% of the victims and accused of carrying out 75% of the murders
  3241. Tyrone Lawson was shot dead at the end of a high school basketball game at Chicago State University
  3242. Homeless shoplifter in Chicago was killed by a CVS drug store manager after stealing toothpaste (2010)
  3243. Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old who performed at Obama’s inauguration, was shot dead in Chicago
    “There has to be an end to it. It’s just too much. The children cannot go to school. They’re in fear.” ~Chicago resident Bonita O’Bannion (January 2013)

  3244. Chicago recorded its deadliest January in more than 10 years (January 2013)
  3245. Murder rate in Chicago over the past decade is more than double the rate of U.S. deaths in Afghanistan
  3246. Steven Robbins, a convicted murderer, was mistakenly released from prison in Chicago (January 2013)
  3247. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel pressured mutual funds to divest from gun companies (January 2013)
  3248. Jesse Jackson and relatives of victims pleaded with Obama to address the gun violence in Chicago
  3249. Jackson called for the Department of Homeland Security to help patrol the streets of Chicago (2013)
  3250. Chicago’s murder rate is higher than during the non-gun-controlled era of Al Capone (1920s)
  3251. Police in Chicago announced they would no longer respond immediately to burglaries and car thefts
    “I don’t mean to be flippant here, because I’ve been the victim of a burglary at least three or four times. I’d rather have the officer on the street, where he can prevent the shooting.” ~Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy (February 2013)

  3252. Jeanette Holt, 25, lied about a baby’s abduction to get cops to find her stolen car (February 2013)
  3253. Chicago police union sought a 12% pay raise over two years and proposed a residency stipend of $3,000 per officer for those required to live within the city of Chicago (February 2013)
  3254. Police union asked to pay less for their health insurance and get money for their uniform allowance
  3255. Police wanted to reach the top of the pay scale ($86,000) after 20 years, rather than the current 25 years

  3256. Obama administration does not respect the guarantee of equal protection under the law

  3257. Obama’s Department of Justice was sued for picking and choosing which laws to enforce (2011)
  3258. Department of Justice dropped its defense of a central part of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act
  3259. Obama and Holder arbitrarily claimed that the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act is not constitutional
  3260. The 1996 Defense of Marriage Act has been legally attacked before and upheld as constitutional
  3261. Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said it would no longer deport noncitizen spouses of gay Americans, another direct contradiction to the Defense of Marriage Act (August 2011)
  3262. Obama will not uphold law and protect our borders from terrorists, criminals, and drug traffickers
  3263. During the campaign, Obama said that we need secure borders and employer enforcement laws
  3264. Senate Democrats blocked bid to send 6,000 troops to help Border States cope with the influx
  3265. Obama cracked “adios amigos” jokes about Arizona requiring people to prove citizenship if asked
  3266. Obama’s Justice Department sued Arizona for a law that mirrors federal immigration laws
  3267. Michael Posner equated the new Arizona immigration law to China’s human rights record
  3268. GAO: Illegal aliens accounted for at least 30 border fires in Arizona over a 5-year period
  3269. Obama administration told the Border Patrol to relax searches along the Canadian border (2011)
  3270. During an interview with Woodward in July 2010, Obama said, “We can absorb a terrorist attack”
  3271. Holder’s DOJ refuses to prosecute cases where the perpetrators are black and the victims are white
  3272. Eric Holder believes that focusing on the NBPP voter intimidation case demeans “my people”
  3273. Holder feels that whites can’t be victims of racial injustice because they haven’t suffered enough
  3274. Islamists cloak political Islam under the guise of religion in order to exploit our legal system
  3275. Holder’s Justice Department filed a lawsuit in support of a Muslim public school teacher
  3276. Sefoorah Khan chose to take a 3-week trip to Mecca, Saudi Arabia after 9 months of employment
  3277. DOJ handled the Muslim teacher’s lawsuit with political correctness and not justice
  3278. School district was compelled to settle with the teacher rather than undertake expensive litigation
  3279. Implementation of Obamacare violated equal protection by selectively giving waivers to supporters
  3280. DOJ’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force was created by Obama in November 2009 to track down and begin prosecution of financial crimes with regard to the meltdown of September 2008
  3281. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused a number of banks including JP Morgan, Wachovia Securities, UBS, and Bank of America of “fraudulently” rigging municipal bond auctions by “entering into secret arrangements with bidding agents to get an illegal ‘last look’ at competitor’s bids”
  3282. SEC also alleged that many large banks “knowingly” passed fraudulent information along to government agencies and investors, including large investment houses involving subprime mortgages
  3283. Top Department of Justice (DOJ) officials are Obama bundlers with high-level Wall Street ties
  3284. Obama’s DOJ is selectively avoiding prosecution of certain banks and firms on Wall Street (2012)
  3285. Top leadership at the DOJ is drawn almost exclusively from White Collar Criminal Defense Practices at large firms that represent the very firms that the DOJ is supposed to be investigating
  3286. Attorney General Eric Holder and Associate Attorney General and head of the criminal division Lanny Breuer both worked for the firm Covington and Burling before joining the Obama administration
  3287. Covington and Burling’s current client list includes Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, ING, Morgan Stanley, UBS, and MF Global
  3288. Number of corporate securities and bank fraud prosecutions is at a 20-year low under Obama
    “The appearance of conflict is as dangerous to public confidence in the administration of justice as true conflict itself. Justice must not only be done; justice must also be seen to be done.” ~Lloyd Cutler (1981)

  3289. House members (70) called on the DOJ to investigate SWATting of conservative bloggers (2012)

  3290. Obama had appointed more bundlers in just over two years than George W. Bush did in eight years
    “The cynics, the lobbyists, the special interests… turned our government into a game only they can afford to play. We’re here today to take it back.”
    ~Candidate Obama (February 10, 2007)

  3291. Obama frequently criticized the role of money in politics and promised to reform the system
  3292. W.H. logs revealed that Obama met with AFL-CIO and ACLU lobbyists over 50 times each
  3293. Top bundlers to the Obama campaign received government jobs in return for their contributions
  3294. Nearly 80% of bundlers collecting more than $500,000 for Obama took “key administration posts”
  3295. More than half of the 24 ambassador nominees who were bundlers raised $500,000 for Obama
  3296. 1980 Foreign Service Act: political contributions “should not be a factor” in picking ambassadors
  3297. Campaign bundlers and their families account for more than 3,000 W.H. meetings and visits
  3298. Telecom executive Donald H. Gips was put in charge of hiring in the Obama White House
  3299. Gips helped place loyalists & fundraisers in key positions prior to being named as an ambassador
  3300. Gips retained stock in Level 3 Communications, which received $13.8 million from the “stimulus”
  3301. James Crowe, chairman of the Level 3 board, bundled more than $100,000 for Obama
  3302. Obama appointed Crowe to his advisory committee on telecommunications & wireless issues
  3303. Michael Caplin raised $200,000 and was appointed to the Commission on Presidential Scholars
  3304. Professor Spencer Overton bundled over $500,000 and was named to Obama’s transition team
  3305. Overton was later appointed principal deputy attorney general in the Department of Justice
  3306. Attorney General Eric Holder bundled $50,000 for Obama prior to his nomination & confirmation
  3307. Julius Genachowski was appointed to chair the FCC after bundling $500,000 for Obama
  3308. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski proposed eliminating federal rules to bailout liberal media
  3309. New rules would allow companies to own both TV and radio stations in the 20 largest markets
  3310. New rules also would remove cross-ownership restrictions for some TV stations and newspapers
  3311. Newspapers and broadcast owners argue that the mergers are needed to preserve local newsrooms
  3312. Genachowski’s wife, Rachel Goslins, was appointed to the Committee on Arts and Humanities
  3313. Edward Lazarus and William T. Lake are other Obama campaign bundlers working at the FCC
  3314. Obama rewarded campaign helpers with high level government jobs they weren’t qualified for
  3315. Over 70 of Obama’s top fundraisers were rewarded with ambassadorships or high ranking jobs
  3316. Obama’s “unpaid Pay Czar” got a 6-figure salary according to uncovered Treasury documents
  3317. Investigations found that nearly 200 of Obama’s biggest donors had landed plum government jobs and advisory posts, won federal contracts worth millions of dollars for their business interests, or attended numerous elite White House meetings and social events
  3318. At least 18 other bundlers are tied to businesses that stand to profit from Obama’s green agenda
  3319. Democratic donor George Kaiser backs a company that won a $535 million loan guarantee
  3320. Steven Westly, a green energy entrepreneur, raise over $500,000 for Obama’s campaign
  3321. Westly’s venture firm’s portfolio received over $500 million in loans, grants or “stimulus” money
  3322. Penny Pritzker was a key fundraiser and adviser to Obama in the early days of his campaign
  3323. Pritzker was later appointed to Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Commission
  3324. Pritzker’s husband, Bryan Traubert, was appointed to a Commission on White House Fellowships
  3325. Wall Street titan Robert Wolf served on Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Commission
  3326. Financier Mark Gallogly served on Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Commission
  3327. Pritzker, Wolf and Gallogly were later asked to serve on Obama’s commission on job creation
  3328. Wolf is an occasional golf partner for Obama, including during his Martha’s Vineyard visit in 2011
  3329. Other members of Obama’s job council who have donated money to Obama includes: Xerox Corporation CEO Ursula Burns, UC Berkeley professor Laura D’Andrea Tyson, TIAA-CREF CEO Roger Ferguson, MIT/Harvard Broad Institute director Eric Lander, Citigroup chairman Richard Parsons, Hooven-Dayton Corp. CEO Christopher Che, board member John Doerr, and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg
  3330. Sandberg hosted a star-studded fundraiser netting at least $2.5 million for Obama 2012 re-election
  3331. UC Berkeley employees contributed $1.6 million to Obama in 2008 (the most of any organization)
  3332. UBS, Citigroup and General Electric (GE), whose chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt leads President Obama’s job council, were the source of more than $1.7 million combined
  3333. Comcast Corp., headed by CEO Brian Roberts who sits on the council, is the top corporate source of campaign cash for Obama’s 2012 re-election bid
  3334. Two high-profile unions, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and the AFL-CIO, also played a key role in helping to elect Democrats and Obama in 2008, spending more than $900,000 on political communications and advertisements
  3335. The leaders of both unions, Joseph Hansen and Richard Trumka, sit on Obama’s job council
  3336. Obama appointed bundler Cindy Moelis to direct the Commission on White House Fellows
  3337. Moelis’ husband, Robert Rivkin, was appointed general counsel of the Transportation Department
  3338. Bundler Harvey Wineberg was appointed to Obama’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability
  3339. Chicago bundler David C. Jacobson served as Obama’s 2008 campaign deputy finance director
  3340. Valerie Jarrett, also a bundler, serves as Obama’s adviser within the White House inner circle
  3341. Obama nominated Cheryl Saban to be a representative of the U.S. to the U.N. General Assembly
  3342. Cheryl Saban is the wife of Univision chairman Haim Saban, a major Democratic donor
  3343. Cheryl Saban’s nomination came one month after her husband Haim Saban, an Egyptian-born Israeli-American, penned a New York Times op-ed defending President Obama’s record on Israel
  3344. Haim Saban gave more than $1 million to Democratic candidates and committees for the 2012 cycle
  3345. Haim Saban donated at least $333,333 to the Obama-affiliated super PAC Priorities USA
  3346. Haim Saban also donated $325,520 to Majority PAC, a super PAC touted by Harry Reid (D-NV)
  3347. Haim Saban previously criticized Obama personally in 2011 for not visiting Israel as president
  3348. In 2010, Haim Saban labeled the Obama administration “really left leftists, so far to the left there’s not much space left between them and the wall”
  3349. TracFone Wireless, a cell phone company, profited from the “Obama phone” giveaway program
  3350. TracFone, a direct beneficiary of the Lifeline program, receives $10 a month for each subscriber in the form of federal subsidies, and generates additional profit by selling extra minutes to Lifeline subscribers
  3351. TracFone and similar wireless providers claim that the revenue generated from selling additional minutes to customers is low, but declines to publicly release such figures
  3352. TracFone president Frederick “F.J.” Pollak donated at least $156,500 to Democratic candidates for 2012
  3353. Frederick “F.J.” Pollak gave at least $50,000 to the Obama re-election campaign (2012)
  3354. Pollak’s wife, Abigail, has raised more than $1.5 million for Barack Obama since 2007
  3355. Abigail Pollak, a campaign bundler, raised more than $632,000 for President Obama for the 2012 cycle
  3356. Abigail Pollak personally gave more than $200,000 to Democratic candidates and committees since 2008
  3357. The Pollaks also hosted Obama at their Miami Beach home for a $40,000-per-plate dinner (July 2012)
  3358. The Pollaks had previously hosted a similar event with Michelle Obama in July 2008
  3359. In 2008, the Pollaks donated a combined $66,200 to Obama’s election effort that year
  3360. Visitor logs indicate that Frederick and Abigail Pollak have visited the White House seven times
  3361. In 2009, President Barack Obama appointed Abigail Pollak to serve on the “Commission to Study the Potential Creation of a National Museum of the American Latino”
  3362. TracFone is the U.S. affiliate of American Movil
  3363. American Movil is one of the largest phone service providers in Latin America and is controlled by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man according to Forbes
  3364. Carlos Slim’s stake in American Movil accounts for more than half of his $70 billion net worth
  3365. Carlos Slim bailed out the New York Times and is often referred to as “Mexico’s Mr. Monopoly”
  3366. According to visitor logs, Carlos Slim has visited the Obama White House at least twice
  3367. Lifeline’s rapidly increasing costs have attracted attention of Republicans and Democrats in Congress
  3368. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) found that the Lifeline program was “ripe for fraud” (December 2011)
  3369. McCaskill warned that the government was issuing multiple free phones to the same individuals (2011)
  3370. Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, was one of Obama’s leading fundraisers (2012)
  3371. Wintour was the ‘leading contender to be America’s ambassador to the United Kingdon (UK)’
  3372. Anna Wintour’s boyfriend, J. Shelby Bryan, reportedly owes the U.S. government $1.2 million in taxes
  3373. Bryan is a former adviser to Bill Clinton and helped raise funds for Obama’s re-election campaign
  3374. At one $35,000-a-plate dinner, Obama thanked “Anna and Shelby for being such extraordinary hosts”
  3375. Bryan, who has been in a relationship with Wintour since 1999, has owed money to the IRS since 2006

  3376. Critics labeled Obama as the “campaigner-in-chief” instead of focusing on fixing the economy

  3377. Departments of Health and Human Services, Education, and Labor paid out most of the “stimulus”
  3378. President Obama had held (191) total re-election campaign fundraisers through April 2012
  3379. George W. Bush had held a total of (167) fundraisers for his re-election campaign
  3380. President Bill Clinton had held a total of (173) fundraisers for his re-election campaign
  3381. Taxpayers are paying for Obama’s campaign trips and travel expenses to his fundraisers
  3382. Obama chose to begin campaigning instead of helping the Debt Reduction Committee (2011)
  3383. The taxpayers bought Obama two armored campaign buses costing over $1.1 million each
  3384. The Secret Service said the buses were purchased to be used for the 2012 presidential campaign
  3385. The two taxpayer-funded luxury buses were ordered in July 2010 and received a year later
  3386. The government contract shows that they were manufactured and assembled in Canada
  3387. Both buses were tricked out by the Secret Service with state-of-the-art security features
  3388. Obama embarked on a taxpayer-funded three-day bus tour in August 2011 to tout job creation
  3389. Obama administration called the Midwest bus tour an “official event” and not a campaign event
  3390. The bus tour was billed as a “listening tour” for President Obama to connect with the people
  3391. Obama told Ryan Rhodes, “it sounds like you don’t want to listen,” during his listening tour
  3392. Obama claimed during his Midwest bus tour that his economic program “reversed the recession”
  3393. Obama told a crowd in Decorah, Iowa that “over the last six months we’ve had a run of bad luck”
  3394. Congressional Black Caucus angry that Obama’s tour did not go through any black communities
  3395. CBC has become increasingly tired and frustrated by Obama’s performance on the issue of jobs
    “The Congressional Black Caucus loves the president too. We’re supportive of the president, but we’re getting tired, ya’ll. We’re getting tired. And so, what we want to do is, we want to give the president every opportunity to show what he can do and what he’s prepared to lead on. We want to give him every opportunity, but our people are hurting. The unemployment is unconscionable. We don’t know what the strategy is. We don’t know why on this trip that he’s in the United States now, he’s not in any black community. We don’t know that.”
    ~Congresswoman Maxine Waters speaking to a Detroit audience in August 2011

  3396. Obama’s White House did not observe the protocol of scheduling a joint session of Congress
  3397. Obama scheduled a speech to intentionally interfere with a long-scheduled GOP debate
  3398. Carney arrogantly told the GOP that they could reschedule a debate scheduled months earlier
  3399. Obama’s political group sent out a campaign letter based on the “frustration” caused by the GOP
  3400. State-run media allies spent 24-hours desperately trying to spin the time conflict in favor of Obama
  3401. Obama ultimately conceded when his political ploy did not work and agreed to another date
  3402. Obama’s 2008 campaign set up the website as a propaganda tool
  3403. Obama’s W.H. asked that “fishy” emails pertaining to Obamacare be sent to
  3404. Obama’s 2012 campaign set up the website to “fight the smears” against him
  3405.’s website hasn’t been updated Twitter feed went silent in November 2011
  3406. “Obama truth squad” in Missouri vowed to arrest anyone telling ‘lies’ about President Obama
  3407. Obama campaign organized propaganda teams to deceive voters and misdirect from his record
  3408. Obama’s 2012 campaign unleashed “truth teams” to counter negative coverage in “swing states”
  3409. Obama’s campaign launched an effort to collect GOP information via the Obama 2012 website
  3410. Obama’s collection effort was cast under the mischievous guise of asking Obama supporters to “have a little fun at the expense of a Republican in your life” by signing them up to get an email from the Obama campaign ribbing them for having “inspired” the Obama support to donate (December 2011)
  3411. Nearly 90% of Obama’s domestic travel for first half of 2011 has been at least partly political
  3412. President Obama’s schedule included a lot of traveling to swing-states in the latter half of 2011
  3413. ABC’s Jake Tapper confronted Jay Carney, asking if Obama is “campaigning on taxpayer dime”
  3414. Joe Biden wrote an op-ed in the Des Moines Register attacking Mitt Romney (December 2011)
  3415. Biden’s op-ed was written 2 days before Christmas and 11 days before the 2012 Iowa Caucuses
  3416. President Obama held a virtual town hall in Iowa during the GOP Caucus (2012)
  3417. Days after returning from Hawaii, President Obama said his New Year’s resolution was to “get out of Washington” and “spend more time” campaigning with everyday “folks” (2012)
  3418. GOP candidate Mitt Romney was assailed over ties to private equity firm Bain Capital (2012)
  3419. Obama more than doubled Romney in campaign contributions from Bain Capital employees
  3420. President Obama also filled his administration with private equity firm executives
  3421. Obama administration sought advice with their failed GM ‘investment’ from Bain Capital
  3422. President Obama’s campaign ads compared Mitt Romney’s private equity work at Bain Capital to that of a “vampire” draining jobs and money from vulnerable companies and workers (2012)
    “My view of private equity is that it is set up to maximize profits, and that’s a healthy part of the free market, [but]… that’s not always going to be good for businesses or communities or workers.” ~President Obama in defense of attacks on Bain Capital (May 2012)

  3423. Then-State Senator Obama praised private equity when he needed campaign cash (2002-2003)
  3424. Obama introduced two bills designed to boost the private equity business in Illinois
  3425. Obama even sponsored a resolution in the Illinois Senate calling private equity firms like Bain “the best opportunity for long-term economic vitality” and for “the creation of jobs”
  3426. Obama introduced a State Senate resolution to set up a “Private Equity Task Force” (March 2003)
    WHEREAS, Private equity is a vital aspect of the Illinois economy providing needed private capital to early and late stage companies in various industries, including but not limited to: retail, restaurant, manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices, homeland security, software, wireless communications, transportation, and agriculture; and

    WHEREAS, The development of the private equity sector of the Illinois economy offers the best opportunity for long-term economic vitality, for the expansion of jobs, for the improvement of productivity and a quality standard of living, and for providing the greatest number of citizens with genuine opportunity.”

    ~Obama’s State Senate resolution (March 2003)

  3427. WSJ/NBC poll showed that Bain Capital was polling better than Solyndra (June 2012)
  3428. Obama administration plans to sell foreclosed homes held by Fannie Mae to “venture capitalists”
  3429. Obama’s campaign assailed Romney’s work in private equity, calling him a “vulture capitalist”
  3430. Obama’s plan profits directly from individual middle-class citizens who lost homes in the crisis
  3431. Obama plans to sell only to hedge fund managers and multi-billion dollar venture capitalist firms
  3432. Democrats attacked Romney over layoffs made by a bundler for President Obama
  3433. Obama released an ad attacking Romney for layoffs made at a company controlled by Bain Capital
  3434. The layoffs occurred in 2001, yet Romney left Bain Capital in 1999 to run the Winter Olympics
  3435. Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer Jonathan Lavine joined Bain in 1993
  3436. Jonathan Lavine is a major bundler of Obama, raising between $100-200k for his re-election
  3437. Obama’s own former “Car Czar” Steve Rattner called an ad attack on Mitt Romney “unfair”
  3438. Newark Mayor Cory Booker publicly derided the Democrats’ assault on Bain Capital (2012)
  3439. Cory Booker said that the “nauseating” political discourse has become “very uncomfortable”
  3440. Obama administration lied when they claimed they didn’t talk to Cory Booker after his comments
  3441. Cory Booker took out a full-page ad in the New Jersey directory of delegates at the Democratic National Convention urging others to “Re-Elect President Barak Obama” (misspelled “Barack”)
  3442. Mayor Cory Booker injured his leg after tripping on a curb prior to his big speech at the DNC
  3443. Obama attacks private equity, but then turns around and raises funds from private equity leaders
  3444. Ed Rendell (D) described fellow Democrats’ attacks on Bain Capital as “very disappointing”
  3445. James Clyburn (D-SC) described Romney record at Bain Capital as “raping companies”
  3446. James Clyburn has previously taken money from private equity giant Blackstone Group
  3447. Obama admitted that Romney’s role at Bain Capital “is what this campaign is going to be about”
  3448. Obama refused to return campaign donations he received from Bain Capital executives
  3449. Bill Clinton blew Obama’s campaign narrative by calling Romney’s business record “sterling”
  3450. Vice President Joe Biden admitted that Mitt Romney is a “great businessman” (October 2012)
  3451. Governor Martin O’Malley (D-MD) admitted that we’re not better off now than four years ago
  3452. One day later, Governor Martin O’Malley (D-MD) claimed “we are clearly better off as a country”
  3453. Obama’s 2012 State of the Union Address was a campaign speech railing against wealth inequality
  3454. Before the speech, Obama said to his supporters, “Tonight, we set the tone for the year ahead”
  3455. Warren Buffett’s secretary, Debbie Bosanek, sat with First Lady Michelle Obama for the speech
  3456. According to IRS charts, Bosanek must make between $200-500k and just bought a second house
  3457. Despite his actions, President Obama told his audiences what they wanted to hear to get re-elected
  3458. Obama touted an “all of the above” energy policy, but never mentioned the Keystone XL pipeline
  3459. Obama offered a populist economic vision, steep tax increases on American job creators, a fresh investigation into the mortgage crisis, and additional support for domestic manufacturing
    “It’s time to apply the same rules from top to bottom: No bailouts, no handouts and no copouts. An America built to last insists on responsibility from everybody.” ~President Obama’s State of the Union Address (January 24, 2012)

  3460. Obama called for a new potential fix for underwater homeowners to refinance at lower rates
  3461. Obama also called for new legislation to discourage companies from shipping jobs overseas
  3462. Obama’s SOTU campaign speech made a point to appeal to as many constituents as possible, including Hispanics, women, anti-Wall Street groups, labor unions, and environmentalists
  3463. Obama’s new $20.7 billion spending plan from the SOTU will come from further defense cuts
  3464. President Obama used the same lines he had used in previous addresses before Congress (2012)
  3465. Obama 2010: “It’s time for colleges and universities to get serious about cutting their own costs”
  3466. Obama 2012: “Colleges and universities have to do their part by working to keep costs down”

  3467. Obama 2010: “And we should continue to work by fixing our broken immigration system”
  3468. Obama 2011: “I strongly believe that we should take on… the issue of illegal immigration”
  3469. Obama 2012: “I believe as strongly as ever that we should take on illegal immigration”

  3470. Obama 2010: “We face a deficit of trust”
  3471. Obama 2012: “I’ve talked tonight about the deficit of trust…”

  3472. Obama 2010: “We can’t wage a perpetual campaign”
  3473. Obama 2012: Let us “end the notion that the two parties must be locked in a perpetual campaign”
  3474. After the 2012 State of the Union Address, President Obama embarked on another three-day campaign tour through five of the battleground states on the taxpayer’s dime

  3475. Obama has held more re-election fundraisers than every president since Nixon combined (2012)
  3476. Obama is the first president to visit every electoral battleground state during his first year in office
  3477. Obama held 21 of his first 27 outside-the-beltway “official” events in battleground states in 2012
  3478. Obama scheduled a visit to Ground Zero during a re-election campaign fundraising trip, thereby turning the trip into an “official” event, meaning that taxpayers had to pay for travel to his fundraiser
  3479. Obama flew into Kabul, Afghanistan to give a campaign speech to “voters at home” (May 2012)
  3480. Presidential biographies on the White House website were altered to include Obama (2012)
    “I do know that when the president ran, he said that this election would be the turning point, that the oceans would recede, that the world would shift because of him being in office. There seem to be people around him, as well as himself, who have a very grand view of what he will accomplish… and we’re still waiting to see that. I think the American people have been disappointed. The promises were grandiose and extraordinary, and the deliverables have been disappointing at best. I think it is one thing to try to rewrite your own history – it’s something different altogether to rewrite that of all your predecessors… I can commit: I will not be trying to rewrite the biographies of former presidents.”
    ~Statement from GOP nominee Mitt Romney

  3481. White House quietly moved the Obama-praising text from the past presidents’ bios (June 2012)
  3482. President Obama honored Neil Armstrong’s death by posting a photo of himself (August 2012)
  3483. ABC’s Jake Tapper: It’s difficult to tell the difference between the White House and the campaign
  3484. Obama attended 6 fundraisers on a day that the unemployment rate went up to 8.2% (June 1, 2012)
  3485. Obama stopped deporting an estimated 800,000 illegal immigrants and gave them the right to work to court more Hispanic voters, which proved to be key in Florida, Virginia, Colorado, and Nevada
  3486. President Obama used his daughters, Malia and Sasha, as political props in a 2012 re-election ad
  3487. Obama campaign refused to pay the costs for a New Hampshire campaign stop (June 2012)
  3488. Obama campaigned off the 2012 record heat wave by advertising their tank tops on Twitter
  3489. Obama used the words “I” and “me” 117 times combined in one speech in Sandusky, Ohio (2012)
  3490. Obama’s campaign email: “This isn’t about me or the outcome of one election…” (July 2012)
  3491. Obama, Axelrod, and Rahm Emanuel all used the same Harry Truman talking point (July 2012)
  3492. When asked why President Obama hasn’t met with his Jobs Council in over six months, White House Spokesman Jay Carney said it was because Obama has had “a lot on his plate” (July 2012)
  3493. President Obama filmed a campaign ad inside the West Wing of the White House (July 2012)
  3494. Obama planned to campaign in Charlottesville, Virginia when hurricane Isaac made landfall (2012)
  3495. Obama campaigned instead of meeting with world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly (2012)
  3496. David Axelrod included a “donate now” link in Obama an email about the Sandy Hook massacre (2012)
  3497. A “donate now” link was also included on the page that showed Obama’s speech
  3498. Even after winning re-election, Obama ran a permanent campaign intended to destroy his opposition
  3499. Obama reactivated his re-election machine to target the National Rifle Association (NRA) (January 2013)
  3500. Obama’s campaign turned itself into a 501(c)4 tax-exempt non-profit called Organizing for Action
  3501. Under current law, 501(c)4 non-profits do not have to disclose their donors or the amounts donated
  3502. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina previously blasted conservative 501(c)4 organizations as shadowy, secret money groups backed by anonymous donors and corporate interests
    “They have a vested interest in being able to spend millions anonymously to influence our elections – many of the corporations and individuals funding their organizations don’t want their agendas to receive scrutiny from the press or the public. We can make sure they don’t get away with hiding these donors – or their agendas. But it’s going to take a lot of us standing up, putting our foot down, and saying ‘Hell no.” ~Obama campaign manager Jim Messina (June 2012)

  3503. Organizing for Action can raise unlimited donations and will take unlimited money from corporations
    “It’s ironic and puzzling that a grassroots organization with a public interest agenda is going to take unlimited corporate money. It doesn’t square. There’s one reason that corporations spends money on politics – they’re looking for something in return.” ~Mary Boyle of Common Cause (January 2013)
    “They won’t take money from MoveOn, Democracy for America, or Progressive Change Campaign Committee PACs, but will accept million-dollar checks from Bank of America and Goldman Sachs? What’s the principle there? No big bank or corporation will donate million-dollar checks to OFA without the expectation that it will impact which issues they engage on, and that’s very troubling.” ~Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (January 2013)

  3504. Organizing for Action was unveiled as “the next phase of our movement for change” (January 2013)
  3505. Former campaign manager Jim Messina was chosen to become the group’s chairman of the board
  3506. Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod became a consultant for Organizing for Action
  3507. Obama media strategist David Plouffe plans to join the group after he exits the White House
  3508. First Lady Michelle Obama cut a video to promote Organizing for Action (January 2013)
    “I often think back to one of my first dates with Barack, all those years ago. Back then, he spoke to me about the world as it is and the world as it should be and our obligation to bridge that divide. The work you’ve done has brought us so much closer to the world as it should be. But we aren’t there yet… So I hope you will join Organizing for Action.” ~First Lady Michelle Obama (January 2013)

  3509. Organizing for Action used Obama’s campaign logo in an immigration email (January 2013)
  3510. President Obama flew over nine hours from Washington, D.C. to Las Vegas to give a campaign-style speech (and a photo-op) on immigration reform that cost taxpayers more than $1.6 million (2013)

  3511. Critics labeled President Obama as the “outsourcer-in-chief” of American Jobs

  3512. President Obama rode around in his Canadian-made campaign bus as he kicked off his ‘Betting on America’ tour designed to falsely paint Mitt Romney as an outsourcer of jobs (July 2012)
  3513. Obama’s second largest fundraiser is John Rogers, the CEO of Ariel Capital Management
  3514. John Rogers has raised more than $1.5 million for Obama’s re-election campaign
  3515. Ariel Capital Management owns a $48.6 million stake in Accenture, which was rated as the nation’s “best” outsourcer by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals
    “We’re making a very big bet right now on outsourcing. People have generally soured on the idea, and many companies are trading at discounts to their private-market values. But we don’t think that view accurately reflects the powerful secular growth we’re going to see as companies and individuals outsource more of their day-to-day activities.”
    ~CEO John Rogers, President Obama’s second largest fundraiser

  3516. John Rogers and Barack Obama were buddies back in Chicago
  3517. John Rogers’ex-wife, Desiree Rogers, left a $350,000 per year job at Allstate Insurance Company to serve as the White House party planner after Obama was elected president
  3518. Obama’s largest fundraiser, DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, is outsourcing jobs to China
  3519. Katzenberg raised $2 million for Obama and also hosted a $10 million Hollywood fundraiser
  3520. Jeffrey Katzenberg was even investigated by the SEC for trying to outsource jobs to China
  3521. Some of the companies whose CEOs serve on Obama’s Jobs Council are involved in outsourcing
  3522. Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, serves on President Obama’s White House Jobs Council
  3523. During Immelt’s reign at GE, thousands of jobs were outsourced to foreign coutries like China
  3524. Jeffrey Immelt praised China and said that state-run communism “works” (December 2012)
  3525. Obama and the Democrats used taxpayer-funded “stimulus” dollars to create jobs overseas
  3526. Obama administration gave three taxpayer-guaranteed loans to a Spanish clean energy conglomerate, Abengoa, worth $2.78 billion to create 195 permanent jobs ($14 million per job)
  3527. Fisker Automotive, which manufactures $100,000 electric cars in Finland and is virtually bankrupt, received a $529 million guaranteed loan from American taxpayers to build electric cars in Finland
  3528. Obama touted the success of European-owned Chrysler as proof that his auto bailout worked
  3529. Romney ran a campaign ad warning that Chrysler was shifting production from Ohio to China (2012)
  3530. In 2012, Romney’s campaign ad was later branded the “lie of the year” by fact-checker Politifact
  3531. Chrysler’s CEO revealed that they would begin producing some Jeeps in China and Russia (2013)
  3532. Fiat, an Italian car company, bought the controlling stake in Chrysler from the U.S. Treasury (2011)
    “Chrysler continued its comeback last quarter by posting $436 million in profits.” ~Tweet sent out from Team Obama using the hashtag #MadeInAmerica (July 2012)

  3533. GM invested $600 million in the English soccer team Manchester United for sponsorship (2012)
    “It would be nice if we had a candidate for president who was committed to America…” ~DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz attacking Mitt Romney (July 2012)

  3534. Democrat National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) previously invested in many overseas holdings, including Swiss banks, foreign drug companies, and the state bank of India
  3535. Biden’s ‘good friend’ received a $20 million federal loan to open luxury car dealership in Ukraine
  3536. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made between $1 million and $5 million on Asian investments in 2011
  3537. Pelosi received the income from “Matthews International Capital Management LLC,” a group that emphasizes that is has a “Singular Focus on Investing in Asia” and extolls the virtue of outsourcing
  3538. Pelosi is also an investor in “Moduslink Global,” the “outsourcing pioneers” that Democrats are criticizing Mitt Romney for associating with while working at Bain Capital
  3539. Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett has a line of credit in an offshore bank account in Bermuda
  3540. President Obama has raised at least $48,572 from Swiss-owned Credit Suisse (CS) employees
  3541. CS’s parent company was investigated for helping Americans avoid taxes with offshore accounts
  3542. Liberals criticized President Obama for his outsourcing hypocrisy (July 2012)
  3543. Ralph Lauren is a prominent contributor to President Obama and the Democratic Party
  3544. Lauren has given $7,300 to Obama since 2008, and more than $15,000 to the DNC (2012)
  3545. Ralph Lauren designed the U.S. Olympic team uniforms, but outsourced production to China
  3546. Obama outsourced part of his fundraising to Switzerland, Sweden, France, and communist China (2012)
  3547. One-third of President Obama’s personal earnings came from foreign sources from 2009-2011
  3548. The Obamas have hundreds of thousands of dollars in a mutual fund that has large holdings in corporations that outsouce jobs, including GE, Apple, and International Business Machines (IBM)
  3549. In 1989, General Electric (GE) became the first U.S. company to outsource software work to India
  3550. Almost all of the 70 million iPhones, 30 million iPads, and 59 million other products Apple sold last year (2011) were manufactured overseas
  3551. IBM has been steadily building its work force in India and outsourcing jobs from the U.S.
  3552. Obama outsourced our space program forcing our astronauts to rents seats on Russian spacecraft
  3553. U.S. Federal government used stimulus cash to buy Chinese solar panels (September 2012)
  3554. Obama owns share of a Chinese company, Sensata Technologies, that outsourced jobs from Illinois
  3555. Most members of Congress have refused to release their own tax returns, including Nancy Pelosi
  3556. Pelosi: “Maybe the people writing these stories’ should release their tax returns” (July 2012)
    “The word’s out that he [Romney] hasn’t paid any taxes for 10 years.”
    ~Harry Reid (D-NV) on the floor of the U.S. Senate (August 2, 2012)

  3557. Harry Reid attacked Romney on the Senate floor by claiming he hadn’t paid taxes for ten years
    “I don’t think the burden should be on me. The burden should be on him. He’s the one I’ve alleged has not paid any taxes.”~Harry Reid after refusing to reveal his source (August 2012)

  3558. Harry Reid refused to release his own tax returns or reveal the source(s) for his bogus claim
  3559. Obama adviser Stephanie Cutter, who called Romney a “felon,” joined Reid’s smear campaign
  3560. Cutter admitted on CNN that she had absolutely zero proof for her charges (August 2012)
  3561. Stephanie Cutter claimed that Obama created more jobs than the Reagan recovery (August 2012)
  3562. Stephanie Cutter said that it is Republicans who “think that lying is a virtue” (September 2012)
  3563. Mitt Romney paid a 14.1% tax rate in 2010, “higher than what 97 percent of American pay”
  3564. Reid falsely claimed that Romney would “not honor deportation exemptions” (October 2012)
  3565. Obama has investments offshore, such as in the Cayman Islands, and has a bigger pension than Romney
  3566. Boston Globe ran a false story that Mitt Romney managed Bain Capital until 2002
  3567. Boston Globe’s attack on Mitt Romney hinged on a quote from a former SEC member
  3568. The Globe failed to disclose that the SEC member was a regular contributor to Democrats
  3569. Left-wing and the Washington Post both debunked the smear against Romney
  3570. Former reporters for the Boston Globe had even criticized Romney for leaving Bain back in 1999
  3571. Based on proven falsehoods, Obama campaign floated the idea that Romney might be a “felon”
  3572. Four Bain officials, three of them Democrats, verified that Romney left Bain in February 1999
  3573. Two active supporters of President Obama verified that Romney left Bain in February of 1999
  3574. CNN confirmed that Obama’s attack on Mitt Romney “doesn’t appear to be true” (July 2012)
  3575. Ed Rendell (D-PA) said that the Obama campaign went “too far with the felony business”
  3576. DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz doubled down on the “felony” charge against Romney
  3577. Top Obama bundler, Jonathan Lavine, was in charge of Bain during the GST Steel layoffs (2001)
  3578. Jonathan Lavine bundled between $100,000 and $200,000 for the 2012 Obama Victory Fund
  3579. NYT/CBS polling showed that Obama’s $100 million campaign attacks against Bain hurt Obama
  3580. Laid off steelworker that was used in an anti-Romney ad said he’s not voting for Obama (2012)
  3581. Super PAC Priorities USA Action released an ad blaming Romney for the death of a man’s wife
  3582. Joe Soptic claimed his wife died of cancer because he was laid off and no longer had insurance
  3583. Joe Soptic was laid off in 2002, but his wife still had insurance and didn’t die of cancer until 2006
  3584. Joe’s wife learned of her cancer five years after his departure and died 22 days after her diagnosis
  3585. Joe Soptic was offered a financial buyout when Bain decided to close the GST Steel plant (2002)
  3586. Obama’s campaign team lied that they didn’t know Joe Soptic’s cancer story (August 2012)

  3587. Critics labeled Obama as the “vacationer-in-chief” instead of focusing on fixing the economy

  3588. Extravagant White House party nights continued unabated despite the recession and debt crisis
  3589. White House held a lavish ‘Alive in Wonderland’ costume ball, but kept it largely secret (2009)
  3590. ‘Alive in Wonderland’ ball was put on by Johnny Depp and Hollywood director Tim Burton
  3591. White House downplayed the event for fear of creating the wrong impression during a recession
  3592. White House officials were reportedly fearful of how the party would look to jobless Americans
  3593. W.H. instead advertised Halloween festivities earlier in the day for children of military personnel
  3594. Through 2010, President Obama had participated in 28 separate basketball outings
  3595. Obama publicly scolded Congress for taking a July 4th vacation during the debt ceiling crisis
  3596. By the end of 2010, President Obama had visited Camp David 15 times over 35 days
  3597. Obama: “They’re in one week and they’re out one week. You need to be here. I’ve been here. I’ve been doing Afghanistan and bin Laden and the Greek crisis. You stay here. Let’s get it done.”
  3598. Two days later, Obama headed to Camp David for the July 4th, 2011 holiday weekend
  3599. New York Times reporter said that Obama doesn’t like Camp David because there is “no golf”
  3600. Obama took a 10-day vacation to Martha’s Vineyard during major economic trouble (2011)
  3601. Michelle and Barack traveled just hours apart, but took separate jets costing taxpayers thousands
  3602. Michelle previously went on vacation ahead of the president to Hawaii back in December 2010
  3603. President Obama had played more than 80 rounds of golf through August 2011
  3604. Obama skipped the eighth hole at the Vineyard Golf Course to avoid being photographed (2011)
  3605. Frequent partying at the White House have cost American taxpayers tens of millions of dollars
  3606. In 2011, Michelle again left for Hawaii early for a 17-day vacation costing an extra $100,000
  3607. First Family spent Christmas in Hawaii costing taxpayers an estimated $4 million (2011)
  3608. Carney said that Obama would “not rest until everyone in America who wants a job has a job”
  3609. President Obama shortly after embarked on a nine-day August 2011 vacation in Cape Cod
  3610. Jay Carney doubted Americans would “begrudge” Obama for spending time with his family
  3611. As a reporter for Time in August 2001, Jay Carney bashed George W. Bush for taking a vacation
  3612. Jay Carney: any work done by Bush during his vacation was nothing more than cynical photo ops
  3613. Associated Press (AP): ‘On the road with Obama – a hunt for photo ops…’ (August 2011)
  3614. White House tipped off an AP reporter for Michelle Obama’s shopping-at-Target photo-op (2011)
  3615. Michelle Obama’s Africa vacation cost taxpayers more than $432,142 for flights alone (2011)
  3616. Obama’s daughters were listed on the flight manifest as “senior staff” for their safari vacation
  3617. Michelle joked during a 2012 episode of iCarly, “I kind of like” being called “Your Excellency”
  3618. Michelle Obama claimed, “I am now more popular than the president, because I was on iCarly”
  3619. President Obama visited Walt Disney World to give a speech on tourism and travel (2012)
  3620. Obama was hammered for “jetting around” and taking vacations while Americans suffered
  3621. President Obama responded by saying, “I think most folks understand how hard I work” (2012)
    “We’re having a wonderful time. And usually when I take these summit trips, part of my job is to scout out where I may want to bring Michelle back later for vacation. So we’ll make sure to come back sometime in the near future.” ~President Obama told a panel at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Columbia

  3622. Obama’s campaign failed to disclose the costs of political travel and their reimbursements
  3623. Obama played his 99th round of golf as president in just 3 1/2 years (June 14, 2012)
  3624. Obama has spent the equivalent of more than four months’ worth of work time golfing (assuming six hours to drive to the greens and complete 18 holes)
  3625. Obama played 27 rounds of golf during his first year, starting with an unemployment rate of 8.3%
  3626. Obama played 31 rounds of golf in his second year, when the unemployment rate was 9.7%
  3627. Obama played 33 rounds of golf during his third year, although on May 1, 2011 he was pulled off the green to watch as Navy SEALs were en route to Pakistan, cutting his game to nine holes that day
  3628. Obama played 93 rounds of golf by the time he gave January’s 2012 State of the Union address
  3629. David Axelrod called George H.W. Bush ‘out of touch’ for playing golf in a bad economy (1994)
  3630. Michelle Obama took the daughters, Sasha and Malia, on a Vegas vacation (March 2012)
    “You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer’s dime.” ~President Obama in 2009
    “You don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas when you’re trying to save for college.”
    ~President Obama in 2010 warning families against gambling away college tuition

  3631. The Obamas embarked on four Hawaiian vacations that cost taxpayers more than $20 million (2013)

  3632. A ‘New Era of Transparency’ was promised by the Democrats and the Obama administration

  3633. Obama pledged an “unprecedented level of openness in government” when he took office
  3634. Obama promised that if elected he would “make government more open, more accountable and more responsive to the problems of the American people” (2008)
  3635. Signed first executive order 13489 first day in office sealing federal access to his own records
  3636. Obama administration attempted to blocked the full release of White House visitor records
  3637. Judicial Watch brought suit seeking access to visitor records from January to September 2009
  3638. A federal judge ruled that White House visitor records were subject to FOIA requests (2011)
  3639. Justice Department argued that the visitor records could implicate national security issues
  3640. Obama refuses to disclose who donated money to his campaign as the other campaigns have
  3641. Accepted unlimited and untraceable campaign contributions through his 2008 campaign website
  3642. Obama used the strategy again during the 2012 campaign by removing the CVV code requirement
  3643. Accepted campaign contributions from foreign entities such as a Palestinian-held fundraiser
  3644. Signatures were forged on then-Senator Obama’s 2008 ballot petition in Indiana (2008)
  3645. Obama administration bypasses media networks creating own news Internet propaganda
  3646. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA): HHS online Obamacare program is “state-sponsored propaganda”
  3647. Obama controls old establishment media (MSM) with special treatment and/or intimidation
  3648. Obama blocking White House press access to even the old establishment media allies
  3649. Obama’s White House attempted to bully a Human Events reporter that questioned Joe Biden
  3650. President Obama started feeding pool reporters to curry their favor in news reports (2011)
  3651. Democrats pushing for broad Internet regulations and taxes to control the flow of information
  3652. Democrats pushing for a Fairness Doctrine regulating content and freedom of speech in media
  3653. D.C. liberals signed a petition asking the U.S. government to ban conservative websites
  3654. Pushing to reduce and restrict non-union ‘freedom of speech’ donations for future campaigns
  3655. Obama administration keeps Congress in the dark regarding Intel needed to perform oversight
  3656. Obama is the first president who thinks technology and too much information is a bad thing
  3657. Obama blocked the investigations into the alleged crimes of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney
  3658. Obama releases all negative information on late Friday evenings to avoid the nightly news cycle
  3659. Obama stages town hall meets where all of the questions come solely from planted supporters
  3660. Obama’s White House was repeatedly caught red-handed attempting to control news reporting
  3661. Failed in an effort to exclude Fox News interview access to “Pay Czar” Kenneth Feinberg
  3662. Media reported that Feinberg would not be paid, but he actually received $120,830 annually
  3663. Obama stonewalled the Commission on Civil Rights & Freedom of Information Act requests
  3664. Obama’s FCC shielded “Diversity Czar” Mark Lloyd from media questions about policy
  3665. Obama withholding documents requested by Republicans from meetings with health providers
  3666. Obama administration withheld sales data accumulated during the Cash for Clunkers program
  3667. Obama has shielded from public view information on expenditure of unions’ dues
  3668. Secret slush fund for taxes and spending on climate change was hidden in Obama’s 2011 budget
  3669. There exists a bizarre lack of accessibility on stimulus fund data through
  3670. Transport Security Administration (TSA) blocked websites with “controversial opinions”
  3671. Democrats blocked Republican requests to visit the gulf coast and survey the oil spill damage
  3672. Obama abolished the position in his White House dedicated to government transparency
  3673. Obama transferred “Ethics Czar” Norm Eisen to an ambassador role with the Czech Republic
  3674. New York Times reported that W.H. officials meet with lobbyists off-site to avoid disclosure
  3675. Obama trying to keep meetings with lobbyists shielded from public view and from SS visitor logs
  3676. White House visitor logs routinely omit or cloud key details about the identity of the visitors
  3677. White House visitor logs includes the names of people who never visited the White House
  3678. The “event” description in the logs is blank for more than 205,000 visits
  3679. Less than 1% of the 500,000 visits to the W.H. during Obama’s first 8 months had been disclosed
  3680. Obama’s aides steer meetings with lobbyists to the Jackson Place complex next to the White House
  3681. A nearby Caribou Coffee has hosted hundreds of meetings among lobbyists & Obama’s staffers
  3682. Caribou Coffee was owned by Bahrain’s First Islamic Investment Bank as of 2005
  3683. The White House continues holding back “tens of thousands” of visitor logs from public view
  3684. Released visitor logs leave no way to verify whether a specific name belongs to a particular person
  3685. The first White House visitor records were released on October 30, 2009 late Friday afternoon
  3686. Norm Eisen, then-White House “ethics czar”, noted that the lists included “false positives”
  3687. Eisen, a major Obama bundler in 2008, was responsible for smearing I.G. Gerald Walpin
  3688. Eisen was later elevated to an ambassadorship through a shady recess appointment from Obama
  3689. Eisen said some names “make you think of a well-known person, but are actually someone else”
  3690. “Michael Jordan, William Ayers, Michael Moore, Jeremiah Wright, R. Kelly, & Malik Shabazz”
  3691. The leftist Think Progress gleefully attacked its ideological foes for reporting “false positives”
  3692. The second release of White House visitors included names “Louis Farrakhan” & “James Taylor”
  3693. The name “Bertha Lewis” (ACORN CEO) was described anonymously as a “false positive”
  3694. White House stonewalling makes it impossible to prove that the “false positives” really are false
  3695. Johnny Depp and Tim Burton were not listed on the visitor logs after throwing a party at the W.H.
  3696. Judicial Watch said, “the Obama administration is less transparent than the Bush administration”
  3697. Society of Professional Journalists: Obama administration is less transparent that under Bush
  3698. V.P. Joe Biden’s staffers stuffed a pool reporter in a storage closet during a Florida fundraiser
  3699. Obama has failed to deliver greater earmark transparency and creation of a single ethics website
  3700. When asked about the Iraq war, Obama responded with: “Come on guys, we’re buying shrimp”
  3701. AP: Fewer than 1-in-3 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests were granted during 2010
  3702. Department of Homeland Security engaging in “Nixonian” political review of FOIA requests
  3703. FOIA requests were being reviewed by Obama administration political appointees
  3704. Obama administration exerted unlawful political pressure corrupting FOIA compliance procedures
  3705. Corruption of FOIA compliance procedures undermines the accountability to the American people
  3706. Inspector General (IG) report shows Obama’s DHS redacting “potentially embarrassing wording”
  3707. ABC News: Obama “has narrowed access by the mainstream media to an unprecedented extent”
  3708. ABC News says that the Obama White House is using its own state run media to bypass MSM
  3709. AP: Obama administration censored 194 pages of emails about its own open-government directive
  3710. Obama heralds new communication technologies, but bans use of video by the press at events
  3711. Obama’s White House manipulated pool coverage to control the media coverage of public events
  3712. Obama administration “punished” a reporter for taping protesters at one of Obama’s speeches
  3713. Obama’s White House refused to give event access to the Boston Herald based on perceived “bias”
  3714. Jay Carney said the media was “irresponsible” for calling an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ party ‘secret’
  3715. Obama official refused to disclose information about an executive order on transparency (2011)
  3716. Obama: “We kept it secret,” referring to intelligence on bin Laden … “That’s how it should be”
  3717. Obama administration opposed transparency measures for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (2011)
  3718. Government whistleblowers are suffering more under Obama than in all previous administrations
  3719. In 2011, Obama accepted a ‘transparency’ award in a secret, undisclosed location
  3720. President Obama signed the August 2011 debt ceiling increase of $2.4 trillion in secret
  3721. Vice President Joe Biden held a transparency meeting that was closed to the press (2011)
  3722. GAO said that the justification for bailouts were not good enough given the lack of transparency
  3723. Obama administration sealed the records of the murdered border agent Brian Terry (2011)
  3724. Annual W.H. Iftar dinners have become lobbying events under the guise of religious outreach
  3725. President Obama hosted his third Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan at the White House (2011)
  3726. Obama administration hid the names of three Islamic guests invited to the Iftar dinner (2011)
  3727. The three guests omitted were Imam Mohamed Magid, Awais Sufi, and Haris Tarin
  3728. Obama again commemorated the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, calling it a time to “cherish family, friends, and neighbors, and to help those in need” (July 2012)
  3729. Imam Mohamed Magid is the President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
  3730. ISNA released a statement that Magid was “very pleased with the focus of Obama’s address”
  3731. Awais Sufi is the Chairman of Muslim Advocates (MA)
  3732. Sufi had participated in a June 2006 panel critical of government efforts to stop terrorist funding
  3733. Muslim Advocates has a history of opposing cooperation with the FBI or other law enforcement
  3734. Muslim Advocates defended Imam Ahmed Afzali, who had lied to the FBI about a bomb plot
  3735. Haris Tarin is the Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)
  3736. MPAC has a repeatedly denied the guilt of groups subsequently convicted of terrorism funding
  3737. These groups lobbied to gut regulations preventing Islamic charities from funding terrorism
  3738. Leaders said that the Iftar dinners were an opportunity to change U.S. policy on terror financing
  3739. These groups have also objected to law enforcement efforts to prevent homegrown terrorism
  3740. GOP Senate leader accused Obama and Democrats of “deliberate deception” of the public (2011)
  3741. Democrats use propaganda and lies to convince Americans that they aren’t to blame for anything
  3742. Allen West (R-FL): Nazi Joseph Goebbels would “be very proud of the Democratic Party” (2011)
  3743. Obama’s Labor Department began forcing journalists to use government-issued computers (2012)
  3744. Obama asserted executive privilege over ‘Fast and Furious’ one day after sending a complaint to the FEC demanding that Karl Rove’s Super PAC, “Crossroads GPS,” disclose its list of private donors
  3745. White House released its annual report to Congress on staff salaries late on a Friday (June 2012)
  3746. Information Security Oversight Committee study found that the Obama administration spent a record $12 billion to keep documents secret in 2011, which was a 12% increase from 2010
  3747. White House released it’s beer recipe for Honey Brown Ale (September 2012)
  3748. State Department contract hid the identity of the British firm providing security in Benghazi (2012)
  3749. Study found that 19 out of 20 of Obama’s cabinet-level agencies ignored disclosure laws requiring them to disclose the cost of travel by its top officials to news organizations (2012)
  3750. Just eight of the 57 federal agencies met the request within the 20-day time period required by law
  3751. Top cabinet officials whose travel expenses were not disclosed include: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson, Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (2012)
  3752. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, and director of the Office of Management and Budget Jacob Lew eventually disclosed their travel expenses, but none met the 20-day deadline
  3753. Obama administration unlawfully withheld public records about the spring break trip to Mexico funded by taxpayers in March 2012 for Malia Obama
  3754. Pat Smith, the mother of State Department official Sean Smith who was killed in the Benghazi 9/11 attack in Libya, said she was tired of being lied to and stonewalled by the Obama administration
  3755. President Obama stopped releasing “stimulus” reports ahead of the 2012 elections (October 2012)
  3756. Obama’s White House released a Situation Room photo for Hurricane Sandy, but not for Benghazi (2012)
    “Well, ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is back – not for gays in the military. It’s President Obama’s new policy for questions about Libya. Don’t ask, don’t tell.”
    ~Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” (October 2012)

  3757. State Department said that their silence on Benghazi was not tied to presidential politics (November 2012)
  3758. State Department made Benghazi documents available to senators, but only when they were out of town
  3759. Obama’s EPA administrators set up hidden email accounts to thwart transparency laws (2012)
  3760. Congress demanded to see all information related to an email account under the name “Richard Windsor”
  3761. Some EPA employees set up private gmail accounts using their first and last name and the word “EPA”
  3762. Federal open-records laws prohibits using private emails to try to circumvent open-records laws
    “Unfortunately, time and again, actions by the administration on transparency have fallen far short of the president’s rhetoric, in many instances trending away from transparency and toward greater secrecy.” ~Science Committee Chairman Ralph Hall, writing in a letter signed by five other lawmakers

  3763. Homeland Security only fully approved 10.5% of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests (2012)
  3764. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employs almost 400 people just to deal with FOIA requests
  3765. Costs associated with processing FOIA requests, including litigation, were $38,633,002 in 2012
  3766. Obama White House refused to release internal communications related to Solyndra’s bankruptcy
  3767. White House Counsel sent a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee said it “implicates longstanding and significant institutional Executive Branch confidentiality interests”
  3768. Obama administration pushed Solyndra to keep layoffs quiet until after the midterm elections
  3769. Documents show that President Obama was personally briefed on the troubles with Solyndra
  3770. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) compared the Solyndra documents to Obama’s birth certificate
  3771. Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” slammed President Obama’s lack of transparency (February 2013)
    “We don’t mind you knowing about sh-t that we do, once we don’t do it anymore. We’re happy to share irrelevant information with the public. We told you we were going to be transparent, we just didn’t tell you it was going to be about the last guy’s secrets.” ~Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” (February 2013)

  3772. President Obama: “I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead” (2011)

  3773. President Obama was not properly vetted by Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic National Committee
  3774. Congressional Research Service admitted that no one in government vetted Obama’s eligibility
  3775. Obama was born a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and the U.S. and not a natural-born citizen
  3776. Obama was officially registered in an Indonesian school as a Muslim and Indonesian citizen
  3777. Obama waited over 2 years to provide any evidence of which hospital he was born at in Hawaii
  3778. Obama refuses to release vital documentation to be sufficiently vetted by the American people
  3779. Has not provided evidence that he meets the “natural-born” eligibility requirements to be president
  3780. U.S. Supreme Court opinions were sabotaged then republished during the 2008 campaign
  3781. Minor v. Happersett case court records were systematically manipulated and scrubbed in 2008
    “The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. There were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.” ~Minor v. Happersett case addressing the definition of “natural-born citizen,” a requirement imposed by the U.S. Constitution (1875)

  3782. Millions of Americans have doubts about Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president
  3783. In 2009, a poll showed 51.3 percent were aware of the questions concerning Obama’s eligibility
  3784. An October 2009 poll showed three in 10 Americans believed President Obama to be a foreigner
  3785. A January 2010 poll showed that one-third of Americans refuse to believe Obama is “legitimate”
  3786. A June 2010 poll revealed that only 39 percent believed Obama was born in Hawaii as he claims
  3787. An August 2010 CNN poll showed 6 of 10 people were uncertain that Obama was born in the U.S.
  3788. A March 2011 scientific poll showed that only 9% believed Obama had shown proof of eligibility
  3789. Presidential elector in California brought a lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility in 2008
  3790. The courts ruled that the dispute was not yet ripe because the inauguration hadn’t taken place
  3791. The courts later ruled that the elector lost his “standing” to bring the lawsuit after the inauguration
  3792. Hawaii elections clerk who oversaw the 2008 race said that the hospital birth record does not exist
  3793. Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D-HI) was unable to find Obama’s hospital-generated birth certificate
  3794. No Hawaiian hospital has provided documented confirmation of Obama’s birth at their facility
  3795. First Lady Michelle Obama said during a speech that Kenya is Barack’s “home country”
  3796. Army Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin was sentenced to prison while trying to verify Obama’s eligibility
  3797. Air Force Staff Sgt. Daryn Moran was discharged after questioning Obama’s eligibility (2011)
  3798. Obama cracked jokes about his own (in)eligibility at a Gridiron Club event in March 2011
  3799. Obama again insisted in early 2011 that he “was born in Hawaii,” adding “I don’t have horns”
  3800. Obama tried to rake in campaign cash with a “Made in the U.S.A.” campaign mug (May 2011)
  3801. Obama joked, “I can actually show you the hospital if you want to go down there” (Nov 2011)
  3802. Obama’s campaign recommended buying “birther mugs” for their GOP friends to send a message
  3803. Obama joked that Betty White should release her long-form birth certificate to prove that she’s 90
  3804. President Obama asked a woman born in Hawaii, “Do you have YOUR birth certificate?” (2012)
  3805. Billionaire developer Donald Trump demanded to see Obama’s long-form birth certificate (2011)
  3806. Trump insisted that if Obama was not born in the United States, his presidency may be “illegal”
  3807. White House linked to a deliberate birth certificate forgery from, thinking it was real
  3808. A short-form forgery was created by Ron Pollard, Ph.D. and given to the media on April 27, 2011
  3809. Pollard: “I didn’t say anything until the W.H. published my forged Obama BC as the real thing”
  3810.,, and all posted the forged birth certificate
  3811. Huffington Post readers unknowingly urged others to send Trump a copy of Polland’s fake COLB
  3812. Obama waited over two years before releasing his “original birth certificate” on April 27, 2011
  3813. The “original birth certificate” released by the White House was a 9-layered Adobe .pdf file
  3814. Experts have shown that the birth certificate released by the White House is a crude forgery
  3815. Experts have testified and given sworn statements that they believe the document to be fraudulent
  3816. Sheriff Joe Arpaio assigned a five-member “Cold Case Posse” to investigate Obama’s B.C. (2011)
  3817. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the “Cold Case Posse” concluded that there was probable cause that the document released by the White House on April 27, 2011 is a computer-generated forgery (March 2012)
  3818. Investigators developed credible evidence that Obama’s Selective Service card was a forgery
  3819. An investigation was opened into the alleged forgery of Obama’s selective service registration
  3820. Days later, the wording of Selective Service System’s record-keeping requirements were changed
  3821. Rule change was the first update to the Selective Service System requirements in eleven years
  3822. New rules allowed for existing copies of documents sought by investigators to be destroyed
  3823. New rules changed certain federal records from “record copies” to “nonrecord copies” (2012)
  3824. “Nonrecord copies,” which now includes Obama’s registration records, are subject to disposal
  3825. Change also hampers media organizations and watchdog groups from seeking records under FOIA
  3826. Selective Service System officials refused to turn over any of Obama’s registration records
  3827. In March 1983, Obama wrote an article lauding an anti-Selective Service group while at Columbia
  3828. Obama also decried “the relentless, often silent, spread of militarism in the country” (1983)
  3829. Mystery surrounding Obama’s “missing year” at Columbia that was blamed on a “computer error”
    “Officers of the Hawaii Department of Health and various elected Hawaiian public officials may have intentionally obscured 1961 birth records and procedures to avoid having to release to public inspection and to the examination of court-authorized forensic examiners any original Obama 1961 birth records the Hawaii Department of Health may or may not have.”
    ~Mike Zullo, Sheriff Arpaio’s lead investigator (March 1, 2012)
    “That we were able to cast reasonable suspicions on the authenticity of the registrar stamps was especially disturbing, since these stamps imprints are designed to provide government authentication to the document itself.”
    ~Mike Zullo, Sheriff Arpaio’s lead investigator (March 1, 2012)
    “Absent the authentic Hawaii Department of Health 1961 birth records for Barack Obama, there is no credible proof supporting the idea of belief that President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, as he and the White House have consistently asserted. In fact, absent the authentication of Hawaii Department of Health 1961 birth records for Barack Obama, there is no other proof he was born anywhere within the United States.”
    ~Mike Zullo, Sheriff Arpaio’s lead investigator (March 1, 2012)

  3830. Hawaii Department of Health blocked the public inspection of any original 1961 birth records
  3831. Records of Immigration and Naturalization Service cards filled out by passengers arriving on international flights originating outside the U.S. in the month of August 1961 are missing records for the week of Obama’s birth
  3832. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that the investigation revealed ‘tons’ more shocking info on Obama (2012)
  3833. Adam Eugene Cox was arrested after threatening to kill Sheriff Joe Arpaio an his family (2012)
    “I plan to kill Arpaio first. He will be filled with a thousand bullet holes before the year is out. I promise you this. He won’t f--k with Obama. He will be buried 10 feet under and his whole family will be murdered along with him.”
    ~Adam Eugene Cox, a fanatical supporter of President Obama
    “I will not be intimated against pursuing this investigation into Obama’s eligibility to serve as the president of the United States.”
    ~Sheriff Joe Arpaio (2012)

  3834. Georgia residents challenged Obama’s name on the 2012 ballot, as allowed under state law
  3835. In Georgia, a state law requires “every candidate for federal” office who is certified by the state executive committees of a political party or who files a notice of candidacy “shall meet the constitutional and statutory qualifications for holding the office being sought”
  3836. President Obama’s lawyers argued against appearing at an eligibility hearing in Georgia (2012)
    “Presidential electors and Congress, not the state of Georgia, hold the constitutional responsibility for determining the qualifications of presidential candidates. The election of President Obama by the presidential electors, confirmed by Congress, makes the document and testimony sought by plaintiffs irrelevant.” ~President Obama’s lawyer arguing in a motion to quash a subpoena for him to appear at the hearings on January 26, 2012

  3837. The Georgia hearings were the first time that Obama eligibility evidence was heard in court (2012)
  3838. Many other cases were dismissed over “lack of standing” without a presentation of the evidence
  3839. Judge ordered that Obama personally appear in court in Atlanta for a hearing on the complaint
  3840. Obama ignored the judge’s order and skipped the court date challenging his qualifications (2012)
  3841. Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo presented more information that confirms that the document released by the White House on April 27, 2011 is undoubtedly fraudulent (July 2012)
  3842. Despite stonewalling from Hawaiian officials, Sheriff Arpaio’s investigators learned of a birth certificate coding system that indicates the White House document has been altered (July 2012)
  3843. Investigators interviewed the Hawaii official, Verna K.L. Lee, who allegedly signed the Obama document in 1961 and provided further confirmation of the coding anomalies
  3844. For example, the box titled “Race of Father” was coded with a “9” indicating that no information was provided and the box should have remained empty (instead of containing the word “African”)
  3845. “African” was not used as a race identifier until 1989, twenty-eight years after Obama’s birth
  3846. Investigators also found key information missing, including President Obama’s date of birth, on the verification document Hawaii provided to Arizona’s secretary of state in May 2012
  3847. Hawaii’s deputy attorney general, Jill T. Nagamine, would not confirm on the record that the White House document matched what was on file with the Hawaii Department of Health
  3848. Sheriff Arpaio’s investigators found that Hawaii Revised Statute 338-17.8 provides a loophole for foreign born children to illegally establish U.S. citizenship
    Hawaii Revised Statute 338-17.8 Certificates for children born out of state.

    Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.

  3849. During a press conference, Arpaio called on Congress to look into the matter (July 17, 2012)
  3850. Arpaio and Zullo cited imminent national security
    “It appears that in the case of Hawaii law, any person can obtain a birth certificate if any adult or their parents can prove that they resided in Hawaii for one year and paid taxes. There is no requirement to show that the child itself was actually born in Hawaii or on U.S. soil.” ~Mike Zullo, Sheriff Arpaio’s lead investigator (July 2012)

  3851. Obama blocked access to nearly all of his records to maintain the false campaign narratives
  3852. Obama will not release his Noelani Elementary School kindergarten records from Hawaii
  3853. Obama will not release his Fransiskus Assisi Catholic school records from Indonesia
  3854. Obama has not explained his Indonesian citizenship required to attend the SDN Besuki School
  3855. Obama will not explain if his U.S. citizenship was relinquished to comply with Indonesian law
  3856. President Obama cancelled both of his State visits to Indonesia during his first 2 years in office
  3857. A photo shows Obama attending 3rd grade in Hawaii when he was reportedly in Jakarta in 1969
  3858. A May 3, 1990 article by the AP reported that Obama spent eight years in Indonesia (ages 2-10)
  3859. An August 1, 1990 article on Obama reports that Obama spent six years in Indonesia (ages 2-8)
  3860. Obama’s memoir and mother’s passport records show only 4 years spent in Indonesia (ages 6-10)
  3861. Will not explain when ‘Barry Soetoro’ switched his legal name back to ‘Barack Obama’
  3862. Obama’s half-sister Maya was born in Indonesia and had the same COLB that Obama presented
  3863. Undisclosed (dead) stepsister Holiyah “Lia” Soetoro Sobah adopted by Lolo and Stanley Soetoro
  3864. Chicago postman Allen Hulton said that Bill Ayer’s parents put ‘foreigner’ Obama through school
  3865. Obama hired Acton & Dystel to promote his first book attempt, Journeys in Black and White
  3866. Obama abandoned Journeys in Black and White, later publishing Dreams from My Father instead
  3867. Acton & Dystel released a promotional booklet in 1991 to celebrate their own 15th anniversary
  3868. Obama’s biography was included with eighty-nine other authors represented by Acton & Dystel
  3869. Acton & Dystel’s booklet touted Obama as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii”
  3870. Acton’s former partner Jane Dystel, who still lists Obama as a literary client, refused to comment
  3871. The biography stating that Obama was “born in Kenya” was used from 1991 until April 2007
  3872. Miriam Goderich helped edit the 1991 booklet for Obama’s literary agency, Acton & Dystel
  3873. Goderich issued a press release describing the “erroneous statement” as a “fact checking error”
  3874. Obama’s so-called biographical “fact checking error” persisted for sixteen years, through at least three new versions of Dystel’s website, and through at least four versions of Obama’s updated biography
  3875. In June 1998, Obama’s biography was updated, but the birthplace error was repeated
  3876. In February 2005, Obama’s biography was updated to reflect the fact that he had become a U.S. Senator, but again had not corrected the birthplace error that he was “born in Kenya”
  3877. In April 2007, Obama’s biography was again tweaked, but “born in Kenya” text remained
  3878. Obama has been using a Connecticut-based Social Security number without explanation
  3879. Selective Service produced a valid number identified with Obama using SSN 042-68-4425
  3880. SSN Verification System showed that Obama’s SSN 042-68-4425 was never issued to Obama
  3881. Obama’s 042-68-4425 Social Security number was also flagged by E-Verify as ‘likely fraudulent’
  3882. Unable to explain how he obtained work in 1975 but did not obtain a SSN until after 1977
  3883. Judge dismissed a lawsuit seeking more information of potential fraud to protect Obama’s privacy
  3884. Judge: “The plaintiff had identified no public interest that would be served by the disclosure”
  3885. In May 2010, a poll revealed that 55 percent of Americans wanted Obama to release his records
  3886. Obama has not released or disclosed what passport he used to travel to Pakistan in 1981
  3887. Will not release his Punahou High School records from Hawaii
  3888. Will not release his Occidental College records
  3889. Will not release his Columbia University records where he majored in political science
  3890. Will not release his Columbia University thesis
  3891. Will not release his LSAT and SAT scores used to apply to Harvard, Stanford, and Yale
  3892. Will not explain how he got into Harvard despite graduating from Columbia w/o honors
  3893. Will not release his Harvard Law School records
  3894. Will not release his Harvard Law Review articles
  3895. Will not release his Scholarly articles from the University of Chicago
  3896. Will not release his medical records
  3897. Will not release his records from his years as an Illinois state senator
  3898. Will not release his Illinois State Bar Association records
  3899. Will not release his Baptism records (if they exist)
  3900. Will not release his Soetoro adoption records
  3901. Will not release Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama Sr.’s marriage license
  3902. Will not release Stanley Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro’s marriage license
  3903. President Obama has battled nearly six-dozen lawsuits across the U.S., including several that reached the Supreme Court, to keep his records concealed from the American people
  3904. Obama used both private attorneys and taxpayer-funded legal teams to conceal his records
  3905. Obama is the first president in modern history of the U.S. not to release his academic records
  3906. Carney dodged a question about Obama’s transcripts: “I would refer you to the campaign” (2012)
  3907. Jay Carney called it ‘preposterous’ for a reporter to ask for Obama’s college records (July 2012)
  3908. Donald Trump offered President Obama $5 million to release his college transcripts (October 2012)
  3909. Obama’s birth narrative does not match up with INS reports released through FOIA requests
  3910. Obama is unwilling to explain his father’s stated intention to put his unborn baby up for adoption
  3911. Obama Sr. told INS that Stanley was making arrangements to give the baby to the Salvation Army
  3912. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) redacted this fact about Obama’s birth narrative (2011)
  3913. Immigration officials expressed doubts about President Obama’s birth story even back in 1961
  3914. INS was prepared to investigate Barack Obama Sr.’s questionable marriage and paternity in 1961
  3915. Obama will not explain the use of the newly-discovered Chicago alias “Harrison J. Bounel”
  3916. Obama stated he did not have any former names in 1991 according to Illinois state filings
  3917. Obama will not answer questions regarding why he relinquished his Illinois law license
  3918. Unanswered questions relating to facing perjury after lying about previously not using aliases
  3919. Obama dispatched private and taxpayer-funded attorneys to prevent access to sealed records
  3920. Unsolved mystery: Quarles Harris Jr. shot in the head after accessing Obama’s passport files
  3921. Congressional Democrats proposed legislation to protect Obama’s records after he leaves office
  3922. House Democrats proposed the measure, the Presidential Records Act Amendments, in 2011
  3923. Obama’s eligibility for 2012 was challenged in New Hampshire, Georgia and Alabama
  3924. Congressional Research Service attempted to equate “native born” with “natural born” (2011)
  3925. James Clyburn (D-SC) warned that the GOP will investigate Obama’s birthplace if given power
  3926. Obama may forever be seen as the biggest fraud ever perpetuated on the United States of America
  3927. Obama told reporters that when you run for president, “your life is an open book” (August 2012)
  3928. Barack Obama’s former classmates at the Punahou School in Hawaii claimed that, as a young child, prince “Barry” told classmates that he was Kenyan royalty and that his father was an Indonesian king
  3929. Romney said to a hometown crowd, “No one has asked to see my birth certificate” (August 2012)
  3930. At a rally in Ohio, a plane was flown with a banner that read, “America is better THEN Birtherism”
  3931. Obama campaign quipped back that America “doesn’t need a birther-in-chief” (August 2012)
  3932. RNC Chair Rience Priebus pointed out that Obama had made a birth certificate joke at the WHCD

  3933. President Obama demanded: “Plug the damn hole!” ...and I'll figure out “whose ass to kick!”

  3934. Obama mishandled the BP gulf oil spill and waited nine days to publically address the catastrophe
  3935. Obama politically distanced himself from BP rather than taking charge of a spill in federal waters
  3936. Obama “understood from day one the potential enormity of the crisis, and acted accordingly”
  3937. Attending a political fundraiser in San Francisco took precedence over the Gulf Oil Spill
  3938. Obama’s EPA chief went to a New York fundraiser in the middle of the oil spill disaster
  3939. Day 1: Oil rig explosion: Obama returned from L.A. after attending a fundraiser for Sen. Boxer
  3940. Day 2: President Obama attended a reception for G-20 Labor Ministers
  3941. Day 3: Obama hosted a Rose Garden reception to honor Earth Day and then flew to New York
  3942. Day 4: Obama mountain hiked and played golf while on vacation in Asheville, North Carolina
  3943. Day 5: Obama played another round of golf and ate a gourmet dinner at the Biltmore
  3944. Day 6: Obama ate brunch with First Lady Michelle at the Grove Park Resort
  3945. Day 7: Obama hosted the New York Yankees for a White House event
  3946. Day 8: Obama visited Iowa for some rhubarb pie at Jerry’s Diner
  3947. Day 9: Obama flew to Missouri for lunch at Peggy Sue’s Diner
  3948. Day 10: Obama attends DNC fundraiser in Washington D.C. at a private Georgetown residence
  3949. Day 11: Obama flew to Maryland to view Secret Service binoculars
  3950. Day 12: Obama joined Jay Leno for a comedy routine at the W.H. Correspondence Dinner
  3951. Day 13: Obama finally visited the gulf coast to personally assess the growing catastrophe
  3952. Obama described the response to the oil spill as “an all hands on deck, immediate response”
  3953. It took 12 days for Obama to visit the site of “the worst environmental disaster in our history”
  3954. Obama claimed to be in control of efforts to stop and contain the massive oil spill in the Gulf
  3955. Obama visited the gulf coast just once during the first month of the expanding environmental crisis
  3956. The “Obama-in-control plan” failed to plug the well with shredded tires, mud, and golf balls
  3957. Officials hid the extent of the spill by using toxic dispersants that made cleanup very difficult
  3958. Obama allowed oil spill to worsen and become the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history
  3959. Spill was more than twenty times worse than the previous worst - Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska
  3960. Eric Holder sent a legion of lawyers to “oversee” BP while they are trying to solve the problem
  3961. Holder began pursuing criminal and civil charges against “those responsible” as the spill worsened
  3962. Obama delayed waiving the Jones Act, which allowed for foreign ships to help clean up the oil
  3963. After 70 days, the Obama administration finally caved to political pressure to allow foreign help
  3964. Obama’s priorities were vacationing, golfing, fundraisers, basketball and hosting Paul McCartney
  3965. Obama was “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore” after Spike Lee told him to get angry
  3966. Obama said he visited Louisiana coast “so I know whose ass to kick” on NBC’s Today Show
  3967. Polls show that the government response to the Gulf Oil Spill was worse than Hurricane Katrina
  3968. Obama administration issued the drilling permit and the spill occurred within federal jurisdiction
  3969. Obama administration gave the oil rig an award for safety the year before the accident occurred
  3970. Drilling regulators accepted tickets to sports events, lunches and other gifts from oil companies
  3971. MMS Director Elizabeth Birnbaum was hired for being from Harvard and was not qualified
  3972. Employees with the MMS were having sexual relations with workers they were to oversee
  3973. Obama received the most campaign money from BP of any politician in the last twenty years
  3974. Records show BP lobbying on Obama’s “stimulus” bill and the TARP Wall Street bailout
  3975. BP was a founding member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) for Cap and Trade
  3976. BP helped secure the release of the Lockerbie bomber in exchange for an oil deal with Libya
  3977. Administration ally Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before the Gulf oil spill
  3978. BP was lobbying for Senator John Kerry’s (D-MA) climate legislation as the oil rig was sinking
  3979. Progressive John Podesta co-founded the Podesta Group, a Democratic lobbying group for BP
  3980. Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) said that Obama has the “moral authority” to shakedown BP for cash
  3981. In 1995, Bill Clinton signed the Deep Water Royalty Relief Act allowing this spill to happen
  3982. Liberals and environmentalists have pushed oil rigs far offshore decreasing capability to cap
  3983. Obama compared the Gulf Oil Spill to the attacks of September 11, 2001 to diminish his failures
  3984. Democrats’ no-drill policies also avoid undercutting their billionaire financier George Soros
  3985. Democrats gave the Brazilian oil company Petrobras $2 billion for oil exploration off of Brazil
  3986. Petrobras’ largest individual stockholder is George Soros and most of oil will be sold to China
  3987. Obama’s Interior Department misstated National Academy of Engineering recommendations
  3988. White House refused to allow Inspector General (IG) investigators to interview Joe Aldy
  3989. Joe Aldy was the White House official involved in the editing the spill report
  3990. IG investigative agent Richard Larrabee opined that the editing “mistake” was intentional
  3991. Obama maintains an offshore drilling ban in effect off of both coasts, Alaska, and most of the Gulf
  3992. Polls show Louisianans think Bush did better on Katrina than Obama did on the oil spill
  3993. Never allowing a “serious crisis go to waste,” Obama used spill to push for Cap and Trade taxes
  3994. Obama used the Gulf oil spill crisis to halt all domestic off-shore drilling and exploration
  3995. Obama refuses to develop oil and natural gas resources in U.S. waters for our energy security
  3996. Obama locked up areas in the West where oil shale reserves are estimated to triple Saudi Arabia’s
  3997. Obama stalled on plans to build a pipeline to deliver oil from Canada’s tar sands to the U.S. market
  3998. Officials cite environmental concerns, but have no problem shipping oil by tanker from Brazil

  3999. Obama administration’s anti-fossil fuel policies are contributing to skyrocketing energy prices

  4000. Obama stated that under his cap and trade plan “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket”
  4001. Candidate Obama warned he would “bankrupt” the coal industry if necessary to achieve his goals
  4002. Plan purposely spikes utility bills to force the nation into using less and cleaner forms of energy
  4003. Joe Biden claimed that coal power and corn syrup are more deadly than terrorism (2007)
  4004. Biden insisted that the Obama team is “not supporting clean coal… No coal plants in America”
  4005. Electricity costs have skyrocketed $300 per household in 2010 compared to 2005
  4006. Obama’s EPA crafted Cross-State Air Pollution Rule requiring coal companies to reduce emissions
  4007. Industry analysts warn that the rule would raise electricity rates over 23% by 2016 in the Midwest
  4008. The new EPA rule is also projected to cost an estimated 1.44 million jobs by 2020
    “We’re going to have to cap the emission of greenhouse gases. That means that power plants are going to have to adjust how they generate power. They will pass on those costs to consumers… A lot of us who can afford it are going to have to pay more per unit of electricity, and that means we’re going to have to change our light bulbs, we’re going to have to shut the lights off in our houses.” ~Candidate Obama speaking during a November 9, 2007 interview in Iowa, explaining how the government could implement the kind of price signals that change consumer habits

  4009. Gas prices at the pump have more than doubled under President Obama’s energy policies
  4010. Obama prioritized green or alternative energy policies over domestic fossil fuel sources of energy
  4011. Obama’s environmental agenda is more important to him than maintaining low-cost energy
  4012. Steven Chu was picked by Obama to be the energy secretary heading the Energy Department
  4013. Chu: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe”
    “Whatever power plants are being built, they would have to meet the rigors of that [carbon-exchange] market and the ratcheted-down caps that are imposed every year. So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them, because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted.” ~Candidate Obama in a San Francisco Chronicle interview (originally taped on January 17, 2008) detailing his long-term cap-and-trade energy plan that would target coal plants in America

  4014. Obama admitted he didn’t mind $4.00 gas prices, but was just concerned with how fast it got there
  4015. High gas and energy prices make expensive alternative fuels more economically competitive
  4016. Former Shell CEO John Hofmeister cited Obama’s energy policies for rising gas prices
  4017. Gas prices in Chicago and across the country has set all-time highs under Obama’s policies
  4018. Obama blamed “speculators” for gas prices rising from $1.61 a gallon to all-new record highs
  4019. Gasoline prices averaged more than $3.53 a gallon in 2011, another new all-time record
  4020. 2011’s average gas prices were 76 cents higher than in 2010, and 29 cents higher than in 2008
  4021. Typical American household spent $4,155 on gasoline in 2011, a new all-time record
  4022. Gas prices rose more than 83% under President Obama’s leadership (as of January 2012)
  4023. Congress reopened the nation’s coasts to drilling in 2008, but Obama reinstated the ban in 2009
  4024. Gas prices rose by over a dollar-a-gallon since Obama instituted his six-month drilling moratorium
  4025. Obama’s offshore oil drilling moratorium was blocked in 2010 by a federal judge in Louisiana
  4026. Obama’s Interior Department came back with a second ban to replace the first that was blocked
  4027. Federal judge in Louisiana held Interior Department in contempt for blocking offshore oil drilling
  4028. Obama administration began a de facto moratorium by not issuing new permits to oil companies
  4029. House Natural Resource Committee said a dozen oil rigs departed the Gulf for other countries
  4030. Obama’s moratorium has cost an estimated 137,000 jobs and $400 million to the state of Louisiana
  4031. Obama committed to helping Brazil develop its offshore oil so that the U.S. can one day import it
  4032. Obama opined, “Brazil holds recently discovered oil reserves that could be far larger than ours”
  4033. China assisted Petrobras in 2009 when the oil company faced tight credit markets
  4034. Brazil agreed to sell their oil to huge state-owned Chinese companies instead of the U.S. (2012)
  4035. Obama administration’s EPA seeks to regulate the oil industry over greenhouse gas emissions
  4036. Domestic energy production on federal lands is way down under the Obama administration (2011)
  4037. President Obama appointed Ken Salazar to lead the Bureau of Land Management
  4038. Salazar issued new rules making it harder to develop natural resources on government-owned land
  4039. American Petroleum Institute (API) criticized the Obama administration for its energy policies
  4040. New environmental hurdles stalled a pipeline that would transport crude from Canadian oil sands
  4041. America is burning 40 percent of our corn crop to offset less than 5 percent of our gasoline use
  4042. New York Times in 2010: Obama’s plan is ‘to open vast expanses of water along Atlantic coastline, eastern Gulf of Mexico, north coast of Alaska’…
  4043. New York Times in 2011: Obama’s plan ‘expands drilling in Alaska and prospect of new exploration off Atlantic coast’…
  4044. Democrats in the Senate rejected a GOP bill to expand and speed up offshore drilling in 2011
  4045. Obama administration suspended exploratory drilling in Alaska and stonewalled new applications
  4046. White House released 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in 2011
  4047. Obama is “using a national security instrument to address his domestic political problems”
  4048. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve was created in 1975 to deal with “dangerous potential shortfalls”
  4049. The reserve had been tapped just twice before: 1991 Persian Gulf War & Hurricane Katrina (2005)
  4050. Obama and Democrats expanded the burning of our food for food (ethanol) as the world starves
  4051. More corn was being used for ethanol than for feeding livestock for the first time ever in 2011
  4052. EPA rejected a request from eight states and 200 members of Congress to waive ethanol requirements following a severe drought which wilted much of the United States’ corn crop (November 2012)
  4053. OPEC is under the management of Rostam Ghasemi of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard
  4054. Obama administration’s new 2025 fuel efficiency standards will cost $157 billion (2011)
  4055. Obama administration officials lied to Congress when they denied under oath that motor vehicle greenhouse gas emission standards are “related to” fuel economy standards (2011)
  4056. EPA previously admitted that the only way to decrease emissions was to increase fuel economy
  4057. Obama administration refused to admit that the EPA is effectively regulating fuel economy
    “The President’s plan is to simply say ‘no’ to new energy production. It’s a plan that is sending American jobs overseas, forfeiting new revenue, and denying access to American energy that would lessen our dependence on hostile Middle Eastern oil.” ~House Natural Resources Committee chairman Doc Hastings (R-WA) told Interior Secretary Ken Salazar during a hearing pertaining to hydraulic fracturing

  4058. Obama administration delayed its decision on the Keystone XL pipeline for political reasons
  4059. Big Labor wants the pipeline approved, whereas Obama’s radical environmentalists do not
  4060. Environmentalists argued that the pipeline would be prone to accidents and worsen climate change
  4061. Obama administration decided to postpone a decision on Keystone until after the 2012 elections
  4062. Canadian PM Stephen Harper looked at exporting more oil to China after the pipeline delay
  4063. Harper had pressed Obama to approve the 1,700 mile pipeline extension, which would stretch through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma before ending up in Texas
  4064. Left-wing environmentalists demanded that the route through Nebraska be changed
  4065. Nebraska’s state legislature approved an alternate route which was then signed by their governor
  4066. Obama administration rejected the Keystone XL pipeline and blamed Republicans for doing so
  4067. Obama rejected tens of thousands of American jobs purely to satisfy his base before the elections
  4068. Canada pledged to sell its oil to Asia after Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline (2012)
  4069. After Keystone XL was blocked, Canada began building pipelines to sell their oil to China (2012)
  4070. Gas prices increased to the highest point ever this time of year (February 2012)
  4071. Spokesman Jay Carney: Obama didn’t turn down the Keystone XL pipeline (February 2012)
  4072. Carney blamed Republicans who “forced” Obama to deny the permit for the Keystone pipeline
  4073. President Obama reportedly lobbied Democrat Senators to vote against the Keystone pipeline
  4074. As a result, the Senate Democrats killed the Keystone pipeline bill by preventing 60 votes (56-42)
  4075. Spokesman Jay Carney said that the Keystone pipeline would “sacrifice American sovereignty”
  4076. President Obama’s USDA delayed shale gas drilling in Ohio to appease environmentalists (2011)
  4077. U.S. Forest Service delayed plans to sell drilling rights on a national forest in Ohio for more study
  4078. Obama administration pressed analysts to ‘soften’ job-loss estimates from a new mining regulation
  4079. Officials pressured a Kentucky consulting firm ECSI to “revisit” a study to show fewer job losses
  4080. President Obama’s Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement asked the team to re-do its study when it “did not like the result of the analysis”
  4081. After refusing to “soften” the numbers the firms were told their contracts would not be renewed
  4082. Motor fuel suppliers were fined $6.8 million in 2011 for not mixing in a cellulosic biofuel
  4083. Cellulosic biofuel is made from wood chips or the inedible parts of plants, such as corncobs
  4084. Cellulosic biofuel is not produced and does not exist, outside of laboratories and workshops
  4085. CBS News polling found that 77% cited rising gas prices as the most important factor in the vote
  4086. Energy Secretary Stephen Chu testified to Congress that he personally did not own a car
  4087. Chu: “I’ve been doing everything in our powers to do what we can to reduce these gas prices”
  4088. Obama said his administration has added enough pipeline “to encircle Earth and then some” (2012)
  4089. Domestic oil production on federal lands dropped by 275,000 barrels a day in 2011
  4090. President Obama called for Congress to end the tax breaks of big oil (March 2012)
  4091. Obama voted in favor of oil subsidies while serving as senator in 2005
  4092. EPA tarnished the reputation of three companies by accusing them of water contamination
  4093. EPA official Al Armendariz resigned after video showed him telling an audience that his “philosophy of enforcement” was to “crucify” and “make examples of” energy companies (2012)
    “It was kind of like how the Romans used to, you know, conquer villages in the Mediterranean. They’d go into a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw, and they’d crucify them. And then, you know, that town was really easy to manage for the next few years.”
    ~EPA administrator Al Armendariz describing his “philosophy of enforcement” (2010)

  4094. Soon after, the EPA targeted U.S. natural gas producers in Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming
  4095. Al Armendariz resigned from the EPA and cancelled his testimony before Congress (2012)
  4096. Sierra Club hired Al Armendariz as a senior representative for their “Beyond Coal” campaign
    “I was, however, surprised not to have been asked to provide a reference – I would have been happy to tell the Sierra Club about his steadfast commitment to regulating fossil fuels out of existence. At least at the Sierra Club he won’t get into so much trouble for telling the truth that their true agenda is to kill oil, gas and coal.” ~Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) commenting on former EPA official Al Armendariz being hired by the Sierra Club (2012)

  4097. Candidate Barack H. Obama: “Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself” (2008)

  4098. Communist mother Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro was a radical leftist and cultural Marxist
  4099. Communist Muslim father and British subject Barack Obama Sr. abandoned his wife and son
  4100. Barack Obama Sr. was already married to a woman in Kenya prior to coming to America
  4101. Stanley Ann Dunham moved to Seattle, Washington just one week after Obama’s birth
  4102. Barack Obama Sr. moved to Boston to attend Harvard and married a third woman Ruth
  4103. Barack Obama Sr. took his third wife back to Kenya where Kezia was waiting for him
  4104. Barack Obama Sr. published an article in the East Africa Journal in which he asked the question: “What does a country do when you have powerful concentrations of economic wealth at the top?” (1965)
  4105. Barack Obama Sr. proposed two solutions: First, utilize the power of the state to control and regulate private industry; Second, impose very high tax rates to confiscate and redistribute the wealth
  4106. Barack Obama Sr. wrote that “there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income” (1965)
  4107. Socialist grandparents Stanley Armour Dunham and Madelyn Dunham helped raise Obama
  4108. Obama attended an early childhood school in Indonesia, identified as Muslim ‘Barry Soetoro’
  4109. Muslim adopted-father Lolo Soetoro introduced his stepson to Islam in a Wahabi school
  4110. State Department Passport Services claims to maintain passport records from 1925 to present
  4111. State Department claims the records for Stanley Ann Dunham prior to 1968 were destroyed
  4112. Documents show Obama’s mother dropping Barack (Soebarkah) from her U.S. passport (1968)
  4113. Father-figure Frank Marshall Davis of the Hawaiian communist network mentored Obama
  4114. Davis was a radical poet and journalist and a member of the Communist Party USA
  4115. Frank Marshall Davis was listed by party number “CPUSA no. 47544” within his FBI file
  4116. Davis, born in Kansas, lived much of his adult life in Chicago before moving to Hawaii in 1948
  4117. Frank Marshall Davis was under surveillance by the FBI for 19 years both in Chicago and Hawaii
  4118. In 1955, a Commission on Subversive Activities organized by the government of the Territory of Hawaii identified Frank Marshall Davis as a member of the Communist Party USA
  4119. On December 5, 1956, Frank Marshall Davis appeared in executive session before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee, run by Democrats, investigating “the scope of Soviet activity in the United States”
  4120. Frank Marshall Davis invoked his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination refusing to answer a direct question asking if he was then a communist
  4121. Several articles published by Davis in the “Communist Honolulu Record” were also criticized
  4122. Obama traced communist Frank Marshall Davis’ steps in reverse from Honolulu to Chicago
  4123. Obama covered up the true identity of Frank Marshall Davis in Dreams from My Father
  4124. Frank Marshall Davis founded the Chicago Star, a communist newspaper
    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure… I hold that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world, as storms in the physical.” ~Frank Marshall Davis quoting Thomas Jefferson (March 1950)

  4125. Many believe that Frank Marshall Davis is the real biological father of Barack Obama
  4126. Photos of Frank Marshall Davis show a shockingly close physical resemblance to Obama
  4127. Several indecent photos of Ann Dunham were taken at Frank Marshall Davis’ house
  4128. Frank Marshall Davis was one of the founders of the “Lens Camera Club” in Chicago
  4129. Photos of Ann Dunham were sold to a men’s mail-order catalog of nude women
  4130. Frank Marshall Davis wrote a autobiographical sex novel, titled “Sex Rebel: Black”
  4131. The novel detailed an illicit sexual relationship with an underage woman named “Anne”
  4132. Barack Obama referred to his mentor, “Uncle Frank,” 22 times in Dreams from My Father
  4133. All 22 references to “Frank” were pulled for the audio version of Dreams from My Father
  4134. Obama described Roger Boesche as a “wonderful, wonderful professor” (January 27, 2011)
  4135. Roger Boesche was Obama’s political science instructor at Occidental High School
  4136. Boesche was one of Obama’s early mentors who believed America to be both racist and militarist
  4137. Boesche advocated opposition to the Selective Service registration and the draft
    “Oppose the present method of recruitment into the armed forces, since it ensures that, in case of war, those who are poor, black, or Hispanic will be the ones who fight for a country from which they have derived little benefit.”
    ~Roger Boesche writing in a February 1980 article in The Occidental

  4138. Obama travelled to Pakistan in 1981 for three weeks using an undisclosed national passport
  4139. Obama attended Harvard University with suspiciously unknown funding sources or qualifications
  4140. Obama gravitated to Marxist professors and minorities “to avoid being mistaken for a sellout”
  4141. Some speculated that Obama hid his school transcripts due to a heavily Marxist curriculum in college
  4142. Obama signed on as a community agitator modeled after Marxist ‘fellow traveler’ Saul Alinsky
  4143. Obama taught Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as a senior lecturer (never was a professor)
  4144. Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer (Satan) whom the Bible says “is a liar and the father of lies”
  4145. Obama participated in a panel discussion with opening act of “The Love Song of Saul Alinsky”
  4146. Although he never met Saul Alinsky personally, President Obama was mentored by his protégés
  4147. Carney wouldn’t say whether a portrait of Saul Alinsky was hanging in the White House (2012)
  4148. Hillary Clinton met friend Saul Alinsky in a radical church and his network guided her career
  4149. SDS leader Carl Oglesby heavily influenced Hillary while at Chicago’s Wellesley College
  4150. Hillary Clinton interviewed and wrote her 1969 college thesis on Saul Alinsky
  4151. Hillary tried to hide her thesis from the public in 1993 due to the radical history of Saul Alinsky
  4152. Obama was recruited by Gerald Kellman and worked with Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF)
  4153. Saul Alinsky offered Hillary a job with Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), but she declined
  4154. Hillary allegedly landed a job as a legal intern in 1972 after defending Black Panther members
  4155. President Obama later picked Hillary Clinton to serve as his Secretary of State (2009)
  4156. Axelrod asked, “How could you trust Hillary?” when Obama floated giving her a high-profile post
  4157. President Barack Obama and Sec. Hillary Clinton are ideologically identical Marxist Progressives
  4158. Obama was mentored and financed by 1960s SDS and Weather Underground leftist radicals
  4159. Obama is close friends with communist revolutionary radical and domestic terrorist William Ayers
  4160. Ayers' terrorist group sought to overthrow the U.S government and bombed the Capitol in 1971
  4161. William Ayers’ terrorist group also plotted to kill hundreds at a Fort Dix dance in March 1970
  4162. Obama was associated with the May 19th Communist Organization while at Columbia University
  4163. “May 19th” was an above-ground support group for the Weather Underground from 1978 to 1985
  4164. At the time, William Ayers wrote that “May 19th” provided “a sea for the guerrillas to swim in”
  4165. Some “May 19th” members committed acts of violence and terrorism, such as the 1981 Nanuet Brinks robbery and murders, the 1981 bombing of South African offices, and the 1983 U.S. Capitol bombing
  4166. FBI informant revealed that the “May 19th” Communist Organization “had a weapons training camp in the Catskill Mountains run by former Black Panthers”
  4167. Some “May 19th” Venceremos Brigade members were sent to Cuba for explosives training
  4168. Venceremos Brigade was a continuation of the 1960’s SDS/Weather Underground program
  4169. Bernardine Dohrn, revolutionary radical and the wife of William Ayers, was friends with Obama
  4170. Bernardine Dohrn was a self-described “revolutionary communist”
  4171. Bernardine Dohrn was on the FBI’s list of ten most wanted fugitives and a convicted felon
  4172. Bernardine Dohrn was suspected of bombing a San Francisco police station killing one officer
  4173. Bernardine Dohrn and William Ayers hid underground for a decade emerging in 1980
  4174. Due to her felony conviction, Bernardine Dohrn was not allowed to take the Illinois bar exam
  4175. Bernardine Dohrn worked as a paralegal at Sidney Austin from 1984 through 1988
  4176. When questioned by John McCain, Obama dismissed Ayers as “just a guy in the neighborhood”
  4177. Obama minimized and disavowed any connection with Bill Ayers during the 2008 campaign
  4178. As Senator, Barack Obama attended Bill Ayers’ and Bernardine Dohrn’s barbecue on July 4, 2005
  4179. William Ayers was denied emeritus status from the University of Illinois, something unheard of
  4180. Ayers had dedicated a book to a man who killed the trustee Chairman’s father, Robert F. Kennedy
  4181. William Ayers has repeatedly stated that he wrote Obama’s memoir, Dreams from My Father
  4182. Obama’s second book, Audacity of Hope,” was clearly a lesser effort and “a political hack book”
  4183. Obama began his political career at a 1995 fundraiser held in an apartment by Ayers and Dohrn
  4184. Obama was director and lead organizer of Developing Communities Project (DCP) in Chicago
  4185. Obama’s boss at DCP was Jerry Kellman, a man who was trained by Saul Alinsky himself
  4186. Obama disguised Kellman’s name in Dreams from My Father by using a so-called composite character, “Marty Kaufman,” to depict his former boss, Jerry Kellman
  4187. DCP and director Obama received two grants from groups promoting Alinsky-style organizations
  4188. Ayer’s father, the late Thomas Ayers formed a community advocacy coalition called the ABC
  4189. Thomas Ayers included Obama in the ABC coalition, which formed in June 1988 in Chicago
  4190. Obama and Ayers were brought together by a radical Marxist who was trained by Saul Alinsky
  4191. Obama’s contact for the ABC coalition was Thomas Ayers’ son, William Ayers
  4192. Obama and Ayers worked together on the hundred-million dollar Chicago Annenberg Challenge
  4193. William Ayers founded the CAC, and Obama was hired as the foundation’s first chairman
  4194. Obama served as director of the Woods Fund with 1960’s domestic terrorist William Ayers
  4195. In a 2011 interview, Ayers said McCain is a war criminal and the Pentagon is a terror organization
  4196. President Bill Clinton commuted sentences of two domestic Weather Underground terrorists
  4197. During the debates, Obama reminded everyone of it when Hillary brought up William Ayers
  4198. Obama then hired Eric Holder, the man instrumental in the release as Deputy Attorney General
  4199. Eric Holder also played a role in the Marc Rich pardon and the FALN terrorist commutations
  4200. Obama delivered a controversial speech attacking capitalist in Osawatomie, Kansas (2011)
  4201. Osawatomie was the name given to Ayers’ and Dohrn’s Weather Underground’s publication
  4202. Obama launched his Illinois Senate campaign backed by Ayers, Dohrn, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright
  4203. Reverend Jeremiah Wright performed Obama’s marriage and baptized their two daughters
  4204. Obama contributed a large amount of money to the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago
  4205. Obama attended Rev. Wright’s racist Marxist Black Liberation Theology church for twenty years
    “The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. The government lied.”
    ~Reverend Jeremiah Wright (September 2001)
    “We bombed Hiroshima. We bombed Nagasaki. And we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon and we never batted an eye. We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because of stuff we have done overseas is now brought back into our own backyard. America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” ~Reverend Jeremiah Wright (September 2001)
    “The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes three-strike laws and wants them to sing “God Bless America.” No, no, no! God damn America! That’s in the Bible, for killing innocent people. God damn America for treating her citizen as less than human. God damn America as long as she keeps trying to act like she is God and she is supreme!”
    ~Reverend Jeremiah Wright (April 13, 2003)
    “Barack knows what it means living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich, white people. Hillary would never know that. Hillary ain’t never been called a n-----. Hillary has never had a people defined as a non-person.” ~Reverend Jeremiah Wright (December 2007)
    “Hillary is married to Bill, and Bill has been good to us. No he ain’t! Bill did us, just like he did Monica Lewinsky. He was riding dirty.”
    ~Reverend Jeremiah Wright (January 13, 2008)
    “I can no more disown [Jeremiah Wright] than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother.”
    ~Barack Obama (March 2008)

  4206. David Axelrod defended Jeremiah Wright, saying he was the victim of selective editing (2012)
  4207. Wright claimed that Obama’s campaign tried to bribe him to keep quiet during the 2008 campaign
  4208. According to Wright, “one of Barack’s closest friends” offered $150,000 to remain silent
  4209. Obama personally met with Jeremiah Wright “in secret, in a secure place” to plead for his silence
  4210. Rev. Jeremiah Wright delivered another racial, hate-filled speech during an Easter sermon (2012)
  4211. Rev. Wright said that Justice Clarence Thomas looks black, but worships some other God
  4212. Obama boasted that he probably knows more about Judaism ‘than any other president’ (May 2012)
  4213. President Obama claimed that “all his friends in Chicago were Jewish” and he read about Judaism
  4214. Arnold Jacob Wolf, a socialist anti-Israel rabbi, taught Obama what he ‘knows’ about Judaism
  4215. Rabbi Arnold J. Wolf subscribed to the “blame Israel first” policy of American Progressivism
  4216. Rabbi Arnold Wolf spent 20 years as the leader of K.A.M. Isaiah Israel Temple in Chicago
  4217. K.A.M. Isaiah Israel Temple was located across the street from Obama’s home in Chicago
  4218. Like Obama, Arnold Wolf was active with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)
  4219. Wolf joined Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn as one of the first early backers of Obama
    “I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf, who was not just our neighbor, but a dear friend to Michelle and me. We are joined in this time of grief by the entire Hyde Park community, the American Jewish Community, and all those who shared Rabbi Wolf’s passion for learning and profound commitment to serving others. Today we bid farewell to a titan of moral strength and a champion of social justice…”
    ~President-elect Obama following the death of Rabbi Wolf in December 2008

  4220. Rabbi Wolf spent much of his career leading organizations seeking to delegitimize Israel
  4221. Wolf, along with radical MIT professor Noam Chomsky, helped found the Committee on New Alternatives in the Middle East (CONAME), a philosophical grandparent to today’s J Street lobby
  4222. CONAME was described by Time magazine as a pro-Arab organization working in the U.S.
  4223. CONAME’s signatures appeared on telegrams urging Congress to send no arms to Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when Israel was attacked by Syria and Egypt
  4224. Rabbi Arnold Wolf also wrote pro-Palestinian articles in Sh’ma, the journal that he established
  4225. In 2000, Rabbi Arnold Wolf was smearing Israel as a human rights violator
  4226. Obama sought the endorsement of the Marxist party during the 1996 Illinois Senate race
  4227. Barack Obama associates himself with individuals who promoted a racially divisive America
  4228. Video shows Obama warmingly praising and hugging radical Harvard Professor Derrick A. Bell
  4229. Barack Obama: “Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell”
  4230. Obama counseled his fellow Harvard law students to listen to Bell because he was speaking “truth”
  4231. Professor Derrick Bell pioneered the field of Critical Race Theory, a radical school of legal thought that holds that the American legal and political systems are inherently racist
  4232. Professor Derrick Bell was a close associate of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and quoted him regularly
  4233. Derrick Bell wrote a science-fiction story 1993 in which white Americans sold black Americans into slavery to aliens in order to pay down the national debt, and the Jews went along with it
  4234. Derrick Bell said that he wrote his views in fiction because they’re too ‘threatening’ otherwise
  4235. Bell said that the entire legal and constitutional system needed to be transformed in radical fashion
  4236. Bell argued that “racism is an integral, permanent and indestructible component of this society”
  4237. Harvard Law School Professor Charles Ogletree admitted hiding the video to protect Obama
  4238. Professor Ogletree was a mentor for both Barack and Michelle Obama at Harvard Law School
    “Of course we hid this throughout the 2008 campaign. I don’t care if they find it now.” ~Harvard Law School Professor Charles Ogletree

  4239. When questioned about hiding the video in 2008, Charles Ogletree said “it was a big joke”
  4240. Ogletree said he will teach a course called “Understanding Obama” during the 2013 spring term
  4241. Barack Obama required his students to read Professor Derrick Bell’s work when Obama was a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School
  4242. Obama sent a letter to Bell asking him to review and blurb Dreams from My Father (1995)
    “As for me, I’m keeping busy in Chicago. I’m currently working at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland here in Chicago, a small firm specializing in employment discrimination and voting rights/civil rights cases. I’m also teaching a seminar on race and the law at the University of Chicago law school -- your casebook has been an invaluable reference guide for that.

    The main reason I’m writing to you, though, has to do with a book that I’ve been writing, on again, off again, for the past two years. Originally, the book (called Dreams of My Father) was going to be a series of essays on issues of race and class, but as it has evolved it’s become a memoir of my family and my experiences as an organizer in Chicago…

    Your name came to mind as somebody whose insight I’ve always appreciated, so I’ve enclosed an advanced reader’s edition of the book. If you have time to read it and think it’s worthy of a plug, I’d be thrilled…”

    ~Letter written by Barack Obama to Derrick Bell (February 3, 1995)

  4243. Bell’s blurb on the back cover was removed after Obama ascended to the national stage in 2004

    “Dreams from My Father is a beautifully written chronicle of a gifted young man marked and molded by a family whose love for him was as deep as its diversity was daunting. We hear in Barack Obama’s soaring book that survival demands resilience in the face of frustrated expectations, and that one’s committed opposition to the destructive tides of America’s obsession with color cultivates a vision of life that is nourished by struggle.”
    ~Blurb written by Derrick Bell, author of Faces at the Bottom of the Well

  4244. Derrick Bell had also just blurbed Louis Farrakhan’s book on black self-reliance, A Torchlight for America, and praised the Nation of Islam’s community education programs
  4245. Derrick Bell personally visited the White House twice in 2010 (1/29/2010 and 1/31/2010)
  4246. With the approval of the Obama administration, the radical Pacific Education Group (PEG) actively promotes Derrick Bell’s Critical Race Theory in K-12 schools nationwide (2012)
  4247. Derrick Bell was also close friends with Louis Farrakhan and praised his work
  4248. Louis Farrakhan is an anti-Semite who called Judaism a “gutter religion”
  4249. Farrakhan also believes that the H1N1 flu vaccine was created to depopulate the earth
  4250. Farrakhan supported racist Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and was also backed by Qadhafi
  4251. Rashid Khalidi held a fundraiser for Obama and his wife was president of the Woods Fund
  4252. Khalidi was a paycheck-receiving PLO agent and was supportive of terrorism against Israel
  4253. Admitted communist Alice Palmer hand-picked Obama for the Illinois Senate seat she had held
  4254. Iraqi-born billionaire and Baathist Nadhmi Auchi was a financer and “political fixer” in Chicago
  4255. US-Syrian citizen Antoin “Tony” Rezko worked as a fundraiser and “political fixer” in Chicago
  4256. Tony Rezko was portrayed as having “permanent indebtedness” to billionaire Nadhmi Auchi
  4257. Nadhmi Auchi met with Obama, Tony Rezko, and Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) in Chicago
  4258. Millionaire Tony Rezko was involved in the rapid rise of Obama’s early political career in Chicago
  4259. Rezko was an early-money fundraiser in Obama’s state Senate Campaigns and failed House bid
  4260. Tony Rezko worked as a top fundraiser and adviser to then-Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL)
  4261. Rezko extorted millions of dollars from firms seeking state business or regulatory approval
  4262. Rezko was convicted on 16 counts that included fraud, bribery and money laundering (June 2008)
  4263. Rezko was convicted in June 2008 and was sentenced to 10.5 years in prison in November 2011
  4264. Rezko also pleaded guilty to wire fraud over the bogus sale of his pizza restaurants (October 2010)
  4265. Tony Rezko’s wife gave Obama a sweetheart deal on some real estate property in Chicago
  4266. Rezko originally found the new residence for Obama when the Rezko family lived across the street
  4267. Obama paid $1.65 million for a Chicago mansion in 2005, on property listed at $1.95 million
  4268. Rita Rezko bought an adjacent vacant lot at the same time for $625,000 and sold part to Obama
  4269. Rezko divided the parcel and in January 2006 sold one-fifth of it to the Obamas for $104,500
  4270. Obama violated Senate ethic rules in a “boneheaded move” if the land purchases were coordinated
  4271. Obama committed tax fraud in the land deal since the property clearly was never assessed or taxed
  4272. William Miceli, an attorney for Tony Rezko, owns Obama’s Hyde Park mansion in Chicago
  4273. Miceli is a lawyer at the Chicago law firm Miner, Barnhill & Galland, which had employed Obama
  4274. In addition to Miceli, two other people are listed as taxpayers for Obama’s Chicago home
  4275. They are Chicago Probate Judge Jane L. Stuart and Obama’s accountant Harvey Wineberg
  4276. The alias “Harrison J. Bounel” shares the same SSN and home address as Barack H. Obama
  4277. Michelle Obama shows up as a relative of “Harrison J. Bounel” in Chicago database searches
  4278. Michelle Obama argued for race-based faculty hiring in a 1988 essay while at Harvard University
  4279. Michelle faulted her fellow students for being “racist” and “sexist” for perpetuating stereotypes
  4280. Michelle gushed praise for Professor Derrick Bell’s critical race theory – the view that law is an instrument of the powerful against the powerless, rather than an effort to seek justice
  4281. Michelle praised the teaching of several professors who didn’t use the Socratic method, including the far-left academics Martha Minow and Charles Ogletree
  4282. Minow’s father, Newton Minow, later recruited Michelle and Barack to Sidley Austin in Chicago
  4283. Michelle Obama worked at Sidley Austin starting in the summer of 1988 until 1991
  4284. Michelle Obama worked in Mayor Daley’s City Hall from September 16, 1991 to April 30, 1993
  4285. Michelle was hired by Valerie Jarrett, who served as Mayor Daily’s chief of staff at the time
  4286. Michelle Obama “disapproved of how closely Daley held power” in Chicago
  4287. Michelle Obama was reportedly “distressed” by how a small group of “white Irish Catholic” families – the Daleys, the Hynes, and the Madigans – “locked up” power in Illinois
  4288. Blagojevich felt that Obama was given a pass on his connections with convicted fundraiser Rezko
  4289. Obama surrounded himself with radical communists and socialists in his administration
  4290. Obama’s top advisers David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett were both linked to communist activists
  4291. Avowed Chicago socialist Valerie Jarrett was selected as Obama’s senior White House advisor
  4292. Jarrett: Point of government is to give people livelihood so they can provide for their families
  4293. Jarrett’s father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, was an associate of Frank Marshall Davis
  4294. Vernon Jarrett and Frank Marshall Davis worked together in 1940 in a Communist Party-dominated organization, the Citizen’s Committee to Aid Packing House Workers
  4295. Many of the organization’s leaders were tied to the Communist Party
  4296. Vernon Jarrett and Frank Marshall Davis both frequented the Southside Community Art Center in Chicago, which was dominated by communists
  4297. Vernon Jarrett and Frank Marshall Davis also worked together in the late 1940s on the communist-influenced, black-run Chicago Defender newspaper
  4298. Valerie Jarrett married Vernon’s son, William Robert Jarrett, in 1983
  4299. Valerie Jarrett, born in Iran, was reportedly leading secret talks with Iran (November 2012)
  4300. A communist confessed to mentoring Axelrod and helping the top Obama aide secure his first job
  4301. Obama then later worked with the same communist that had mentored advisor David Axelrod
  4302. Axelrod was born to a mother who wrote for a communist newspaper in New York City
  4303. Obama lost a congressional race to Bobby Rush, who unfortunately was not divorced (2000)
  4304. Axelrod later became Obama’s “hired muscle” and used sexual misbehavior to discredit opponents
  4305. David Axelrod destroyed the only two men who stood between Obama and the U.S. Senate
  4306. Axelrod used illegally obtained and lurid allegations from their pasts to discredit them with voters
  4307. Axelrod pulled sealed divorce records of Obama’s opponent during the Democrat Senate primary
  4308. The Chicago Tribune, where Axelrod used to work, published allegations against Blair Hull (D)
  4309. Hull was smeared up until election day as a “wife beater” and lost a large lead to Obama (2005)
    “The Tribune reporter who wrote the original piece (on Hull’s sealed divorce records) later acknowledged in print that the Obama camp had ‘worked aggressively behind the scenes’ to push the story.”
    ~The New York Times in 2007

  4310. Axelrod again pulled sealed divorce records of Obama’s Republican opponent for the U.S. Senate
  4311. The Chicago Tribune was able to get a California judge to release of the sealed divorce records
  4312. Jack Ryan (R) dropped out of the race under GOP pressure and was replaced by Alan Keyes (R)
  4313. Obama’s helpers threw a bomb in the GOP primary against conservative candidate Herman Cain
  4314. Although Cain had never lived or worked in Chicago, all of the sexual harassment allegations against him had all emanated from Chicago, the home of the Daley machine and David Axelrod
  4315. Chicago’s former fire commissioner, John Brooks, sued Daley over sexual harassment threats
  4316. Daley was accused of threatening Brooks with sexual harassment allegations if he didn’t resign
  4317. Brooks resigned and the sexual harassment allegations were later found to be completely false
  4318. Sheila O’Grady is close with David Axelrod and went straight from Chicago mayor Richard
  4319. Daley’s chief of staff to president of the Illinois Restaurant Association (IRA)
  4320. O’Grady denied digging up Cain’s records from the National Restaurant Association (NRA)
  4321. Strangely, Cain’s three year stint at the NRA was the only time he ever faced sexual allegations
  4322. Cain’s second accuser, Sharon Bialek, lived in the same Chicago building with David Axelrod
  4323. Sharon Bialek and David Axelrod both lived at 505 North Lake Shore Drive in Chicago
  4324. Sharon Bialek later admitted that she knew David Axelrod (2011)
  4325. Bialek’s friends and acquaintances stepped forward describing her as a “gold-digger” (2011)
  4326. Sharon Bialek was constantly in financial trouble and had already filed for bankruptcy twice
  4327. Herman Cain undermined the only argument for 2012: If you oppose Obama, you must be a racist
  4328. New Party founders are currently helping craft White House legislation and policy goals
  4329. W.H. Communications Director Anita Dunn turns to favorite communist Mao for inspiration
  4330. Demos was founded with input from Obama while serving as an Illinois state senator in 1999
  4331. Obama served on the working group that founded Demos, a radical far-left think tank, in 1999
  4332. Demos partnered with the community activist group ACORN and its election arm Project Vote
  4333. Demos was among the top defenders of ACORN when accused of rampant voter fraud in 2008
  4334. Demos proposed a “stimulus” that they said would create 8.2 million government jobs
  4335. Demos may have been instrumental in the Obama administration’s hiring of communist Van Jones
  4336. Chuck Collins was the director of the Tax Program for Shared Prosperity at Demos
  4337. Collins is an associate of George Soros and a longtime leftist activist linked to socialist causes
  4338. Collins crafted a report to Obama recommending Van Jones for the environmental advisor position
  4339. Obama’s former “Green Jobs Czar” Anthony Van Jones served on the board of Free Press
  4340. Van Jones founded Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM)
  4341. Van Jones’ STORM was a communist revolutionary movement fighting for Marxism in America
  4342. Van Jones served on the boards of the Apollo Alliance and other social justice organizations
  4343. Former domestic terrorist leader Jeff Jones was hired as consultant for the Apollo Alliance
  4344. Weather Underground terrorist Jeff Jones now heads Apollo Alliance’s New York branch
  4345. Van Jones, prior to becoming the “Green Jobs Czar,” was an avowed communist & “9/11 Truther”
  4346. Van Jones signed a statement accusing the Bush administration of involvement in the 9/11 attacks
  4347. Van Jones held a racist, hate-America rally the day after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks
  4348. Speakers at the rally cheered the 9/11 attacks and Van Jones himself said America deserved it
  4349. Van Jones told young people, “You are Gods” and forget respecting older people
  4350. Van Jones’ Maoist manifesto was scrubbed from the Internet after being discovered
  4351. At a 2005 conference in Berkeley, Van Jones characterized the U.S. as an “apartheid regime”
  4352. At the same conference Van Jones, an admitted black nationalist, said “white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people of color communities”
  4353. The conference was organized by radical liberal activist Michael Lerner
  4354. Michael Lerner is the founding editor of the far-left magazine Tikkun
  4355. House Democratic Caucus hosted communist revolutionary-group founder Van Jones in July 2011
  4356. Van Jones met with Democrats one day after he spoke to a student group funded by George Soros
  4357. Van Jones was a featured speaker at a two-day national conference for the group Campus Progress
  4358. Campus Project is a “project” of the Center for American Progress (CAP), funded by Soros
  4359. Van Jones was the keynote speaker at a rally marking the national launch of Not In Our Name
  4360. Not In Our Name is a Maoist, terrorist-supporting, anti-war group founded by C. Clark Kissinger
  4361. Kissinger served as the national secretary of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in the 1960s
  4362. Kissinger also worked closely with Fred Hampton and the Black Panther Party
  4363. Clark Kissinger is a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP)
  4364. RCP calls for the overthrow of the U.S. government to be replaced with a communist dictatorship
  4365. Kissinger supported Mao’s Communist regime in China
  4366. Kissinger enjoys strong support from the Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM)
  4367. MIM seeks to build public opinion “to seize power through armed struggle” and “revolution”
  4368. Kissinger backed Iran’s Islamic revolution and visited Ayatollah Khamenei when he seized power
  4369. In January 1984, the RCP newspaper Revolutionary Worker called for the assassination of Reagan
  4370. In 1987, Kissinger founded Refuse & Resist as a revolutionary movement to overthrow capitalism
    “The problem in this country,” says Kissinger, can be traced to one root cause: “the oppressive system of capitalism that exploits people all over the world, that destroys our planet, that oppresses minority people, that sends people to the death chambers in droves. That is a problem that has to be done away with. Revolution is the solution. And the Revolutionary Worker has put out a call to people to join with them in formulating a new program for revolution in this country, a blueprint to go forward.” ~C. Clark Kissinger

  4371. Kissinger defended prisoners arrested during the wake of the Rodney King verdict in Los Angeles
  4372. Kissinger’s RCP had been instrumental in triggering the violence that left 58 dead and 2,300 injured
  4373. Kissinger’s priorities include campaigning to “stop the legal lynching of Mumia Abu-Jamal”After
  4374. 9/11, Kissinger focused almost solely on stopping George W. Bush’s foreign interventions
  4375. Kissinger characterized Bush as a “Christian fascist” whose M.O. closely resembled that of Hitler
  4376. American socialist leader declared, “we are not pacifists, violence sometimes is necessary” (2011)
  4377. Revolutionary socialist group planned to recruit children in junior high school (April 22, 2011)
  4378. Democratic strategist Bob Beckel described communist Che Guevara as a freedom fighter
  4379. The Obama administration does not adequately vet their associations with other individuals
  4380. The administration is chalk full of communists, socialists, and extreme radical-left liberals
  4381. W.H. officials meet with those calling for the deliberate dismantling of the American economy
  4382. John Holdren is the head of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)
  4383. John Holdren the “Science Czar” believes in mass sterilization and forced abortions
  4384. John Holdren had previously suggested that America should surrender to a “planetary regime”
  4385. Holdren has petitioned for a deliberate reduction in the stocks of U.S. weapons-grade plutonium
  4386. Holdren attempted to enter into new technology-sharing agreements with the Chinese government
  4387. Holdren spent 21 days in China on three separate trips in one year, more than any other country
  4388. White House chose to withhold information about the cooperate agreements made with China
  4389. W.H. cooperated with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to help develop its space program
  4390. Holdren intentionally chose not to follow a law, signed by Obama in April 2011, banning the use of appropriations to participate, collaboration or coordinate bilaterally in any way with China
    “OSTP’s activities in bilateral diplomacy with China on… issues fall under the president’s exclusive constitutional authority to conduct foreign diplomacy and thus cannot be precluded by Section 1340(a). In reliance on this advice, OSTP continued to engage in these activities.” ~Statement from “Science Czar” John Holdren prepared for an appearance before the House Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations subcommittee

  4391. Cass Sunstein the “Regulatory Czar” believes government should ban certain types of speech
  4392. Cass Sunstein administered the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA)
  4393. Cass Sunstein is also against hunting and believes in the extension of animal rights in court
  4394. Prior to becoming “Regulatory Czar,” Sunstein wrote a lengthy academic paper suggesting that the government should infiltrate social network websites, chat rooms, and message boards
  4395. Sunstein: “Cognitive infiltration” is needed to enforce a federal ban on “conspiracy theorizing”
  4396. Sunstein classified the theory of global warming being a deliberate fraud as a “conspiracy theory”
  4397. Cass Sunstein has maintained extensive ties to George Soros’ funding to redefine the Constitution
  4398. In April 2005, Sunstein opened a conference at Yale Law School aimed at the U.S. Constitution
  4399. Event was sponsored by Soros’ Open Society and Podesta’s Center for American Progress (CAP)
  4400. Yale event was also sponsored by the “progressive” American Constitution Society (ACS)
  4401. ACS has received over $2.2 million from George Soros’ Open Society since 2002
  4402. Eric Holder previously sat on the ACS board of directors and spoke at numerous ACS events
  4403. Sunstein’s goal of the conference was to change the interpretation of “the Constitution by 2020”
  4404. Cass Sunstein wrote a 2004 book where he pushed for a new socialist-style U.S. bill of rights
  4405. Sunstein resigned from his post in the Obama administration and returned to Harvard (August 2012)
  4406. Kevin Jennings is the “Safe School Czar” despite homosexual links to child statutory rape
  4407. Mark Lloyd the “Diversity Czar” wants to spread the wealth and curtail free speech
  4408. Socialist Carol Browner the “Global Warming Czar” worked on Cap & Trade legislation
  4409. Browner led the Commission for a Sustainable World Society of Socialist International (SI)
  4410. Socialist International (SI) is regarded as the world’s largest socialist umbrella group
  4411. Socialist International (SI) calls for “global governance” and a world socialist order
  4412. Sam Kass elevated to “Health Food Czar” to fight obesity as a “national security” threat
  4413. Jeffrey S. Crowley, chosen to serve as the White House “AIDS Czar,” is openly homosexual
  4414. Equal Opportunity Commissioner nominee Chai Feldblum is openly gay and endorses polygamy
  4415. Obama’s EPA administrator Lisa Jackson pushed global warming legislation that hurt the economy
  4416. EPA rules implemented by Jackson included banning the construction of new coal-fired power plants unless they capture carbon dioxide emissions, a technology so far unproven on a commercial scale
  4417. EPA’s inspector general opened an inquiry into Lisa Jackson’s use of a secondary email account to conduct business inside the agency
  4418. Jackson resigned as EPA administrator prior to the completion of the inquiry (December 2012)
  4419. Michelle Obama oversaw a patient dumping scheme for profit at University of Chicago Hospital
  4420. Michelle, a hospital vice president in Chicago, saw her salary triple to $317,000 by 2005
  4421. Sonia Sotomayor was nominated by Obama and approved for the U.S. Supreme Court
  4422. Justice Sonia Sotomayor upheld free “morning after” pills under Obamacare (December 2012)
  4423. Elena Kagan was nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court despite never having been a judge
  4424. Elena Kagan discriminated against the military yet accepted funding for Shariah studies
  4425. Gallup polling showed Elena Kagan with lowest confirmation support since polling began
  4426. Elena Kagan handled multiple eligibility cases for Obama while serving as solicitor general
  4427. Obama nominated leftist radical Jack McConnell to the U.S. District Court in Rhode Island
  4428. Jack McConnell extensively connected to and worked as an ACORN lawyer just like Obama
  4429. Bobby Titcomb has been often seen spending holidays and golfing with President Obama
  4430. Obama and Titcomb attended the Punahou School together and have been friends for decades
  4431. Titcomb was arrested for soliciting a prostitute in an undercover sting (police acting stupidly?)
  4432. Titcomb’s lawyer said “he’s going to take full responsibility for his actions in this matter”
  4433. Titcomb pled “no contest,” was released on $500 bail, and faced no further punishment
  4434. President Obama was again seen golfing with Bobby Titcomb on November 14, 2011
  4435. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney claimed it was simply a matter of loyalty for Obama
  4436. The Salihi’s party-crashed a White House dinner uninvited and took photos with Obama and Biden
  4437. Jay-Z and Beyonce were photographed in the W.H. “Situation Room” without security clearance
  4438. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were photographed meeting with Obama in the Oval Office (2012)
  4439. Communists expressed their intentions to retake the American holidays from the “right wing”
  4440. The White House Christmas tree had an ornamental image of communist Mao hanging from it
  4441. U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree honored President Obama, but not “Jesus” or “Christmas” (2011)
  4442. Obama’s 2011 Easter pastor preached about racism and compared Rush & Fox News to the KKK
  4443. Michelle Obama hosted a rapper at the White House who talks of killing cops and burning Bush
  4444. Rapper ‘Common’ was described as ‘a socially conscious rapper who has done good things’
  4445. Common bragged about how he spent many years in Rev. Wright’s pews since the age of eight
  4446. Common rap: “Tell the law my Uzi weighs a ton… I hold up a peace sign but I carry a gun…”
  4447. Common named his daughter after Assata Shakur, who the FBI recognizes as a domestic terrorist
  4448. Assata Shakur was a Black Panther convicted of first-degree murder in 1977 and fled to Cuba
  4449. Common advocates for the release of Mumia Abu-Jamal (convicted for killing a police officer)
  4450. Two of the invitees to the White House, including Common, oppose interracial dating & marriage
  4451. Artist Jill Scott: ‘When my friend told me his wife was Caucasian, I felt my spirit wince…’
  4452. Obama hired Laura Callahan, a liar and cheater, to a sensitive post inside the federal government
  4453. Callahan previously “lost” thousands of White House emails that were under federal subpoena
  4454. In 2004, Laura Callahan was forced to resign from Homeland Security for faking her credentials
  4455. Callahan resigned after committing resume fraud & lying about her computer credentials
  4456. Callahan paid a diploma mill for her bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in computer science
  4457. Obama later hired Laura Callahan for a sensitive post at the U.S. Cyber Command in May 2011
  4458. CyberCom spokesman said Callahan could not be interviewed & that her job title was “personal”
  4459. Obama tapped economist Alan Krueger to the White House Council of Economic Advisers
  4460. Alan Krueger had served on the faculty of Princeton University for more than 20 years
  4461. Krueger is a labor economist and a proponent of big government solutions to repair the economy
  4462. While working for the Treasury Department, Krueger worked on the “Cash for Clunkers” program
  4463. Krueger suggested adding a $500 billion value-added-tax (VAT) in 2009 to aid economic recovery
  4464. White House Legal Counsel Bob Bauer was hired from the law firm Perkins Coie
  4465. Bob Bauer lobbied on behalf of America Votes Inc., funded by the AFL-CIO & ACORN
  4466. Bob Bauer has represented the DNC, John Kerry in 2004, & Obama during his campaign
  4467. Rahm Emanuel hired Bob Bauer to represent the DCCC while a representative of Illinois
  4468. Bob Bauer defended Emanuel’s offer of a job to Joe Sestak (D-Penn.) to drop Senate bid
  4469. Bob Bauer previously defended Robert Torricelli (D-NJ) for circumventing contribution limits
  4470. Bob Bauer’s wife is White House communications director and “Mao-lover” Anita Dunn
  4471. President Obama tapped oil mogul Kase Lawal to serve as a member of the White House’s Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations (2010)
  4472. Kase Lawal was a prolific Democratic bundler and Clinton family confidante
  4473. Lawal donated $35,800 to the Obama Victory Fund and $30,800 to the DNC in 2011
  4474. Lawal has also donated varying amounts to several Democratic Congressional campaigns
  4475. Kase Lawal was accused of plotting to purchase $10 million in gold from a Congolese warlord
  4476. Lawal refused to detail his role in the plot, invoking the Fifth Amendment more than 100 times
  4477. Court depositions revealed that Kase Lawal had exploited his close ties to the White House to convince those around him that the gold deal was a legal transaction despite the warlord’s involvement
  4478. Obama and the DNC raised over $15.6 million from the financial industry for his 2012 reelection
  4479. Obama’s third-largest source of cash in Chicago-based Chopper Trading
  4480. Chopper Trading’s CEO Raj Fernando held a fundraiser in his home with Joe Biden
  4481. Chopper Trading raised at least $200,000 for Obama’s campaign and for the DNC
  4482. Chopper Trading employs a controversial high-frequency trading technique
  4483. A federal study of the 2010 “flash crash” placed the blame on high-frequency trading technologies
  4484. Other studies have cited high-frequency trading as contributing to stock market volatility
  4485. White House indicated that it would not nominate any person that the ABA deemed unqualified
  4486. American Bar Association: Significant number of Obama’s judicial nominees are “not qualified”
  4487. Many of the failed Obama suggestions are government lawyers and law professors
  4488. New York Times reported that the rejection rate of Obama’s judicial suggestions “is more than three and a half times as high as it was under either of the previous two presidencies” (2011)
  4489. Rahm Emanuel sat on the board of Freddie Mac prior to becoming Obama’s chief of staff
  4490. Obama’s second chief of staff, Bill Daley, was the top executive at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
  4491. Obama’s third chief of staff, Jacob Lew, made millions betting against homeowners at Citibank
  4492. Jacob Lew was a hedge fund executive at Citibank and made money off of mortgage defaults
  4493. Heather Higginbottom took over Lew’s role as director of the Office of Management and Budget
  4494. Higginbottom has a “nonexistent” budgetary resume and only served one month as deputy director
  4495. Higginbottom was a deputy adviser to Obama and worked on his campaign as a policy director
  4496. Obama chose Jeffrey Zients to serve as the new director of the Office of Management and Budget
  4497. W.H. highlighted Zients’ “twenty years as a CEO, management consultant, and entrepreneur”
  4498. Zients was previously a venture capitalist for Bain & Company from August 1988 to June 1990
  4499. During the GOP primaries, David Axelrod criticized Mitt Romney for having a “Bain mentality”
  4500. Zachary Edwards was an Iowa Democratic Party operative and former staffer for Obama
  4501. Zachary Edwards was the New Media Director for Obama’s Iowa team in 2007 and 2008
  4502. Edwards tried to steal the identity of a rival Republican in order to get the Republican in trouble
  4503. Edwards attempted to steal the identity of Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz (or his brother) in order to illegally obtain state benefits with the intent to frame the GOP for illegal or unethical behavior
  4504. Edwards was arrested and charged with Identity Theft, an Aggravated Misdemeanor in Iowa
  4505. Edwards is a member of a politically connected Democrat consulting firm in Iowa, Link Strategies
  4506. Link Strategies’ website scrubbed all mentions of Zachary Edwards following the incident (2012)
  4507. Link Strategies is a political campaign management, research, and communications firm in Iowa
  4508. Link Strategies has long-standing ties to powerful Iowa Democrat Senator Tom Harkin
  4509. Link Strategies was founded by Jeff Link, an actively engaged Democrat political strategist
  4510. Jeff Link was Harkin’s chief of staff (1997 to 1999) and directed his 2008 re-election campaign
  4511. Link Strategies has worked on projects and campaigns for SEIU and other labor unions
  4512. Jeff Link also served as “media consultant to the Obama for President Campaign”
  4513. Jeff Link coordinated branding, all paid media, and polling operations in 25 states (2008)
  4514. Anti-bullying advocate Dan Savage bullied high school kids with a profane Bible rant (2012)
  4515. Dan Savage bullied the Christian teenagers at the National High School Journalism Conference
  4516. Dan Savage described students who walked out during his anti-Bible rant as being “pansy asses”
  4517. One student said she “felt put down and bullied because of my faith” following Savage’s rant
  4518. Dan Savage was Obama’s guest at the LGBT Stonewall reception held at the White House
  4519. Savage visited the White House for their “Pride Reception” held on June 29, 2011
  4520. In his podcast, Dan Savage bragged about having President Obama as an ally
  4521. Obama administration lent significant support to Dan Savage’s ‘It Gets Better Project’
  4522. President Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius, Tom Vilsack, Hilda Solis, Nancy Pelosi, and many other administration officials took part in Dan Savage’s ‘It Gets Better Project’
  4523. Savage said he does not need parents’ permission to talk to their kids about explicit, sexual issues
  4524. Dan Savage told Bill Maher that he wanted to “f--- the s---“ out of GOP candidate Rick Santorum
  4525. Savage infiltrated the Gary Bauer (R) presidential campaign in order to try to spread the flu virus
  4526. Savage licked door knobs, phones, keyboards, staplers, pens, etc. throughout Bauer’s office
  4527. Savage even handed Gary Bauer a saliva-soaked pen hoping to infect him with the flu virus
  4528. Dan Savage sent out a Tweet describing pro-Romney gays as “faggots” (June 2012)
  4529. Harvard Law Professor Roberto Unger is a respected author and Brazilian politician
  4530. Roberto Unger taught Obama about ‘reinventing democracy’ at Harvard Law School
  4531. Professor Roberto Unger was an adviser during the 2008 election campaign
  4532. Roberto Unger turned against Obama and publicly urged voters NOT to re-elect him in 2012
    “President Obama must be defeated in the coming election. He has failed to advance the progressive cause in the United States.” ~Harvard Law Professor Roberto Unger (June 2012)

  4533. Obama was introduced at an Ohio rally by Daniel Potkanowicz, who says he once lost his job
  4534. Daniel Potkanowicz had been accused of stealing trade secrets from a former boss (2012)
  4535. Daniel Potkanowicz and a business partner were ordered to pay $500,000 to Clearview Window & Door after a judge ruled in 2009 that they had violated trade secrets, which they have not paid back
    “I’m wondering who put him up there. He was involved in a scandal, and he’s introducing the president.” ~Richard Albright, owner of Clearview Window & Door (July 2012)

  4536. South Korean pop star PSY has been involved in several anti-American protest performances
  4537. PSY smashed a model U.S. tank while onstage in 2002 to oppose 37,000 U.S. troops that descended on the Korean Peninsula
    “Kill those f---ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives -- Kill those f---ing Yankees who ordered them to torture -- Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers -- Kill them all slowly and painfully.”
    ~South Korean PSY rapping in his song “Dear American”

  4538. PSY performed at an anti-American concert in 2002 following the death of two South Korean schoolgirls
  4539. PSY later performed a rendition of “Gangnam Syle” for U.S. troops on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, in which everyone in the audience was a U.S. Service Member (November 23, 2012)
  4540. PSY was slated to perform for President Obama for a Christmas in Washington special on TNT
  4541. A White House petition was created by outraged Americans for PSY’s anti-American song lyrics
  4542. Obama tapped a lifetime political staffer, Jack Lew, to revive the private sector economy (2013)
  4543. Obama picked Jack Lew to take over for Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary (January 2013)
  4544. Jack Lew, as former director of OMB, has displayed ignorance over how the budgetary process operates
  4545. Lew claimed that Obama had failed to pass a budget because they were being filibustered in the Senate
  4546. However, budgets are considered “privileged” and can be passed with a simple majority vote
  4547. Jack Lew repeated the false claim “that it takes 60 votes” to pass a budget to NBC’s David Gregory
  4548. In 2009, Jack Lew received a $950,000 bonus working as chief operating officer of Citigroup’s Alternative Investment unit – a group that bet billions against homeowners paying their mortgages
  4549. President Obama had previously castigated Wall Street bonuses from bailout recipients, calling them “obscene” examples of “fat cats who are getting awarded for their failure” (2010)
  4550. Jack Lew received the bonus prior to a massive $301 billion commitment to rescue Citigroup
  4551. Obama railed against “obscene” Wall Street bonuses wherein “fat cats” get “awarded for their failure”
  4552. Jack Lew testified to Congress that President Obama’s budget would pay down the national debt (2011)
  4553. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said that Jack Lew produced “the worst budget maybe in history” (2013)
    “Jack Lew must never be Secretary of Treasury. His testimony before the Senate Budget Committee less than two years ago was so outrageous and false that it alone disqualifies.” ~Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee (2013)

  4554. President Obama nominated Senator John Kerry (D-MA) to serve as the next Secretary of State (2012)
  4555. John Kerry was a frequent visitor with Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad
  4556. John Kerry has investments in companies accused of violating the sanctions against Iran
  4557. John Kerry declared that “global warming” is the next 9/11
  4558. John Kerry previously accused U.S. soldiers of committing atrocities and “terrorizing” children (2005)
  4559. Kerry also testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the Vietnam War (1971)
    “They relive the absolute horror of what this country, in a sense, made them do. They told me stories of times that they had personally raped, cut off the ears, cut off the heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Kahn, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam, in addition to the normal ravage of war.” ~John Kerry testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the Vietnam War (1971)

  4560. John Kerry quoted people whom were later proved never to have been in Vietnam or in the military
  4561. John Kerry testified that he would work to implement “President Obama’s vision for the world” (2013)
  4562. Kerry told the Senate that “American foreign policy is not defined by drones” (January 2013)
  4563. President Obama nominated Chuck Hagel (R-NE) to serve as the next Secretary of Defense (2013)
  4564. In 2003, Chuck Hagel claimed that Israel keeps “Palestinians caged up like animals”
  4565. In 2007, Chuck Hagel argued that the Palestinians have been “chained down for many, many years”
  4566. Chuck Hagel claimed that Congress was controlled by the “Jewish lobby”
  4567. Chuck Hagel agreed with an observation presented on Al Jazeera that America is the “world’s bully”
  4568. Chuck Hagel supports paring down the Pentagon and gutting of the United States’ nuclear arsenal (2011)
  4569. Chuck Hagel has endorsed calls for an 80 percent reduction in America’s nuclear arsenal
  4570. Hagel serves on the board of a George Soros-funded group that advocates for a “nuke-free world”
  4571. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) asked Chuck Hagel why Iran had endorsed him (January 2013)
  4572. Chuck Hagel stated to Congress that Iran has an “elected, legitimate government” (January 2013)
  4573. Election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as Iran’s president was widely suspected of being rigged (2009)
    “[T]he Iranian authorities managed to process all 39.2 million paper ballots between the close of polls at 10 p.m. local time and the next morning, when Iran’s Interior Ministry officially proclaimed Ahmadinejad the winner with 63 percent of the vote.” ~Vanity Fair

  4574. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) denounced the Iranian election as “clearly a corrupt election” (2009)
  4575. Washington Post article pointed out vast evidence of fraud that swayed the election towards Ahmadinejad
  4576. White House spokesman Jay Carney wouldn’t say if Iran’s government is “legitimate” (January 2013)
  4577. Chuck Hagel refused to answer John McCain on whether the surge in Iraq worked or not (January 2013)
  4578. Hagel once called the surge the “most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam”
  4579. In 2007, Hagel slammed the U.S. and said we must “reverse the optics” on Israel and the Middle East
  4580. Hagel announced his support for Obama’s “strong position on containment” of Iran’s nuclear program
  4581. Hagel couldn’t name one Senator that had been “intimidated” by the “Jewish lobby” (January 2012)
  4582. Hagel couldn’t name one “stupid” thing the Senate as done due to pressure from the “Jewish Lobby”
  4583. Hagel refused to disclose his sources of foreign funding, which reportedly included “Friends of Hamas”
  4584. Senate panel postponed the vote on Hagel’s nomination after he refused to release more information
    “The committee, and the American people, have a right to know if a nominee for secretary of defense has received compensation, directly or indirectly, from foreign sources. Until the committee receives full and complete answers, it cannot in good faith determine whether you should be confirmed as secretary of defense.”
    ~Letter signed by more than two dozen Senate Republicans

  4585. The Ploughshares Fund is a partner of the Marxist-oriented Institute for Policy Studies (IPS)
  4586. IPS has urged the defunding of the Pentagon and massive decreases in U.S. defense capabilities
  4587. The Ploughshares Fund has also partnered with Code Pink, the pro-Palestinian J Street, United for Peace & Justice, the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, and the progressive group Demos
  4588. The Ploughshares Fund was founded in 1981 by San Francisco philanthropist and activist Sally Lilienthal
  4589. The Ploughshares Fund is financed for a small number of foundations, including Soros’ Open Society Institute, the Tides Foundation, the Buffett Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Rockefeller Foundation
  4590. Ploughshares Fund identifies itself as a “publicly supported foundation that funds, organizes and innovates projects to realize a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons”
  4591. Ploughshares Fund has awarded hundreds of grants “whose aggregate value exceeded $60 million”
  4592. Fenton Communications is a far-left public relations firm closely partnered with the Tides Foundation
  4593. Fenton routinely crafts the public relations for Tides grantees, including J Street and
  4594. In 2007, Ploughshares hired Fenton Communications to help with an online “Peace Primary” contest
  4595. Anti-Israel activists and journalists engaged in a coordinated campaign to stifle opposition to Hagel
  4596. Fenton Communications chief executive officer David Fenton participated in the email exchanges along with other progressive activists
  4597. Former Fenton executive Jeremy Ben Ami directs J Street, which partnered with Ploughshares
  4598. J Street supports talks with Hamas, is heavily critical of Israeli military actions aimed at curbing terrorism, and is staunchly opposed to a military strike against Iran
  4599. Ploughshares donated $25,000 to J Street to urge against military force targeting Iran’s nuclear program
  4600. Ploughshares is critical of U.S. foreign policy and opposes development of a missile defense system
  4601. Ploughshares is directed by Joseph Cirincione, who served as an advisor on nuclear issues to Obama’s 2008 campaign and also served as director of nuclear policy at the Center for American Progress
  4602. Ploughshares donates to the anti-Israel Americans for Peace Now, the Arms Control Association, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Center for Policy Alternatives, the Soros-funded Center for Public Integrity, Citizen Action, Citizens for Environmental Justice, the Coalition for New Priorities, and the Institute for Policy Studies
  4603. Ploughshare’s other grantees include New America Foundation, Nonviolent Peaceforce, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Nuclear Freeze Foundation, Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, Peace Studies Association, Physicians for Human Rights, and Physicians for Social Responsibility and Peace Action
  4604. Ploughshares has also funded the Soros-financed Connect US Fund and Center for American Progress
  4605. Ploughshares also granted money to The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which has long petitioned for the U.S. to reduce its nuclear stockpiles
  4606. According to Pavel Sudoplatov, a former major-general in Soviet intelligence, the work by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists magazine editors was for the benefit of the Soviet Union
  4607. Two of the magazine’s founding sponsors, Leo Szilard and Robert Oppenheimer, were accused of passing information from the Manhattan Project to the Soviets
  4608. Ploughshares also funds the International Crisis Group (ICG)
  4609. Another Ploughshare grantee is the Institute for Policy Studies, which it considers a partner organization
  4610. IPS and CAP release an annual “Unified Security Budget” which has influenced W.H. military policy
  4611. Recommendations from the Unified Security Budgets have been adapted by the Obama administration
  4612. President Obama nominated Mary Jo White as head of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  4613. If confirmed by the Senate, ex-federal prosecutor Mary Jo White would be tasked with enforcing and fine-tuning the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (January 2013)
  4614. Gary Aguirre, a former SEC investigator and whistleblower, described Mary Jo White as “Wall Street’s protector-in-chief” for the past few years (January 2013)
  4615. White spent the past decade as a leading white-collar defense lawyer at Debevoise & Plimpton
  4616. Mary Jo’s husband, John White, is a partner at the law firm Cravath Swaine & Moore LLP
  4617. President Obama nominated adviser John Brennan to serve as director of the CIA (January 2013)
  4618. Brennan, deputy national security adviser for counterterrorism and homeland security, argued that the enemy is not “terrorism,” since terrorism is a “tactic” and not terror, because terror is a “state of mind”
  4619. Ironically, John Brennan’s own job title included the word “terrorism” in it
  4620. When questioned by The Washington Times about jihad, Brennan lost his patience and left an interview
  4621. Counterterrorism adviser John Brennan defended Jihad as a “legitimate tenet of Islam”
  4622. Brennan argued that “jihadists” was the wrong term to be used to describe America’s enemies
  4623. Brennan said that those plotting attacks on the U.S. should not be described in “religious terms”
    “Nor do we describe our enemy as ‘jihadists’ or ‘Islamists’ because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community, and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children.” ~John Brennan

  4624. Brennan publicly defended drone strikes as “consistent with the inherent right of self-defense” (2012)

  4625. Obama: “One of the things you’ve got in Jon Corzine is somebody who tells it to you straight” (2009)

  4626. Former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine (D) was the CEO and chairman of MF Global Holdings
  4627. MF Global was one of the top sources of contributions for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign
  4628. Employees of MF Global had given $108,650 combined to Obama’s campaign and the DNC
  4629. Jon Corzine personally raised at least $500,000 for Obama and the DNC as a “bundler”
  4630. Records show that Jon Corzine has contributed $69,300 to Democratic candidates in 2011
  4631. President Obama held his first re-election fundraiser at Corzine’s home in New York City
  4632. Obama praised Jon Corzine while stumping for him during his re-election bid in October 2009
  4633. President Obama said New Jersey “had an honorable man, a decent man, an honest man…”
  4634. Obama: Corzine was “cleaning up after somebody else’s mess” and “didn’t do it for the paycheck”
  4635. Obama said, “One of the things you’ve got in Jon Corzine is somebody who tells it to you straight”
    “You’ve had an honorable man, a decent man, an honest man, at the helm of this state… He’s fought for what matters to ordinary folks… People… say, ‘You know, I was saving up all my life… Suddenly, because of this financial crisis, I may have to go back to work.’… Jon knows these are challenging times. This is why he got into public service. He didn’t do it for the paycheck… This crisis… came about because of the same theories, the same lax regulation, the same trickle-down economics that the other guy’s party has been peddling for years… Jon’s got the mop and he’s cleaning up after somebody else’s mess… One of the things you’ve got in Jon Corzine is somebody who tells it to you straight.” ~Obama speaking in October 2009 while stumping for Jon Corzine’s losing re-election bid as the Democratic governor of N.J.

  4636. Vice President Biden praised Jon Corzine as the “smartest guy I know in terms of the economy”
  4637. Jon Corzine was even on President Obama’s list as a potential nominee for the Treasury post
  4638. SEIU’s Andy Stern praised Corzine’s strong economic credentials and government experience
  4639. President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden (literally) called Jon Corzine for economic advice
    “I literally picked up the phone and called Jon Corzine and said Jon, what do you think we should do? The reason we called Jon is that we knew that he knew about the economy, about world markets, how we had to respond, unlike almost anyone we knew. It was because he had been in the pit – because he had been in the furnace. And we trusted his judgment.”
    ~Vice President Joe Biden (October 2009)

  4640. After losing his re-election bid, Jon Corzine left office and ran the brokerage firm MF Global
  4641. Corzine transformed MF Global into a full-service investment bank in the mold of Goldman Sachs
  4642. Jon Corzine took risky bets, including aggressively buying up European sovereign debt
  4643. MF Global engaged in speculating on the bonds of Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain (PIGS)
  4644. MF Global hedged their bets with derivatives called Credit Default Swaps (CDS)
  4645. MF Global Holdings, under CEO Jon Corzine, had recklessly leveraged their assets 40 to 1
  4646. Like he did at Goldman Sachs, Corzine placed bets on who would receive government bailouts
  4647. MF Global was a major international broker within the $1.14 quadrillion derivatives market
  4648. With world GDP at only $62 trillion, derivatives leveraged the entire world nineteen times
  4649. MF Global filed for bankruptcy in 2011 as the seventh-largest bankruptcy by assets in U.S. history
  4650. MF Global is under FBI investigation for illegal activity, including misusing clients’ money
  4651. Court-appointed trustee said that at least $1.2 billion was missing from customer accounts
  4652. Regulators investigated MF Global for tapping client’s accounts in violation of securities rules
  4653. Jon Corzine immediately resigned as CEO and chairman of MF Global Holdings (2011)
    “It was probably the right thing to do considering he was the architect of their strategy… If they did what the papers are speculating they did it was a lack of integrity. If they didn’t do it, then it’s stupidity. Either way they don’t come out of this good.” ~Venture capitalist Ken Lagone told CNBC in November 2011

  4654. Corzine was subpoenaed by Congress to testify about his role and the missing $1.2 billion (2011)
  4655. Jon Corzine was the first ex-senator to be subpoenaed by Congress is more than a century (2011)
  4656. Corzine feigned ignorance to Congress saying, “I simply do not know where the money is…”
  4657. While serving as a Senator, Jon Corzine was a co-sponsor for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
  4658. Sarbanes-Oxley was dubbed the ‘Public Company Accounting Reform & Investor Protection Act’
  4659. As CEO of MF Global, Jon Corzine was required to certify financial statements of the company
  4660. MF Global illegally tapped into their clients’ segregated accounts to help stave off the collapse
  4661. Corzine told Congress that he never “authorized the misuse of customer funds” (December 2011)
  4662. Terry Duffy testified that Corzine “was aware” that MF Global made use of customer funds
  4663. Terry Duffy is chief executive of CME Group, the futures exchange operator that supervised MF Global’s handling of customer money
  4664. MF Global employee: “Mr. Corzine was aware of the loans being made from segregated accounts”
  4665. Corzine said during a Senate hearing, “I’m certainly not an accounting expert” (December 2011)
  4666. Bradley I. Abelow was chief of staff for former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine
  4667. Bradley I. Abelow oversaw MF Global’s $1.2 billion in missing funds
  4668. Abelow, as chairman of the EPA’s Financial Advisory Board, advised the $8.6 billion EPA
  4669. Bradley Abelow donated $5,000 to Obama and $30,800 to the DNC in June and July 2011
  4670. EPA Administrator Lisa Smith also previously served as Governor Jon Corzine’s chief of staff
  4671. Lisa Smith may have assisted Abelow’s appointment to the EPA’s Financial Advisory Board
  4672. Former President Bill Clinton reportedly received $50,000 a month from MF Global (2011)
  4673. Bill Clinton’s new firm Teneo Strategy was hired to boost CEO Jon Corzine’s image
  4674. President Obama and the DNC planned to return $71,600 donated to them by Jon Corzine (2011)
  4675. Department of Justice has refused to go after Jon Corzine for $1.6 billion in clients’ missing funds
  4676. Jon Corzine’s MF Global was a client of Eric Holder’s law firm, Covington & Burling
  4677. MF Global retained Morrison & Foerester as the trustee for the Chapter 11 bankruptcy (2012)
  4678. Associate Attorney General Tony West originally came to the DOJ from Morrison & Foerester
  4679. The trustee overseeing MF Global’s bankruptcy is former FBI Director Louis Freeh
  4680. Louis Freeh served as a character witness for Eric Holder at his Senate confirmation hearing
  4681. Eric Holder has previously worked for Louis Freeh
    “As general counsel, I could have engaged any lawyer in America to represent our bank. I chose Eric.” ~Former FBI Director Louis Freeh at Eric Holders Senate confirmation hearing

  4682. MF Global treasurer Edith O’Brien sought immunity from federal prosecutors in the Corzine case
  4683. Edith O’Brien is represented by Reid Weingarten, who was previously an attorney for Eric Holder
  4684. The website of Reid Weingarten’s law firm, Steptoe & Johnson, notes that Mr. Weingarten “is the chairman and co-founder, along with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, of a non-profit program, See Forever Foundation, which is designed to assist juvenile offenders in rehab to prevent recidivism”
  4685. The Main Justice website also notes that Reid Weingarten is “one of Holder’s best friends”
  4686. Four of the top officials at the Department of Justice (Eric Holder, Thomas Perrelli, Karol Mason, and Tony West) were big money bundlers for Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign
  4687. At least 65 members of Congress signed a letter to Eric Holder requesting that he appoint a special prosecutor to investigate MF Global’s collapse and the loss of $1.6 billion in customer money (2012)
  4688. Even progressives, such as at the Huffington Post, began to wonder whether Holder’s Covington & Burling connection explains why the Department of Justice has not charged, prosecuted, or jailed a single Wall Street executive after the biggest financial collapse in American history (July 2012)
  4689. Justice Department inspector general issued a report finding widespread nepotism at the DOJ (2012)
  4690. No one was charged with a crime for the collapse of MF Global (2012)

  4691. Obama picked Elizabeth Warren to head his new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  4692. The Frank-Dodd Act created a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
  4693. The new agency is an “independent entity” housed under the United States Federal Reserve
  4694. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s power is concentrated in a single director
  4695. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was given the power to create new rules on credit cards, mortgages and other financial products that do not require the approval of the Senate
  4696. Obama chose Elizabeth Warren to launch the law’s new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  4697. Warren was a Harvard law professor and head of a watchdog panel overseeing the bank bailouts
  4698. Elizabeth Warren basically argued that everyone owes everything to the government (2011)
  4699. Warren then challenged Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) for a Senate seat in Massachusetts
  4700. Critics charged that Warren claimed minority status in order to help advance her career
  4701. Warren checked the “Native American” box on her academic credentials for a 10-year period
  4702. Warren listed herself as a Native American based on her claim of being 1/32nd Cherokee
  4703. Evidence suggests that the Boston Globe purposely misled on Warren’s genealogy claims
  4704. Sen. Scott Brown suggested that Harvard lied to the Feds about Warren’s Cherokee ancestry
  4705. Obama also claimed to have Cherokee roots in Dreams from My Father (1995), but can’t prove it
  4706. Elizabeth Warren completed her undergraduate work at George Washington University
  4707. There is no mention of Cherokee background from her George Washington University records
  4708. Elizabeth Warren, who graduated from the Rutgers School of Law in 1976, wrote “No” on a form that asked if she wished to apply for admission under the Program for Minority Group students
  4709. Elizabeth Warren worked at the University of Houston from 1978 to 1983
  4710. There is no mention of Cherokee background in records released from the University of Houston
  4711. Elizabeth Warren worked at the University of Texas School of Law from 1983 to 1987
  4712. When asked on an application from the University of Texas School of Law asked which “racial category or categories” she identified with most, Elizabeth Warren checked off only ‘white’
  4713. Elizabeth Warren worked at the University of Pennsylvania from 1987 to 1994
  4714. University of Pennsylvania listed Warren as a minority in its “Minority Equity Report” (1994)
  4715. AALS and ABA were pressing all of the law schools on diversity, both in admissions and hiring
  4716. Colin Diver, Dean of Pennsylvania Law School, said that gender played a role in her hiring
  4717. Harvard Law School Dean Robert C. Clark acknowledged that gender played a role in her hiring
  4718. Warren was ranked 82nd by following her graduation from Rutgers Law
  4719. Among approximately 100 professors and assistant professors during her time spent at Harvard, Warren was the only person admitted to Harvard who hadn’t graduated from a Top 10 law school
  4720. Elizabeth Warren was listed as a “woman of color” by the Harvard Journal in 1993
  4721. Warren was falsely listed as Native American in federal filings for the 1992-1993 academic year
  4722. Warren was accused of “repeated instances of scientific misconduct” before Harvard hired her
    “In my opinion, the authors have engaged in repeated instances of scientific misconduct...” ~Philip Schuchman

  4723. Harvard University bragged about Warren’s minority standing and as a diversity hire in 1996
  4724. Harvard University even trumpeted Elizabeth Warren as their “first woman of color”

       Professor Elizabeth Warren, Harvard University’s “first woman of color”

  4725. Warren suddenly stopped touting her Native American roots once she got to Cambridge
  4726. Warren refused to answer ‘why she claimed to be a minority and then stopped’
  4727. At first, Warren lied that she didn’t know anything about Harvard Law listing her as a minority
  4728. Warren later confessed that she told Harvard that she was a “woman of color” (May 2012)
  4729. Warren herself provided the “woman of color” status during her Visiting Professorship (1992-1993), before her promotion to a full-times tenure position at Harvard Law School on February 5, 1993
  4730. Warren then claimed, “I misunderstood the question” about Harvard listing her as a minority
  4731. Warren listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) directory
  4732. Warren said she signed up as ‘Cherokee’ on the AALS directory in order to meet friends
  4733. Warren hoped that by checking the box “it might mean that I would be invited to a luncheon”
  4734. Elizabeth Warren stated in her own defense, “I am very proud of my Native American heritage”
  4735. Warren said her heritage included Native American ‘because her mother told her so’
  4736. Warren’s proof was that her grandfather “had high cheekbones like all of the Indians do”
  4737. Warren offered the Pow Wow Chow cookbook as further “evidence” of her Cherokee ancestry
  4738. Elizabeth Warren appears to have plagiarized at least three of the five recipes she submitted
  4739. Warren’s husband also contributed a plagiarized recipe to the Pow Wow Chow cookbook
  4740. In an interview with the Boston Globe, Elizabeth Warren claimed that in the 1930s her father’s family so objected to her mother’s Native American heritage that her mother told her they had to elope
  4741. A marriage certificate shows that Warren’s parents were actually married in a religious ceremony
  4742. Warren said that her mother’s Native American heritage was an issue raised at her funeral in 1995
  4743. Harvard University’s Native American Program said that Warren never participated in any events
  4744. Elizabeth Warren herself has no formal tribal membership or proof to substantiate her claim
  4745. Warren’s great-great-great grandmother’s husband rounded up Cherokees for the Trail of Tears
  4746. Warren’s great-great-great grandfather was a member of the Tennessee Militia who rounded up Cherokees from their homes in the Southeastern U.S. and herded then into government-built stockades
  4747. Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes caught Elizabeth Warren in yet another lie about her false claims of Native American heritage
  4748. Elizabeth Warren was listed as the “informant” on the death certificate that identified Warren’s “Aunt Bea” Bess A. Reed Veneck, who died in 1999 at the age of 98, as being “white”
  4749. Warren was presented with the option of selecting “American Indian,” “Black,” or “White”
  4750. The December 5,1997 obituary of Elizabeth Warren’s father, Donald J. Herring, listed “sister-in-law, Bess A. Veneck of OKC” as a survivor in the Daily Oklahoman
    “My Aunt Bea has walked by the picture [of her father] at least a thousand times, remarked that her father, my papaw, had high cheekbones like all of the Indians do because that’s how she saw it and she said and your mother got those same great cheekbones and I didn’t. She thought that was the bad deal she had gotten in life.” ~Elizabeth Warren (May 2012)

  4751. Elizabeth Warren’s mother, Pauline Reed Herring (sister to Bess A. Reed Veneck) was listed in the 1940 census as White, not American Indian
  4752. Elizabeth Warren’s mother was white in 1940, her Aunt Bea was White in 1999, but by 2012 Aunt Bea had become Indian in Elizabeth Warren’s eyes
  4753. Muskogee (Oklahoma) Times Democrat article from August 17, 1906 states that John H. Crawford, the “white” great-grandfather of Elizabeth Warren, shot an Indian who attacked his son
  4754. John H. Crawford was the grandfather of Elizabeth Warren’s mother, Paula Reed Herring
  4755. Elizabeth Warren’s mother, Bethania (“Hannie”) Crawford Reed, was John H. Crawford’s daughter and Rosco Crawford’s sister
  4756. Black ministers blasted Elizabeth Warren’s apparent abuse of affirmative action (June 2012)
  4757. Elizabeth Warren snubbed Cherokees who traveled to Massachusetts for a meeting (June 2012)
  4758. Netroot Nation claimed that skepticism of Warren’s Native American claims is “racism”
  4759. Warren was described by her apologists as a victim of the “right-wing smear machine” (2012)
  4760. Governor Deval Patrick (D-MA) endorsed Warren even though she lied about her heritage
  4761. Concerned Cherokees protested Warren at the Massachusetts Democrat convention (June 2012)
  4762. Elizabeth Warren introduced Obama in Boston during his New England swing (June 2012)
  4763. Warren ran an Olympic television ad saying we should be more like communist China (July 2012)
  4764. Elizabeth Warren’s staffer roughed up a Republican cameraman at a public event (August 2012)
  4765. Elizabeth Warren said that we’re not better off after four years and blamed it on Republicans (2012)
  4766. Elizabeth Warren practiced law in Massachusetts without a law license
  4767. Warren admitted that she is not licensed to practice law in Massachusetts (September 2012)
  4768. For a decade, Warren provided legal services to clients using a Massachusetts mailing address
  4769. Law firm of Simpson, Thacher, and Bartlett listed Elizabeth Warren as “of counsel” in the 2009 brief they submitted to the United States Supreme Court on behalf of their client, Travelers Insurance
    “Warren represented not just Travelers, but numerous other companies starting in the late 1990s working out of and using her Harvard Law School office in Cambridge, which she listed as her office or record on briefs filed with various courts.” ~Professor William A. Jacobson, an Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Securities Law Clinic at Cornell Law School (September 2012)

  4770. Union member said that members had to attend rallies and were fined for not supporting Elizabeth Warren
  4771. An estimated $16 million of Warren’s donations were from sites lacking foreign donor protections (2012)
  4772. Federal Election Commission records show that Warren set a Massachusetts record with more than half (50.5%) of her $36.2 million in donations from websites vulnerable to fraud and foreign donations
  4773. Elizabeth Warren raised $18.3 million from online sites vulnerable to fraud and foreign donations, the most money in a single election cycle by a candidate for the United States Senate
  4774. Donations to Warren included at least $2.5 million (6.8%) from the liberal conduit site
  4775. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was not listed as a minority on the Senate’s official website (2013)
  4776. Warren had previously claimed both Cherokee and Delaware Indian heritage to advance her career
  4777. Elizabeth Warren said during the campaign that she would be the first Massachusetts senator that she knew of with Native American heritage (2012)

  4778. President Obama engages in crony capitalism and Pay-to-Play politics (“The Chicago Way”)
    “I am in this race to tell the corporate lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda in Washington are over…” ~Candidate Barack Obama speaking in Des Moines, Iowa (November 10, 2007)

  4779. Corporatism is the policy of using government to enhance market share of a few favorite firms
  4780. Crony capitalism favors the politically active and the manipulative, and does not favor one party
  4781. Obama received more money ($18 million) from Wall Street than any other politician since 1989
  4782. The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) has accepted more than $40 million from Wall Street, their biggest contributor (over lawyers and labor unions) over the last 7 years (2012)
  4783. DSCC has already received more than $1.5 million from Wall Street for the 2012 election cycle
  4784. Obama supporter Cornel West described Obama as “a black mascot of Wall Street” in 2011
  4785. Senator Obama left a long trail of earmarks during his short state and federal legislative career
  4786. Obama’s earmarks included subsidies for a variety of state and local special interest groups
  4787. Obama arranged for a $1 million earmark for the University of Chicago Hospital, where Michelle Obama’s salary more than doubled after her husband took office in the U.S. Senate
  4788. Obama criticized McCain during the 2008 elections, arguing that by voting against a pork-filled flood relief bill in 2007, McCain had left cities along the Mississippi River defenseless against rising waters
  4789. A review of Obama’s own “flood relief” earmarks found that most were nowhere near the Mississippi River and that many merely funneled cash to local authorities, often in the most affluent areas of Illinois
  4790. Obama obtained a $100,000 state grant for an community garden in Englewood, on Chicago’s South Side
  4791. The Chicago Sun-Times noted the Englewood project had never been completed (2008)
  4792. Two non-profit groups not connected with Obama’s earmark completed the project for under $10,000
  4793. Attorney General Lisa Madigan investigated and determined that the state should recover the funds
  4794. Senator Obama unwittingly invested in two relatively obscure companies, whose backers happened to include generous contributors to his political action committees (2005)
  4795. Obama bought more than $50,000 worth of stock in two speculative companies in 2005
  4796. Both companies’ other major investors included some of Obama’s political donors
  4797. Obama invested money in AVI BioPharma which was starting to develop a drug to treat avian flu
  4798. Two weeks later, Obama led in a legislative push for more federal funding to battle the disease
  4799. Obama initiated what he called “one of my top priorities since arriving in the Senate,” a push to increase federal financing to fight avian flu (2005)
  4800. Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved Obama’s request for $25 million to fight avian flu
  4801. Obama and Tom Harkin (D-IA) amended a bill to provide $3.8 billion for battling the avian flu
  4802. AVI BioPharma said it was likely to develop a treatment for avian flu “in a relatively short time”
  4803. Obama sold roughly 2,000 shares of AVI BioPharma stock a week later for a small profit
  4804. Obama invested $90,000 in SkyTerra, a satellite communications business
  4805. Principle backers included donors who had raised more than $150,000 for his political committees
  4806. Tejas Securities, a regional brokerage in Texas handled the investment banking for Skyterra
  4807. Tejas and people associated with it were major donors to Obama’s political committees
  4808. The company’s chairman, John J. Gorman, has held fund-raisers for Obama in Austin, Texas
  4809. Gorman also arranged for Obama to use his private plane for several political events in 2005
  4810. Jared Abbruzzese was the vice chairman of Tejas and a principle investor in Skyterra
  4811. Jared Abbruzzese and his wife contributed $10,000 to Obama’s political action committee
  4812. Obama claimed that he did not know he invested in either company until fall 2005
  4813. Obama’s spokesman said that after learning of it he sold the stocks at a net loss of $15,000
  4814. Obama declined to be interviewed about the stock deals during the 2008 campaign
    “I thought about going to (billionaire investor) Warren Buffett, and I decided it would be embarrassing that I only had $100,000 to invest.” ~Barack H. Obama

  4815. Obama put up to $100,000 in an account at UBS, recommended to him by George W. Haywood
  4816. Haywood, a wealthy friend of Obama, was also a major investor in Skyterra and AVI BioPharma
  4817. Haywood and his wife Cheryl contributed close to $50,000 to Obama’s campaigns and committees
  4818. SkyTerra, the company Obama invested $90,000 into in 2005, changed its name to LightSquared
  4819. Air Force General William Shelton told Congress that the W.H. tried to pressure him to change his testimony to favor a company that turns out to be a major donor to the Democratic Party
  4820. Air Force General William Shelton is the Commander of Air Force Space Command (2011)
  4821. Anthony Russo is the director of the National Coordination Office for Space-Based Positioning
  4822. Russo also confirmed that the Obama administration tried to alter his testimony to Congress
  4823. LightSquared, a Virginia-based broadband satellite company, has been vying for permission to operate in a frequency band in the vicinity of our nation’s Global Positioning System (GPS)
  4824. LightSquared is funded by Harbinger Capital, a hedge fund owned by billionaire Philip Falcone
  4825. Falcone owns a majority stake in LightSquared and is a major donor to the Democratic Party
  4826. Falcone denied asking for special favors during his meeting(s) with White House officials
  4827. Emails surfaced showing LightSquared executives discussing donations to Obama’s campaign in policy conversations with White House officials
  4828. CEO Sanjiv Ahuja donated money to the Democrats during the FCC regulatory review process
  4829. Ahuja wrote a $30,400 check to the DNC on the same day Obama officials met with executives
  4830. Ahuja abruptly resigned following the revelation of his proximity to the Obama administration
  4831. LightSquared’s main lobbying firm is owned by Norman Brownstein, a major donor to Obama
  4832. Billionaire progressive puppet-master George Soros is reportedly an investor in LightSquared
  4833. Soros’ Public Interest Spectrum Coalition filed a petition with the FCC backing Harbinger Capital
  4834. Soros’ Public Interest Spectrum Coalition also met with the FCC commissioner on the matter
  4835. All four groups on the coalition also received six-figure gifts from Soros’ Open Society Institute: Free Press, Media Access Project, the New America Foundation, and Public Knowledge
  4836. All four Soros-funded groups filed a joint comment backing LightSquared in a regulatory matter
  4837. Lightsquared filed for bankruptcy after its high-speed wireless network was rejected by the FCC
  4838. Lightsquared’s founder was sued by the SEC for fraud (June 2012)
  4839. ShoreBank Corp., founded in 1973, served Obama’s South Side Chicago Kenwood neighborhood
  4840. Democrats, led by Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), tried to bail out ShoreBank using any means necessary
  4841. ShoreBank’s had close ties to the Obama administration and its closure was delayed several times
  4842. ShoreBank was eventually closed by the FDIC, “bought,” and (re)named Urban Partnership Bank
  4843. ShoreBank’s management was permitted to buy ShoreBank’s serviceable assets and reconstitute
  4844. Taxpayers were forced to cover the cost of dispensing with the debt that was left from ShoreBank
  4845. $145 million in funding was provided by Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and GE
  4846. Each company received bailouts from the Obama administration using federal taxpayer dollars
  4847. Urban Partnership in return committed itself to focusing on low-income South Side communities
  4848. Seven publicly traded U.S. corporations on Obama’s jobs council are shifting operations overseas
  4849. GE and Intel are among seven U.S. corporations on Obama’s jobs council betting against the U.S.
  4850. Two union officials and two academics are also on Obama’s Council on Jobs & Competitiveness
  4851. Eastman Kodak Company Chairman and CEO Antonio Perez serves on Obama’s jobs council
  4852. Eastman Kodak lost money every year but one since Antonio Perez took over in 2005
  4853. Pension and health-care obligations for retirees cost Kodak hundreds of millions of dollars per year
  4854. Antonio Perez’s strategy of using patent lawsuits and licensing deals to raise cash ran dry
  4855. Eastman Kodak Co. announced they were preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2012
  4856. General Electric (GE) gave $2,252,727 to Democrats and candidate Obama in 2008
  4857. Over the last ten years, General Electric (GE) gave at least $10,160,333 to Democrats
  4858. Jeffrey Immelt (GE / NBC / MSNBC / CNBC) has an office in the Obama White House
  4859. General Electric (GE), under CEO Jeffrey Immelt, received TARP funds despite showing profits
  4860. Obama expanded the TARP funds to include GE as top recipient despite it not being a bank
  4861. GE became the largest beneficiary of TARP funds without the rules & regulations banks faced
  4862. GE was never subject to the same stress tests and limits facing other banks following the crash
  4863. General Electric filed a 57,000-page tax return for 2010 using every loophole available to them
  4864. GE pulled in $14.2 billion in 2010, including $5 billion in profit, but paid $0 in U.S. taxes
  4865. GE claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion for 2010 from the I.R.S. (known as corporate welfare)
  4866. GE made $26 billion in profits, yet received a net tax benefit of $4.1 billion from 2005-2010
  4867. GE reported a 21.6% increase in profits up to $3.8 billion for the second quarter of 2011
  4868. GE has cut a fifth of its work force in the U.S. since 2002, while increasing overseas employment
  4869. Over half of GE’s employees worked outside the U.S. by 2010 (opposite was true back in 2005)
  4870. GE’s lending division, GE Capital, generates more than half of the company’s profit
  4871. GE benefits from offshore tax shelters and aggressive lobbying of lawmakers for tax breaks
  4872. N.Y. Times: GE uses “innovative accounting that enables it to concentrate its profits offshore”
  4873. Reagan’s 1986 Tax Reform Act had once cracked down on such offshore profit-shifting loopholes
  4874. Tax changes under Bill Clinton allowed GE to gain massive tax credits, write-offs, & depreciation
  4875. General Electric’s tax department is often referred to as the world’s best tax law firm
  4876. GE’s tax department (975 employees) includes former officials from the Treasury and the I.R.S.
  4877. GE’s tax department includes officials from virtually all of the tax-writing committees in Congress
  4878. GE spent more than $200 million on lobbyists, many of the tax-law specialists, to ghostwrite laws
  4879. Immelt baffled many by declaring no core inflation in the U.S. & supported Obama’s big spending
  4880. Obama designated GE’s CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, as his personal liaison to the business community
  4881. Jeffrey Immelt was chosen to be the chairman of Obama’s Council on Jobs & Competitiveness
  4882. Obama: Jeffrey Immelt “understands what it takes for America to compete in the global economy”
  4883. GE moved the headquarters of its 115-year-old X-ray business to Beijing, China in 2011
  4884. GE Healthcare announced it was cutting jobs in the United Stated in August 2011
  4885. GE responded to charges of crony capitalism: “We are not receiving special treatment” (2011)
  4886. Obama’s EPA issued global warming rules in January, gave GE an exemption in February (2011)
  4887. Jeffrey Immelt was later added to an Obama economic advisory board on jobs and the economy
  4888. GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt vacationed with Obama in Brazil during the Libyan-Japanese disasters
  4889. Immelt’s compensation package doubled to $15.2 million for 2010 as he pushed GE jobs offshore
  4890. Jeffrey Immelt told business owners in America to “stop complaining about government” (2011)
  4891. Immelt was invited to sit with the first lady and listen to Obama’s 2011 job address to Congress
  4892. GE likely to avoid any legal liability over the Japanese nuke crisis in Fukushima (March 11, 2011)
  4893. Fukushima reactors’ flawed Mark 1 design caused the GE scientist to quit in protest back in 1975
  4894. The original design, which lacked a proper safety factor, has been in dispute for decades since
  4895. The caesium-137 radiation leak from Fukushima was equaled to 168 Hiroshima bombs
  4896. Federal government pushing the use of compact fluorescent bulbs containing toxic mercury vapor
  4897. EPA: Mercury in one bulb enough to contaminate 6,000 gallons of water past safe drinking levels
  4898. In 2005, Congress passed a law banning mercury vapor streetlights “to protect the environment”
  4899. In 2007, a Democrat-led Congress passed a bill outlawing all incandescent bulbs by 2014
  4900. GE lobbied for new federally-mandated LED light bulbs that are expected to cost around $50 each
  4901. The FCC approved the merger of GE-owned NBC/Universal and Comcast during the same week
  4902. General Electric (GE) chairman Jeffrey Immelt called for lower corporate tax rates (October 2011)
  4903. Obama administration orchestrated an $85 billion auto industry bailout to benefit the UAW
  4904. Bankruptcy law was eviscerated to illegally benefit the unions at the expense of bondholders
  4905. UAW unsecured claims were upheld over those of secured bondholders, violating their legal rights
  4906. Internal emails show that the Treasury Department, led by Geithner, was the driving force behind terminating the pensions of 20,000 retirees at Delphi because they were non-union workers (2009)
  4907. Internal government emails contradict sworn testimony in federal court and before Congress
  4908. Emails indicate that Obama administration officials violating federal law by misleading lawmakers and the courts about the sequence of events surrounding the termination of the non-union pensions
  4909. White House and the Treasury Department had consistently maintained that the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) independently made the decision to terminate the pension plans
  4910. PBGC is a federal government agency that handles private-sector pension benefit issues
  4911. Former Treasury official Matthew Feldman and former White House “Car Czar” Ron Bloom, were both key members of the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry during the GM bailout (2009)
  4912. Both testified under oath that the PBGC had led the effort to terminate the non-union pension plans
  4913. Obama gutted Delphi non-union pensions, but fully upheld United Auto Worker union pensions
  4914. Obama’s “Car Czar” Steve Rattner quoted Rahm Emanuel saying “F*** the UAW” (2009)
  4915. Steve Rattner fired GM CEO Rick Wagoner, something he had no right to do (2009)
  4916. Rattner forced out GM’s acting chairman and recruited a new chairman, Ed Whitacre
  4917. Rattner’s task force hand-picked staff, micromanaged GM’s relationship with its suppliers and foreign subsidiaries, chose the facilities it would close, chose the brands it would kill, set the pace at which it would shed dealerships, and even considered moving GM from its iconic Detroit headquarters
  4918. Obama administration never expected taxpayers would get any of the auto bailout money back
  4919. Steve Rattner said, “we never said that the taxpayer was going to get paid back” (2011)
  4920. President Obama replaced Steve Rattner with Ron Bloom in July 2009
  4921. Obama hired someone, Ron Bloom, who doesn’t believe in the free market and placed him in charge of restructuring a private company in our American free market system
  4922. Ron Bloom had been a union leader and admittedly did not believe in the U.S. free market system
  4923. Ron Bloom gave a speech to union leaders in 2008 at the Union League Club in New York City
  4924. Bloom’s 2008 speech was about a union’s role in bankruptcy and restructuring
  4925. Ron Bloom told the audience: “we know that the free market is nonsense” during the 2008 speech
  4926. Bloom said “we” agreed with Mao “that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun”
  4927. Bloom described using a “dentist chair bargaining technique” at another speech in Arizona (2006)
  4928. While working as Obama’s auto bailout chief Bloom said, “I did this all for the unions” in 2009
  4929. Approximately $26.5 billion of the $40+ billion auto bailout was a straight payoff to the UAW
  4930. Ron Bloom took the bondholder’s money and handed it directly to the unions during bankruptcy
  4931. Rattner and the Detroit News independently quoted Bloom as saying, “I did this all for the unions”
  4932. Rattner said that the statement occurred at a “celebratory dinner” at Rosa Mexicano in July 2009
  4933. Ron Bloom denied making the statement to a Congressional oversight committee in June 201
  4934. When leaving the White House, Bloom said “let the great thousand flowers bloom in America”
  4935. Chairman Mao once said “let the hundred flowers bloom” before executing Chinese dissidents
  4936. GM sponsored a propaganda film celebrating the 90th anniversary of China’s Communist Party
  4937. General Motors Co. (GM) received a $49.5 billion bailout from the Obama administration
  4938. Obama administration has a 26.5% stake in General Motors (GM) as of December 2011
  4939. Obama administration gave GM a $45 billion tax break courtesy of the American people
  4940. President Obama exempted Government Motors (GM) for years from paying federal taxes
  4941. Obama administration forced the closure of private-owned GM dealerships across the U.S.
  4942. Taxpayer losses from the GM bailout were substantially larger than Democrats owned up to
  4943. Federal government initially forecasted losses of $44 billion on its auto industry bailout (2009)
  4944. The losses were then revised down to $30 billion, and then again to as low as $13.9 billion
  4945. President Obama once promised taxpayers that they would make money on the auto bailout
  4946. Obama: “Taxpayers are now positioned to recover more than my administration invested in GM”
  4947. Treasury Department boosted its estimates for GM losses up $9 billion to $23.6 billion (2011)
  4948. Estimated losses were increased by another $170 million (up to $23.77 billion) in January 2012
  4949. Obama administration argued that any losses on the auto bailout were worth the (union) jobs saved
  4950. Obama touted GM’s ‘record profits,’ yet GM paid a negative income tax rate (-1.5%) in 2011
  4951. ‘Government’ Energy (GE) made arrangements to purchase 50,000 Chevy Volts from GM
  4952. Obama administration proposed a $7,500 tax rebate for the purchase of a plug-in electric vehicle
  4953. Chevy Volt caught on fire 3 weeks after side-impact test for its five-star crash safety rating (2011)
  4954. GM recommends draining the energy from the Volt’s battery following a crash as a safety step
  4955. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) kept the Volt fires secret for months
  4956. Former NHTSA administrator said part of the reason for the delay was the “fragility of Volt sales”
  4957. President Obama invited a GM plant manager as a prop to appear at his SOTU speech (2012)
  4958. NHTSA began an investigation after a second Chevy Volt caught on fire following crash-testing
  4959. White House denied any role in delaying the disclosure of the Volt crash-test fires (2012)
  4960. NHTSA administrator David Strickland, an Obama appointee, and General Motors (GM) CEO Dan Akerson, also appointed by Obama, testified before Congress about the June Volt fire (2012)
  4961. GM offered to buy back Chevy Volts from owners who worried it might catch on fire (2011)
  4962. GM announced that it may recall the entire fleet of Chevy Volts due to growing fire concerns
  4963. Two more Chevy Volt battery fires occurred in November 2011 following crash testing
  4964. Three other fires have been reported with private-owned Chevy Volts not involved in crashes
  4965. AUDI’s chief described the Chevy Volt as “a car for idiots…” (2011)
  4966. Chevy Volt sales were inflated with taxpayer fleet purchases
  4967. Chevy Volt sales cost taxpayers $250,000k per vehicle
  4968. General Motors (GM) ceased production of the Chevy Volt due to poor sales (2012)
  4969. Multiple GM executives claimed that “there is little to no profit being made on each Volt” (2012)
  4970. Development, production, and subsidies are costing taxpayers an estimated $250,000 per Volt sold
  4971. GM refused to repair more than 400,000 Chevrolet Impalas sold prior to being rescued by Obama
  4972. GM argued that the cars were made by General Motors Corp., or “Old GM” prior to 2009
  4973. Following its 2009 bankruptcy and federal bailout, the company changed its name to “New GM”
    “New GM did not assume responsibility for Old GM’s design choices, conduct, or alleged breaches of liability under the warranty”
    ~Benjamin Jeffers, a lawyer for GM

  4974. Obama had personally guaranteed to uphold the warranties in a speech to the American people
    “Let me say this as plainly as I can. If you buy a car from Chrysler or General Motors, you will be able to get your car serviced and repaired just like always. Your warranty will be safe. In fact, it will be safer than it has ever been. Because starting today, the United States will stand behind your warranty.” ~President Obama following the rescue and bailout of GM

  4975. American taxpayers still own 500 million shares (26.5%) of a GM stock that is tanking in value
  4976. ‘Government Motors’ (GM) stock hit another all-time low of 21.71 USD on August 19, 2011
  4977. Taxpayer losses on General Motor’s bailout rose to a record $35 billion on July 2, 2012
  4978. ‘Government Motors’ (GM) stock fell to a fresh low of 19.57 USD on July 2, 2012
  4979. ‘Government Motors’ shares would have to reach $53 USD for taxpayers to break even
  4980. ‘Government Motors’ inflated their sales by selling their vehicles to the government
  4981. Government purchases of GM vehicles rose by 79% in June 2012
  4982. General Motors reportedly loses $49,000 of taxpayer money on each Chevy Volt sold (2012)
  4983. Obama campaigned on the success of GM after the government bought cars with taxpayer money
  4984. GM ramped up their approval of risky subprime loans to drive vehicle sales (July 2012)
  4985. GM’s profit plunged 41% from the period of April to June 2012, compared to a year earlier
  4986. GM received more clean (non-energy) energy patents than any other organization
  4987. Morgan Stanley rated GM as their #1 auto stock pick, while ranking bailout-refusing Ford sixth
  4988. Ford Motors did not receive any bailouts from the Bush or Obama administrations
  4989. Ford pulled an anti-bailout ad after receiving pressure from the Obama White House (2011)
  4990. Obama cited Ford Motors’ success during his SOTU speech to prop up his bailout “achievements”
  4991. GM’s OnStar system collected and sold customer information even after the service was cancelled
  4992. GM recalled its new 2012 Chevrolet Sonics because of possible missing brake pads (2011)
  4993. GM also recalled 475,418 Chevy Cruze sedans due to a risk of trapped engine fluids causing fires
  4994. GM unloaded $26 billion of its $109 billion U.S. pension liability to a third party (2012)
  4995. Microsoft's Bill Gates, the second-richest man in the world, has been an avid supporter of Obama
  4996. Bill Gates said that he had no use for money as he spent billions on charitable contributions (2013)
  4997. Microsoft gave 60% of its nearly $1.3 million in contributions to elect Democrats into office
  4998. MSNBC gets its name from the merging of “Microsoft” and “NBC,” which is owned by GE
  4999. Microsoft “accidentally” tweeted an anti-Ann Coulter message to nearly 300,000 followers (2012)
  5000. Lincolnton Furniture Company, praised by Obama for bringing jobs back to the U.S., closed (2013)
  5001. Owner Bruce Cochrane, sat with Michelle Obama during the 2012 State of the Union Address
  5002. Bruce Cochrane also joined Obama and other business leaders to discuss job creation in the U.S.
  5003. Obama backed a lobbyist-drafted climate bill that was filled with corporate welfare provisions
  5004. During the U.S. auto bailout of 2009, Obama altered bankruptcy law to benefit union-ally UAW
  5005. Obama’s Transport Secretary investigated rival Toyota and told Americans not to buy Toyotas
  5006. After Obamacare passed, Obama praised Congress for “standing up to the special interests”
  5007. Obamacare waivers were given to unions and businesses to avoid the burdensome cost of the law
  5008. After a Philip-Morris-drafted tobacco bill passed, Obama called it a victory over the tobacco lobby
  5009. Google gave 75% of contributions to Democrats, but yet only paid a 2.4% tax rate to the Treasury
  5010. Google takes advantage of “Double Irish” and “Dutch Sandwich” legal techniques to avoid taxes
  5011. As a result, Google has cut its worldwide tax bill by about $1 billion a year using the strategies
  5012. Google avoided about $2 billion in worldwide tax income by funneling profits into Bermuda (2012)
  5013. Google shifted $9.8 billion in 2011 revenues into a Bermuda shell company to avoid paying taxes
  5014. Obama travelled to Google’s company headquarters in 2007 to proclaim his shared vision
  5015. Google company executives donated over a million dollars to the 2008 Obama campaign
  5016. At least six Google executives donated $25,000 each to President Obama’s inaugural committee
  5017. Deputy chief technology officer, Andrew McLaughlin, was Google’s former V.P. for gov’t affairs
  5018. McLaughlin, using a personal email account, cooperated with Google lobbyists on “net neutrality”
  5019. Obama “reprimanded” McLaughlin for lobbying a pro-regulation position favored by Google
  5020. Obama vowed to veto any bill that would scuttled the FCC imposed “net neutrality” Internet rules
  5021. Google began receiving government contracts in areas ranging from national security to NASA
  5022. Google lobbyists convinced the Department of Justice to approve the purchase of ITA Software
  5023. Vint Cerf, an unregistered-lobbyist for Google, sits on a federal advisory board
  5024. Google’s outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt was considered for the role of Commerce Secretary
  5025. Schmidt serves as chairman of Google and was an informal adviser and supporter of Obama
  5026. Former CEO Eric Schmidt sat on Obama’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology
  5027. Google chairman Eric Schmidt declined a cabinet post offered by President Obama (December 2012)
  5028. Schmidt helped oversee a $700,000 donation from Google to President Obama 2012 re-election campaign
  5029. Google’s Super PAC campaign committee gave $2.1 million to Democrats in 2012
  5030. Obama administration purchased ad space so that “obamacare” searches lead to their propaganda
  5031. Google denied giving Obama’s re-election campaign special access to a new advertising program
  5032. IRS began auditing how Google shifted its profits offshore to avoid taxes in October, 2011
  5033. FTC halted their investigation of Google less than a week after executive hosts Obama fundraiser
  5034. Google later hired 12 lobbying firms to help combat a FTC federal antitrust probe in 2011
  5035. Obama took a question from an “Occupy” protester at a Google+ Hangout web event (2012)
  5036. Google admitted that the Obama administration agencies routinely request user data (June 2012)
  5037. Google complies with government requests for user data 88% of the time (January 2013)
  5038. Google Shopping began censoring all gun, ammo, and gun accessories search results (2012)
  5039. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg attended a closed-door dinner with President Obama
  5040. Obama launched political attacks at the GOP at a Facebook HQ town hall event in April 2011
  5041. Robert Gibbs was seeking a senior executive position to manage communications for Facebook
  5042. Facebook removed a post by Arizona’s governor that criticized Obama’s new immigration policy
  5043. Facebook sided with Greenpeace to ‘unfriend coal’ by switching to an alternative source of energy
  5044. Facebook went public on May 18, 2012 as the most hyped initial public offering (IPO) in history
  5045. Underwriters were forced to prop up the IPO and it almost ended its first day with a loss (+0.61%)
  5046. Underwriters for Morgan Stanley ($6.16 billion), JP Morgan Chase ($3.2 billion), and Goldman Sachs ($2.4 billion) purchased $11.76 billion of the estimated $16 billion raised from the Facebook IPO
  5047. Morgan Stanley cut its revenue forecasts for Facebook in the days before the initial public offering
  5048. Morgan Stanley told its major clients of its forecast changes just prior to the initial public offering
  5049. Underwriters like Morgan Stanley are restricted from issuing research on a company for 40 days
  5050. UBS announced they made have a trading loss of $350 million related the Facebook’s stock losses
  5051. Facebook stock fell to below $18 from its initial public offering price (September 4, 2012)
  5052. Facebook lost $50 billion in market value in just three months (September 2012)
  5053. Morgan Stanley cut its price target for Facebook to $32 from $38 for the next twelve months
  5054. JP Morgan Chase also cut its price target drastically to $30 from $45 (September 2012)
  5055. Facebook has been criticized by a number of users for blocking conservative content
  5056. Facebook threatened to shut down a “Chicks on the Right” fan page because it was critical of Obama
  5057. Yahoo hired a new CEO, Marissa Mayer, who has bundled thousands of dollars for Democrats
  5058. Marissa Mayer contributed $35,800 to the Obama Victory Fund in 2011
  5059. Marissa Mayer gave another $30,800 to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in 2011
  5060. Marissa Mayer gave two donations of $30,400 to the DNC in 2010
  5061. Marissa Mayer has hosted a fundraiser for President Obama in her home
  5062. Mayer bundled $100,000-$200,000 for Obama for America and the Obama Victory Fund 2012
  5063. ‘Stimulus’ grant of $490,000 handed out to grow trees in Nevada yielded just 1.72 permanent jobs
  5064. Obama gave Brazil’s Petrobras $2 billion of taxpayer money for oil exploration off of Brazil
  5065. Regarding free markets, President Obama said, “We tried it. It’s not like we did not try” (2012)

  5066. Obama described Warren Buffett as a source for economic advice during the 2008 campaign

  5067. Obama described Warren Buffett as a source for economic advice during the 2008 campaign
  5068. Buffett made millions from bank stock while advising Obama administration on banking policy
  5069. Buffett helped shape the Wall Street bailout rules and then made massive profits from them (2009)
  5070. Buffett met with Treasury Sec. Paulson and laid out a plan for a “public-private partnership fund”
  5071. Buffett then purchased 12.4 million shares of Wells Fargo and 1.5 million shares of U.S. Bancorp.
  5072. Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner then tweaked and unveiled the “Public-Private Investment Program”
  5073. As a result, bank stocks jumped resulting in large profits for Warren Buffett’s investments
  5074. Buffett also used intense private lobbying efforts and well-timed stock buys to leverage TARP bailout monies to create up to $3.7 billion in windfall profits for Berkshire Hathaway
  5075. Buffett invested $5 billion in Goldman Sachs and $3 billion in GE during the 2008 collapse
  5076. Warren Buffett invested another $5 billion in “too big too fail” Bank of America in 2011
    “I’m not brave enough to try to influence the Congress...”
    ~Billionaire Warren Buffett told the New York Times

  5077. Buffett made a private conference call with then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats
  5078. Warren Buffett strongly urged Democratic lawmakers to pass the $700 billion TARP bill (2008)
  5079. Buffett warned of “the biggest financial meltdown in American history” if TARP wasn’t passed
  5080. Many members of Congress are members of Berkshire Hathaway
  5081. Berkshire Hathaway has contributed $30,800 to the Democratic National Committee for 2012
  5082. President Obama awarded Warren Buffett the Presidential Medal of Freedom in February 2011
  5083. Buffett urged Americans to pay higher taxes and demanded that he himself should be taxed more
  5084. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway owes more than a billion dollars in back taxes since 2002
  5085. GE announced in 2011 that it was buying back the $3 billion shares from Warren Buffett
  5086. Warren Buffett stands to profit from the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline
  5087. Warren Buffett’s Burlington Northern railroad benefited from Obama’s Keystone denial (2012)
  5088. Burlington Northern railroad operations rose 15 percent to $701 million in the first quarter of 2012
  5089. Buffett’s stake in Bank of America increased in value by $154 million after President Obama and the Justice Department announced a $25 billion foreclosure abuse settlement (February 2012)
  5090. President Obama argued that the so-called Buffett Rule was “not some socialist dream” (2012)
  5091. Tax returns released for 2011 show that Obama doesn’t even qualify for the “Buffett Rule”
  5092. “Buffett Rule” was ultimately derailed in the Democrat-controlled Senate (April 16, 2012)
  5093. Berkshire Hathaway’s profits doubled in the first quarter of 2012 thanks to its derivatives portfolio
  5094. Berkshire Hathaway saw a nearly four-fold increase in the gains on its portfolio of derivatives
  5095. Derivatives were one of the major components that led to the 2008 housing market crash
  5096. “President Obama proposed raising taxes on the rich to put America’s fiscal house in order (2012)
  5097. “The size of the federal government is way bigger than even the capacity of the rich to sustain it
  5098. “Tom Price (R-GA): Obama’s proposed tax increases would only fund the government for eight days
    “The president’s plan to increase taxes on the upper two percent covers the spending by this federal government not for eight years, not for eight months, not for eight weeks, but for eight days. Eight days only. It’s not a real solution. So, again. I’m puzzled by an administration that seems to be more interested in raising tax rates than in gaining economic vitality.” ~Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) (November 2012)
    “If the IRS grabbed 100% of income over $1 million, the take would be just $616 billion. That’s only a third of this year’s deficit. Our national debt would continue to explode.” ~John Stossel (2012)

  5099. “Warren Buffett proposed a minimum tax for America’s top earners (November 2012)
  5100. Buffett essentially conceded that his and Obama’s “soak the rich” proposals were more of an act of political theater designed to generate an emotional response rather than serious solutions to our debt
  5101. “Buffett told Matt Lauer that his proposal would boost the “morale of the middle class” (November 2012)

  5102. Obama pledged to “close the revolving door between K Street and the executive branch”

  5103. Obama pledged to “close the revolving door between K Street and the executive branch”
  5104. Fannie Mae alumnus Damon Munchus left Obama’s Treasury for a firm representing Citigroup
  5105. Former campaign aide and Labor Department staffer Oscar Ramirez joined the Podesta Group
  5106. The Podesta group represents organizations such as Bank of America, Google, and BP
  5107. Former White House Counsel Greg Craig took a job at Obama-ally Goldman Sachs
  5108. A senior adviser, Grant Leslie, joined the Glover Park Group, representing DuPont & Coca-Cola
  5109. During his first SOTU, Obama declared, “we have excluded lobbyists from policymaking jobs”
  5110. Obama admin. has hired over 45 former lobbyists to policymaking jobs, including 5 Cabinet jobs
  5111. A former lobbyist for the Swiss Bankers Association is the general counsel at the IRS
  5112. The chief of staff at the Treasury is a former Goldman Sachs lobbyist
  5113. The FDA’s deputy commissioner for foods is Monsanto’s former chief lobbyist
  5114. After getting rid of his ethics czar, Obama gave transparency duties to former lobbyist Bob Bauer
  5115. HHS’s Liz Fowler was vice president of public policy at WellPoint, the nation’s largest insurer
  5116. Tax-cheats, lobbyists, and many former Goldman Sachs employees work in his administration
  5117. Tom Daschle was nominated for Health & Human Services Secretary, but he didn’t pay his taxes
  5118. Obama instead nominated Kathleen Sebelius to serve as Health & Human Services Secretary
  5119. Kathleen Sebelius disclosed that she had made “unintentional errors” after being nominated (2009)
  5120. Tim Geithner was confirmed for Treasury Secretary despite not paying his taxes (2009)
  5121. Geithner didn’t pay social security or Medicare taxes for several years working at the IMF
  5122. Geithner also employed an immigrant housekeeper that briefly lacked proper work papers
  5123. Obama nominated Hilda Solis to serve as the Secretary of Labor despite outstanding tax issues
  5124. Hilda Solis’ husband paid $6,400 to settle tax liens against his business, some sixteen years old
  5125. IRS reported that 36 of President Obama’s aides owe $833,970 in delinquent back taxes (2010)
  5126. IRS also reported in 2010 that 98,000 federal employees owed a combined $1 billion in back taxes
  5127. Budget Director Peter Orszag was an acolyte of Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin
  5128. Peter Orszag took a job at recently bailed-out Citigroup after leaving the Obama administration
  5129. Tim Geithner counselor Gene Sperling was an acolyte of Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin
  5130. Deputy assistant of the president Michael Froman worked with Rubin at Treasury and Citigroup
  5131. National Economic Council official Jason Furman was an acolyte of Robert Rubin
  5132. Deputy National Security Advisor Tom Donilon was an acolyte of Robert Rubin
  5133. Community Futures Trading Commission head Gary Gensler was an acolyte of Robert Rubin
  5134. Obama’s Economic Advisor Larry Summers failed under Clinton & has links to Wall Street
  5135. Numerous campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs employees to the Obama campaign
  5136. Goldman Sachs gave Obama nearly seven times more money than Enron employees gave to Bush
  5137. Goldman Sachs paid the largest penalty ever by a Wall Street firm amid fraud allegations (2010)
  5138. Goldman Sachs paid $550 million to resolve SEC charges alleging fraud in mortgage securities
  5139. Goldman Sachs’ Gary Gensler is Obama's Commodity Futures Trading Commission head
  5140. Goldman Sachs kept White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel on a $3,000 monthly retainer
  5141. Federal Reserve gave Goldman Sachs and CEO Lloyd Blankfein $30 billion in “emergency” loans
  5142. CEO Lloyd Blankfein received a $68 million bonus in 2007 before the financial crisis began
  5143. Blankfein’s total compensation in 2010 rose to $14.1 million, up from about $1 million in 2009
  5144. Compensation for G.S.’s top five executives rose to $69.6 million in 2010 as profits declined
  5145. Former Goldman Sachs lobbyist Mark Patterson serves as top deputy and overseer of TARP funds
  5146. Larry Summers reaped nearly $2.8 million in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs and others
  5147. Robert Rubin (Larry Summers’ former boss) was former co-chairman of Goldman Sachs
  5148. Larry Summers currently serves as the head of the White House National Economic Council
  5149. Summers had oversight of JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Lehman Brothers, and Goldman Sachs
  5150. Federal Reserve and Treasury Department ‘saved’ Bear Stearns sold it to JP Morgan (2008)
  5151. Obama administration allowed Goldman Sachs to change status in order to receive TARP funds
  5152. In 2011, a Senate panel released a 639-page report on the role of Wall Street in the 2008 crash
  5153. Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) claimed that Goldman Sachs misled Congress and investors (2011)
  5154. The Senate panel accused Goldman Sachs of misleading clients and manipulating markets
  5155. Senate panel condemned Goldman Sachs’ greed, weak regulation and conflicts of interest
  5156. Levin concluded that Goldman Sachs “clearly misled their clients and they misled Congress”
  5157. Goldman Sachs profited “from the same products that caused substantial losses for its clients”
  5158. Carl Levin asked the DOJ to investigate Goldman Sachs for their role in the financial crisis
  5159. Carl Levin and the subcommittee he leads spent several years looking into Goldman Sachs
  5160. Justice Department declined to prosecute Goldman Sachs (August 2011)
  5161. Obama administration and Justice Department officials have deep ties to Goldman Sachs
  5162. Financial system churned out abusive loans, toxic securities, and big fees for lenders and Wall Street
  5163. Washington Mutual embraced a high-risk loan strategy in 2005 despite warnings from executives
  5164. The U.S. Office of Thrift Supervision logged 500 serious deficiencies at Washington Mutual
  5165. Washington Mutual became the largest failed bank in U.S. history in 2008
  5166. Moody’s and Standard & Poor downgraded mortgage-related investments in July 2007
  5167. This action constituted “the most immediate cause of the financial crisis” as markets panicked
  5168. Investment banks charged huge fees to construct, underwrite & sell mortgage-backed securities
  5169. Emails from Wall Street executives described these mortgage-backed securities as “crap” & “pigs”
  5170. Obama administration allowed Morgan Stanley to change status in order to receive TARP funds
  5171. Obama denied competitor Lehman Brothers the right to become a bank-holding company
  5172. $182 Billion in federal bailouts were provided to American International Group (AIG)
  5173. Congressional watchdogs show that 43 of the 87 banks benefiting from AIG were foreign
  5174. AIG posted its biggest loss since 2009 after reporting a $4.1 billion third-quarter loss in 2011
  5175. AIG disclosed its exposure of about $2 billion to troubled European economies Spain, Italy, Ireland, and Greece (2011)
  5176. AIG also revealed that they had an additional $2.2 billion exposure to French lenders (2011)

  5177. Obama expanded crony socialism with risky ‘green’ energy venture projects doomed to fail

  5178. Obama requested billions of dollars for “shovel-ready projects” to revive a struggling economy
  5179. Obama asked for billions of taxpayer dollars to expand broadband internet access in the U.S.
  5180. President Obama called for the creation of a “smart grid” for our future energy consumption
  5181. Obama also called for billions of taxpayer dollars for developing alternative-energy projects
  5182. Obama administration artificially manipulated market demand by subsidizing ‘green’ pet projects
  5183. More than $4.2 billion in preferential taxpayer grants and loans were given to companies that either lobbied for or had conflicts of interest with the Obama administration
  5184. Obama promised that allocation of federal stimulus money would be nonpartisan, ethical, and fair
    “Decisions about how Recovery Act dollars are spent will be based on the merits. Let me repeat that: decisions about how recovery money will be spent will be based on the merits. They will not be made as a way if doing favors for lobbyists.” ~Obama referring to how “stimulus” money would be handed out (2009)

  5185. Candidate Obama pledged in 2008 that he would add 5 million “green jobs” to the economy
  5186. Obama administration manipulated the definition of a “green job” to pad their numbers politically
  5187. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis struggled to explain why the driver of a vehicle powered by “green” or “renewable” energy is classified by the Obama administration as holding a “green job” (2011)
  5188. Sweeping the floor in a solar panel facility is classified as a “green job” by the Labor Department
  5189. A college professor teaching classes about environmental studies is classified as a “green job”
  5190. Salvation Army employee qualifies as a “green job” for recycling used materials
  5191. Antique dealers and bicycle repair shop clerks are considered “green jobs”
  5192. Any school bus driver is considered a “green job” by reducing the number of cars on the road
  5193. A full-time employee at a used record shop is classified as a “green job” for recycling materials
  5194. Train car manufacturers are counted as “green jobs” for creating mass transit systems
  5195. Interestingly, an oil lobbyist is even counted as a “green job” by the Labor Department
  5196. Department of Energy’s Loan Program Office doled out billions in taxpayer-guaranteed loans
  5197. Department of Energy administers the Title XVII Section 1703 and Section 1705 loan programs
  5198. The 1705 Loan Guarantee Program and the 1603 Grant Program were both run by crony partisans
  5199. DOE also administers the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) loan program
  5200. Those responsible for raising money for Obama’s campaign later sought taxpayer loans and grants
  5201. At least 10 members of Obama’s finance committee were big winners receiving taxpayer money
  5202. More than a dozen of Obama’s campaign bundlers received taxpayer money for ‘green’ projects
  5203. Politicians who supported Obama began their own alternative-energy companies to obtain grants
  5204. Obama administration provided tax breaks, stimulus grants, loan guarantees and government endorsements that gave credibility to a firm’s untested products
  5205. Obama promised that a $38.6 billion loan guarantee program would ‘create or save’ 65,000 jobs
  5206. Obama spent nearly $17.2 billion to create only 3,545 ‘green’ jobs, or $4.853 million per job
  5207. Obama continued pushing green energy initiatives in his 2011 State of the Union Address
  5208. Officials rushed approval of $9 billion more in loans before the stimulus program expired (2011)
  5209. Obama administration spent billions of taxpayer dollars on failing ‘green energy’ ventures
  5210. Obama’s Energy Department handed out more than 20 loan guarantees to companies with an average credit rating of BB-, or “junk status,” meaning they were vulnerable to default
  5211. Obama administration picked winners and losers based on political considerations
  5212. ‘Green’ energy loans were mostly given to companies with strong ties to Obama and Democrats
  5213. Department officials gave $40 billion in loans to more than 40 clean energy projects in the U.S.
  5214. $16.4 billion of the $20.5 billion in loans granted (roughly 80%) went to companies either run by or primarily owned by Obama financial backers – individuals who were bundlers, members of Obama’s National Finance Committee, or large donors to the Democratic Party (as of September 2011)
  5215. On average, for every dollar committee members raised, they received $24,783 in return in the form of DOE sweetheart loans
  5216. Steven J. Spinner was appointed to the Department of Energy after bundling donations for Obama
  5217. Spinner joined the DOE as the “chief strategic operations officer” for the loan programs (2009)
  5218. Spinner was responsible for parceling out more that $100 billion in “stimulus” grants and loans
  5219. Spinner’s responsibilities also included fundraising and recruiting more bundlers for Obama
  5220. Spinner handed out taxpayer dollars to many of the same wealthy donors that gave to Obama
  5221. Spinner pushed for Solyndra’s loan despite having recused himself due to a conflict of interest
  5222. Steve Spinner’s wife’s law firm, Wilson Sonsini, did work for Solyndra prior to its bankruptcy
  5223. Under an ethics agreement, Spinner said he would recuse himself from Solyndra’s loan application
  5224. Correspondence showed that Spinner defended Solyndra, worked to get the president or vice president to visit its factory, and pushed for a final decision on approving Solyndra’s loan
    “Any word from OMB? I have the OVP [Office of the Vice President] and WH [White House] breathing down my neck on this.”
    ~Department of Energy stimulus advisor Steven Spinner
    “How [expletive] hard is this? What is he waiting for? Will he have it by the end of the day?” ~Steven Spinner wrote to a career staffer on August 28, 2009

  5225. Rahm Emanuel’s aide asked Spinner if he could discuss any concerns among the investment community, and Spinner replied, “I haven’t heard anything negative on my side”
  5226. Steve Spinner forwarded to the White House chief of staff’s aide a list of Solyndra’s main investors and attached a published profile of billionaire and Democrat donor George Kaiser
  5227. Steve Spinner, an Obama bundler, served on the Obama campaign’s National Finance Committee
  5228. Spinner was the campaign’s “liaison to Silicon Valley” and managed Obama’s wealthy donors
  5229. Steve Spinner also sat on the President Obama’s White House Business Council
  5230. White House Business Council is made up of Obama-supporting corporate executives
  5231. Spinner is now a fellow at the Center for American Progress (CAP), a Democratic think tank
  5232. Steve Spinner was joined at DOE by another Obama fundraiser, Sanjay Wagle
  5233. Jonathan Silver, a Democrat donor, served as executive director of DOE’s loan program
  5234. President Obama defended the loan programs, arguing that we needed to compete with China (2011)
  5235. Since then, China showed that massive government subsidies are no guarantee of business success
  5236. Many of China’s solar manufacturers are fighting huge financial losses, debt, and bankruptcy (2013)
  5237. More than 80% of China’s 43 polysilicon companies have stopped production (January 2013)
  5238. LDK Solar, the largest maker of solar wafers in the world, was $3.6 billion in debt (January 2013)
  5239. Suntech, the world’s largest solar panel maker, faced more than $2 billion in debt (January 2013)
  5240. Steven Westly was a major contributor to Obama and a promoter of “alternative energy”
  5241. Westly received half a billion dollars in federal aid for his venture capital firm, The Westly Group
  5242. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu appointed Westly to the Secretary of Energy’s Advisory Board
  5243. Government Accountability Office (GAO) said that the loan process lacked proper documentation
  5244. GAO: Loan program “treated applicants inconsistently, favoring some and disadvantaging others”
  5245. Steven Westly wrote Jarrett warning that Obama shouldn’t visit Solyndra fearing embarrassment
  5246. White House refused to turn over records to the House Committee on Energy & Commerce
  5247. Most grant and guaranteed-loan recipients were early backs of Obama before he ran for president
  5248. Grant and guaranteed-loan recipients were given to people who continue to give to Obama’s campaign and exclusively to the Democratic Party in the years leading up to 2008
  5249. Federal government seal of approval created a “halo effect” around young unprofitable companies
  5250. Strategy was to invest some money, secure taxpayer grants and loans, go public, and then cash out
  5251. Amyris Biotechnologies received $24 million in taxpayer money to build a pilot energy plant
  5252. The $24 million grant created 40 jobs, according to the government website
  5253. Amyris’ bio-fuel pilot plant was designed to use altered yeast to turn sugar into hydrocarbons
  5254. The investors of Amyris Biotech included several of Obama’s campaign bundlers and fundraisers
  5255. After receiving the loan, Amyris went public with an IPO one year later, raising $85 million
  5256. Kleiner Perkins found that its $16 million investment was now worth $69 million as a result
  5257. Kleiner Perkins is a firm that backed by Obama financier John Doerr and his partner Al Gore
  5258. Regardless, Amyris Biotechnologies continues to lose money on its march towards bankruptcy

  5259. Solyndra Inc. was praised by Obama and given $535 million of “stimulus” cash in 2009
  5260. Solyndra was selected as the Obama administration’s first “stimulus” loan guarantee recipient
  5261. President Obama touted the company as “leading the way” in the green jobs future he envisioned
  5262. Obama said “the true engine of economic growth will always be companies like Solyndra…”
  5263. Obama stated, “The future is here,” while visiting Solyndra to promote renewable energy
  5264. George W. Bush’s administration voted against giving Solyndra the loan on January 9, 2009
  5265. Dept. of Energy officials were concerned that Solyndra would run out of cash by September 2011
  5266. Administration and outside analysts warned for months that Solyndra was not a sound investment
  5267. Solyndra incurred a net loss of $114.1 million in fiscal year 2007
  5268. Solyndra reported another net loss of $232.1 million in fiscal year 2008
  5269. Solyndra reported a loss of another $172.5 million in fiscal year 2009
  5270. Solyndra reported incurring an accumulated deficit of $557.7 million by January 2, 2010
  5271. Energy Sec. Steven Chu continued giving taxpayer money to Solyndra after company defaulted
  5272. Obama administration emails warned that giving more taxpayer money to Solyndra was risky
  5273. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) was in charge of assessing Solyndra’s risk default
  5274. OMB emails warned of a Solyndra default likely coinciding with the 2012 campaign season
  5275. DOE officials pushed to release an additional $67 million to Solyndra without input from OMB
  5276. GOP in Congress called the investment “a bad bet” and said it “put taxpayers at unnecessary risk”
  5277. Solyndra’s majority owner, billionaire George Kaiser, was a top bundler for Obama and Biden
  5278. George Kaiser also personally donated $53,500 to Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008
  5279. Solyndra’s executive vice president Ben Bierman of operations donated $5,500 to Obama
  5280. Solyndra’s senior vice president of marketing Karen Alter gave $23,000 to Obama’s campaign
  5281. George Kaiser made at least 17 visits to the W.H. in the months prior to the $535 million loan
  5282. George Kaiser met with Former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Adviser Valerie Jarrett
  5283. Kaiser bragged in 2009 that he was trying to get as much of the “stimulus” payout as possible
  5284. Solyndra officials made at least 20 trips to the White House from March 2009 to April 2011
  5285. Officials included Chairman and founder Christian Gronet and two of their board members
  5286. House Energy and Commerce Committee investigated the loan, issued a statement saying the
    correspondence showed a “disturbingly close relationship between President Obama’s West Wing inner circle, campaign donors, and wealthy investors”
  5287. Emails show Kaiser discussed Solyndra with the W.H., directly contradicting earlier accounts
  5288. Kaiser and the White House previously denied Solyndra was ever discussed during the 17 visits
    “BTW, a couple of weeks ago, when Ken and I were visiting with a group of Administration folks in DC who are in charge of the stimulus process (White House, not DOE) and Solyndra came up, every one of them responded simultaneously about their thorough knowledge of the Solyndra story, suggesting it was one of their prime poster children.” ~George Kaiser’s email sent to Steve Mitchell on March 5, 2010 at Kaiser’s venture capital firm Argonaut
    Kaiser has “said publicly that Solyndra was not discussed at these meetings, and we have no reason to dispute that,” the White House official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he had not been given approval to discuss the matter. “We understand that the conversations in these meetings were focused on the general policy priorities of the George Kaiser Family Foundation, including early childhood education and poverty, health care policy and energy policy.” ~ABC reporting in October 2011

  5289. Emails showed evidence that venture capitalists had access to senior White House decision makers
  5290. Solyndra spent nearly $1.9 million on lobbying activities over 43 months from 2008 to 2011
  5291. Goldman Sachs acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Solyndra for the loan application
  5292. Obama administration restructured the loan to put security of private investors ahead of taxpayers
  5293. DOE officials were warned that restructuring the $535 million loan could violate the law
  5294. Emails: Assistant Treasury secretary wrote the deputy OMB director expressing concern
  5295. Treasury Department officials asked DOE for information of Solyndra “with no response”
  5296. Treasury Department complained that the DOE wasn’t providing enough information on Solyndra
  5297. Officials ignored warnings and renegotiated the loan guarantees in 2011 to give private investors, including some of Obama supporters, a priority over taxpayers if the company were to collapse
  5298. Interest rate on the Solyndra loan was at least 50% less compared to other “stimulus” recipients
  5299. Obama’s officials sat in on board meetings as an observer as part of the loan restructuring
  5300. Treasury Department’s general counsel had concluded that the renegotiated loan violated the law because it allowed private investors to be first in line for repayment in case of a default
  5301. Treasury Department officials testified that they’d never in their careers seen a government loan handled quite like the way the Energy Department handled Solyndra’s restructured loan (2011)
  5302. Internal emails suggested that a strategy was in place to rush the loan approval in order to meet the scheduled timeframe for a photo-op for the administration
  5303. Obama administration emails from 2009 showed that W.H. officials pushed for a quick decision
  5304. Officials hoped the timing would allow Joe Biden a photo-op at the facility in September 2009
  5305. Solyndra received photo-op visits from Obama, Joe Biden, and Energy Secretary Steven Chu
  5306. V.P. Joe Biden visited Solyndra and touted the new jobs as those that couldn’t be shipped overseas
  5307. Solyndra announced in November 2010 that they were sending half of their workforce to China
  5308. Solyndra announced it was declaring bankruptcy in August 2011 and fired its 1,100 employees
  5309. Solyndra Inc. had never shown a profit and failed to create the promised 4,000 “green jobs”
  5310. FBI agents descended on Solyndra at the request of the DOE’s inspector general (September 2011)
  5311. Emails show that the Obama administration was poised to give Solyndra another $469 million loan
  5312. Taxpayers would later pay another $13,000 per person to retrain the fired Solyndra employees
  5313. Democrats voted against subpoenaing the White House budget office for records on the loan
  5314. John Dingell (D-MI) on Solyndra: “I’m still waiting to see something that makes me concerned”
  5315. Former employee for Solyndra admitted that, “Everyone knew the plant wouldn’t work” (2011)
  5316. White House Spokesman Jay Carney claimed that Obama was not briefed on Solyndra (2011)
  5317. Spokesman Jay Carney told White House reporters that, “There’s nothing much to brief him on”
  5318. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) claimed he had no recollection of the fast-tracked loan to Solyndra
  5319. Rahm’s assistant to OMB had asked if “there is anything we can help speed along on OMB side”
  5320. Oversight and Government Reform Committee opened an investigation into Solyndra’s loan
  5321. Solyndra’s top executives pled the ‘fifth amendment’ to avoid testifying at Congressional hearing
  5322. President Obama defended the Solyndra loan, calling it a “good bet,” on October 3, 2011
  5323. Solyndra’s CEO resigned as the scandal grew and threatened to further tarnish the White House
  5324. Judiciary Committee subpoenaed the Energy & Commerce Committee for documents on Solyndra
  5325. President Obama’s attorney said the White House would not cooperate with the subpoena (2011)
    “I can only conclude that your decision to issue a subpoena, authorized by a party-line vote, was driven more by partisan politics than a legitimate effort to conduct a responsible investigation…” ~Obama’s counsel, Kathryn Ruemmler, wrote in a letter to the GOP on the House Energy and Commerce Committee
    “We have been reasonable every step of the way in this investigation, and it is a shame that the Obama Administration and House Democrats continue to put up partisan roadblocks to hide the truth from taxpayers. Solyndra was a jobs program gone bad, and we must learn the lessons of Solyndra as we work to turn our economy around and put folks back to work. Our judicious and methodical work over the last eight months has garnered tens of thousands of pages of documents from DOE and OMB that have proven we are on the right track. Now, we need to know the White House’s role in the Solyndra debacle in order to learn the full truth about why taxpayers now find themselves a half billion dollars in the hole. The White House could have avoided the need for subpoena authorizations if they had simply chosen to cooperate. That would have been the route we preferred, and frankly, it would have been better for the White House to get the information out now, rather than continue to drag this out. Our request for documents is reasonable - we are not demanding the President’s blackberry messages as we are respectful of Executive Privilege. What is the West Wing trying to hide? We owe it to American taxpayers to find out.” ~Committee chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) in response to the White House refusing to cooperate with the subpoena

  5326. Energy Secretary Steven Chu: “I did not make any decision based on political considerations”
  5327. Secretary Chu testified that he wished that they hadn’t given Solyndra the loans (November 2011)
  5328. President Obama said he had no regrets about loaning the taxpayer money to Solyndra (2011)
  5329. Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) said that “Solyndra was a mistake” (2011)
  5330. Solyndra handed out large bonuses to persuade key employees to remain during the restructuring
  5331. Solyndra was caught on video destroying millions of dollars worth of brand new parts (2012)
  5332. Energy Secretary Steven Chu fought to secure a $1.4 billion taxpayer loan for Project Amp
  5333. Project Amp was a large-scale rooftop energy generation project using commercial solar panels
  5334. The solar panels were to be sole sourced from Solyndra as a effort to prop up the failing company
  5335. Obama blamed Congress and China for Solyndra failing: “This was not our program…” (2012)
  5336. Solyndra lied about the number of employees it laid off when it closed (claimed 1,100 employees)
  5337. According to the Labor Department, Solyndra actually laid off 1,861 employees when it closed
  5338. IRS urged a bankruptcy judge to reject Solyndra’s bankruptcy plan, which was designed to avoid taxes
  5339. Attorneys with the IRS said that as far back as 2010, Solyndra owners had “planned meticulously” to be able to use Solyndra’s net operating losses to offset future tax liabilities (October 2012)
    “The only reason for the shell corporation to exist post-confirmation is to enable its owners to exploit these tax attributes, which would be lost in liquidation.” ~IRS argued in court papers

  5340. Serious Energy was handed millions of taxpayer dollars through Obama’s 2009 “stimulus”
  5341. The story of Serious Energy’s history features strong-arm union tactics, corrupt Chicago politicians, crony capitalism, and left-wing media propaganda
  5342. Shorebank received $35 million in stimulus credits as part of the “green jobs” initiatives
  5343. Shorebank required low-income borrowers to conduct an energy audit of their homes in exchange for a “free,” energy-efficient refrigerator, and also required borrowers to “weatherize” their homes
  5344. Republic Windows and Doors was a producer of “green” windows that failed in 2008
  5345. Workers, with the support of SEIU, staged an illegal strike inside the factory in December 2008
  5346. President-elect Obama endorsed the illegal strike along with many prominent Chicago politicians
  5347. At the time, Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) threatened that the State of Illinois would withdraw all of it business from Bank of America if it did not bail out Republic Windows and Doors (2008)
  5348. Serious Energy eventually purchased Republic Windows and Doors in 2009
  5349. Obama’s White House made Serious Energy a symbol of “green jobs” and the stimulus
  5350. Serious Energy was hyped by President Obama, Joe Biden, and Senator Roland Burris (2009)
  5351. Joe Biden described Serious Energy as a “potentially thriving business that can lead this country”
  5352. MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow touted Serious Energy as a victory for unions and “green collar jobs”
  5353. FTC found that Serious Energy made false claims about the energy efficiency of its products
  5354. Assistant Secretary of Energy, Cathy Zoi, was married to a senior executive of Serious Energy
  5355. Cathy Zoi was the official responsible for the stimulus-funded weatherization program
  5356. Serious Energy closed its factories and laid off its workers (July 2012)

  5357. Engineering firm CH2M HILL cut thousands of jobs after receiving $1.961 billion in “stimulus”
  5358. CH2M HILL has a history of fraud, poor conduct, and even contaminating their own workers
  5359. In 2004, the Energy Department withheld $300,000 from the firm for poor conduct
  5360. CH2M HILL was fined $400,000 for the radiological contamination of workers (2005-2006)
  5361. In 2007, a “major spill” resulted in $683,000 in both fines and settlements to local agencies
  5362. CH2M HILL recently agreed to pay a $1.5 million settlement for false claims and paid kickbacks
  5363. CH2M HILL has given thousands of dollars in campaign finances to Democrats
  5364. CH2M HILL gave over $512,000 to Democrats during the 2007-2008 election cycle
  5365. CH2M HILL gave over $380,000 to Democrats during the 2009-2010 election cycle
  5366. CH2M HILL also gave $45,337 to President Obama’s 2008 campaign
  5367. CH2M HILL spent another $455,000 to lobby their special interests
  5368. CH2M announced layoffs were coming in September 2011 due to the end of “stimulus” funding
  5369. CH2M was given $9.6 million from the Solyndra loan to design their solar manufacturing plant
  5370. CH2M has ties with “Green Energy Czar” Van Jones, who helped write the “stimulus”
  5371. Apollo Alliance seeks to destroy the economy by having the government fund green jobs scams
  5372. Van Jones received recognition at the Aspen Institute award ceremony
  5373. Aspen Institute award ceremony is co-sponsored by CH2M
  5374. Van Jones has been the keynote speaker at events co-sponsored by CH2M
  5375. Van Jones served on the San Francisco Clean Tech Advisory Council with Jill Sideman of CH2M

  5376. RockPort Capital is the firm responsible for Solyndra
  5377. In 2009, another RockPort investment, Satcon Technology Corp. partnered with SunPower Corporation and Exelon Energy to build a 41-acre solar array in Chicago
  5378. SunPower also worked with Satcon Technology on another government-funded project in Hawaii

  5379. Satcon Technology Corp. received a $3 million grant from the Department of Energy (January 2012)
  5380. Satcon manufactured the power conversion devices for solar energy collection and distribution
  5381. Satcon also received smaller federal payments for various solar initiatives at the DOE
  5382. Satcon Technology Corp. announced it was declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy (October 2012)

  5383. Energy Department gave Exelon Energy a $646 million taxpayer loan
  5384. Exelon Energy owns the SunPower/Satcon 41-acre solar array project in Chicago
  5385. First Solar Energy had missed the DOE’s loan payment deadline and was denied an extension
  5386. First Solar announced it was cutting its workforce by thirty percent, or about 2,000 jobs (2012)
  5387. Exelon Energy then bought out the Antelope Valley Project from First Solar Energy
  5388. GE Energy Financial bought out First Solar’s Desert Sunlight project after receiving a DOE guarantee for a portion of their $1.46 billion loan
  5389. Exelon Energy arose out of an $8.2 billion merger advised by Rahm Emanuel in 1999
  5390. White House political strategist David Axelrod is a former consultant for Exelon Energy
  5391. Exelon executives were major contributors and bundlers to Obama’s 2008 campaign

  5392. Beacon Power was a major recipient of investment funding from “The Beacon Group”
  5393. The Beacon Group is a division of bank bailout recipient JP Morgan Chase
  5394. The Beacon Group invested in RockPort Capital’s PowerSpan Energy
  5395. PowerSpan CEO Frank Alix was a White House guest for a December 2009 Jobs Summit
  5396. Frank Alix testified to Congress in favor of carbon sequestration regulations in March 2009

  5397. Obama’s clean-energy pet project Evergreen Solar received $58 million in “stimulus” money
  5398. Evergreen Solar listed $485.6 million in debt, filed for bankruptcy in 2011, & sold off their assets
  5399. Evergreen Solar announced in January 2011 that they were moving all the jobs to China
  5400. Evergreen Solar cited that much higher government support was available in China
  5401. Evergreen Solar abandoned their $450 million “green tech” plant to avoid paying property taxes
  5402. Evergreen Solar originally received around $50 million in taxpayer funds to build the plant

  5403. SpectraWatt Inc. was a solar cell company based in Hopewell Junction, New York
  5404. SpectraWatt received a $500,000 grant from the “stimulus” package in June 2009
  5405. SpectraWatt was one of 13 companies to receive “stimulus” money to improve solar cells
  5406. SpectraWatt filed for bankruptcy in August 2011 citing their inability to compete with China

  5407. Obama sold his jobs plan to the American electorate at a company that outsources jobs (2011)
  5408. Obama touted his American Jobs Act in a speech at WestStar Precision, based in North Carolina
  5409. WestStar Precision is a business run by Ervin Portman, a donor to Obama’s inauguration fund
  5410. Ervin Portman also donated to democrat(s) through Act Blue, a progressive fundraising PAC
  5411. WestStar is a company “that will benefit from the bipartisan proposals in the American Jobs Act”
  5412. WestStar Precision outsourced half of its workforce to San Jose, Costa Rica

  5413. Mountain Plaza Inc. received “stimulus” money despite having previously filed for bankruptcy
  5414. Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) received $2 million in “stimulus” from the EPA
  5415. Mountain Plaza received $424,000 from TDOT to install “truck stop electrification” systems
  5416. Mountain Plaza again filed for bankruptcy protection in June 2010

  5417. Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Co. received $10 million from the “stimulus”
  5418. The payout was part of a $64 million “stimulus” package to nine rural businesses in Wisconsin
  5419. Taxpayer loan was given after it had filed for bankruptcy for defaulting on a $60 million bank loan

  5420. Mojave Solar received $1.2 billion of taxpayer money for their Mojave Solar Project (2011)
  5421. Department of Energy hoped that the new solar energy project would create 900 jobs
  5422. Obama fundraiser benefited from a $107 million federal tax credit to develop a wind power facility
  5423. Tom Carnahan hosted a $25,000-per-person fundraiser for Obama in St. Louis on October 4, 2011
  5424. Carnahan’s energy development firm, Wind Capital Group, got the credit as part of the “stimulus”

  5425. Obama gave the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) stimulus funding to create ‘green jobs’
  5426. NREL, based in Colorado, shed jobs after receiving $200 million from the “stimulus” in 2009
  5427. Energy Secretary Steven Chu visited NREL in May 2009 to promote it as a “stimulus” beneficiary
  5428. NREL has enjoyed at least a 64% increase in their funding during the Obama administration
  5429. NREL is technically a private non-profit organization, therefore its records aren’t made public
  5430. Despite public funding, the NREL is exempt from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests

  5431. Obama administration gave SunPower, a failing solar company, a $1.2 billion taxpayer loan
  5432. The $1.2 billion taxpayer loan was finalized just hours before the “stimulus” program expired
  5433. The loan is expected to create 15 permanent jobs at a cost of $80 million per created job
  5434. SunPower had announced that they were building a new manufacturing plant in Mexico (2011)
  5435. Despite carrying $820 million in debt, SunPower received twice as much money as Solyndra
  5436. George R. Miller III (D-CA) is the senior Democrat on the House Education and Workforce Committee and the co-chair of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee
  5437. Congressman’s son lobbied for the solar firm that received a $1.2 billion federal loan
  5438. Miller’s son, George Miller IV, worked as a lobbyist for SunPower, but was not registered
  5439. SunPower PAC donated $14,650 to Democrats in the House and Senate in the 2010 midterm
  5440. SunPower PAC gave $4,000 to Harry Reid (D-NV) and $2,900 to Barbara Boxer (D-CA)
  5441. SunPower also gave money to George Miller III (D-CA) and hired his son as a lobbyist
    “The path to a clean energy economy starts here, in places like SunPower’s research and development facility.” ~Interior Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar promoting SunPower during a tour hosted by CEO Thomas H. Werner (October 14, 2010)

  5442. BrightSource Energy received a $1.4 billion federal loan guarantee from the “stimulus”
  5443. John Bryson served as chairman of the board of a solar energy company, BrightSource Energy
  5444. President Obama appointed John Bryson to become the 37th Secretary of Commerce (June 2011)
  5445. Bryson resigned as Commerce Secretary following a series of hit-and-run car accidents (2012)
  5446. The loan was used primarily to build the Ivanpah Solar Electrical Plant on federal lands
  5447. Ivanpah solar power station costs $3 billion to build using more expensive photovoltaic cells
  5448. Most of the equipment used for the new solar plant was to be manufactured in China and Germany
  5449. Robert Kennedy, Jr. (D) netted a $1.4 billion bailout for his green company BrightSource Energy
  5450. Sanjay Wagle was one of the principals in Kennedy’s firm who raised money for Obama (2008)
  5451. Sanjay Wagle was later installed at the Department of Energy to advise on energy grants (2009)
  5452. Investing taxpayer money in BrightSource was a risky proposition at the time of the loan
  5453. BrightSource Energy’s largest shareholder is Robert Kennedy Jr.’s VantagePoint Partners
  5454. VantagePoint Partners had $1.8 billion of debt obligations and lost tens of millions in 2010
    “A billion dollars in taxpayer money being sent to wealthy investors to bail them out of risky investments – does this sound familiar to anyone?”
    ~Peter Schweizer wrote in Throw Them All Out (2011)

  5455. John Podesta’s sister-in-law served as a lobbyist for Brookfield Asset Management (BAM)
  5456. Since 2009, Brookfield has been represented by the lobby firm Heather Podesta & Partners, LLC
  5457. The wind power firm was awarded a $135.8 million loan guarantee from the Energy Department
  5458. Seventy-five percent of the new wind project is owned by BAIF Granite Holdings
  5459. BAIF Granite Holdings was created by Brookfield Renewable Power, a subsidiary of BAM
  5460. Heather Podesta is a top financial bundler for Democrat politicians
  5461. Heather Podesta is the wife of lobbyist Tony Podesta, who is the brother of John Podesta
  5462. John Podesta is director of the Center for American Progress and helps craft White House policy
  5463. Heather and Tony Podesta topped the FEC’s lobbyist bundler database during first half of 2011
  5464. Heather and Tony raised more money than any other lobbyist by far during that six-month period
  5465. Heather Podesta visited the White House eight times in Obama’s first six months alone in 2009
  5466. Records show that Tony Podesta has visited the Obama White House at least 27 times (2012)

  5467. Nevada Geothermal Power (NGP) received a $98.5 million taxpayer-funded loan guarantee
  5468. NGP received hearty endorsements from Energy Sec. Steven Chu and Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)
  5469. Harry Reid, who pushed for the “stimulus,” predicted that NGP would “put Nevadans to work”
  5470. Harry Reid even declared that Nevada was the “Saudi Arabia of geothermal energy” (2012)
  5471. The taxpayer loan did not finance any new construction and “did not help to create a single job”
  5472. Due to financial problems, NGP’s auditors have questioned whether it can stay in business (2012)
  5473. NGP has incurred $98 million in net losses over the past several years and holds substantial debt
  5474. Congress raised questions about NGP’s finances and the timing of the DOE’s loan guarantee
  5475. Darrell Issa (R-CA) pointed out the NGP would have defaulted on a prior loan from TCW Asset Management Co., “had DOE not swooped in to save the failing company with taxpayer money”
  5476. NGP’s credit rating was BB+, which is considered speculative or junk and below investment grade
  5477. Jim Jordan (R-OH): The loan guarantee “essentially served to prop up an already-faltering firm”
    “The company was in danger of defaulting on its financial obligation, and the [Department of Energy’s] assistance served as a de facto bailout. After receiving a taxpayer-backed $98.5 million loan guarantee, the company is still struggling.” ~Jim Jordan (R-OH), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on regulatory affairs, stimulus oversight and government spending

  5478. Ormat Inc. was paid $80 million to build NGP’s Blue Mountain plant in Nevada
  5479. Ormat has “strong ties” to Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)
  5480. Two of Reid’s staffers, Kai Anderson and Paul Thomsen, work for Ormat Inc.

  5481. Energy Secretary Steven Chu touted GE PrimeStar and took a tour of their solar plant in Colorado
  5482. Energy Department claimed the GE PrimeStar’s latest technology was “creating jobs in the U.S.”
  5483. GE PrimeStar announced they were laying off about half of their current employees (July 2012)
  5484. GE PrimeStar, formerly PrimeStar Solar, postponed building a new production plant in Colorado

  5485. “Stimulus” included a $25 billion Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan program
  5486. GAO audit criticized the Energy Department for not keeping close enough tabs on its auto loans
  5487. Tesla Motors and Fisker stood in rare company in securing their ATVM loans
  5488. Audit warned not enough being done to ensure Tesla and Fisker were meeting benchmarks (2011)

  5489. Fisker Automotive received a $529 million federal “stimulus” taxpayer loan (2010)
  5490. Fisker is a start-up electric car company that manufactures their electric cars in Finland
  5491. Biden proclaimed that the half-billion-dollar DOE loan would transform an idled Delaware plant into a production line for electric cars
    “The story of Fisker is a story of ingenuity of an American company, a commitment to innovation by the U.S. government and the perseverance of the American auto industry…” ~Vice President Joe Biden announcing the $529 million loan closing in April 2010

  5492. Majority of DOE funding for Fisker was earmarked for a mass market sedan, called Project Nina
  5493. More than two years after receiving the loan, no information about the Nina has been released
  5494. Fisker recalled all of its 2012 Karma plug-in hybrids due to a potential fire hazard (2011)
  5495. Fisker’s biggest financial support is from venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
  5496. Venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers supports numerous green-tech firms
  5497. Kleiner Perkins partner John Doerr hosted President Obama at a secluded February dinner (2011)
  5498. John Doerr is a California billionaire who made his fortune investing in Google
  5499. Doerr & Kleiner Perkins executives have contributed more than $1 million supporting Democrats
  5500. Billionaire John Doerr serves on President Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness
  5501. Former Vice President Al Gore (D) is another Kleiner Perkins investor and senior partner

  5502. Tesla Motors was given a $465 million taxpayer loan from the Obama Energy Department (2011)
  5503. Tesla’s prime backers included PayPal’s Elon Musk and Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin
  5504. Tesla Motors’ SEC filings revealed that the start-up has lost money every quarter (2011)
  5505. Tesla Motors reported accumulated total net losses of $522.8 million (ending June 30, 2011)
  5506. Former Tesla board member Steve Westly was an Obama bundler for 2008 and 2012 campaigns
  5507. Westly Group was a financial supporter of Tesla Motors until it went public in 2010
  5508. Tesla’s founder and CEO, Elon Musk, is a political contributor to Obama and other Democrats
  5509. Tesla investor Nick Pritzker is a donor to President Obama and a cousin of Penny Pritzker
  5510. Penny Pritzker was the national finance chair of President Obama’s 2008 campaign

  5511. Beacon Power Corp. received a $43 million taxpayer loan from the Obama administration
  5512. Beacon Power was the second Energy Department-backed company to go bankrupt
  5513. Beacon Power filed for bankruptcy in October 2011, just a year after receiving the taxpayer loan
  5514. Beacon Power used the loan to build a 20-megawatt flywheel energy storage plant in New York

  5515. Ener1, an advanced battery manufacturer, awarded a $118.5 million grant to expand its operations
  5516. Ener1 is run by a subsidiary EnerDel, which received a visit from Joe Biden in early 2011
  5517. Ironically, while touting Ener1, Vice President Joe Biden accidentally called it “Enron1”
  5518. Department of Energy was watching the company after it was pulled from NASDAQ trading
  5519. Ener1 failed to file its quarterly report and also let go of its chairman, Charles Gassenheimer
  5520. Obama touted Ener1 as a shining example of his vision for taxpayer-subsidized clean energy
  5521. Ener1 declared bankruptcy in January 2012 costing taxpayers $118.5 million

  5522. Abound Solar received $400 million in taxpayer-funded loans from the Energy Department
  5523. The loan guarantee was for a project expected to create 1,600 permanent jobs
  5524. Russell Kanjorski is the nephew of Congressman Paul E. Kanjorski (D-CO)
  5525. Russell Kanjorski works as part of the management team of Abound Solar Manufacturing
  5526. In 2002, Russell Kanjorski’s company received approximately $9 million in federal grants
  5527. Paul Kanjorski reportedly tried to bully others into supporting his nephew’s company
  5528. Russell Kanjorski’s company, Cornerstone Technologies, filed for bankruptcy in 2006
  5529. Russell Kanjorski also secured a $3 million federal grant while working for AVA Solar Inc.
  5530. Billionaire and Obama bundler Pat Stryker founded Bohemian Companies
  5531. Bohemian Companies invested in Abound Solar in 2008 during a second round of financing
  5532. Stryker visited the White House after investing in Abound Solar and before the loan was approved
  5533. W.H. officials refused to confirm the visitor logs and wouldn’t provide details about the meeting
  5534. In 2006, Stryker gave $500,000 to the Coalition for Progress, which heavily supports Democrats
  5535. N.Y. Times reported that Stryker attended an April 2005 meeting of the Democracy Alliance
  5536. Pat Stryker gave $50,000 to Obama’s inauguration and raised another $87,500 for his inauguration
  5537. Pat Stryker has since donated another $35,800 to the 2012 Obama Victory Fund
  5538. Pat Stryker visited the White House three more times after the loan to Abound Solar was approved
  5539. Abound Solar announced it was filing for bankruptcy (June 2012)
  5540. Abound Solar was investigated for knowingly selling defective panels to customers, and also for asking investors to invest in the company without telling them about the defective products (October 2012)

  5541. Peter L. Corsell is the founder of GridPoint Inc.
  5542. Corsell served as GridPoint’s CEO until transitioning to non-executive chairman in October 2010
  5543. Peter Corsell contributed $50,000 to President Obama’s inauguration in 2009
  5544. GridPoint partnered with Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec), Nissan, the Idaho National Laboratory and others in a project to deploy electric vehicles (EV) in five states
  5545. Energy Department gave eTec almost $100 million in stimulus funds to support the EV project
  5546. GridPoint also benefited from stimulus funds from services provided to a project in Kansas City
  5547. GridPoint helped Sacramento’s Municipal Utility District (SMUD) manage solar panel power
  5548. SMUD received $127.5 million in stimulus funds from the Department of Energy for the project
  5549. Energy Department gave Argonne National Laboratory nearly $2.7 million in stimulus funding
  5550. Argonne shared another $5 million in stimulus projects with GridPoint and other companies
  5551. GridPoint won a $28 million contract with the United States Postal Service in 2010
  5552. Obama adviser T.J. Glauthier played a key role in developing the energy provisions of the stimulus
  5553. Glauthier served on President Obama’s 2008 White House Transition Team
  5554. Glauthier is tied to several energy companies that benefited from the stimulus he helped craft
  5555. T.J. Glauthier was appointed to the board of GridPoint Inc. in March 2008
  5556. The stimulus provided $4.5 billion for smart grid projects, which GridPoint benefited from

  5557. T.J. Glauthier served on the advisory board of SunRun, a solar financing company
  5558. SunRun received a $6.73 million grant from the Treasury Department stimulus program in 2010
  5559. SunRun was the ninth largest recipient of such programs through December 2010

  5560. California-based Solazyme received a $21.8 million grant from the 2009 stimulus package
  5561. T.J. Glauthier was also reportedly a “strategic adviser” to Solazyme
  5562. Solazyme gouged the Navy for biofuel at four times the price of the standard marine fuel

  5563. Range Fuels, a wood-to-ethanol factory based in Georgia, received $65 million in taxpayer money
  5564. Georgia officials pledged another $6.2 million of taxpayer money, only for Range to go bankrupt
  5565. Treutlen County offered 20 years worth of tax abatements and 97 acres of land for the project
  5566. Private investors reportedly invested $158 million, raising the total to more than $320 million
  5567. Vinod Khosla, a California entrepreneur, funded Range Fuels and secured its government loans
  5568. Range, unable to turn wood into ethanol, didn’t come close to creating the 70 jobs it had promised
    “It was too damn big a risk for an apparently unproven technology and the due diligence I personally performed on Range would not entice me to invest in it… Government should not be in the venture capital business selecting technologies.” ~Sam Shelton, director of research programs at Georgia Tech’s Strategic Energy Institute (January 4, 2012)

  5569. Range Fuels was then sold to another bio-fuel maker, LanzaTech, for just $5.1 million
  5570. LanzaTech, a New Zealand-based biofuel company, is also funded by Vinod Khosla
  5571. Vinod Khosla is listed as “a key investor” in LanzaTech and sits on the board of directors
  5572. LanzaTech received $7 million from the U.S. departments of Energy and Transportation
    “[Vinod Khosla] takes government money, builds the place and takes the money and runs… and now he’s double dipping on government funds for round two. That’s taxpayer money that could go towards schools or hospitals or be given back to taxpayers.” ~Jeb Simon, an engineer in Savannah, Georgia who does not expect much of the taxpayer investment to be recouped

  5573. Willard & Kelsey Solar Group received millions of dollars in government loans and tax breaks
  5574. Willard & Kelsey laid off 40 workers in order to improve “efficiency of the assembly line” (2012)
  5575. Vice President Biden and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis both toured Solar Group’s plant
  5576. Obama doubled-down on his decision to use taxpayer dollars to prop up clean energy companies

  5577. Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February 2012
  5578. Energy Conversion Devices received $13.3 million in taxpayer funding from the DOE

  5579. Democratic convention co-chair’s company received millions from Obama for “green” projects
  5580. Jim Rogers is the CEO of Duke Energy Corp., which received $230.4 million from the “stimulus”
  5581. According to, Duke Energy created 196.6 jobs as a result of the “stimulus” grants
  5582. Duke Energy also received a $350,000 grant to help General Motors develop the Chevrolet Volt
  5583. Jim Rogers was considered for the job of Energy Secretary in the Obama administration
  5584. Rogers is the co-chair and lead fundraiser for the Democratic National Convention host-committee
  5585. Rogers and his wife contributed more than $210,000 to Democrat candidates and committees since 2008, including $19,200 to Obama and $150,000 to the Democratic National Committee (DNC)
  5586. Jim Rogers is co-chairing the host committee with Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx (D-NC)
  5587. Rogers and his wife contributed the maximum $8,000 to Foxx’s 2011 re-election campaign
  5588. Charlotte Observer reported that Rogers was “quietly raising” as much as $15 million for the DNC
  5589. Rogers and Duke Energy also offered a $10 million line of credit to help finance the convention
  5590. Duke Energy spent more than $26 million lobbying the federal government since 2007
  5591. In 2009, Duke Energy enlisted the Podesta Group to help lobby in Washington D.C.
  5592. Since 2009, Duke Energy paid the Podesta Group $860,000 for energy-related lobbying efforts
    “Payoffs on these public investments don’t always come right away. Some technologies don’t pan out; some companies fail. But I will not walk away from the promise of clean energy.”
    ~President Obama during the State of the Union Address (2012)
    “We’re not going to cede the wind industry or the solar industry or the battery industry to China or Germany because we’re too timid to make that same commitment here in the United States. We’ve subsidized oil for a very long time, long enough. It’s time to end the taxpayer giveaways to an industry that’s never been more profitable. We’ve got to double down on a clean-energy industry that’s never been more promising.”
    ~President Obama at Buckley Air Force Base (January 26, 2012)

  5593. Obama’s Energy Department awarded Solar Trust of America $2.1 billion in taxpayer loans
  5594. Solar Trust’s CEO, Uwe T. Schmidt, reportedly thought that the loan was “too risky”
  5595. Solar Trust of America was building the world’s largest solar power plant in southern California
  5596. Citigroup Global Partners and Deutsche Bank invested $6 billion in the solar power project
  5597. Vice chair of Citigroup Global Partners, Louis Susman, sat on the National Finance Committee for Obama’s campaign in 2008
  5598. Louis Susman later left Citigroup to become President Obama’s ambassador to Britain
  5599. Another partner in the project was Chevron, who favored Obama over John McCain in 2008
  5600. Solar Trust of America filed for bankruptcy on Monday, April 2, 2012
  5601. Solar Trust’s bankruptcy filings indicated that they employed only nine people at the time

  5602. NextEra committed to providing financial assistance to Solar Trust during their bankruptcy
  5603. NextEra Energy’s CEO, Lewis Hay, sits on President Obama’s jobs council

  5604. A123, a maker of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars, threatened to go bankrupt (June 2012)
  5605. A123 received a $249.1 million grant to build a factory to make electric car batteries (2009)
  5606. A123 was forced to recall potentially defective batteries planned for use in the Fisker vehicle
  5607. A123 was intended to be a “centerpiece” of Obama’s $2 billion effort to push for more electric cars
  5608. Predictions by Obama that a market for their product would exist by 2015 are now “unattainable”
  5609. A123 declared for bankruptcy after failing to sell the company to the Chinese (October 2012)
  5610. A123 showered Democrats with campaign donations before declaring bankruptcy (2012)
  5611. A123 wanted to pay bonuses of more than four million dollars to their top executives during bankruptcy
  5612. Obama administration approved the sale of most of A123’s assets to a Chinese firm (January 2013)

  5613. Amonix Inc. began manufacturing solar panels in North Las Vegas, Nevada in 2011
  5614. Amonix was selected for a grant under the Bush administration’s Department of Energy in 2007 and eventually received a total of $15.6 million under the grant
  5615. Amonix received more than $20 million in federal tax credits and grants
  5616. Amonix received $5.9 million from the “stimulus” for a solar manufacturing plant in Las Vegas
  5617. Obama lauded the Amonix plant during a Nevada visit to support Reid’s re-election (July 2010)
  5618. Obama cited Amonix to claim that the “stimulus” had already made an “extraordinary impact”
    “Now, the only problem we have is these credits were working so well, there aren’t enough tax credits to go around. There are more worthy projects than there are tax credits. When we announced the program last year, it was such a success we received 500 applications requesting over $8 billion in tax credits, but we only had $2.3 billion to invest. In other words, we had almost four times as many worthy requests as we had tax credits.”n~President Obama speaking at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (July 2010)

  5619. Amonix’s plant was touted by political leaders and economic development officials (May 2011)
  5620. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), Congressman Shelley Berkley (D-NV), and Governor Brian Sandoval (R-NV) were among those who lauded Amonix when it announced its plans for a new plant
  5621. Amonix had promised to employ as many as 300 assembly line workers
  5622. Amonix cut two-thirds of its workforce only seven months after opening a new factory in Nevada
  5623. Amonix closed its 214,000-squre-foot manufacturing facility just 14-months after it opened (2012)
  5624. Harry Reid blamed the death of Amonix CEO Brian Robertson, who was killed in a tragic plane crash, for the failure saying, “unfortunately the company was unable to recover from this difficult time”
  5625. Amonix was about $100 million in debt, including $34 million owed to Flextronics

  5626. California-based Twin Creek Technologies received $26 million in taxpayer-funded loans
  5627. Twin Creek Technologies closed their firm and liquidated their assets without repaying the taxpayers

  5628. Department of Energy is “unable to locate” $500,000 in equipment bought with “stimulus” money
  5629. Department of Energy official called the energy loan program an “enormous success” (July 2012)
  5630. Internal audit found that Obama’s green jobs training program failed on most key jobs measures
  5631. Green jobs training program was training workers who already had jobs and failed to place new enrollees in jobs once they finished the training (38% got jobs and only 16% kept those jobs at least 6 months)
  5632. Labor department’s inspector general said grantees who received the green jobs-training money, which the government earmarked more than $400 million, did a poor job of reporting their results (2012)
  5633. Green jobs money “served as a slush fund” for the Obama administration to dole out payments to allies “like the National Council of La Raza, the Blue Green alliance, and the U.S. Steelworkers Union”

  5634. “We thought Obama is a trained orator and skilled in the art of mass address with his continuous eye contact”

  5635. Obama uses a teleprompter every time he speaks even for the simplest and shortest of speeches
  5636. Obama was the first person ever to install and use a teleprompter in India’s Parliament House
  5637. Parliament official in India was surprised that a teleprompter was needed saying, “We thought Obama is a trained orator and skilled in the art of mass address with his continuous eye contact” (2010)

    Reuters (Tuesday, August 21, 2012)

  5638. Obama hired an “extraordinary media coach” who had helped Hillary to master the teleprompter
  5639. Sheehan Associates was hired under three contracts since 2009 for “speech preparation training”
  5640. Former Vice President Walter Mondale (D) said that Obama relies too much on teleprompters
    “What they’ll say is, ‘Well it costs too much money,’ but you know what? It would cost, about… It -- it -- it would cost about the same as what we would spend… It… Over the course of 10 years it would cost what it would costs us… (nervous laugh) All right. Okay. We’re going to… It… It would cost us about the same as it would cost for about -- hold on one second. I can’t hear myself. But I’m glad you’re fired up, though. I’m glad...” ~Obama flubbing a telepromptered speech in Bristol, Virginia (June 5, 2008)

  5641. Obama flip-flopped and opted out of the public financing system for the 2008 elections
  5642. Obama was the first major party candidate to opt out since it was established following Watergate
  5643. Obama has consistently lied and has been willing to say anything for political expediency
  5644. Obama follows Saul Alinsky’s counsel to do and say whatever it takes to gain power
    “You know what your problem is. You have to tell the truth…”
    ~Barack Obama speaking to Jeremiah Wright

  5645. President Obama told thousands of supporters, “you know I tell the truth” (November 2012)
  5646. Obama lied when he stated he hadn’t heard inflammatory speech sitting in Rev. Wright’s pews
  5647. Obama lied about his past ties with former domestic terrorist and Chicago associate Bill Ayers
  5648. Obama lied when he said he would use public funding for the 2008 presidential campaign
  5649. Obama lied when he claimed his parents met as a result of the Selma civil rights marches
  5650. Obama lied when he claimed during a 2007 speech that J.F.K. had helped his dad come to the U.S.
  5651. Obama lied when he said he had an uncle who was with first American troops into Auschwitz
  5652. American troops never went into Auschwitz during World War II, but the Russian Red Army did
  5653. Obama lied about Life magazine featuring a story of a black man bleaching his skin in America
  5654. Obama claimed to have applied for a non-existent “transfer program” from Occidental to Columbia
  5655. Obama lied when he said he campaigned “in all 57 states” (note: there are 57 Islamic states)
  5656. Candidate Obama lied when he promised to be out of Iraq by the end of 2009
  5657. Obama lied when he said he wouldn’t have lobbyists in his administration during the campaign
  5658. Obama lied when he promised, “we are going to ban all earmarks,” then signed hundreds into law
  5659. Obama lied when he promised to focus on deficit reduction
  5660. Obama lied when he promised to abolish the Patriot Act
  5661. Obama lied when he promised to put an end to data mining and eavesdropping
  5662. Obama lied when he promised to post bills online for five days prior to signing them into law
  5663. Obama lied when he promised to close the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention center
  5664. Obama lied when he said 10,000 people died from a tornado in Kansas back in 2009
  5665. Obama lied when he said he could see fallen American heroes in the audience
  5666. Obama lied when he pledged he wouldn’t sign bills filled with “pork” spending projects
  5667. Obama lied when he pledged to not use ‘special signing statements’ as an end-run around Congress
  5668. Obama lied when he promised that healthcare negotiations would be held on C-SPAN
  5669. Obama lied when he claimed surgeons pocket from $30,000 to $50,000 to amputate a foot
  5670. Obama lied when he repeatedly described his healthcare takeover plan as “budget neutral”
  5671. Obama lied when he claimed that illegal immigrants wouldn’t be covered under Obamacare
  5672. Obama lied when he claimed the Supreme Court ruling would allow foreign campaign money
  5673. Obama lied when he claimed to not want a single-payer system despite clear video evidence
  5674. Obama lied when he claimed Obamacare would reduce health insurance premiums by 3000%
  5675. Obama lied when he stated “more than 90% of guns recovered in Mexico come from the U.S.”
  5676. Obama lied when he told his supporters that the border fence was “basically complete”
  5677. Department of Homeland Security said that the border fence was only 5% completed
  5678. Obama lies about the amount of taxes paid by the wealthiest Americans to push class warfare
  5679. Obama lied when he claimed there was an American flag draped over his father’s coffin in Kenya
  5680. Obama falsely claimed his grandfather was detained and tortured by the British in Kenya
  5681. Obama lied when he promised to filibuster a law giving phone companies legal immunity
  5682. Obama lied when he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia and then denied it ever happened
  5683. Obama lied when he stated he visited gulf oil spill before “talking heads” were paying attention
  5684. Obama lied when he claimed he would tackle immigration reform during his first year in office
  5685. Obama lied when he claimed ‘Recovery’ Act funds were used for a police crime lab in Ohio
  5686. Obama lied saying Mexico (1810) was around “long before America (1787) was even an idea”
  5687. Obama lied when he claimed Citizens United ruling would allow “foreign-controlled” elections
  5688. Existing FEC laws (11 CFR 110.20(i)) still blocks foreign contributions to political campaigns
  5689. Obama lied when he pledged to put on a “comfortable pair of shoes” & walk with union protesters
  5690. Obama lied for political expediency when he campaign in 2008 against same-sex marriage
  5691. Obama campaign on the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, but then stopped defending it as president
  5692. Obama lied when he claimed, “if I forgot keys to the White House & tried to jigger in I’d get shot”
  5693. Obama lied when he claimed U.S. land leases in the oil exploration phase are “inactive leases”
  5694. Obama lied when he declared there would be no more warrantless wiretaps during campaign
  5695. Obama lied when he said he supported the exploitation of U.S. resources while stifling drilling
  5696. Obama lied when he inferred that insufficient federal funding led to the Minnesota bridge collapse
  5697. Obama lied to AIPAC when he said the “1967 lines” has always been the policy of the U.S.
  5698. Obama lied when he claimed his administration had defended Israel strongly at the United Nations
  5699. Obama lied when he said that Social Security checks may not go out if debt ceiling isn’t raised
  5700. Obama lied when he said that 80% of Americans support the Democrat’s demand for tax increases
  5701. Obama lies each time he repeats the claim that his father “left when I was 2 years old”
  5702. Obama lied when he claimed the Bush administration gave money to the auto companies and demanded “nothing in return” (2012)
  5703. Obama lied when he claimed to be quoting GOP Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) (2012)
  5704. Obama lied and misrepresented Todd Akin’s (R-MO) ‘stage-three cancer of socialism’ analogy
  5705. Obama planted over 38 falsehoods in his autobiography Dreams from My Father
  5706. Obama admitted to fabricating a girlfriend in his autobiography Dreams from My Father
  5707. Obama lied about a fight about race he had with a “composite” girlfriend in New York City
  5708. Obama twice lied that his ‘jobs plan’ would repair unsafe bridges spanning Ohio and Kentucky
  5709. Obama lied when he claimed that government employment has gone down during his presidency
  5710. Obama lied when promised to eliminate the Export-Import Bank during the 2008 campaign
  5711. Obama lied to supporters when he said he would “make sure that we renegotiate” NAFTA (2008)
  5712. Obama lied when he pledged to keep the Janesville GM factory open for “another 100 years”
  5713. Obama mistakenly said that he wants “wind turbines manufactured here in China” (October 2012)
  5714. Obama lied by saying that “40% of all gun purchases are conducted without a background check” (2013)
  5715. Obama misrepresented his mother’s battle with cancer as a campaign pitch for national health care
  5716. Obama suggested that his mother was denied health coverage because of a pre-existing condition
  5717. Stanley Ann Dunham in fact had health insurance that paid for her cancer treatment
  5718. Stanley Ann Dunham was actually only denied disability coverage from her new employer
  5719. Obama falsely claimed that the Constitutional Convention lasted through the spring of 1787
  5720. Obama lied when he claimed at a fundraiser that a whole GOP debate audience booed a gay soldier
  5721. President Obama lied that he was outspent by his opponent in the 2008 campaign
  5722. Obama lied that Paul Ryan was against the Farm Bill, which he voted for and had passed the House
  5723. Obama to the CBC: “If asking a billionaire to pay the same tax rate as a Jew, uh, as a janitor…”
  5724. Obama gaffed, “we’ve created 22 million jobs over the last… er… 3 million jobs…” (2012)
  5725. Obama mistook a fallen soldier for a living one when he spoke to troops at Fort Drum (2011)
  5726. Obama: Jared Monti (dead) was his first Medal of Honor recipient “who actually came back” alive
  5727. Obama apologized to a soldier’s family after mistaking their dead son for another living soldier
  5728. Obama described an untrue and exaggerated account of a medal of honor recipient Dakota Meyer
  5729. Obama referred to Admiral William McRaven, a former Navy SEAL, as a “general” (August 2012)
  5730. Obama claimed that Abe Lincoln built an “intercontinental railroad” in the midst of the Civil War
  5731. Obama again claimed that the U.S. built an “intercontinental railroad” while selling his jobs plan
  5732. Obama made reference to the non-existent “Austrian language” while visiting Austria
  5733. Obama misrepresented Caterpillar’s position to gain support for passing his “stimulus” plan
  5734. Obama referred to “Cinco de Cuatro” to the Mexican ambassador instead of “Cinco de Mayo”
  5735. Obama referred to military corpsman as “corpse-man” twice during a telepromptered speech
  5736. Obama twice described his daughter Malia as being 13 years old when she was still only 12
  5737. Obama said, “I’ll be turning 50 in a week,” when he really turned 50 three weeks later
  5738. Obama told an audience off-prompter that a breathalyzer was used to treat asthma
  5739. Obama stated that the special Louisiana special deal “will help with the earthquake in Hawaii”
  5740. Obama’s baseball pitches either bounce or go wide left and out of control... just like his policies
  5741. Obama couldn’t name a historic Chicago White Sox player despite being his “beloved” team
  5742. Obama calls it Comminskey Park when making references to Chicago’s old Commiskey Park
  5743. Obama suggested it was Emperor Hirohito “coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur”
  5744. Obama implied that the Constitution was written more than 20 centuries ago (2009)
  5745. Obama falsely claimed that Abraham Lincoln was the founder of the Republican Party
  5746. Lincoln joined the Republican Party in 1856, two years after the party held its first convention
  5747. Obama broke diplomatic protocol by waving during a United Nations photo-op (2011)
  5748. As a result, President Obama’s right hand blocked the face of the Mongolian president (2011)
  5749. Obama joked that his approval rate was dropping but is still “very high in the country of my birth”
  5750. Obama described his location as, “here in Asia,” during a press conference in Hawaii (2011)
  5751. President Obama: “I’m trying to figure out what time zone I’m in here…” (2011)
  5752. Obama at an economic speech in Kansas: “It is great to be back in the state of Texas” (2011)
  5753. President Obama gaffed when he referred to the Falkland Islands as the “Maldives” (2012)
  5754. President Obama, speaking from a teleprompter, referred to ‘my sons’ twice in two days (2012)
  5755. Obama confused the “NCAA” with the “NAACP” at a Medal of Freedom ceremony (2012)
  5756. Obama suggested that people buy a “thingamajig” for their furnaces to stimulate the economy
  5757. Obama referred to “MY White House” while speaking at the G8 summit on May 21, 2012
  5758. Obama apologized, “I understand, my mistake,” after being booed at a Boston fundraiser for commenting on a trade between the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox (June 2012)
  5759. President Obama referred to the 2012 NBA champions as the “Miami Heats” (June 2012)
  5760. President Obama lied when he claimed that the average student with federal student loans will rack up an additional $1,000 in debt if Congress had failed to prevent the interest rate from doubling
  5761. DOE said if rates doubled, the borrower paying back the average Stafford loan would owe an additional $1,041 over the 12-year life of the loan, which would be $87 annually, or $7 more a month
  5762. Obama told supporters that “paralegals” were available to help those who fainted (July 2012)
  5763. Obama said that “AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals” (July 2012)
  5764. AK-47s are primarily and historically used by the soldiers of communist countries
  5765. Obama administration lied about returning a bust of Winston Churchill to the British (2012)
  5766. Obama lied when he claimed that “nobody accused Mr. Romney of being a felon” (August 2012)
  5767. During an education swing in Ohio, Obama misspelled the state as “O-I-H-O” (August 2012)
  5768. Obama was unable to figure out how to dial on an iPhone to call his campaign volunteers (2012)
  5769. In 2008, Obama attacked John McCain for not using email, which was due to a war injury
  5770. Obama made jokes about the Special Olympics to describe his poor bowling skills
  5771. Obama joked about Michelle’s eating: “You do not want to be between Michelle and a tamale”
  5772. Michelle enjoyed a 1,556-calorie lunch while lecturing others on how and what to eat (2011)
  5773. TV Chef Paula Deen confessed that First Lady Michelle Obama likes fried foods too, and “probably ate more than any other guest I’ve had – she kept eating during commercials” (2011)
  5774. First Lady Michelle Obama said that her favorite meal was “arugula and steak” (2011)
  5775. Michelle slipped out of the W.H. for swordfish sliders and ‘edible chocolate sculpture’ (2011)
  5776. Michelle said that children need to “get their palates adjusted” so they will begin eating properly
  5777. Obama set off the W.H. metal detector, “I just wanted to see what it was like getting in here”
  5778. As a candidate, Obama halted a local news interview because flies were bothering him
  5779. Newly-elected president Obama killed a fly that was interrupting an interview (June 2009)
  5780. While announcing healthcare reform, Obama was interrupted by a fly that landed on his face (2010)
  5781. A fly landed on Obama’s forehead as he announced new members of his administration (January 2013)
  5782. Michelle described Obama’s work ethic as “tireless” saying “this man doesn’t take a day off”
  5783. First Lady Michelle Obama told an audience that being married to Obama was “scary” (2011)
  5784. Michelle Obama encouraged Barack’s supporters to “get to the polls on November the 2nd” (2012)
  5785. Obama used Michelle’s shopping habits as an analogy for reigning in the federal budget deficits
  5786. Michelle Obama said her fantasy was to walk out of the White House “and just keep walking”
  5787. Michelle got her husband’s biography wrong while on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (2012)
  5788. Michelle claimed that the death of Barack’s father inspired him to transfer to Columbia
  5789. Barack transferred to Columbia in 1981, but his father did not die until 1982
  5790. Obama even described getting the call that his father died in his New York City apartment
  5791. Oval Office rug has an 1853 Theodore Parker quote falsely cited to Martin Luther King Jr.
  5792. Obama makes times for music parties but skips commemoration of D-Day anniversary
  5793. Obama again failed to commemorate the 68th D-Day anniversary for the third straight year (2012)
  5794. Obama didn’t lay the Memorial Day wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in 2010
  5795. Obama omitted “by their Creator” in three speeches when citing the Declaration of Independence
  5796. A liberal legal advocacy organization omitted “under God” when citing the Gettysburg Address
  5797. President Obama did not include any reference to God during his Thanksgiving message (2011)
  5798. “Hope” poster creator was beaten up in Copenhagen for spreading pro-government propaganda
  5799. Obama tripped during his introduction at a campaign event in Tampa, Florida (June 2012)
  5800. UT book store stopped selling Obama ‘DisappointMINTS’ after complaints from a Democrat
  5801. The St. Louis social club ‘Yes We Can’ was busted for drugs and prostitution in August 2011
  5802. Obama misspelled ‘Lybia’ on his White House Twitter feed regarding the violence in Libya
  5803. Obama signed the year 2008 instead of 2011 in the guest book at Westminster Abbey in London
  5804. Obama gave a toast to the Queen of England during the playing of the British national anthem
  5805. Obama arrogantly claimed he would make the sea levels lower and make the planet heal itself
  5806. Candidate Obama described commissions as “Washington-speak for we’ll get back to you later”
  5807. Obama publicly mocked McCain’s suggestion for a commission to study the Wall Street meltdown
    “We don’t need a commission to tell us how we got into this mess, we need a president who will lead us out of this mess, and that’s the kind of president I intend to be.” ~Candidate Obama in 2008

  5808. Obama mocked the need for study commissions, but then established dozens while president
  5809. The economics practiced by Obama is an economic philosophy based on Marxist moralism
  5810. If a president wanted to destroy the economic stability of America, what would he do different?
  5811. Spend the country into financial ruin much like the Soviets did countering Reagan’s initiatives
  5812. Do nothing in the face of crisis and hire those responsible into your administration to cover it up
  5813. Undermine a culture by disregarding the traditions, such as Arlington Memorial Day speeches
  5814. Assault the religious foundations that helped foster American prosperity and world influence
  5815. Disregard and diminish the rule of law by not reading new laws and not enforcing existing laws
  5816. For Thanksgiving, President Obama decided not to kill ‘Liberty’ and ‘Peace’ (2011)
  5817. Ohio restaurant owner died just hours after hosting President Obama for breakfast (July 2012)
  5818. Obama told stories of struggles during his first campaign where he ran unopposed for state senate
  5819. Obama said he entered politics because the middle-class lifestyle was “slipping away” (July 2012)
  5820. Obama entered politics in 1996, during good economic conditions under President Bill Clinton
  5821. President Obama flashed a wad of cash at a Wisconsin diner (September 2012)
  5822. In Dreams from My Father, Obama describes himself as an unfocused high school student
  5823. Obama claims his mother scolded him for being a “loafer” (p.142)
  5824. Obama described his attitude toward his studies at Occidental as “indifferent” (p.146)
  5825. Obama said he was notorious for partying all weekend during high school (p.165)
  5826. Obama described himself as a “bum” in high school who abused drugs (p.138)
  5827. Obama admitted to smoking “dope” and snorting “blow” during his early school years
  5828. Obama was part of “the Choom Gang,” a marijuana smoking group at Occidental High School
  5829. Obama thanked his drug dealer, not his mother, in a high-school yearbook
  5830. Of the 9 criminals first pardoned by Obama, 4 had been convicted on cocaine charges
  5831. Obama pardoned five people convicted of distributing marijuana and illegal gambling (Nov. 2011)
  5832. Obama issued a commutation for a woman serving a 22-year sentence for cocaine distribution
  5833. Obama pardoned Martin Kaprelian, a Chicago jewel thief, with no explanation given (2011)
  5834. Obama told an African-American audience that he wanted to lower penalties for crack possession
  5835. President Obama blamed the media for creating a “cold and aloof” image of him (January 2012)
  5836. President Obama insulted George W. Bush at his own portrait hanging in the White House (2012)
  5837. President Obama said, “sometimes I do boneheaded things, I make mistakes…” (July 2012)
  5838. Obama sneezed while defending Obamacare, and then blamed it on Republicans (August 2012)
    “It gives me a cold just thinking about what they might do.”~President Obama blaming Republicans (August 2012)

  5839. Like Bush, Obama couldn’t name one thing he would have done differently during his presidency
  5840. Obama blames Bush (and “folks”) for everything that has gone wrong during his presidency
  5841. Obama takes personal credit for anything that goes right during his presidency (i.e. killing Osama)
  5842. Michelle Obama said in an interview with CNN, “Barack doesn’t have a big ego” (October 2012)
  5843. During a trip to Asia after his re-election, President Obama gaffed as he repeatedly mispronounced the name of Aung San Suu Kyi, the most prominent human rights activist in the world (November 2012)
  5844. Obama botched his greeting of Burma’s new reformist president, Thein Sein (November 2012)

  5845. Pentagon report revealed suspicion that financial terrorists are sabotaging our economy (2009)

  5846. Kevin Freeman, of Cross Consulting and Services, authored an analysis for the Department of Defense’s Irregular Warfare Support Program (IWSP) in 2009
  5847. Freeman argued that a run-up of speculation by sovereign-wealth funds created a bubble in the oil industry that allowed for bear raids on American financial institutions, using credit swaps and other non-regulated investment instruments to crash the U.S. financial system
  5848. A “bear raid” is analogous to a run on the banks, but with stocks instead of money
  5849. Financial subversion may have been carried out by terrorists or nations hostile to the United States
  5850. Freeman stated that “a three-phased attack” was planned and being executed against the economy

  5851. First, oil prices rapidly increased even as the economy was weakening and demand was decreasing
  5852. Speculative run-up in oil prices generated as much as $2 trillion of excess wealth for oil-producing nations, filling the coffers of Sovereign Wealth Funds, especially those that follow Shariah compliant finance (appears to have begun in 2007 and lasted through June 2008)
  5853. Muslim Brotherhood’s founder created Shariah compliant finance, calling it “financial jihad”
  5854. Rapid run-up in oil prices made the value of OPEC oil in the ground worth roughly $137 trillion
  5855. Proven OPEC reserves were then valued at almost three times the total market capitalization of every company on the planet traded in all 27 global stock markets

  5856. The second phase began in 2008 with a series of bear raids targeting U.S. financial services firms
  5857. Bear raid against Bear Stearns was successful in forcing the firm to near bankruptcy (2008)
  5858. Someone was selling fake Bear Stearns stock and selling them in the marketplace to create panic
  5859. JP Morgan Chase acquired Bear Stearns which temporarily averted the systemic risk generated
  5860. Bear raids were conducted against various other firms in 2008, each ending in an acquisition
  5861. Bear raid against Lehman Brothers caused the firm to fail and froze the credit markets (2008)
  5862. Lehman’s failure caused a system-wide crisis and nearly collapsed the global financial system
  5863. Bear raids were perpetrated by naked short selling and manipulation of credit default swaps
  5864. Short selling and credit default swaps were virtually unregulated at the time of the crisis
  5865. Short selling was actually enhanced by recent regulatory changes including rescission of the uptick rule and loopholes such as the Madoff exemption
  5866. Substantial and unusual trading activity was identified, but the source of the bear raids has not been traceable due to serious transparency gaps for hedge funds, trading pools, sponsored access, and sovereign wealth funds
  5867. Unusual trading occurred in Citigroup for two days in October 2008 creating market panic
  5868. Short selling, borrowing shares from another person and selling them for profit, jumped 23 fold
  5869. Two relatively small broker dealers emerged virtually overnight to trade trillions of dollars worth of U.S. blue chip companies
  5870. They are the number one traders in all financial companies that collapsed or are now financially supported by the U.S. government
  5871. Trading by the firms grew exponentially while the markets have lost trillions of dollars in value

  5872. The third phase is a direct coordinated economic attack on the U.S. Treasury and the U.S. dollar
  5873. A focused effort to collapse the dollar by dumping Treasury bonds was discussed by finance ministers in emerging market nations such as China, Russia, Iran and the Arab states
  5874. Such an event would trigger a downgrading of U.S. debt forcing rapidly rising interest rates
  5875. Bear raid against the U.S. financial system would result in the collapse of the American economy
  5876. Pentagon began war gaming the increasingly likely scenario(s) of America’s financial collapse
  5877. Federal government’s Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission blamed the crash on economic factors such as high-risk mortgage lending practices and poor federal regulation and supervision
  5878. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission did not even consider “outside forces” in their analysis
  5879. Freeman pointed to the seizure of $134 billion in counterfeit U.S. bonds as a potential clue
  5880. In 1999, the PLA referred to George Soros as a financial terrorist along with Osama bin Laden
  5881. George Soros warned that the United States financial system may soon collapse (2012)
  5882. LAPD and the Pentagon conducted military drills in downtown Los Angeles (January 2012)
  5883. Homeland Security began monitoring Internet for anti-government sentiment and social unrest

  5884. Marxist Billionaire George Soros: “The main obstacle to a stable and just world is the U.S.”

  5885. George Soros gave large sums of money to groups that support the destruction of America
  5886. Soros’ stated goal for over a decade has been to burst the “bubble of American supremacy”
  5887. George Soros: the housing crisis would signal the end of the dollar as the world’s default currency
  5888. Soros insisted that the U.S. can take on even more debt and to stop obsessing about budget cuts
  5889. Soros purchased eleven tons of gold and stands to profit handsomely from the fall of the dollar
    “When you try to, let’s see, improve society, you affect different people and different interests differently and they are not actually commesurate. So you very often have all kinds of unintended adverse consequences. So I had to experiment, and it was a learning process. The first part was this subversive activity, disrupting the oppressive regimes. That was a lot of fun, and that’s actually what got me hooked on this whole enterprise. Seeing what works in one country, trying it in the other countries, so it was like a kind of, what developed a matrix in fact, if we have national foundations and then we had certain specialized activities.” ~Marxist Billionaire George Soros

  5890. During World War II, Soros lived in Hungary under false papers working for the Nazi government
  5891. Soros was tasked with identifying and expropriating the property of wealthy fellow Jews
  5892. By his own admission, Soros helped confiscate the homes of fellow Jews in Hungary in 1944
  5893. Soros had previously crashed foreign countries’ financial systems by generating market panic
  5894. George Soros became known as the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992
  5895. Soros nearly collapsed Thailand & Malaysia’s economies during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis
  5896. Malaysian Prime Minister accused Soros of causing the collapse with monetary machinations
  5897. Thailand branded Soros as an “economic war criminal” who “sucks the blood from the people”
  5898. Soros was involved in the Russia-gate scandal that almost collapsed the Russian economy
  5899. The Russia scandal was described as “one of the greatest social robberies in human history”
  5900. France convicted George Soros for felony insider trading and fined him $2.9 million
  5901. George Soros won an appeal to lower the fine from $2.9 million down to $940,507
  5902. Soros lost his appeal at the European Court of Human Rights to overturn his conviction (2011)
  5903. Hungary’s financial watchdog fined George Soros $2.2 million for “illegal market manipulation”
    “I became concerned with the problems of globalization, where you have global markets, but your politics based on the sovereignty of states. So how do you deal with that issue? And then I came to the realization that Open Society is endangered by our current leadership in this country, and that is when I refocused my attention on the United States.” ~George Soros

  5904. Soros spent $27 million in 2004 in an unsuccessful effort to defeat President George W. Bush
  5905. George Soros ‘bought’ the Democratic Party and has been replacing moderates with radicals
  5906. Soros spent more than $20 million on Democratic advertising and get-out-the-vote efforts for 2004
  5907. George Soros gave substantial money and support to the Obama campaign for the 2008 elections
  5908. Soros invested millions of dollars into super PACs focused on grassroots organizing, voter registration, and Democratic turnout in support of President Obama’s re-election (2012)
  5909. Soros gave $1 million to Priorities USA Action, Obama’s chief super PAC (September 2012)
  5910. Soros also gave $500,000 to two other super PACs backing Democrats for Congress
  5911. Announcement came at a luncheon headlined by former President Bill Clinton, and attended by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) (September 2012)
  5912. Schumer released plans to investigate whether super PACs work with campaigns (February 2012)
  5913. Nancy Pelosi has pushed legislation in the House aimed at super PACs (February 2012)
  5914. George Soros gave $1 million to American Bridge, which does contracting work for super PACs
  5915. American Bridge is run by a Media Matters’ founder David Brock, a favorite of George Soros
  5916. While not yet as deep, Soros has tentacles spreading throughout the Republican Party as well
  5917. An anonymous investor or hedge fund made billions betting on the U.S. credit rating downgrade
  5918. Starting in 2006, Soros sank money into a project called the Secretary of State Project (SOSP)
  5919. The goal of the project was to elect Democrats into the offices of Secretary of State
  5920. Secretaries of State are responsible for adjudicating all of the vote-fraud cases within each state
  5921. The project is so far credited with helping elect (11) “reform-minded” progressive Democrats
  5922. In 2006, SOSP helped elect leftist secretaries in Ohio, Nevada, Iowa, New Mexico and Minnesota
    “They helped to elect Saul Alinsky-inspired community organizer Mark Ritchie, the ACORN-loving Minnesota secretary of state who presided over Al Franken’s theft of incumbent Republican Norm Coleman’s U.S. Senate seat in the 2008 election cycle.” ~Matthew Vadum at the American Spectator

  5923. In 2008, SOSP backed winning candidates in Montana, West Virginia, Missouri and Oregon
  5924. In 2010, just two of SOSP’s candidates won their elections, in Minnesota and California
  5925. The project is a 527 political group, therefore benefits from a soft-money loophole
  5926. Internal Revenue Code: 527 political groups have no upper limit on contributions and no restrictions on who may contribute in seeking to influence the selection, nomination, election, appointment or defeat of candidates to federal, state or local public office
  5927. Many of SOSP’s founders and supporters have long-standing ties to George Soros
  5928. George Soros helped craft the “stimulus” bill and then invested in companies that stood to benefit
  5929. Soros met with Obama’s top economist and officials 3 times as the “stimulus” was being crafted
  5930. George Soros later participated in discussions on financial reform
  5931. George Soros doubled his holdings in medical manufacturer Hologic, a “stimulus” recipient
  5932. Soros tripled his holdings in Emulus, a big recipient of taxpayer infrastructure spending
  5933. George Soros bought 210,000 shares of Cisco Systems, a taxpayer “stimulus” recipient
  5934. Soros bought shares of Extreme Networks, which became part of Obama’s “broadband strategy”
  5935. Soros bought 1.5 million shares of AEP, which Obama gave $1 billion to in June 2009
  5936. Soros bought shares in Ameren, which received a $540 million Energy Department taxpayer loan
  5937. Soros bought 250,000 shares of Public Service Enterprise Group, a recipient of a DOE loan
  5938. Soros bought 500,000 shares of NRG Energy, a recipient of an Energy Department taxpayer loan
  5939. Soros bought a million shares of Entergy, a recipient of an Energy Department taxpayer loan
  5940. Soros bought into BioFuel Energy, a company that benefited from EPA regulation of ethanol
  5941. Soros bought Powerspan in April 2009, a few weeks before it landed a $100 million DOE loan
  5942. Soros bought Blackboard, which became a large recipient of education “stimulus” money (2009)
  5943. Soros bought Burlington Northern Santa Fe & CSX, parts of Obama’s plan to revitalize railroads
  5944. Soros bought Cognizant Technology Solutions, a recipient of Obama’s “stimulus” plan
  5945. Soros bought 300,000 shares of Constellation Energy Group, a stimulus recipient of $200 million
  5946. Soros bought 4.6 million shares of Covanta, a recipient of taxpayer “stimulus” money from Obama
  5947. George Soros may also benefit from the White House’s natural gas proposal (2012)
  5948. Soros’ hedge funds owns 3,160,063 shares of Westport and stands to reap the predicted windfall
  5949. Democrats offered a transportation bill worth billions for companies owned by George Soros
  5950. Forbes 400 ranked George Soros as the second biggest financial gainer during the year 2010

  5951. George Soros has spent well over $48 million on progressive political media and advertising organizations

  5952. Soros-funded leftist media reaches more than 300 million people every month around the world
  5953. George Soros now has financial ties to over 30 major news organizations
  5954. Soros is tied to the New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press (AP), NBC, ABC, etc.
  5955. Soros funds media’s infrastructure, such as journalism schools and investigative journalism projects
  5956. Soros funds both the Columbia School of Journalism and the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR)
  5957. Columbia is headed by President Lee Bollinger, a vocal supporter of government funded media
  5958. A 2009 study by Columbia’s journalism program also called for “a national fund for local news”
  5959. Bollinger sits on the Pulitzer Prize board and the board of directors of The Washington Post
  5960. Washington Post’s Vice President Len Downie serves on a board funded by George Soros
  5961. Len Downie sits on the board of the Center for Investigative Reporting, funded by George Soros
  5962. Soros funds The National Federation of Community Broadcasters
  5963. Soros funds The National Association of Hispanic Journalists
  5964. Soros funds the Committee to Protect Journalists
  5965. Soros funds Project Syndicate and Public News Service, both claiming to reach millions of readers
  5966. The Organization of News Ombudsmen is devoted to “monitoring accuracy, fairness and balance”
  5967. Organization of News Ombudsmen is funded and supported by Soros’ Open Society Institute
  5968. Organization’s members include those from the L.A. Times, USA Today, & the Washington Post
  5969. Organization of News Ombudsmen is directed by NPR’s Alicia Shepard & PBS’s Michael Getler
  5970. Soros’ Open Society Foundation gave $1.8 million to fund additional political “reporters” for NPR
  5971. George Soros’ Open Society Institute funds the Investigative News Network (INN)
  5972. INN: composed of 32 non-profit news organizations producing “non-partisan investigative news”
  5973. Obama’s FCC ordered NBC newsrooms to partner with the non-profit Voice of San Diego
  5974. Voice of San Diego is a member of INN news network funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute
  5975. INN includes the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University, the liberal web start-up MinnPost, National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting, National Public Radio (NPR), and the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism
  5976. INN had previously included the liberal Huffington Post investigative operation among its grants
  5977. Huffington Post investigations later merged with the Center for Public Integrity (CPI)
  5978. Center for Public Integrity’s (CPI) received $651,650 from Soros’ Open Society Institute in 2009
  5979. ABC’s Amanpour and Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post/AOL) sit on CPI’s board of directors
  5980. Amanpour: tax cuts are “giveaways,” the Tea Party is “extreme” yet Obama is “very Reaganesque”
  5981. Arianna Huffington: “Nobody believes that” the American military should be “so powerful that no one can challenge it” and argued that it was out of touch with the American people (February 2012)
  5982. NBC’s Paula Madison, NPR’s Matt Thompson, and ABC’s Ben Sherwood also sit on the board
  5983. CPI’s reporting features attacks on the coal industry, payday loans, and detailed investigations of conservative politicians and funders like David and Charles Koch and their “web of influence”
  5984. The James L. Knight Foundation, a well-known journalism foundation, also backs the INN
  5985. James L. Knight Foundation CEO Alberto Ibarguen is on the board of directors for ProPublica
  5986. ProPublica describes itself as an “independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest” and as championing the values of the “weak” against the “strong”
  5987. ProPublica won a second Pulitzer Prize for reporting a liberal agenda, including attacks on oil and gas companies, the health care industry, for-profit schools, and the evils of the foreclosure industry
  5988. ProPublica is just one of many Soros-funded organizations with members of the “neutral press”
  5989. ProPublica received donations from George Soros in 2010 and 2011 to push the leftwing agenda
  5990. ProPublica was given millions of dollars to “strengthen the progressive infrastructure”
  5991. ProPublica was founded with a $10 million yearly grant from Herbert and Marion Sandler
  5992. Herbert and Marion Sandler were former chief executives of the Golden West Financial Corp.
  5993. Golden West Financial Corp. was one of the U.S. largest mortgage lenders and savings and loans
  5994. The Sandlers sold the business to Wachovia in 2008 for $26 billion right before the financial crisis
  5995. The Sandlers are major donors to the Democratic Party and top funders of ACORN,, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Human Rights Watch and other far-left groups
  5996. The Sandlers donate heavily to the Center for American Progress (CAP) think tank
  5997. In 2008, the Sandlers were behind two controversial PACs, Vote Hope and
  5998. Vote Hope and spent about $5 million in pro-Obama ads in California
  5999. Both of the PACs were run by Herbert and Marion Sandler’s son-in-law, Steve Phillips
  6000. Steve Phillips was a former president of the San Francisco School Board
  6001. Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., a friend of Obama, sits on the board of ProPublica
  6002. 14-person Journalism Advisory Board is stacked with leftwing mainstream media representatives
  6003. CNN’s David Gergen and representatives from top newspapers sit on the advisory board
  6004. Wall Street Journal’s former publisher & the editor-in-chief of Simon & Schuster sit on the board
  6005. Jill Abramson, a managing editor of the New York Times sits on the advisory board
  6006. Kerry Smith, the senior vice president for editorial quality of ABC News sits on the board
  6007. Cynthia A. Tucker, the editor of the editorial page of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  6008. NBC-owned television stations in cities across the nation teamed up with ProPublica (2011)
  6009. ProPublica will contribute to the news operations of all NBC-owned-and-operated stations
  6010. Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) received nearly $1 million from Soros from 2003-2008
  6011. Center for Investigative Reporting’s board of directors and the advisory board features names such as San Francisco Chronicle President Phil Bronstein, David Boardman of The Seattle Times, Washington Post V.P. Len Downie, and CBS News Producer George Osterkamp
  6012. CIR’s media partners include the Washington Post, Salon, CNN, and ABC News
  6013. CIR reports many stories on climate change, illegal immigration, and the evils of big companies
  6014. George Soros’s latest attempt in new media was creating the American Bridge 21st Century
  6015. American Bridge 21st Century is a super PAC that focuses on “election-oriented research”
  6016. The project aimed to follow GOP candidates and officials with videographers in 2011 and 2012
  6017. The hope is to capture gotcha moments to derail political ambitions and create advertisements
  6018. Soros donated another $1 million to American Bridge 21st Century to help re-elect Obama in 2012
  6019. PBS’ Mill Moyers described George Soros as a “victim” of Glenn Beck and Fox News “assassins”
  6020. Moyer: Soros is “deeply troubled by the Orwellian power of the right-wing in this country today
  6021. Bill Moyer was on the board of George Soros’ Open Society Institute prior to joining PBS
  6022. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is funded by George Soros
  6023. Analysis of CREW’s “watchdog” activities reveals a systematic effort to disproportionately target Republicans and conservative-leaning groups with frivolous lawsuits, ethics complaints, and petitions for investigations by law enforcement agencies
  6024. CREW called on Julius Genachowski and the FCC to revoke Fox News’ broadcast licenses
  6025. POLITICO’s ex-Soros employee, Kenneth Vogel, attacked GOP super PACs (June 2012)

  6026. George Soros’ Open Society Institute provides funding for a vast network of Marxist front groups

  6027. Soros has spent over $400 million on ‘Open Society’ education at colleges and universities
  6028. All of the Ivy League universities, along with a variety of state schools, private institutions, and even religiously-affiliated institutions, were also funded by George Soros
  6029. Koch brothers were vilified by the political left for donating almost $7 million to universities
  6030. Soros has given over 50 times more money to universities than the despised Koch brothers
  6031. Center for American Progress (CAP) was founded in 2003 by John Podesta and funded by Soros
  6032. John Podesta was co-chairman of the Obama-Biden Transition Project in 2008
  6033. Think Progress is a project of the Center for American Progress Action Fund (CAPAF)
  6034. The CAPAF is a sister advocacy organization of John Podesta’s Center for American Progress
  6035. Think Progress bills itself as a “nonpartisan organization” advancing progressive ideas & policies
  6036. Think Progress’ political blog boasted about being named the “Best Liberal Blog” in 2006
  6037. Think Progress has a track record of generating reams of dubious & fabricated Leftist propaganda
  6038. George Soros, Theresa Heinz Kerry and The New World Foundation fund the Tides Foundation
  6039. 1970’s Anti-war protester Drummond Pike founded the Tides Foundation in 1976
  6040. Tides Foundation gives funds to thousands of far-left charities, lobby organizations, & “projects”
  6041. Tides’ “projects” include People for the American Way, Social Venture Network, Women Donors Network, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, and many other liberal non-profit groups
  6042. Tides Center has partnered with the Ford Foundation and the Gates Foundation
  6043. Tides Foundation funded ACORN and other leftist groups in exchange for federal grant money
  6044. Tides Foundation also funds Media Matters for America and the Center for Constitutional Rights
  6045. Tides Foundation has given 14,246 grants totaling $630.6 million between 1999 through 2008
  6046. Tides’ new CEO, Melissa Bradley, previously founded the far-left group New Capitalist
  6047. Melissa Bradley was selected as a ‘Soros Justice Fellow’ for her innovation in criminal justice
  6048. America Coming Together (ACT) was founded in 2003 and funded by SEIU and George Soros
  6049. In 2004, George Soros was the largest individual donor to America Coming Together (ACT)
  6050. Soros and Taco Bell heir Rob McKay created ACT to help defeat George W. Bush in 2004
  6051. McKay, now chairman of Democracy Alliance, gave $245,000 to ACT and $35,000 to SOSP
  6052. Democracy Alliance was founded in 2005 with major financial backing from George Soros
  6053. Democracy Alliance is billed as a network of leftist think-tanks and advocacy groups
  6054. Democracy Alliance’s membership includes some of the country’s wealthiest Democrats
  6055. Democracy Alliance funds political infrastructure aimed at pushing America to the left
  6056. Democracy Alliance has helped direct nearly $150 million to progressive organizations
  6057. Robert McKay, chairman of Democracy Alliance, also sits on the board of Priorities USA
  6058. Priorities USA (P-USA) was co-founded by Bill Burton and Sean Sweeney
  6059. Bill Burton was President Obama’s first deputy press secretary in the White House
  6060. Sean Sweeney served as senior adviser to Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s first chief of staff
  6061. Priorities USA’s sister organization was also founded, Priorities USA Action (P-USAA)
  6062. Both organizations’ stated goal was to raise $100 million to help re-elect President Obama in 2012
  6063. Priorities USA (P-USA) is registered as a 501(c)(4) organization and therefore permitted to accept donations of any amount from corporations, labor unions, and individual contributors
  6064. IRS rules state that 501(c)(4) organizations are not required to disclose the identity of its donors
  6065. Priorities USA Action is run by Bill Burton, former White House deputy press secretary
  6066. Priorities USA Action is also run by Democrat strategist Paul Begala
  6067. Priorities USA consistently echoes Democratic Party talking points in its ads and communiques
  6068. America Votes 2006 was another Soros-backed liberal group that sought to elect Democrats
  6069. Soros gave an additional $1 million to America Votes to help re-election President Obama in 2012
  6070. Soros was the largest donor, giving $3.5 million, to the Fund for America in late 2007
  6071. Fund for America was created to do voter outreach and finance attack ads for the 2008 elections
  6072. Four of the fund’s nine donors who gave $200,000 or more also contributed to the SOSP
  6073. ActBlue was founded in 2004 as a committee that helps elect liberal Democratic candidates
  6074. ActBlue founders seek to “nationalize local races” with a national grassroots donor base
  6075. SOSP used ActBlue to help raise funds for itself and its candidates from Democrats nationwide
  6076. ActBlue said it raised more than $190 million online for Democratic candidates since 2004
  6077. ActBlue funneled money into campaigns of six Democratic state Senate candidates in Wisconsin
  6078. Media Matters for America is a Democrat party front group that spreads false propaganda
  6079. Media Matters is funded by Soros as the activist arm for the Congressional Progressive Caucus
  6080. Media Matters is breaking the law by lying and participating in partisan political activity
  6081. Media Matters was founded by chairman David Brock as a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt foundation
  6082. 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organizations must obey IRS laws restricting political and lobbying activity
  6083. David Brock revealed his campaign of “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” aimed at Fox News
  6084. Media Matters attempted to coordinate Democratic opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline
  6085. Media Matters offered their purported “analysis” to provide “leverage” to “allies” in Congress
  6086. Media Matters is closely connected to Hillary Clinton and funded by the Democracy Alliance
  6087. Media Matters is a George Soros-backed legion of liberal activist shock troops based in D.C.
  6088. George Soros donated an another $1 million to Media Matters just prior to the 2010 elections
  6089. Media Matters hired an executive from to develop campaigns against News Corp.
  6090. Emails revealed that the Justice Department regularly enlists Media Matters to spin the press (2012)
  6091. Soros used propaganda to promote treaties that give the U.N. control over gun ownership (2012)
  6092. Haydn Price-Morris, a staffer at Media Matters, committed numerous felonies in Washington, D.C. and across the country by carrying a firearm to defend Media Matters’ founder, David Brock
  6093. Brock became increasingly concerned by late 2010 that he was being targeted by right-wing assassins
  6094. David Brock reportedly struggles with mental health problems and has been hospitalized in the past
  6095. Media Matters commissioned hundreds of pieces supportive of gun control and restrictions on firearms
    “George Soros and a lot of groups connected to gun control are funding this group, and they wouldn’t be too happy that an employee of Media Matters was carrying a gun, especially when it was illegal in D.C.” ~Anonymous source within Media Matters

  6096. received early funding in the tune of millions of dollars from George Soros
  6097. founded by liberal elites in response to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton
  6098. challenged the personal integrity of American military and the civilian leadership
  6099. The New York Times gave a sweetheart advertising deal prior to 2004 elections
  6100. Drummond Pike serves as a board member and treasurer of the Democracy Alliance
  6101. Pike is also a chairman of the board of the Environmental Working Group, a green activist group
  6102. George Soros’ new ‘green energy’ investment fund hired Cathy Zoi, a top Obama energy aide
  6103. Cathy Zoi, an Al Gore acolyte, was Obama’s point-woman on subsidizing the green tech industry
  6104. Cathy Zoi’s husband, Robin Roy, is a top executive at a private green-tech firm, Serious Materials
  6105. Serious Materials pocketed federal stimulus money and was being regulated by Cathy Zoi
  6106. The White House regularly held up Serious Materials as a “poster child of green industry”
  6107. Defense policy advisor Rosa Brooks is a George-Soros trained ideologue and is anti-military
  6108. Obama Technology advisor Lawrence Lessig founded a group that spreads Al Jazeera propaganda
  6109. Lessig works with a Marxist activist who argued for the dismantling of the U.S. capitalist system
  6110. Lessig works with a George Soros group that petitions for more government control of the media
  6111. George Soros’ International Crisis Group is seeking hard-line Islamic states in the Middle East
  6112. Soros’ team told Algerian officials that those supporting Islamic caliphate should be ‘empowered’
  6113. Soros’ Open Society Institute funds opposition groups across the Middle East and North Africa
  6114. International Crisis Group (ICG) petitioned the Algerian government supporting Islamists
  6115. ICG was tied to uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa
  6116. Soros’ ICG petitioned the Libyan government to normalize ties with the Muslim Brotherhood
  6117. Muslim Brotherhood want the theocracy of Shariah law, not the democracy of Thomas Jefferson
  6118. George Soros wrote that Israel is the “main stumbling block” to democratic progress in Egypt
  6119. The Soros-funded organization Free Press founded by avowed Marxist Robert W. McChesney
  6120. Robert W. McChesney advocates dismantling capitalism & replacing with socialism (2009)
  6121. Robert W. McChesney advocating a government-run U.S. media system to spew propaganda
  6122. Susan P. Crawford the “Internet Czar” spoke at Free Press “Change Media” summit (2009)
  6123. Susan P. Crawford’s project OneWebNow lists Free Press & ACORN as participating groups
  6124. Free Press Policy Director Ben Scott named a policy adviser for innovation at the State Dept.
  6125. Soros-funded group Public Knowledge has Obama transition team members on advisory board
  6126. Public Knowledge advisory board member Timothy Wu is chairman of the board for Free Press
  6127. Soros is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
  6128. Bilderberg Society, G8, G20, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral meet regularly
  6129. Bilderberg Club meets secretively and is composed of hundreds of the world’s financial elite
  6130. Obama and Progressive Democrats are supporting global governance of the financial industries
  6131. Obama was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which seeks global governance
  6132. Barack H. Obama and Hillary R. Clinton had both secretly attended a Bilderberg meeting in 2008
  6133. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke attended the meeting in 2008 and possibly again secretly in 2010
  6134. Agenda 21: abolition of private property, global citizenship education, & control of human actions
  6135. Agenda 21’s “sustainable development” concepts incorporated into the Obama administration
  6136. Obama signed Executive Order #13575 in order to control rural populations and development
  6137. White House Rural Council was created in 2011 to establish control over 16% of the population
  6138. Obama’s EPA is seeking new regulatory power in the name of “sustainable development” (2011)
  6139. Maurice Strong proposed intentionally collapsing rich countries of the world to save the planet
  6140. John Bryson co-founded the activist group Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in 1970
  6141. NRDC was founded with a $400,000 seed grant from the Ford Foundation
  6142. NRDC is also funded by George Soros and the Tides Foundation
  6143. NRDC is a major proponent of stopping global warming and endorsed the Earth Charter
  6144. Earth Charter blames capitalism for the world’s environmental, social, and economic problems
    “The dominant patterns of production and consumption are causing environmental devastation, the depletion of resources, and a massive extinction of species. The benefits of development are not shared equitably and the gap between rich and poor is widening.” ~The Earth Charter

  6145. Natural Resources Defense Council is a member and funder of the controversial Apollo Alliance
  6146. NRDC’s president, Frances Beinecke, is on the Apollo Alliance’s board
  6147. Jeff Jones, founder if a domestic terrorist group, boasted of doing work with John Bryson’s group
  6148. Jeff Jones, Mark Rudd, and Bill Ayers signed an infamous statement calling for a revolution against the American government inside and outside of the country to defeat U.S. imperialism
  6149. Jeff Jones: Apollo’s mission is a “sort of a grand unified field theory for progressive left causes”
  6150. Jeff Jones boasted on his website that he has done consulting work for the NRDC
  6151. John Bryson was the former chairman, CEO, and president of Edison International
  6152. Edison International is the parent company of Southern California Edison
  6153. Bryson serves on the U.N. secretary-general’s advisory group on energy and climate change
  6154. Bryson was co-chair of the globalist organization Pacific Council on International Policy (PCIP)
  6155. PCIP was founded in 1995 in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
  6156. Members of globalist organizations PCIP & CRF are found throughout the Obama administration
  6157. Pacific Council on International Policy (PCIP) is funded by the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund
  6158. President Obama’s ambassador to France, Charles Rivkin, is a member of the PCIP
  6159. Charles Rivkin invited a 29-member delegation from the PCIP to a conference in France (2010)
  6160. Rivkin proposed that the U.S. “engage” and help to “empower France’s Muslim minorities”
  6161. Deputy secretary of state James B. Steinberg serves on the PCIP board of directors
  6162. Steinberg serves on the science and security board of the journal Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
  6163. Journal argued for the U.S. to hand over its nuclear weapons to an international organization
  6164. Journal was founded by scientists accused of spying for the Soviets during the Cold War
  6165. U.S. ambassador to Argentina Vilma S. Martinez is chairman of the PCIP’s Mexico Study Group
  6166. Obama’s former ambassador to China, Jon M. Huntsman Jr. (R), is a PCIP founding director
  6167. Obama’s U.S. ambassador to Australia, Jeffrey L. Bleich, is a PCIP member
  6168. Diana Farrell, deputy director of the National Economic Council, is a member of the PCIP
  6169. Farrell is also a member of the CFR and the Bretton Woods Committee
  6170. Byron Auguste, a member of the W.H. Council for Community Solutions, is on the PCIP board
  6171. Auguste also serves on the board of trustees of the Center for American Progress (CAP)
  6172. Center for American Progress (CAP) is funded by George Soros and led by John Podesta
  6173. John Podesta served as co-chairman of Obama’s transition team
  6174. Steven Myers is a Pacific Council on International Policy (PCIP) member
  6175. Myers joined the State Department’s advisory committee on international economic policy (2010)
  6176. John B. Emerson is a member of both the PCIP and the CFR
  6177. Emerson was an appointee for Obama’s advisory committee for trade policy and negotiations
  6178. Obama nominated PCIP member Janet Yellen to serve as vice chair of the Federal Reserve
  6179. PCIP member Alan D. Bersin was appointed commissioner of U.S. Customs & Border Protection
  6180. Obama appointed PCIP member Michael Camunez to assistant secretary for market access and compliance in the Department of Commerce (2011)
  6181. Ernest James Wilson was elected chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (2009)
  6182. E.J. Wilson is a member of the PCIP board and was a policy advisor on Obama’s transition team
  6183. Jonathan Greenblat is chairman of the PCIP’s energy and environment committee
  6184. Jonathan Greenblat was also on Obama’s presidential transition team
  6185. Ahmed Rashid is a Pakistani journalist and writer and a consultant for Human Rights Watch
  6186. Rashid, a PCIP fellow, is a member of the advisory board of Eurasia Net of the Soros Foundation
  6187. Rashid is also a scholar of the Davos World Economic Forum
  6188. Rashid became the first journalist to address the U.N. General Assembly in New York (2002)
  6189. Rashid was also the first journalist to address NATO ambassadors in Brussels (2003)
  6190. Professor Kent Wong of UCLA is the director of the Center for Labor Research & Education
  6191. Center for Labor Research & Education received funding from Soros’ Open Society Institute
  6192. Center for Labor Research & Education also received funds from Tides and the Ford Foundation
  6193. Wong spoke at a pro-illegal immigration rally where he endorsed the DREAM Act in racist terms
  6194. Wong called on future DREAM Act beneficiaries to replace the “old white men” in Congress
  6195. Professor Wong served as a staff attorney for the SEIU in Los Angeles prior to joining UCLA
  6196. Wong was the founding president of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO
  6197. Wong served as the president of the union organization United Association of Labor Education
  6198. Campaign for America’s Future was co-founded in 1996 primarily by Robert Borosage
  6199. Robert Borosage previously worked as director of the Marxist-oriented Institute for Policy Studies
  6200. Campaign for America’s Future is funded by Marxist billionaire George Soros
  6201. Roger Hickey is a co-founder and co-director of Campaign for America’s Future (CAF)
  6202. Roger Hickey also co-founded the George Soros-funded Economic Policy Institute (EPI)
    “We think Obama should go ahead and take the opportunity to appoint a number of NLRB people and Cordray as well and it would be a disappointment if he did not.” ~Roger Hickey calling on President Obama to break precedent on recess appointments (which he did) despite a 1993 Justice Department finding cited by Obama’s solicitor general in 2011 arguing that a recess must be longer than three days
    (January 2012)

  6203. Center for Community Change (CCC) has its board filled with radicals and socialist activists
  6204. Center for Community Change is funded by Marxist billionaire George Soros
  6205. Jewish Fund for Justice (JFSJ) is a social justice charity funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute
  6206. JFSJ promotes social justice, “green” jobs, immigration reform, & was a champion of Obamacare
  6207. JFSJ runs a Selah Leadership Program which provides local community organizing training
  6208. Selah Leadership Program grads included Heather Booth, founder of radical Midwest Academy
  6209. As of mid-2007, more than 200 leaders from 165 organizations had completed the program
  6210. JFSJ was listed as an endorsing organization for the D.C. One Nation rally in October 2010
  6211. JFSJ has a “proud” working association with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
  6212. Extremist and self-described Saul Alinsky disciple Heather Booth founded Midwest Academy
  6213. Midwest Academy’s methods were adopted by the AFL-CIO’s “Union Summer” training camp
  6214. Booth stated building a “progressive majority” would help for a “fair distribution of wealth”
  6215. Booth’s husband, Paul Booth, founded Students for a Democrat Society (SDS) in the 1960s
  6216. SDS was a radical 1960s anti-war movement spun-off from Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground
  6217. The Woods Fund provided capital to the Midwest Academy while Obama served as director
  6218. Jackie Kendall was an executive director of the Midwest Academy founded in the 1970s
  6219. Jackie Kendall helped train volunteers to aid Obama’s campaign prior to the 2008 Iowa primary
  6220. Citizen Action of Illinois spun off from the Midwest Academy to perform work in Chicago
  6221. In late 2006, George Soros bought 2 million shares of Halliburton stock for $62 million
  6222. George Soros sponsored the founding of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)
  6223. INET allows George Soros to bring together the “world’s top economists and financial thinkers”
  6224. The goal of George Soros and INET is “to remake the world’s economy as they see fit”
  6225. More than two-thirds of the slated speakers for the 2011 event have direct ties to George Soros
  6226. Jeffrey Sachs is founder and co-president of the Soros-funded Millennium Promise Alliance
  6227. Millennium Promise Alliance promotes a global economy and a new international tax structure
  6228. Sachs sits on INET’s advisory council and is a special adviser to U.N. Sec.-General Ban Ki-moon
  6229. Jeffrey Sachs directs Columbia’s Earth Institute promoting the theory of global warming
  6230. Sachs is the engineer of a “shock treatment” economic doctrine that leads to economic failure
  6231. George Soros funds the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), a Marxist-oriented think-tank
  6232. IPS “serves as an intellectual nerve center” for issues including “support for Marxist insurgencies”
  6233. IPS undermined our national security and was closely linked to the Soviet’s KGB spy agency
  6234. FBI called IPS a “think factory” that helps to “train extremists who incite violence in U.S. cities”
  6235. FBI said that IPS’s “educational research serves as cover for intrigue, and political agitation”
  6236. IPS was accused of serving as a propaganda arm of the USSR and a place where Soviet agents met
  6237. Congressman Leon Panetta was on IPS’s official 20th Anniversary Committee on April 5, 1983
  6238. Panetta’s voting record in Congress from 1977-1993 showed an affinity for IPS’s agenda
  6239. Panetta supported IPS’s “Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy Line” in 1983
  6240. Panetta commissioned the IPS to produce an ‘alternative’ budget during the 1980s
  6241. IPS’s budget drastically cut defense spending while increasing the spending for social welfare
  6242. Panetta voted against the reaffirmation of the Mutual Defense Treaty with Taiwan
  6243. Panetta voted in favor of continuing foreign aid to the Sandinistas of communist Nicaragua
  6244. Panetta supported extending most-favored nation status to the Soviet Union during the Cold War
  6245. Panetta voted to cede control of the Panama Canal to the pro-Soviet Panamanian government
  6246. Panetta endorsed the IPS-supported bill to terminate our efforts to resist communism in Nicaragua
  6247. Panetta slammed President Reagan’s “illegal and extraordinary vicious wars” in Latin America
  6248. Panetta supported Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua and opposed Chile’s anti-communist government
  6249. Panetta issued a Congressional statement of praise for anti-war activist Lucy Haessler in 1984
  6250. CIA Director Leon Panetta was later nominated by Obama to serve as secretary of defense in 2011
  6251. CIA Director Panetta was tied to the IPS, a pro-Marxist think tank accused of anti-CIA activity
  6252. Other members of the IPS committee included Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Tom Harkin (D-IA)
  6253. Sen. Tom Harkin’s (D-Iowa) largest political donor stands to benefit from a bill he sponsored
  6254. Harkin took at least $137,916.00 from a company called Herbalife International since 1989
  6255. Herbalife is a global nutrition & supplement company that specializes in “healthy” weight loss
  6256. Harkin sponsored the Federal Response to Eliminating Eating Disorders, or F.R.E.E.D. Act
  6257. F.R.E.E.D. continues to re-write The Social Security Act of 1935 and Obamacare passed in 2010
  6258. Removes exclusion of payments for “agents when used for anorexia, weight loss, or weight gain”
  6259. Herbalife sells a wide range of products tied to weight gain, weight loss, and eating disorders
  6260. The bill authorizes our federal government to pay for the Herbalife International’s products
  6261. Authorizes Medicare and Medicaid to pay for OTC drugs used in the “treatment” of eating disorders
  6262. Herbalife International has been Tom Harkin’s biggest political contributor over the last 22 years
  6263. Harkin has been the loudest advocate for alternative medicine and prevention for the last 20 years
  6264. Lucy Haessler co-founded the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF)
  6265. WILPF was named by the U.S. State Department as a “Soviet front” group
  6266. Karen Dolan, director of Cities for Progress & Cities for Peace, is a fellow at Soros’ IPS
  6267. Dolan: “Progressives won in the 2010 mid-term elections” and “our work is now finally beginning”
  6268. Dolan urged progressives to “throw our support unabashedly behind the Progressive Caucus”
  6269. Dolan wants “to do the right thing through as many Exec. Orders as we can present to [Obama]”
  6270. George Soros held two concurrent conferences in March 2011, nicknamed Bretton Woods 2.0
  6271. The first four-day conference, billed as “a grand bargain that rearranges the entire financial order”
  6272. The second Soros four-day conference aimed at remaking the world by changing the media
  6273. New Economic Thinking (INET), an organization with Soros ties, sponsored the events
  6274. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) headlined the George Soros’ ‘Change The World’ event in April 2011
  6275. Pelosi skipped all votes and negotiations over the potential 2011 shutdown to attend the events
  6276. George Soros dumped his investors in order to avoid new financial regulations of his hedge fund
  6277. Soros terminated his hedge fund to avoid reporting requirements under the Dodd-Frank reform act
  6278. George Soros promotes an “Open Society,” except for when it comes to his own shady dealings
  6279. Washington Post cited the so-called “nonpartisan” Tax Policy Center in a tax policy piece
  6280. Tax Policy Center is an arm of the Brookings Institute and supported by the Urban Institute (UI)
  6281. In 2001, Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution began collaboration on a Tax Policy Center (TPC) to discredit President George W. Bush’s tax cut plans, which they argued was for ‘the wealthy’
  6282. Brookings has been involved in a variety of internationalist and state-sponsored programs
  6283. Brookings Institute has been involved with the Global Governance Initiative (GCI)
  6284. GCI aspires to facilitate the establishment of a U.N.-dominated world government
  6285. Brookings Fellows have also called for additional global collaboration on trade and banking, an expansion of the Kyoto Protocol, and nationalized health insurance for children
  6286. Nine Brookings economists signed a petition opposing President Bush’s tax cuts in 2003
  6287. Brookings Institution’s President since 2002 has been Strobe Talbott
  6288. Strobe Talbott previously served as President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State
  6289. Brookings Institute’s Board of Trustees features Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of John Kerry (D-MA)
  6290. Brookings’ Board of Trustees includes Zoe Baird, Clinton’s failed appointee for Attorney General
  6291. In 1980, the Urban Institute called for socialized health care in the United States
  6292. Urban Institute critiqued the Reagan administration with research paid for by the Ford Foundation
  6293. Urban Institute similarly critiqued the George H.W. Bush’s administration in 1990
  6294. Urban Institute became a leading policy center apologist for urban black violence following the Los Angeles riots in 1992, focusing on societal and economic factors, rather than moral and criminal
  6295. Ford Foundation is funding Van Jones’ attacks on free speech and intimidation of ALEC
  6296. Ford Foundation gave Color of Change at least $1.8 million to fund its campaign against ALEC
  6297. ALEC is a membership association of state legislators, including both Democrats and Republicans, and various businesses and associations that provide their perspective on policy issues
  6298. ALEC conducts research and promotes free-market economic policies and individual liberty
  6299. Since members of ALEC have a long history of supporting Second Amendment rights, Color of Change ran paid radio ads essentially blaming ALEC for the death of Trayvon Martin (June 2012)
  6300. ALEC is under attack from a loose coalition of 7 organizations: Color of Change, Common Cause, Center for Media and Democracy, Progressive States Network, People for the American Way, Brave New Foundation, and States Voices
  6301. Ford Foundation gave these seven organizations almost $6 million in grants in 2010 and 2011

  6302. Big Labor in America have been plotting to “destabilize the country” and crash Wall Street

  6303. American Leftists are working to destroy America’s financial system and create a revolution
  6304. Big Labor spent $2.2 billion on political activities during the 2008 and 2010 election cycles
  6305. Since 2005, unions spent over $4.4 billion on politics activities, nearly all on behalf of Democrats
  6306. Unions have the power to force workers to pay union dues and fees as a condition of employment
  6307. AFL-CIO and SEIU promotes socializing America by way of organizing unions
  6308. Unions contributed $400 million to Democrats during the 2008 election cycle
  6309. SEIU spent $28 million on Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign
  6310. SEIU was “the organization that spent the most to help Barack Obama get elected president”
    “Everybody... There’s not a presidential candidate, a gubernatorial candidate, a congressional candidate, who won’t tell ya, that they’re pro-union, when they’re looking for their endorsements. They’ll all say, ‘Oh we love SEIU.’ But the question you gotta ask yourself is, do they have it in their gut, do they have a track record of standing alongside you on picket lines? Do they have a track record of going after the companies that aren’t letting you organize? Do they have a track record of voting the right way? But also helping you organize to build more and more power?

    And some of you know I come from an organizing background, so — I’ve been working with the SEIU before I was elected to anything. When I was a community organizer, SEIU Local 880 and myself we organized people, to make sure that healthcare workers had basic rights; we organized voter registration drives, that’s how we built political power on the South Side of Chicago….and now the time has come for us to do it all across this country, and then we’ll paint the nation purple, with SEIU!

    I would not be a United States Senator had it not been for the support of your brothers and sisters in Illinois. Those folks, they supported me early, they supported me often. I’ve got my purple windbreaker from my campaign in 2004.

    And so, we’ve just got, what, four more days? Four more days of knocking on some doors. Four more days of working the precinct. Four more days of making sure all your co-workers are caucusing.

    SEIU, I am glad you are with me, let’s together change the country! SEIU! SEIU! SEIU! SEIU! SEIU!”

    ~Barack Obama speaking at a SEIU rally (January 15, 2008)

  6311. Obama bragged on video how he spent his entire adult life working with SEIU
  6312. Obama told SEIU, the 2nd-largest union, “Your agenda has been my agenda in the Senate”
  6313. Obama told an audience that he wanted to establish a civilian security force that rivals our military
  6314. 2009 Most Frequent Visitor to the White House: former SEIU labor leader Andy Stern
  6315. Andy Stern: checks and balances “have become an impediment to making the changes necessary…”
  6316. SEIU and AFSCME promoted their unions through the White House tax-paid email system
  6317. SEIU, AFSCME, and other unions donated to the leftist House Majority PAC for 2012 elections

  6318. Judicial Watch: “[H]ard to tell where big labor unions end and the Obama administration begins”
  6319. AFL-CIO lobbyist Bill Samuel visited the Obama White House more than 50 times (2012)
  6320. Samuel met four times with chief of staff William Daley and three times with Gene Sperling
  6321. AFL-CIO President John Sweeney endorsed Obama’s Housing Plan and redistribution policies
  6322. John Sweeney a well known member of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)
  6323. Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and DSA-controlled unions helped get Obama elected
  6324. CPUSA stated in 2007 that they “actively supported Obama during the primary election” in 2004
  6325. CPUSA’s official magazine lauded the important role of labor unions in electing Obama in 2008
  6326. Sam Webb, chairman of the Communist Party USA, endorsed Obama again for the 2012 elections
  6327. CPUSA scrubbed its website of references that stated it “actively supported” Obama’s re-election
  6328. SEIU organize a May Day rally in Los Angeles (2011) in conjunction with communist groups
  6329. SEIU and the AFL-CIO marched side-by-side with PLP and the Communists Party U.S.A
  6330. SEIU rally included signs stating “Workers of the World Unite” and “Smash Capitalism”
  6331. Leftist plotted to wage war on American capitalism in order to redistribute the nation’s wealth
  6332. SEIU official Stephen Lerner made plans to “destabilize the country” and crash Wall Street
  6333. Stephen Lerner is widely considered a revered strategist & organizer in the labor movement
  6334. On March 19, 2011 Stephen Lerner was introduced at the Left Forum conference as “SEIU”
  6335. Lerner caught on tape revealing secret plans to crash the stock market and redistribute the wealth
  6336. Francis Fox Piven (of Cloward & Piven) was in attendance at the Left Forum Conference (2011)
  6337. Piven said that past welfare rights protests taught her that people needed to “really make trouble”
  6338. Piven said poor people “had to be noisy, had to get people’s attention, and had to make trouble”
  6339. Piven concluded that “lots of people only have real power when they make trouble”
  6340. Video showed Frances Fox Piven and fellow professors indoctrinating college students to get involved and be ready for violent street battles and breaking down capitalism
  6341. Lerner’s plan was to conduct a coordinated “strike” on mortgages, student loans, & debt payments
  6342. Lerner’s plan was to use civil disobedience & riots to shut down banks, transportation, & services
  6343. Lerner urged leftist community organizations to manage the attacks instead of the labor unions
  6344. Lerner said since the attack would benefit labor unions, it couldn’t be seen as being the organizers
  6345. Lerner avoided giving the specific details of his plan fearing that police agents may be in the room
  6346. SEIU refused to comment if Lerner was still an employee, although later it was confirmed he was
  6347. ACORN founder Wade Rathke verified that Stephen Lerner had not been “fired” by SEIU
  6348. SEIU placed Stephen Lerner on “paid leave” to “think through his contribution to the union”
  6349. Wade Rathke confirmed that Lerner did attend the recent international executive board meeting
  6350. While with SEIU, Lerner spent millions of dollars in union’s dues to pursue a similar devious plan
  6351. Lerner used similar disruptive demonstration tactics on a much smaller scale during the 1970’s
  6352. In the 1980’s, Lerner worked with Justice for Janitors through SEIU’s building service division
  6353. Lerner expanded his strategies, writing in 2005, “There was literally a worldwide plan to win”
  6354. When local SEIU officials refused to support a new globalized union focus, they were replaced
  6355. Lerner said it’s “our moment to be part of making history” on the eve of Obama’s 2008 election
  6356. SEIU organizers are taking marching orders directly from Steve Lerner’s protester ‘playbook’
  6357. Busloads of SEIU demonstrators descended on a Bank of America executive’s front yard in 2010
  6358. SEIU members invaded bank offices to harass and intimidate executives on March 16, 2011
  6359. National People’s Action joined in on the “Showdown in America” campaign against big banks
  6360. Hundreds of protesters converged on JP Morgan Chase’s annual shareholders meeting (May 2011)
  6361. Tactics like blocking bridges were suggested by anti-capitalist SEIU organizer Stephen Lerner
  6362. Create an economic and social situation that is so bad that it becomes essentially ungovernable
  6363. SEIU infiltrates government and politics at the expense of its own rank and file
  6364. Employees and employers have detailed being abused by SEIU’s ruthless tactics
  6365. SEIU has corrupt political connections to the pay-to-play Obama administration
  6366. SEIU came out in support of Obama for re-election saying he is for the 99% (November 16, 2011)
  6367. Disgruntled SEIU members staged an anti-rally against the SEIU during ‘Occupy Sacramento’
  6368. Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is led by a radical former SEIU attorney
  6369. Craig Becker attempted to achieve EFCA by shortening union election times (November 2011)
  6370. SEIU’s Andy Stern published an article in the Wall Street Journal in support of Obama and his economic vision by praising China’s superior economic model (December 1, 2011)
  6371. Connecticut schemed with SEIU to unionize day care providers and others without a vote
  6372. Lerner spoke at a progressive summit in September 2011 following the failed Wall Street protests
  6373. Lerner told unions, community organizers, and students that they need to escalate the protests
  6374. Suggested breaking laws, occupying abandoned houses, and creating a crisis across the U.S.
  6375. Leo Gerard is the president of United Steelworkers International (USI) and an adviser to Obama
  6376. Leo Gerard called for “more militancy” in the Occupy movements across the U.S. (2011)
  6377. Leo Gerard serves on a number of groups funded by billionaire Marxist George Soros
  6378. Gerard sits on the boards of Campaign for America’s Future and the Economic Policy Institute
  6379. Groups include those who reportedly helped craft Obama’s “stimulus” and health-care laws (2009)
    “I think what we need is, we need more militancy… I think we’ve got to start a resistance movement. If Wall Street occupation doesn’t get the message, I think we’ve got to start blocking bridges and doing that kind of stuff.”
    ~Union president and Obama adviser Leo Gerard speaking with progressive radio host Ed Schultz (October 31, 2011)

  6380. Tactics like blocking bridges were already used by OWS to hold up the Brooklyn Bridge (2011)
  6381. Community agitator Leo Gerard has a history of direct-action protests
  6382. During the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle that turned violent, Gerard and United Steelworkers Vice President Tom Conway were caught on film dragging two large concrete planters into an intersection
  6383. Leo Gerard called for an “uprising of hope and anger. There’s plenty of anger out there.”
    “[Francis Fox Piven] counsels in her book… that hope is crucial, that constructive change arises from the mix of hope and anger”
    ~Leo Gerard quoting Francis Fox Piven in his writings (August 2011)
    “It’s time to stand up and be heard. It’s time to mobilize online and in the streets. Together, let’s tweet, facebook and text. Let’s rally, vote and, where necessary sit-in.” ~People’s Weekly World, the official newspaper of the Communist Party USA, quoting Leo Gerard and another United Steelworkers leader, Fred Redmond
    (February 2010)

  6384. Gerard was appointed to Obama’s Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and Negotiations (2010)
  6385. Leo Gerard also serves as a vice president of the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest union
  6386. Gerard also serves as co-chairman of the BlueGreen Alliance, a partner of the Apollo Alliance
  6387. Leo Gerard also serves as an Apollo Alliance board member
  6388. Apollo Alliance changed their name following investigations and publicity of their radicalism
  6389. Apollo Alliance changed their name to BlueGreen Alliance, merging with their partner group
  6390. W.H. and Democrat leaders enabled, encouraged and empowered radicals to overthrow the economy
  6391. Lerner, a Leftist encouraging economic terrorism, has had direct access to Obama’s White House
  6392. Obama’s White House visitor logs show “Stephen Lerner” made as least (4) visits in 2 years
  6393. In May 2010, Lerner met with a presidential personnel officer who manages economic agencies
  6394. Lerner met with those responsible for recruiting personnel to the government’s economic agencies
  6395. On October 16, 2010, Lerner met with Tara Corrigan, execute assistant to Patrick Gaspard
  6396. Patrick Gaspard was the Director of the Office of Political Affairs in the Obama White House
  6397. Patrick Gaspard was on the advisory board for President Obama’s transition team
  6398. During the presidential campaign, Patrick Gaspard was Obama’s National Political Director
  6399. Director of political affairs Patrick Gaspard served as ACORN’s man in the Obama White House
  6400. Like Lerner, Patrick Gaspard was a lobbyist and executive vice president for SEIU Local 1199
  6401. New York’s SEIU Local 1199 is one of the union’s most powerful & notoriously militant chapters
  6402. Patrick Gaspard previously worked for Howard Dean and Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaigns
  6403. In 2004, Patrick Gaspard was the National Field Director for America Coming Together
  6404. Patrick Gaspard served as the acting political director for SEIU International during 2006 elections
  6405. Patrick Gaspard, “a Saul Alinsky-inspired ACORN operative,” was chosen to head the DNC
  6406. Gaspard announced his departure from the W.H. in 2011 to focus on Obama’s 2012 campaign
  6407. Patrick Gaspard now serves as executive director of the Democratic National Committee (DNC)
  6408. Steve Lerner was recruited to the SEIU at the same time as now-former president Andy Stern
  6409. Steve Lerner’s wife, Marilyn Sneiderman, worked as the AFL-CIO’s director of field mobilization
  6410. Both worked to unite unions, religious & civil/immigrant rights groups to fight for “social justice”
  6411. Marilyn Sneiderman now works as executive director of AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps
  6412. AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps is a group that is dedicated to social justice
  6413. Sneiderman & Lerner now host an annual Yom Kippur Break Fast event for unionized Jews
  6414. Annual guests include union leaders Andy Stern, Paul Booth, Anna Burger, and John Sweeney
  6415. Paul Booth is a top official at the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees
  6416. Anna Burger works as chair of the Change To Win coalition of unions
  6417. Sweeney is president of the American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations
  6418. SEIU local president Tyrone Freeman was convicted of embezzling money from union workers (2013)
  6419. In addition to misdirecting funds to cover thousands in personal expenses, Tyrone Freeman also had the union paying his American Express bills and the monthly payment on his Land Rover
  6420. Freeman directed more than a half a million dollars in consulting fees to a firm run by his wife
  6421. Public-employee unions extract mandatory union fees to pay campaign contributions to Democrats
  6422. Government unions use their power to campaign for higher taxes and more government employees
  6423. When these Democrats are elected, collective bargaining principles morph into political patronage
  6424. Public-sector unions hold a monopoly on key services allowing them to force extra concessions
  6425. Obama’s 2011 directive permitted employees of the TSA to unionize to placate organized labor
  6426. Obama administration reversed a provision that blocked collective bargaining rights for screeners
  6427. Federal investigators tracked cost overruns to recruiting sessions held at swank hotels and resorts
  6428. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were charged for cash withdrawals, valet parking and beverages
  6429. One TSA executive received a $5.4 million salary for just nine months of work
  6430. TSA caused security gaps by failing for years to keep track of lost uniforms and security passes
  6431. TSA screeners at LAX and Chicago’s O’Hare airports failed to find more than 60% of fake explosives during checkpoint security tests
  6432. Despite billions in cost overruns, the TSA has “failed to actually detect any threat in 10 years”
  6433. Screeners have been accused of committing crimes, from smuggling drugs to stealing luggage
  6434. One screener confessed that he was trying to steal enough items to buy a big-screen television
  6435. TSA’s creator, John Mica (R-FL) suggested dismantling and privatizing the agency in 2011
  6436. Report from June 2011 determined that privatization would result in a 40% savings for taxpayers
  6437. TSA wouldn’t allow a woman to fly because no female agents were available for patdowns (2012)
  6438. Under the Alien Flight Student Program, foreign nationals are supposed to be subjected to a TSA security threat assessment to determine if a security threat exists prior to receiving flight training
  6439. TSA approved flight training for 25 illegal aliens at a flight school that was owned by an illegal
  6440. Six of the illegal aliens at the Boston-area flight school were actually able to obtain pilot’s licenses
  6441. American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) won the right to represent TSA screeners (2011)
  6442. TSA screeners formed a labor union and ratified their first collective bargaining agreement (2012)
  6443. Franklin D. Roosevelt called the idea of public-sector unions “unthinkable & intolerable”
  6444. Former AFL-CIO President George Meany called public-sector unionization “impossible”
  6445. 1950’s socialist Milwaukee mayor, Frank Zeidler, warned it was too difficult to protect taxpayers
  6446. Government-employee unions spend more than any other outside group on U.S. elections
  6447. In 2008, AFSCME’s national headquarters spent $63.3 million on political activities & lobbying
  6448. The giant union of government workers, AFSCME, spent $91 million in the midterm elections
  6449. U.S. union membership is decreasing as jobs continue to move overseas where wages are cheaper
  6450. Construction industry dropping the most due to the housing crisis caused by socializing mortgages
  6451. Union membership has fallen from 20.1% (17.7 mil.) in 1983 to just 12.3% (14.7 mil.) by 2010
  6452. J.F.K. signed executive order #10988 giving permission for government employees to unionize
  6453. First time in history: there are more union workers in the public sector than in the private sector
  6454. 7.9 million public-sector union members is more than the 7.4 million in the private sector (2009)
  6455. 6.9% of private-sector workers belong to a union, and 36.2% of public-sector is unionized (2011)
  6456. California, N.Y., Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and N.J. account for about 50% of all union workers
  6457. In California, total pension liabilities are 30 times larger than its annual budget deficit (2012)
  6458. Annual public-sector pension costs in California rose by 2,000% from 1999 to 2009
  6459. In Illinois, annual public-sector pension costs are already 15% of general revenue and growing
  6460. In Ohio, pension liabilities are now 35% of the state’s entire GDP
  6461. Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC), a U.S. pension insurer, warned of rising deficits (2013)
  6462. PBGC is a publicly created but privately funded body that insures U.S. occupational pension schemes
  6463. PBGC released a report warning that their chances of going bust had risen to 90% by the end of 2012
  6464. In November 2012, the PBGC reported a record $34 billion shortfall between assets and liabilities
  6465. Democrats bailed out the United Auto Workers union that helped cause GM’s financial insolvency
  6466. Obama violated contract law by cutting stakeholders and giving UAW partial ownership of GM
  6467. Ford is at greater risk of strike after they avoided taking bailout money from the government
  6468. Ford is the only one of the Big Three domestic automakers where, legally, workers can still strike
  6469. Obama further corrupted the electorate by expanding the entitlement base for Democratic votes
  6470. Obama changed rules allowing for expansion of the airline and railroad worker unions
  6471. Obama cut the 200 day waiting period to increase government hiring before the 2010 elections
  6472. Obama pushed card check to further unionize all American business by removing the secret ballot
  6473. Connecticut Democrats changed their bylaws on union election rules to ratify new union contracts
  6474. Proposing Immigration Reform as a plan to further expand the Democrat entitlement base
  6475. Obama promised comprehensive immigration reform would be a “top priority” during his first year
    “The idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you, not just on immigration reform.” ~President Obama

  6476. Democrats tailored bailouts to kill off the competitors of Goldman Sachs and other allies
  6477. Wall Street firms that competed against Obama’s ally Goldman Sachs were left to fail
  6478. Federal Reserve bailouts for California to feed their expanding entitlement spending appetite
  6479. Obama asked for $50 billion more in “emergency funds” to bailout more government jobs
  6480. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) introduced a $165 billion bailout to unions and pensions across the nation
  6481. Democrat Party continues to use children as pawns to advance their pro-union agenda
  6482. Unions have been caught paying temporary workers to attend union picket lines and rallies
  6483. Democrats cut billions from food stamps to pay for a $26.1 billion state teacher’s union bailout
  6484. Democrats killed the successful DC school voucher program that benefited minority students
  6485. The Child Nutrition Act being pushed by liberals as a taxpayer payout to the SEIU
  6486. Proposing additional food stamp cuts to pay for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative
  6487. Obama proposed $50 billion for union jobs to boost enthusiasm right before the 2010 elections
  6488. The National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) both endorsed President Obama for re-election without bothering to see who his eventual opponent would be
  6489. NEA passed an additional $10 assessment on its members to fund the re-election of Obama
  6490. Teacher’s union leader declared that the NEA was not about the kids, but about having power
  6491. President Obama proposed a third teacher’s union bailout in 2011 as part of his jobs plan
  6492. White House claimed their plan would save up to 285,000 dues-paying teaching jobs
  6493. NLRB was designed to operate as an independent outfit that ensures fair labor practices in the U.S.
  6494. Under Obama, the NLRB has become hyper-politicized and an advocate and tool for union bosses
  6495. Obama stacked the board with former union lawyers, including former SEIU lawyer Craig Becker
  6496. Craig Becker is a former SEIU union lawyer highly endorsed by ACORN’s Wade Rathke
  6497. Obama appointed Becker to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) during Congress recess
  6498. Even the Democratic Senate refused to confirm Craig Becker following the recess appointment
  6499. NLRB tried to block a Boeing plant in S.C. because workers were not forced to be unionized
  6500. NLRB said that Boeing had to assemble the 787 Dreamliner planes in a non-right-to-work state
  6501. Obama administration said that NLRB move is “an independent agency’s enforcement action”
  6502. The White House responded that they do “not get involved in particular enforcement matters”
  6503. Nancy Pelosi wanted the NLRB to shut down the new non-union Boeing plant in South Carolina
  6504. Pelosi said that Boeing’s S.C. plant should simply unionize and remain open, or else be shut down
  6505. Boeing’s S.C. plant had voted resoundingly (199-68) to decertify their union just two years prior
  6506. NLRB dropped their lawsuit once it became apparent they were charging businesses to create jobs
  6507. NLRB proposed new rules to drastically shorten the period workers have to consider a union
  6508. The new NLRB rules, known as the “Union Quickie,” were vocally supported by SEIU
  6509. John Kline (R-MN): NLRB pushing “an activist agenda at the expense of our nation’s workforce”
  6510. NLRB required all employers to post union notices advising the unionization of their companies
  6511. Card Check Forced Unionism (EFCA) was unable to pass through a Democrat-controlled congress
  6512. NLRB bypassed Congress eliminating secret ballot union election protections for workers (2011)
  6513. Obama’s National Mediation Board (NMB) is aggressively pushing Big Labor’s agenda (2011)
  6514. NMB is a board that focuses specifically on labor relations between railroad and airline industries
  6515. NMB overturned nearly a century of precedent and issued new pro-union rules for union elections
  6516. The new NMB rules only require a majority of votes cast for unionization (as of July 2011)
  6517. A small minority of workers can now bring about forced unionization of a large company
  6518. Union boss Richard Trumka admitted his goal is massive “progressive” social change in America
  6519. AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka boasted “we drove (Obamacare) down the Republican’s throats”
  6520. AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka is calling for the left to take control of private industry
  6521. Trumka suggested that “we need to…re-establish popular control over the private corporations”
  6522. AFL-CIO formed a super PAC to target lawmakers who would weaken collective bargaining
  6523. Union boss Richard Trumka claimed “Obama created more jobs than Bush did in eight years”
  6524. Trumka joined Obama in the Oval Office two days after the “One Nation Working Together” event
  6525. Trumka: the Tea Party is “trying to make the government dysfunctional so they can tear it down”
  6526. Trumka said that he had met and spoken President Obama about his second term agenda (2012)
  6527. AFL-CIO workers in Washington stormed a port, damaged tracks, and held guards hostage (2011)
  6528. International Longshore and Warehouse Union workers damaged railroad cars and dumped grain
  6529. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was awarded “the Best Friend of American Worker” by the U.S. International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA), an affiliate of the AFL-CIO (2012)
  6530. AFL-CIO endorsed President Obama for re-election in 2012
  6531. Several hundred AFL-CIO union workers returned to their union hall after cutting brake lines, etc.
  6532. A federal restraining order was issued the previous week due to assaults and death threats
  6533. Trumka was invited to sit with the First Lady and listen to Obama’s 2011 job address to Congress
  6534. SEIU and former union boss Andy Stern were reportedly under FBI investigation for corruption
  6535. SEIU steward Joe Iosbaker was under investigation by the FBI for supporting terrorist groups
  6536. Obama spoke at the March 29, 1998 memorial service for Chicago DSA member Saul Mendelson
  6537. DSA activist Timuel Black worked with Obama in the 1990’s and during his 2004 Senate race
  6538. “One Nation Working Together Rally” held as a response to the 8/28 Glenn Beck Rally
  6539. Major Labor Unions, the NAACP, and Democratic political organizations sponsored the rally
  6540. Speakers included Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Richard Trumka, Van Jones, and Harry Belafonte
  6541. Federal prosecutors probed the public union snow cleanup slowdown that paralyzed NYC
  6542. Utility Workers of America union threatened to strike during a historic heatwave (June 2012)
  6543. Federal government threatened to sue states over laws preserving secret-ballot union elections
  6544. Alinsky Rule #1: hide your numbers and make everyone think you have more people than you do
  6545. Busloads of activist protesters were brought into Arizona from California to protest their new law
  6546. Private intelligence companies were offered contracts to create software to manage “fake people”
  6547. Fake identities on social media sites would create the illusion of consensus on controversial issues
  6548. Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa threatened the GOP at a labor rally in Detroit Michigan (2011)
  6549. “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these sons of bitches out”
  6550. President Obama said he was “proud” of Hoffa immediately following the union leader’s remarks
  6551. Joe Biden at an AFL-CIO Rally said, “You are the only folks keeping the barbarians from gates”
  6552. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Obama’s White House refused any comment
  6553. DNC’s Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) dismissed the controversy as an argument over “language”
  6554. White House’s Dan Pfeiffer: Obama will not “serve as the speech police for the Democratic party”
  6555. Hoffa’s thugs campaigned “to mail their feces to [Tea Partier] Justen Charters” through Facebook
    “We got to keep an eye on the battle that we face: The war on workers. And you see it everywhere, it is the Tea Party. And you know, there is only one way to beat and win that war. The one thing about working people is we like a good fight. And you know what? They’ve got a war, they got a war with us and there’s only going to be one winner. It’s going to be the workers of Michigan, and America. We’re going to win that war… President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these sons of bitches out and give America back to America where we belong.”
    ~Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa warming up a crowd for President Obama in Detroit, Michigan on Monday, September 5, 2011

  6556. Union leaders showed teachers how to promote socialism and Marxism in the classroom (March 2011)
  6557. Kids are being taught to sing raps about anti-capitalist themes like “boycott big business,” etc.
  6558. Union official and professor taught college course on violent union tactics (Thuggery 101)
  6559. Government construction projects were delayed by a union carpenters strike (May 2011)
  6560. University of Missouri ‘Labor Studies’ course teaches how to shut down non-union companies
    “Folks, you fired the first shot. It’s not about Barack Obama. It’s not about Joe Biden. It’s about whether middle-class people are going to be put back in the saddle again – because you are the people who make this country move.” ~Joe Biden at a campaign event in Ohio (November 15, 2011)

  6561. International Brotherhood of Teamsters was founded in 1903 and has a crime-riddled past
  6562. Crimes include bribery, embezzlement, extortion, labor rackets, beatings, vandalism, and bombings
  6563. Teamsters were once tied to organized crime leading to a pair of congressional investigations
  6564. Four of the last eight Teamsters union presidents have been indicted for crimes
  6565. There have been 43 guilty pleas and 22 officials have been sentenced for various crimes
  6566. There were 300 allegations of threatening statements filed with the NLRB against the Teamsters
  6567. More than 200 allegations of coercion were also filed against the Teamsters and its locals
  6568. SEIU organizers banned its members from answering questions at a union rally in Ohio (2011)
  6569. Teamsters gave $18.5 million to Democrats federally and another $14.9 million at the state level
  6570. 2012 DNC Convention discriminated against Charlotte businesses and demanded they unionize
  6571. Tonya Dixon-Neely teaches Social Study at North Rowan High School in North Carolina
  6572. Dixon-Neely was caught on video verbally abusing students while comparing Obama and Romney
  6573. Dixon-Neely was suspended after suggesting that a student could be arrested for criticizing Obama
  6574. Tonya Dixon-Neely also claimed on video that people were arrested for being critical of Bush
  6575. South Carolina AFL-CIO president Donna Dewitt battered a piñata of Gov. Nikki Haley’s face
  6576. AFL-CIO and SEIU protested against JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and other big banks
  6577. Through the “Union Plus Mortgage Program,” the AFL-CIO and SEIU have secured over 80,000 home mortgage loans totaling $15.2 billion through JP Morgan Chase for more than 12 years
  6578. AFL-CIO encourages its members behind the scenes to sign up for union credit cards
  6579. AFL-CIO received more than $28 million from credit card revenue in fiscal year 2011
  6580. SEIU’s LM-2 report showed that they had a $71 million mortgage with Bank of America in 2011
  6581. SEIU union bosses confiscated money from workers’ paychecks for political spending sprees
  6582. In 2005, SEIU imposed a “special assessment” to raise $12 million from state employees in California, regardless of their union membership status, in order to defeat four ballot proposals
  6583. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 against SEIU, siding with non-member state employees (June 21, 2012)
    “Today, the United States Supreme Court upheld workers’ First Amendment rights and struck down another union boss scheme to confiscate and spend state workers’ hard earned money for politics without their permission.”
    ~Mark Mix, President of National Right to Work

  6584. Undercover video showed union bosses wasting taxpayer dollars to create more union jobs (2012)
  6585. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas created a non-existent company called Earth Supply and Renewal
  6586. Earth Supply and Renewal is dedicated to digging and filling in holes in order to create union jobs
  6587. John Hutchings is the director of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) New York State Laborers’ Organizing Fund (NYSLOF)
  6588. Hutchings liked the idea, comparing it a union sponsored program ‘Green Jobs, Green New York’
  6589. ‘Green Jobs, Green New York’ was a $112 million state plan that was designed to create environmentally-friendly jobs
    “You know, the Green Jobs, Green New York, between us, a lot of it is bullshit… even if it’s bullshit, I think as long as people are working, that’s not bull, you know what I mean?” ~John Hutchings, director of LIUNA NYSLOF (2012)

  6590. Anthony J. Tocci is the business manager of the Local 601 for LIUNA AFL-CIO
  6591. Tocci said he’s be willing to help find public funds just to dig and fill ditches
  6592. Hutchings and Tocci compared the idea to the sort of stuff that happened under FDR in the 1930s with the Works Progress Administration, with Tocci saying, “They dug the roads up, put ‘em back!”
    “What we do is we have, uh, three, we have three, um, lobbying firms. We have, in the city, we have Tom McMahonn, who his brother used to be the Congressman, in Staten Island. We have upstate, we have one for the Democrats, we have Tom Harnet, who works for Meyer Suozzi, he used to be the Commissioner of Labor, I believe…

    And so we have them for the Democrats, he usually takes care of the assembly. On the Senate side, we have Powers and Company, who used to be the Republican chairman of New York State, so he takes care of the Senate and that’s controlled by the Republicans. So that’s what we kind of, so when we go for a bill, you know, you’ve got to get approval of the Senate and Assembly and then the Governor’s got to sign it, well, we have a lobbyist for the Republicans and we have a lobbyist for the Democrats, and that’s how we try to push our agenda through, so we tap into people like, uh, Citizens for Democratic, um, Citizen’s Action, Foundation for Working Families, those types of groups that are pretty much believe in you the kind of things we do, work programs and things like that, so you, like for Green Jobs, Green New York, we needed a huge lobby.”

    ~John Hutchings, director of LIUNA NYSLOF (2012)

  6593. New York union members refused help from non-union utility crews helping with Hurricane Sandy
  6594. Teachers flocked to Northwestern University for the “Midwest Marxist Conference” (November 2012)
  6595. Teacher in South Carolina threw down the U.S. flag and stomped on it as a lesson to the students (2013)
  6596. Hostess Brands was forced into bankruptcy by a third of their unionized workforce who went on strike
  6597. Teamsters Union crossed the picket line, but failed to save the Twinkie after a strike by the Bakers’ Union, which only represented 30% of Hostess Brands’ total workforce
  6598. Hostess, the maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, laid off around 18,500 workers (November 2012)
  6599. Richard Trumka blamed Hostess and claimed that their leaders and polices are “wrecking America”

  6600. Vote Early, Vote Often: Democrats undermine our election system by allowing for voter fraud
    “Any serious commitment to wrestling control of the country from the Republican Party must include removing their political operatives from deciding who can vote and whose votes will count.” ~Secretary of State Project (SOSP) co-founder Rebecca Bond
    “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” ~Joseph Stalin

  6601. Leftist groups and the Obama administration targeted voter ID laws prior to the 2012 elections
  6602. United States Attorney General Eric Holder blocked South Carolina’s new voter ID law
  6603. Attorney General Eric Holder claims that voter fraud is not a major problem in the United States
  6604. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas was able to obtain Eric Holder’s voter ballot without ID (2012)
  6605. Video shows a young white man who was offered Eric Holder’s D.C. primary ballot (2012)
    “You don’t need it. It’s all right. As long as you’re in here, you’re on our list, and that’s who you say you are, you’re okay.”
    ~D.C. poll worker’s response when offered identification

  6606. D.C. Board of Elections chose to investigate James O’Keefe rather than the flawed voting system
  6607. Project Veritas was also able to obtain ballots for ‘Ben Jealous,’ ‘Bill Maher,’ and ‘David Brock’
  6608. NAACP President Ben Jealous: Voter ID laws mean “we’re still dealing with Jim Crow” (2012)
  6609. Wisconsin Tea Party group study found a 33.7% error rate in same-day election registrations
  6610. In 1,425 cases the election Registrar failed to annotate Proof of Residency of the voter (2011)
  6611. In Milwaukee, a voter used only a magazine subscription invoice as proof of residence
  6612. This same voter in Milwaukee then vouched for someone else’s residency in order to vote
  6613. 1,021 Election Day Registration forms in Milwaukee had the proof of residency left blank
  6614. One voter used their Ohio drivers license and a passport as proof that they lived in Wisconsin
  6615. The same voter then corroborated for someone else with the same last name and same address
  6616. One voter used a Traffic Citation from the State of Illinois to prove Wisconsin Residency
  6617. Several citizens moved to Milwaukee and used out of state drivers license for proof of residency
  6618. Three individuals in Milwaukee used hotel receipts to substantiate their proof of residency
  6619. One citizen registered once using a Wisconsin drivers license and then returned to the polling location later in the day and registered a second time using a utility bill, allowing him to vote twice
  6620. Some completed their voter registration forms with no indication that eligibility was verified
  6621. Numerous corroborators failed to list their address on the registration form as required
  6622. New Hampshire does not require voters to present photo identification at polling places
  6623. New Hampshire’s GOP legislature led an effort to pass a voter ID law in 2011
  6624. Democrat Governor John Lynch vetoed the measure, and the senate failed to override the veto
  6625. New Hampshire House and Senate passed a new version of the voter ID law in June 2012
  6626. Democrat Governor John Lynch again vetoed the law, but it was overridden by the Legislature
  6627. Justice Department pre-approved New Hampshire’s new voter ID law (September 2012)
  6628. Project Veritas citizen journalists recorded poll workers from both parties providing election ballots in the names of recently deceased voters at multiple polling places across the state (2012)
  6629. Leftists accused the whistleblowers of committing fraud, yet deny that voter fraud is a problem
  6630. Gov. Lynch called for the citizen investigators to be “prosecuted to the full extent of the law, if in fact they are found guilty of some criminal act” (usually you are prosecuted and then found guilty)
  6631. Paul Bergeron was once a Democratic candidate for public office in 1994
  6632. As of 2006, Paul Bergeron was the second highest paid city official in New Hampshire
  6633. Bergeron currently serves as the city clerk of Nashua, New Hampshire overseeing elections
  6634. In the city of Nashua, you can even use an out-of-state I.D. when you register to vote
  6635. In New Hampshire, state election laws allow voters to register to vote on the same day
  6636. If unable to prove your identity, you can sign an affidavit, but those signatures are never checked
    “[T]here’s nobody checking these affidavits… they’re just open invitation to fraud.” ~Fred Teebom, a former alderman and candidate for mayor

  6637. Paul Bergeron claimed that his staff confirms the deaths of Nashua voters once a month (2012)
  6638. Project Veritas was able to obtain ballots for Nashua voters Reynold Caron and Joseph Boucher
  6639. Reynold Caron (October 14, 2011) and Joseph Boucher (November 26, 2011) had both been deceased for well over a month prior to the New Hampshire primary, showing the system is flawed
  6640. Bergeron said “you don’t prove that there’s been voter fraud by committing it yourself”
  6641. As a result, the New Hampshire state senate passed a new voter identification law (2012)
  6642. Celebrity names like ‘Tim Tebow’ and ‘Tom Brady’ could be used to vote in Minnesota
  6643. Minnesota’s state legislature put voter ID on the ballot as a constitutional amendment (2012)
  6644. Two Iranian non-citizens in Illinois were prosecuted after voting fraudulently for years
  6645. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) claimed that the GOP wants voter ID laws mainly “because we elected the first African American President” (2012)
  6646. James Clyburn (D-SC) compared voter ID laws to segregation era “Jim Crow” laws
  6647. NYT: U.S. voter rolls are in disarray, including listing more than 1.8 million dead people (2012)
  6648. Democrats planned boycotts of Coke and Walmart over support of new voter identification laws
  6649. Color of Change boycotted supporters of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
  6650. Center for American Progress released a report condemning new voter identification laws
  6651. Florida’s own investigation found that thousands of non-citizens were registered to vote (2012)
  6652. Florida election officials fear that as many as 180,000 non-citizens may be registered to vote
  6653. Election officials also said as many as 53,000 dead people are registered to vote in Florida alone
  6654. Eric Holder’s Justice Department demanded that Florida halt its non-citizen voter purge
  6655. James O’Keefe and Project Veritas exposed the ease of committing voter fraud in North Carolina
  6656. Video showed how non-citizen and even dead people could vote in North Carolina elections
  6657. Eric Holder told black preachers that their ‘sacred’ right to vote was under attack (May 2012)
  6658. Democrats in Massachusetts required a photo ID to enter their own convention (2012)
  6659. Election observers in Wisconsin complained of “electioneering” and union intimidation
  6660. Observers in Racine, Wisconsin also reported an extraordinary high number of voters were showing up at the polls for same-day registration, using change of address forms to obtain ballots
  6661. Wisconsin election observers warned that there was no mechanism in place to prevent people from casting multiple ballots at a different polling location where they have previously been registered
  6662. One election observer reported seeing the same woman vote three times at the MLK polling place
  6663. One female election observer at Festival Hall received a threat from a thug inside the polling place who was entering and exiting with groups of voters who had been bused to the location to vote
  6664. The thug was reportedly issued a $400 citation for threatening to smash her head into the ground
  6665. Wisconsin Jobs Now shuttled voters in a van with “cash money” painted on the window
  6666. Mozart, a dead dog in Bedford County, Virginia received voter registration forms (2012)
  6667. Well-known Florida felon Kevin McCarty was sent a new voter ID card in the mail (2012)
  6668. Wisconsin election “watchdog” assumed all recall signatures were valid unless they are contested
  6669. Signatures of Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler were counted on the recall petitions in Wisconsin
  6670. Wisconsin election officials chose not to make checking for recall fraud easier (2011)
  6671. Dan Shansky, a union official from California, fraudulently voted in the Wisconsin recall election
  6672. Shansky boasted about voting absentee and thanked Matthew Finnell for keeping him out of jail
  6673. Matthew Finnell works for Wisconsin Jobs Now!, an SEIU-front group
  6674. Wisconsin Jobs Now! illegally offered food and prizes for anyone willing to vote absentee early
  6675. Wisconsin Jobs Now! scrubbed their site to hide their connection to Citizen Action of Wisconsin
  6676. Democrat Senate candidate Sandy Pasch (D-WI) sat on the Board of Directors of Citizen Action
  6677. Sandy Pasch provided a direct line relationship to the illegal ‘prize give-a-way’ scheme
  6678. The group Shansky worked for, Community Action Now, has ties to Citizen Action of Wisconsin
  6679. Citizen Action of Wisconsin was also implicated in the barbecue-for-votes scandal
  6680. NAACP’s Benjamin Jealous compared the “fight” against voter ID to “Selma and Montgomery”
  6681. NAACP required a photo ID to see Eric Holder speak in a state being sued over voter ID (2012)
  6682. NAACP required two forms of ID from the media to see Holder say that voter ID laws are racist
  6683. Joe Biden claimed, “Republicans have changed law so you get arrested if you vote” (July 2012)
  6684. Michelle Obama told supporters that they needed to “multiply” in order to re-elect Barack (2012)
  6685. Mason-Dixon poll: 82% of Florida voters support showing photo IDs at the polls (July 2012)
  6686. Washington Post polling found that 74% of American adults support voter ID laws (August 2012)
  6687. SEIU was investigated and subpoenaed for voter fraud suspicions in Wisconsin
  6688. SEIU senior organizer Clarence S. Haynes, and two other SEIU organizers, Austin Thompson and Todd Stoner, registered to vote in the April 5, 2011 election with out-of-state IDs and by claiming residence at a Glendale, Wisconsin hotel on their voter registration applications
  6689. SEIU documents revealed that union guests spent $146,000 at the Glendale Residence Inn in 2011
  6690. Court affidavit indicates that as many as 50 SEIU employees lived there in 2010 and 2011
  6691. Romney’s campaign asked Virginia to investigate voter-registration forms being sent out and addressed to deceased relatives, children, family pets and others that are ineligible to vote (July 2012)
  6692. Voter Participation Center (VPC) was caught mass-mailing registration forms to primarily Democratic-leaning voting blocs such as young adults, unmarried women, blacks and Latinos
  6693. Virginia’s State Board of Elections asked VPC to cease pre-populating their forms
  6694. Virginia’s Constitution and state code requires that voters fill out their own forms
  6695. ‘Non-partisan’ Voter Participation (VPC) Center has ties to John Podesta and top Democrats
  6696. VPC was originally called “Women’s Voices, Women Vote (WVWV)” when created in 2004
  6697. “Women’s Voices, Women Vote” (WVWV) changed its name to Voter Participation Center (VPC) in 2011 and registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a “non-profit and non-partisan group”
  6698. VPC is run by Amy Young, a top-level operative who has worked with SEIU and the AFL-CIO
  6699. Voter Participation Center sent out registration forms to felons, animals, children, and dead people
  6700. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) claimed that the GOP was trying to steal people’s right to vote (2012)
  6701. Nonpartisan election integrity watchdog group, True the Vote, sent legal notices to 160 counties across the U.S. who have more registered voters than actual live, eligible voters (August 2012)
    “We are deeply concerned by our discovery of voter rolls across America that contain substantial numbers of ineligible voters, possibly resulting in the disenfranchisement of eligible voters and the subversion of our nation’s electoral process.” ~Nonpartisan election integrity watchdog group True to Vote

  6702. Author George R.R. Martin described anyone who supports voter ID laws as “racists” (2012)
  6703. Pennsylvania Judge Robert Simpson upheld a new voter ID law (August 2012)
  6704. D.C. Federal court ruled that Texas’ voter ID law imposed “strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor”
  6705. Despite some “legitimate concerns,” Al Gore called for an end to the Electoral College (2012)
    “We oppose the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact or any other scheme to abolish or distort the procedures of the Electoral College. We recognize that an unconstitutional effort to impose “national popular vote” would be a mortal threat to our federal system and a guarantee of corruption as every ballot box in every state would become a chance to steal the presidency.” ~2012 Republican National Convention platform

  6706. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) sponsored legislation that would provide for direct election of the president, but it hasn’t made it out of committee despite attracting 29 Democratic co-sponsors (2012)
  6707. Voter Integrity Project found that 30,000 dead North Carolinians are registered to vote
  6708. DNC delegate compared voter ID laws to “rape” and are stripping people of the “right to vote”
  6709. Democrats at the DNC required attendees to show photo ID three times to enter the convention
  6710. Democrat Wendy Rosen (D-MD) withdrew from her congressional race amid allegations that she voted in elections in both Maryland and Florida during the 2006 and 2008 elections
  6711. Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson estimated that 4,000 noncitizens were on their voter rolls
  6712. House Democrats introduced a bill to nullify the state-level voter ID laws (September 2012)
  6713. The Cleveland Plain Dealer tacitly encouraged voters to commit voter fraud (October 2012)
  6714. Registered Republicans in Florida received hoax letters questioning their voter eligibility (October 2012)
  6715. Chairman of the Florida Republican Party, Lenny Curry, also received the bogus voting letter
  6716. FBI began investigating, focusing on letters received in 18 counties in central and southwest Florida
  6717. Voting machines in Florida and Ohio recorded votes for “Obama” -- when “Romney” was touched
  6718. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas captured on video a regional director of the voter mobilization group launched by Obama helping an undercover reporter vote for the president in two states
  6719. Democrats petitioned for the removal of billboards that read, “Voter fraud is a felony! Up to 3 1/2 years & 10,000 fine,” because they claimed that they were racist and attempting to suppress the minority vote
  6720. North Carolina found 2,214 registered voters over the age of 110 on their voter rolls, most of which are Democrats and seem to live in four Democrat-controlled counties (October 2012)
  6721. Two voters (154-year-old in Gaston County and a 160-year-old in Granville County) voted in early voting
  6722. Colorado secretary of state found hundreds of noncitizens on their voter rolls (October 2012)
  6723. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas captured the son of Jim Moran (D-VA) advising voter fraud (2012)
  6724. Jim Moran’s son, Patrick Moran, served as the field director for his father’s campaign
  6725. Patrick Moran was caught on video advising an undercover reporter how to fraudulently cast ballots in the name on registered voters by forging utility bills and relying on the assistance of Democrat lawyers
  6726. Patrick Moran warned the undercover reporter that the forged utility bill has “got to look good”
  6727. Patrick Moran advised the reporter to contact the registered voters first to make sure they aren’t voting
  6728. Patrick Moran suggested to the undercover reporter to obtain the information by posing as a pollster
  6729. Patrick immediately resigned from his father’s campaign after the video was released (October 2012)
  6730. Jim Moran (D-VA) has been criticized for his collaboration with Islamic leaders with ties to terrorism
  6731. In 2003, Jim Moran suggested that Jews were responsible for the push for war against Iraq
  6732. NAACP took over a Houston polling place, cut in line, gave out water, and advocated for Obama (2012)
  6733. In 13 Philadelphia wards, President Obama received 99 percent of the vote or more (November 2012)
  6734. Mitt Romney did not receive a single vote in 59 divisions within Philadelphia (November 2012)
  6735. In Ohio, Mitt Romney did not receive a single vote in 12 wards of Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County
  6736. In Ohio, two election judges were removed by order of the Director of the Hamilton County Board of Elections after Republicans observers reported that unregistered voters were allowed to cast ballots
  6737. Gilpin County in Colorado had more registered voters than were eligible to vote
  6738. Poll watchers in Virginia and Maryland claimed that they witnessed voter fraud (November 2012)
  6739. Exit polling found that a majority (including all minorities) favors photo ID laws for voting (2012)
  6740. Corrupt Progressive Democrats pushed to make voting and registration even easier (February 2013)
  6741. Hamilton County Board of Elections investigated alleged voter fraud that occurred in Ohio (2013)
  6742. Melowese Richardson, a Democrat poll worker, admitted to voting twice in Ohio in the last election
  6743. Richardson had been an official poll worker for many years and registered thousands to vote in 2012
  6744. Richardson’s absentee ballot was accepted on November 1, 2012 along with her signature
  6745. On November 11, 2012 Melowese Richardson told an official she also voted at a local precinct because she was afraid her absentee ballot would not be counted in time
  6746. Documents also state that Richardson was allegedly disruptive and hid things from other poll workers on
  6747. Election Day after another female worker reported she was intimidated by Richardson
  6748. During the investigation, it was discovered that Melowese Richardson’s granddaughter, India Richardson, who was a first time voter in the 2012 election, also cast two ballots in November
    “I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama and for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States.” ~Melowese Richardson (2013)

  6749. Community Organizations have aligned with Unions to promote the destruction of Capitalism

  6750. Leftist have been designing a socialist framework to replace the American economy after collapse
  6751. ACORN, America’s largest poor people’s group, was founded on political violence & intimidation
  6752. ACORN grew out of another group called the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO)
  6753. Marxist academics Cloward & Piven’s article “The Weight of the Poor” was published in 1966
  6754. NWRO was also founded in 1966 as an organization representing mostly black welfare recipients
  6755. Cloward-Piven Strategy: double welfare rolls in order to destabilize our system of government
  6756. NWRO grew and prospered out of the organizing efforts of Cloward, Piven, and Saul Alinsky
  6757. Saul Alinsky is considered the father of modern community organizing and a favorite of Obama’s
  6758. In the late 1960s Wade Rathke signed on as an organizer for NWRO’s chapter in Massachusetts
  6759. “Reinforced his belief that one important resource for poor people was their ability to disrupt”
  6760. Rathke moved to Arkansas and founded ACORN, where he served as CEO for almost 40 years
  6761. From 1960 to 1969 the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program grew 107%
  6762. Obama organized ACORN’s voter drives, represented it in court, & trained & mentored its leaders
  6763. Obama headed the Chicago operations of Project Vote in 1992 on the city’s South Side
    “I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues that you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drives in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.” ~Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign

  6764. Obama trained ACORN workers in south-side Chicago and served as an attorney for ACORN
  6765. Obama represented ACORN in Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Federal Savings Bank case
  6766. Obama again represented ACORN when he sued the state of Illinois on behalf of ACORN
  6767. DSA documents show how the New Party worked with ACORN to promote candidates
  6768. Obama paid over $800,000 to ACORN’s Citizens Services Inc. to “get out the vote” in 2008
  6769. Obama provided ACORN with a “donor list” to solicit contributions from maxed out donors
  6770. Obama reassured ACORN officials that he was still a steadfast ally during the 2008 campaign
  6771. FBI documents were obtained in 2010 detailing ACORN corruption & fraud in Connecticut
  6772. FBI notes stated that ACORN headquarters was “working for the Democratic Party”
  6773. FBI notes stated that ACORN workers were “poverty pimpin” on Election Day for votes
  6774. ACORN accepted fraudulent cards to cause Election Day confusion & keep polls open longer
  6775. ACORN accepted fraudulent cards that allowed anybody to vote and vote multiple times
  6776. ACORN’s Project Vote paid canvassers for voter registration cards regardless if faked or not
  6777. ACORN instructed their staff to avoid the FBI and coached them on what to say if required
  6778. Eight ACORN workers pleaded guilty to registration fraud months before the 2008 elections
  6779. Obama administration shut down the FBI and DOJ investigation of ACORN back in 2009
  6780. Associated Communities Organized for Reform Now (ACORN) was founded by Wade Rathke
  6781. Wade Rathke had previously worked as Secretary-Treasurer of the New Orleans AFL-CIO
  6782. Service Employees International Union (SEIU) was also founded by Wade Rathke
  6783. Drummond Pike also has close ties to ACORN and its former chief organizer Wade Rathke
  6784. Wade Rathke was a former Tides Foundation trustee & a chairman of the Tides Center
  6785. Wad